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2 months ago. September 6, 2022 at 7:34 AM

Another day came by and some chats came along with someone...I feel like, yes like what he saids..I have been waiting for someone to nurture something meaningful out of me...


Sometimes, the mental fire and uneasiness could mess you up so much more then the physical... the longing to be belonged to someone and the longing to be able to chat with someone our of the ordinary, kills me...


Let's just hold up to another unaccustomed day... 





3 months ago. September 3, 2022 at 10:14 AM

I have been mostly single since 2006... You can count how many years. On and off there have been some relationships I had here and there, but they all lasted for just a short while. I think this happened mostly because I am a highly self-content person. I never really feel lonely when I have been alone for almost 20 years.. And I think it's also because I never wanted to settle for less.. I deserve better, and most importantly, live a life I will remember.. But somehow, I know some essences has been missing in my life and I will need to find this very piece of puzzle to make my life a whole.


This is probably something beyond what we mostly discussed here on thecage. I have said that I want something deeper, the extent to which it could become a journey I can spend with my Dom for the rest our lives. As a newbie, I am trying to figure out what have been discussed mostly here: possessed, used, taken, owned. I think all these could easily be said than done.


To my understanding, the body is something to be possessed, used and taken by the mind, you are who you are and you do what your mind ask you to do. Hence my shallow understanding of a D/S relationship could probably be described as a mind body harmony. It is all about your own mind/body coherence, and the uniformity of you and your Dom. 


However, after just a few days on thecage, I could already tell some Ds are just a mind player. The way they use is just to play a game, a sex game to fulfil their desire, definitely not what they have described on their profile. They work mostly through simple mind manipulation: "Who are you serving?", "Who is your Dom?", "Who owns you?", these are all the typical questions they would ask you again and again in some of the "scenes" they created for you. 


I obviously wouldn't settle just for this. I want someone understands my inner fire and could transform it to be a lubricant or reinforcement of our relationship. Someone could take time to really understand who I am, what I want, where I am heading to, and most importantly, understands why I crave for a BDSM life style.


I am not asking everyone to do this, cause obviously this is a long-shot that most people wouldn't or not willing to pursue. It is just for ME, and the Dom that I have not yet found. And it's cause I do want to live a life I will remember..not just a game, but a life, a real life, a meaningful life...



3 months ago. September 3, 2022 at 8:53 AM

Hi I am a newbie in terms of BDSM in real life with a person/partner. Although I feel like I have the sub essence in my blood since I was a teen, as I have described in my profile. I always have a strong desire to tight myself up with all sorts of belts/ropes when I was only a teenager, especially the ones go deep into my pussy. I would image someone or some people takes over the control and demands me to do all sorts of things and I would feel a strong satisfaction in fulfilling those demands in my "dreamed world". I don't know if anyone has these kinds of experience or I'm just a pretty crazy one.

But in saying that and now that I'm already in my 40', I have never ever really experience BDSM in my real life. I have been hiding myself pretty well and no one really knows this side of me and I think it's because of this, I have never really tried it in reality. But I know how much I crave for it and how much I would love to live this kind of lifestyle, just to have a real good release of EVERYTHING!

And in saying that, what I crave even more is to find a DOM that really knows me, understands where I am coming from and where I am heading to. Someone could worship me just as much as I worship him in our everyday life. it's more of a life partnership plus a strong, healthy DOM/SUB relationship.

I know I may have asked for too much, or I am just too crazy to dream my dream... But anyway, it's my first time really trying to express my crazy intention here, my intention to find my DOM and my intention to find a DOM that we may spend the rest of our life together.

Call me a dreamer if this is unreal.. But I will probably just keep dreaming my dream for just a little longer.

Thank you for accepting me into this community, even though it's just two days, I feel the happiness knowing and talking to many kind hearted people here, to that, I feel forever grateful.