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Chaotic and twisted thoughts of my mind

Hello all
I'm unsure if I should create a blog, my thoughts not all will understand, they may seem dark to some yet I find peace in who I am.
This journey is so very new to me and yet I am unsure if I will ever understand my self, yet I am finding peace and comfort in excepting myself.
I find myself writing down my thoughts that are constantly in my mind it helps calm the chaos.
I thought a blog may help me to better understand them.
3 days ago. February 19, 2024 at 5:20 AM

She kneels bound in chains
She wipes the the dirt
Stains from her knees
She opens her eyes
Wipes away the tears
And allows herself
To see the beauty that
Makes the darkness
Around her beautiful
Chains fall beneath
Her feet
No longer we weight
Holding her down
She moves forward
With a brightness
Once again in her eyes
First steps uneasy
She knows she
May stumble and fall
But she knows the
Girl inside is strong
If she falls she
Will rise again
One step forward
Three steps back
Stumble and rise
The journey holds
Many a beautiful
Thing once again 

3 days ago. February 19, 2024 at 3:54 AM


Challenge Accepted ... give me your best shot 🤣🤣🤦‍♀️

6 days ago. February 16, 2024 at 4:35 AM

Once a pure soul
She walked alone
The girl in white lace
With mud apon her face 
The darkness her home
The black wolf her
Only true guide
She left his side
To follow his stride
His movement mesmerising
Her bright eyes
They shine with intrege
She compelled to follow
His Lead
His every movment leaves
Her intreged
The world around intensifies
As she follows she finds chains
Her feet stop as
If stuck in solid sand
As she travels she stops
And collects the chains
His lead slowly distancing
Her feet can no longer
Keep in Pace
She is bound down
By the weight of
Chains she watches him
Fade away
Her eyes no longer 
Burn bright
Only to find
Chains that are weighted
And bound tight    

1 month ago. January 20, 2024 at 3:33 AM

When trust is broken
Words softly spoken
Lies whispered
Through deceitful lips
Every second spoken
Tears though the soul
And shatters it into
Tiny bits
Shards that shimmer
Now fallen on the ground
I watch the breeze
Slowly carry them away
Once I would have scrambled
To gather every peice
Now I beacon the
Storm to blow
Not wanting to re build
Allow the peices to flow
For what can not be whole
Can not be shattered
Once more
Into the darkness
She walks
It's her home
She hides behind
The shadows
To once again
Become unknown 

1 month ago. January 3, 2024 at 12:38 PM

Are there refelection true
Two sided mirrors
Where lies the truth
Or are they both
Distorted lies 
Do they blur
Or do the speak the truth
Do they change in time
Does the fog clear
Does one choose
What side of the mirror
Holds the true you 
Are the cracks
A reflection of you
Can u hold the broken
Peices together
Will they show the truth
Do others see the
Same reflection that
We seek to
If you flip that mirror
Will you find another you
Do the sides speak
The truth of the real you
Is what you thought
Just the distorted truth
Do the sides show you
The real truth
If cracked will you
See all the sides of you
When looking for answers
Will the reflections
Ever reavel the truth
Even if it is not
What one wants
To see 


1 month ago. December 29, 2023 at 7:17 PM

Seconds seem like hours
Minutes like days
She waits
The days toll
Lays on her mind
She wishes to leave
Her troubles behind
She waits
She waits for the Moment
He walks through the door
Where all of her troubles
Will fall to the floor
She waits
Watching the minutes tick by
She waits to again
Kneel at his feet
Not because she has to
But there She feels complete
She waits
She waits for his presence
To set her mind into release
She craves the quiet
That comes from
Kneeling at his feet
She waits just to
Simply knee at his feet
She craves the realise
She receives at his feet
She is never below him
She is never less
Yet She waits
To kneel at his feet 

1 month ago. December 29, 2023 at 3:23 PM

Lust drips from her lips
It runs down her thighs
A puddle builds upon the foor
She salavates for you touch
She craves your words
She leans in hoping just to hear
A whisper
Her body hot
It pulsates with heat
She desires your soul
She craves to be consumed
She bites her lip in anticipation
Her knees buckle
With his every movment
She craves to draw
You closer
To feed her craving
Her inner beast
Is hungry
Desperate, needy 
She moans with out touch
Imagination is all she needs
She desperately needs to
Be devoured by the beast 

3 months ago. November 2, 2023 at 1:46 AM

Her senses a light
She ponders
What might the wolf
Have planned for tonight
From behind
Her vison is dark
He has placed a blindfold
Apon Her eyes
To set her senses alight
He takes her hand
And guides her
And places her where
He wants her tonight
His leg between hers
Her pushes her legs apart
One by one
They side apart
She listens to his footsteps
Each one She follows in
She hears the sounds of
Rumbling as he looks
For what tools he
Shall use tonight
The rumbling stops
As he softly grows
In delight
Followed by silence
Only his footsteps
Are heard as she
Is shrouded in night
She listens to track
Where is steps are leading
Only to be distracted
By his worlds
Silence baby girl
You are mine tonight
She hears his footsteps
His breath is getting heavier
She feels him draw close
She craves his touch
He moves forward
So every gently
Just enough to make sure
He dosnt touch her skin
He leans in close
He hungers to feel
Her breath quicken
Upon his skin
She feels so close
And senses the smirk
Starting to arise
Maybe a grin
His breath so close
To her neck
She feels it with in
Slowly she feels his breath
Leave her neck
And his low growl
Is heard again
He places one finger
On her chin
It traces down her body
She trembles with delight
She waits in anticipation
Of what he has in plan for her
Her reaches her legs
And speaks softly
Open them wide
She does what she is told
He growls
And says baby girl
Your mine tonight 

4 months ago. October 10, 2023 at 10:28 AM

Silence leaves
Constant ecos
Ecos that torment
Ones mind
Allows no forgiveness
Gives no peace
To one's mind
Only never ending
Like a clock
Each second sounds
loudly as it moves
Slowly in time
Time and silence
Allow ones mind to dwell
To linger in darkness
With one's demons
That dwell inside
Do I self punish
And long for more
Silence in time
To welcome more
Demons to dance
In my mind
Do I seek the hands
Of the clock
To move slowly back
In time
Only to watch them
And long for never-ending
To allow the choas of
My mind 

5 months ago. September 16, 2023 at 2:23 PM

Hold my hand
Follow my steps
Allow me to guide
And protect
For that is my
To lead and guide
So I follow and try
My hardest to
Open my soul
Yet when demons
Dance in your mind
You let me hand go
It falls by my side
Your steps quicken
And I find I
Fall Behind
Reassured by words
You shall return
Confusion drifts into my mind
As if a calm steady wind
Allows them inside
Thoughts drift as to where
My feet should go
For there is no grounding
In standing alone
I crave the black wolf
Once again by my side
His thick black coat
Warm in my hands
I am stronger than I know
I see my reflection
I seek to ground my soul
To make the ache that
Lingers inside to drift away
Maybe I am not who I know