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10 hours ago. October 4, 2023 at 1:53 PM

As I woke this morning with a cough I’ve decided to take it easier on myself than I usually might.  

My partner seems to have had the same notion as by the time I’d returned he’d already set up one of my favorite movies, had the kettle on for a pot of tea. He knows just what I need.

  I am not three steps into the house before he’s there, helping me out of my jacket and shoes. He pulls the comb gently from my hair and leads me to a comfortable chair. 
  Once I’m settled he goes to make my tea, turning on the movie. He returns to me, and settles next to me. 
  Siting just at my feet, he holds my cup as we watch Sleepy Hollow. Quietly handing me the cup at just a gesture. No words required. 
      I can think of worse ways to start a day. 

1 day ago. October 3, 2023 at 3:37 PM

I’m seated at the kitchen island, toes brushing the floor despite the high stools. My drink is warm still, little curls of steam rising off it, the print of my dark lipstick on the rim. 
  My hair is still damp from my shower this morning, I’ve left it to air dry, the chill raising goosebumps on my arms. It’s not quite warm enough now for the thin cotton dress I’ve put on for now, perhaps I’ll put on a cardigan when I’ve finished this cup. 
   The skirt is brushing my legs, rough against the smooth skin. I cannot wear this out, the light outside turns it sheer. Perhaps with the long cardigan it’ll go unnoticed. 
    The floor is cold under my feet. The room contrasting so well with my warm drink. Sweeter than I usually take it, but he’s anticipated me. I need the sweetness, I need the extra jolt, I need the contrast with the bitter coffee. 
  His hair is soft beneath my hand, the short curls wrapping around my fingers of their own accord. Kneeling at my feet, softly caressing my thighs beneath my skirt. 
just some thoughts over coffee

2 days ago. October 2, 2023 at 1:28 PM

Ladies, Gentlemen, and assorted other preferred designations, a question has occasionally come up and that I happen to have both Practical and Academic experiences to accurately explain. 
  Now let’s be upfront on a few things, I rarely tightlace, though when I do it’s a dramatic experience for all involved. Tight lacing can indeed cause serious complications, breathing impairment, and internal organs shifting unpleasantly from excessive use. Disclaimer now given, let get to the fun stuff. 
  The hourglass figure that’s so very appealing is a product of the Victorian ideals, coming on the heels of the Regency preference for a more natural silhouette. Some breed of support garment was worn throughout these times, save for a very brief time when embracing the natural form was the fashion. But the hourglass corset, where the waist is nipped in, the breasts pushed up and together, and the flare of the hips accentuated is what I’d like to discuss today. 
   Today the corset itself is a popular option for the top, though if you choose to wear one long term, be informed an undergarment was worn throughout history for a reason. My preference is with an underdress or loose peasant sort of top, because cotton is far easier to launder than silk. 
  Now with the history and my preferences out of the way let’s move on to types you can find today. 
  The underbust or waist trainer is pretty much on the nose. Easiest to make in my opinion, these are some of the easiest to find and  can be an attractive addition to the wardrobe for play as well as mundane. There are varieties that lace up to a full back in a vest style that are excellent for posture training when properly laced. 
   Next we have the full corset, providing support to the bust as well, these can run expensive for custom jobs. I generally wear these through the cooler months, not because the pull things in really, but because they layer so well to be perfectly honest. 
    Finally an honorable mention to the bodice we see so often. Lacing alone does not a corset make, and while these less supportive garments are often attractively laces, these make a nice alternative for the individual who can’t manage the more restrictive cousin. 
    A note to finish up here, on why corsets. I already noted the curves I already have, and any garments that accentuate that? Sold! But not every one has a ten-fifteen inch difference between their hips and waist, not to mention bust measurements. If you’re already sort of squishy, those numbers mean very little, and for me I enjoy the corset hugging my body and the attention it brings to the curves I enjoy so much. 
   Any other corset enthusiasts out there? 

2 days ago. October 2, 2023 at 1:23 AM

I am returned from my outing, having turned many head and upset the preachy people of the nearby city. 
  I consider is a personal achievement to have gotten a rant worthy of memory today. An older gentleman with a ruddy complexion and a wife who did not appear to have changed her hairstyle since the mid eighties, decided I should be made aware of my sinful ways. 
   I was compared to several notable characters of the Bible, including Lilith, Jezebel, and the Whore of Babylon. For showing a bit of skin and daring to have breasts above the cup sizes Victoria can’t quite keep secret. 
    He referred to me as a “shameless jezebel” and accused me of purposely leading young men to sinful thoughts. 
  He also referred to these men as my “brothers in Christ” to which he got offended when I asked my sister if all Christians thought so incestuously? He began spluttering at that point and the rant ended, his wife leading him away as my sister did not quite muffle her entire laugh. 
   The facts are simple. Yes I was encouraging sinful thoughts. I’m a breathing woman with lovely curves I do not intend to hide. I’m incredibly flattered to be compared to “villains” in the Bible, so far as I can tell Lilith just wanted to be on top rather than missionary, can’t fault a girl that. And I’m sick to death of the assumption I should be Christian because I came into a city to do a little shopping. If you couldn’t tell from the visible skin and tattoos, we don’t share a similar worldview. 
  Now to go and enjoy some quality time with my partner, I was compared to Lilith after all. I could use a ride. 

3 days ago. October 1, 2023 at 6:25 PM

Today I woke to a truly hideous situation. 
The required makings for my coffee were not to be found, therefore it was two unpleasant options, drink it black or wait for other means of caffeinating. 
  Nothing can entice me to drink black coffee since that unfortunate time in the hospital in 2019. No I won’t be discussing those events, don’t ask. 

So instead, I’m channeling my annoyance the best way I know how, vicious teasing and villainous behavior. A backless top and tight jeans hugging my curves, an innocent looking cardigan that slips off the shoulder and gives a teasing peak at the very generous profile along with my usual hair and makeup for such days? 

I’ve since gotten my Starbucks, a caffeinated milkshake more than a coffee, but adequate for preventing further mayhem. My partner is grateful, as I may be a little sweeter when I get home. We shall see won’t we, I may just be more mischievous by the time I get home. 

Perhaps you’d like to hear more of his fate after I’m done making mischief in my travels today? 

5 days ago. September 29, 2023 at 1:20 PM

Darlings! I have a tale to tell and you may want to grab a drink, a snack and something warm to hold on to, I’m taking you all on a trip! 
    To begin I wish to preface this insanity is brought to us by my sister’s sketchy ex. 

  Last year my little sister dated a guy who seemed decent enough. A local cop, mildly intelligent, only five years older, decent relationship with his mother and sister. Went to high school with me, not unknown to me in school but not close enough to effect a conflict of interest shall we say. 
    Things were going well, until a bump in the road and they decide to take a break. My sister was upset but got through it alright, until July 4. When he brought a teenager to his mother’s cookout. The freshly turned 18 year old was less than a popular addition to the party and questions were put forth by one and all. 

   Let’s fast forward a little, my sister is doing well, progressing at work, enjoying time with friends and family and casually dating when we hear more of the creep and his teenager. A murder investigation was underway and guess who’s names came up? 
    That’s right, the off duty cop and his teen girlfriend were involved in a crime the likes of which you have to see to believe. 
   Apparently, the parents of this girl had split up recently, the mother leaving for another man. Well the father then bring the girl and her off duty cop boyfriend to confront said man, and the three proceed to abduct and end the man. Using the cop’s weapon! 
  I wish I was making this up but it gets worse. They confiscated the weapons, vehicles, and phones of the three involved and what do you suppose they find on the now ex cop’s phone? 
  Those who said “inappropriate pictures of the teen before he reaching LEGAL age” pat yourselves on the back. This bastard was cheating on my sister with a child-ass child and his just desserts are coming to him in droves. 

    These three brilliant individuals were arrested Wednesday under the formal charges and my sister is sitting back, enjoying the feeling of vindication that only comes from watching Karma in real time. If I believe in reincarnation, which I just might, he’ll come back as one of those cats they catch just to neuter. 

6 days ago. September 28, 2023 at 7:06 PM

Yesterday was a lot, but today is a new day! 

I thought it might be nice to express a few little notions I’ve been mulling over. At first I thought not to post about it in the blog, but then another instance, and here we are. 

Perhaps we should add a touch of context here, I don’t hate receiving messages. I don’t mind talking to anyone. 

  I mind being disrespected, condescended to, and insulted. 
    Yes, I do count being spoken to as if I don’t know my own mind as an insult. 
  Now, the phenomenon of people I could have babysat in high school messaging me for anything beyond friendly advice and possibly something of a mentoring situation, I have found two methods of dealing with it. If the sender is respectful, a polite redirection and wishing them well. If they try the less savory approach, a less kind approach from me. 
  Is a lady really a lady if she can’t effectively tell someone to politely fuck off? 

6 days ago. September 28, 2023 at 12:31 AM

The normally intelligent people in my family all simultaneously took leave of their senses, and determined that today was the day to go to the fair. 
   This would not have upset me, except they dragged me along. Me! I am not a fan of deep fried foods, overpriced junk, and rides assembled and disassembled hundreds of times. 
   I don’t mind seeing the animals, but honestly I live on a farm, it’s not a novelty to me. 

When I get my nerves back together I’ll post for real. Till the, good night, I need to decompress. 

1 week ago. September 26, 2023 at 12:23 PM

I don’t usually do challenges, not being a premium member can make it tough lol! 

But given I have 13/14 tattoos (the debate over my half sleeve counting as multiple rages) I thought I’d bring up the three you can see on my pics in the profile, and maybe add a few of the others sometime when I change those out. 

The three visible are my Raven, butterfly and Kraken tattoos. The raven is a tribute to my favorite author, three guesses who he was? 
The butterfly was my first ever tattoo, and the blue still holds up 14 years later. 
   Finally my beloved half sleeve! The Kraken taking out the ship, breaking it in half and throwing unfortunate sailors in the sea to the hungry beast below the waves! It’s about four birthday and anniversaries worth of presents in one go, I got it in one sitting, an all nighter which the artist live streamed and gave me a hell of a discount for. 

  The others include an Irish pinup on my ankle, a fairly on my thigh, two Chinese characters on my hip, the word serenity on my lower back, a rose in the center of my back, a triple moon on the base of my neck, a cute rat on my left wrist, a tiger cub on my right wrist and the deathly hallows symbol on my inner forearm same side.

  And no I’m not done getting inked lol


1 week ago. September 25, 2023 at 11:55 PM

I made it through, all went well, I even managed to make eye contact with the Judge. 
   She gave me a hell of a break, not even a fine, and she’s been kind enough to give me several months to fix the issues with the blasted car. 

  By the time I left that courthouse, I felt like my skin was a size too tight and the clothes I’d worn to cover my tattoos and curves (let’s face it either would have set off some people) felt like they were strangling me. 

   It was too quiet and too loud at the same time. 

  Getting home even with the relief of not having to cough up money I don’t have in the budget for court things, I still needed some comfort. Even when our fears are assuaged, worried built around them linger. 

My servant was waiting when I got home, taking my bag and wrap as always, he pressed a kiss to my hair and sent me upstairs to change. He’d laid out the ugliest garment I own, but from a sensory issue perspective they’re amazing. Yoga pants maybe the biggest eyesore on earth but they’re the softest pants I own. The t-shirt looks like it’s been washed about 750 times, and given it likely has been at least that many washes since I’ve owned it, it’s a miracle it’s still holding together.

  When I’d changed he put a mug of hot chocolate in my hands, sat me at my desk and let me decompress before bothering me lol. 

We watched Beetlejuice together cuddling on the couch. This day sucks  10000000% less now.