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Chaotic and twisted thoughts of my mind

Hello all
I'm unsure if I should create a blog, my thoughts not all will understand, they may seem dark to some yet I find peace in who I am.
This journey is so very new to me and yet I am unsure if I will ever understand my self, yet I am finding peace and comfort in excepting myself.
I find myself writing down my thoughts that are constantly in my mind it helps calm the chaos.
I thought a blog may help me to better understand them.
1 day ago. March 21, 2023 at 8:17 AM

Words I find are
hard to speak
They turn and twist
One can never
Quite make them out
Words to show
Ones true desires
Ones true soul
Ones mind searches
For the perfect examples
Are the words we speak
Enough to show what
We mean
Do they eco with purpose
Or dift away as a light breeze
Should they be yelled
In the distance
Or whispered through
The trees
The soul speaks to one's self
It's words clear and crisp
Those words jumble when
Spoken, never come
out neat and clear
Lips that seek words
To echo and stain 

4 days ago. March 18, 2023 at 2:54 PM

Thoughts ponder & dance
Through my mind
Trying to find reason
Is what you are simply
Nothing more than a dream
Words said with meaning
And hart, spoken from
The once broken soul
They flow so easily
Through my  mind.
They eco and dance
All the time
Scars remind us
Trust given and burned
To step in the unknown
Will it turn into a abyss
Walls drop slowly
My gaurd I push down
To be loved and adored
For simply being you
A fairy tale book
That comes true
A book I wish
Simply never
To close

3 weeks ago. February 26, 2023 at 4:32 AM

The journey has been long 

It's paths entwined and twisted 

You found me in the darkness 

A place we both call home 

My reflection in the water 

Once murky yet now clear

The black wolf my only guide 

To protect and guide 

To watch me stumble and rise 

He lead me to you my Sir 

A soul that speaks to mine 

A soul I know almost as 

Well as my own 

I come to you, far from perfect 

To kneel at your feet

Shall you allow me to 

Worship only you

I ask of you my Sir 

Shall you find me worthy 

Worthy of your presence 

Worthy of your dominace 

Worthy of your control 

To offer myself to you only

To offer you my flaws 

And Imperfections 

That you may mold me into

Who you see, that I do not 

Your eyes only see perfection 

What I offer you my Sir 

Is my all, and my trust

I offer you the gift of 

 My Submission 

I offer you ownership of every part

Of me, soul, hart, trust Imperfections 

I crave that you have ownership 

Of me and who I am 

I, crave, beg to worship at your feet 

1 month ago. February 18, 2023 at 10:13 AM

The girl in the torn
White lace with
Mud upon her face
The black wolf by her side
She is the seeker of souls
Ones my mind to ponders
Is that a curse upon ones soul
Instinct pulls towards
The lost broken dark soul
Those seen as beasts
Intrege and curiosity draws
Me towards these souls
I seek nothing in return
I wish only to see them
Embrace the unknown
To see the beauty that
I see in there soul
Magic that needs to be seen
What is seen as darkness
Let it be allowed to
Be seen as light
I fear not you
Nor your soul
No need to hide in
The shadows
My hand I offer the
Dark soul
Join me and walk
Upon the night
Open your eyes to
The beauty of the darkness
It is my purpose my light
The darkness is my light 

1 month ago. February 17, 2023 at 9:49 AM

The journey long
Twist and turns
The magic of darkness enlightening
Sharp edges that remind
Soft edges that comfort and hold
Self discovery of one's true soul
The journey unfolds
Ones story's unfold
Reflections seaked
To see ones true soul
Does one fall off the path
Or follow where feet lead
Actions received with question
The dark cave calls
Will refecletctions be told
To change who you are
Or stay true to what you see
One questions is ones reflection
True or does it revile
What one wishes to see
Is perfection possible
Flaws and Imperfections
Old scars with story's un told
I seek not perfection
I seek what is true
Pure messy rough raw
I seek the inner soul
Where demons dwell
Those who bare there soul
Are the purest to be known

1 month ago. February 16, 2023 at 6:25 AM

The darkness she walks
In shredded white lace
Once pure and unsure
Desire take shape
The dirt she kneels
At your feet
Head hung low
Legs spread wide
Worshipping all that you are
Won't you place your
Hand under her chin
Allow yourself to see
Her desires she holds within
Her eyes meet yours
Allow them to speak
Longing desires spoken
A brightness that burns
Deep with in her
Once pure and unsure
She now hungers for more
Internal flame burns bright 
Sets her body and mind
On fire
hand around her throat
Make her rise
wetness run's
Down her inner thighs
A internal growl
Rumbles in side
She seeks to please you
She seeks no control
A hunger to please
Your body and soul
She longs every second
For complete loss of control
She finds no words to speak
She needs to be used
An object a simple toy
Her pleasure driven
From seeing yours
She seeks your pain
Allow it to be felt
Her body and mind
Crave it she seeks
Loss of control
She craves to be lost
In every single desire
Allow them to be used
Stoke her undeniable desire
She needs to please
Your every desire 

1 month ago. February 12, 2023 at 12:11 PM

The beast in the darkness
Calls, beckons, lurks
Foot steps heard close by.
Crackling leaves break under feet
Her scent she knows he longs for
Her eyes light up with intrege
Yet she is not afraid.
The darkness she dances
A place for beautiful dark souls.
She knows to well what he seeks.
She feels it in her soul
The hunger he feels rushes
through his body
Pulsates, Twists and turns
She can see it as if it where
lightning in the sky
Overtaking his senses.
Rationality lost only
Primal instincts take hold
Leaving him with nothing but
The hunger to hunt
To follow his call
To pursue his lustful desires.
To consume to feed the craving.
She longs to be taken
It calls deep in her soul.
Claimed left naked and raw
The only thing remaining her soul
He listens close to
Each beat of her hart
Lips licked with the
Quickening of its stride
I fear not the beast
To crave the breath of the best
To fell  warmth on ones skin
Watching wating for opportunity
Lustful desires run in my mind 

1 month ago. February 7, 2023 at 6:55 AM

In your presence
I am complete
Alone the world returns
Chaos and thoughts linger
They dance in my mind
Mind once silent now loud
The way I crave you
I find hard to describe
As if the other part
Of me has gone to hide
I seek you tasks
I seek your mind
I need your wants
Your simple guidance
To quieten my mind
Control i gave to you
I seek it no more
I wish only to please
And lay at your feet
A place where I
Long to be a place
I find brings inner peace
Where i feel complete
When i am alone
Inner voices they roar
Grounding craved
The will to please you
To be your good girl
Once more
To ease the chaotic mind
The need to please you
Leaves me hungry
That I must do more
Always lingers as before
When your presence
Is not close
The loss felt is raw
Incomplete and unsure
How to calm the chaotic
Mind i am unsure
I find a voice recording 

Sooths the choas a little more 
And find the calm
I seek once more 

1 month ago. February 5, 2023 at 3:26 PM


The good girl in me

She craves to be at your feet
She craves to feed 
Your every need
She craves that you need her
To be everything that you seek
She craves to please you
She craves to serve you
To worship her only desire
She craves you control her
She lays that at your feet
She longs for you as
The night does the stars
Her body calls for you
Longing for your touch
Twists and turns with desire
Your breath upon skin
Your voice that ecos
Through her mind
Her mind desires your thoughts
They calm the chaos of her mind
She hangs off every word
Mold her shape her
Allow her eyes
To see what you see
Her body she gives
Use as you desire
She is your toy
Your slut your good girl 
She sees your hunger
Your longing of control
Burns deep with in
She wishes to please
She must please your every need
That Is who she was born to be
Allow her to be the good girl
She needs to be 

1 month ago. February 5, 2023 at 12:49 PM

Oh sweet darkness
My home thats far
From the light
The black wolf
That walks beside
Helping to guide me
Towards souls
That dwell in the night

A place that brings
Quiet and peace
Yet with darkness
Comes light
Light that shone
Through the darkest
Of night
It shines within the
Souls that live
Under the moonlight
Darkness has beauty
Creatures and souls
The light no longer there home
Beauty that can be seen
With out being told
It lingers with in them
It dwells in the soul
Come out from the shadows
Walk in the night
Allow the demons
The beasts to
Rejoice upon the moonlight
Where souls are free to 
Show their true light
For in darkness
I see light
The inner beast that
Must be allowed to
Take flight
Take my hand
Do not fear me dark soul
As I see your light
Dark soul allow 
Me to show you
How to dance upon
The moonlight
For there is unseen
Magic and beauty
To be found apon
The moonlight