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How do I do this?

So I saw a post on the forum about the lack of men making blogs. perhaps I should do my part to remedy this. The only problem I have it, I dont know what to say. I guess I can try talking about the various chastity devices I have messed with.
3 months ago. August 27, 2022 at 11:34 PM

So. I have ventured around so many different cages that I didn't expect to ever find the one that fit right. This ended up to be quite true in the mass produced models. It seemed that no matter where I went, they were for the most part the same. They were built for the most business. This ended up being with them either too small all around, or when I found one that had the correct base ring, it would have a ridiculous length. In the end, I had to go custom.

The custom I went to was Badassworkroom. this is run by a since person and has a lot of different options. The one I chose connects the cage to the base ring with a long screw. When I ordered it, the gap between the base ring and the cage was too large, so I took a grinder to the gap and was able to make the gap smaller. This has made this cage perfect and is the only cage I use now. pic below


This is an actual pic of my device. the screw poking out the front is what screws down to hold it. 

6 months ago. May 13, 2022 at 3:51 AM

So... I see I last posted more than 2 years ago. Since then The cage from my last post has been my daily wear cage. I wear it whenever I am not at work or doing physical labor. I have tried to buy a few cages since then when one catches my eye. One of those cages was called "the guardian" from oxy-shop. This specific cage is a ripoff of Kink3d Cobra cage. This cage was a non-starter despite buying it in what is advertised as steel. I doubt it is, but that is what they said. This cage had the same problem that most of my non-custom cages have, too long and too thin. They never seem to have a shorter cage that is wider. So for now the cage I stick with is my cherry keeper. If only they made them in steel I would have the perfect cage.

This is the guardian. it looks nice, but it is just a ripoff :/

2 years ago. November 2, 2020 at 2:57 AM

I guess I kind of let this blog thing die. It has been a year since I posted with the fourth cage I got. That one was a nice one since it was so expensive. The only problem was that they only had standard sizes for the price point and for a custom size, their price went up significantly. So I continued to search elsewhere.

I bought a 3d printer and tried various designs to try to make my own cage. Had this worked, I would have modified my printer to print nylon(I got a ender 3, highly modifiable). Unfortunately all the designs I could find online were terrible. There was a reason the design was free. So I continued my search. 

Then I came across josielynns body shop on shapeways. Shapeways is a commercial 3d printing company that creators can upload their designs for people to buy. When they are bought, the company has it printed, and shipped to the consumer. This is where I found the cage I still wear today. the prices are much more forgiving for not picking the exact right size, and it took me a few to get the one that fits. 

the one that I wear now is the Cherry Keeper Custom - CKC-1ZFUBF-20 cage with a 50mm ring with a -6 degree bend in the stud. the dimensions are:

Total Length: 86mm
Head inside diameter: 38mm
Head length: 32mm
Shaft inside diameter: 36mm
Ring to Cage Gap: 8.5mm
Bar Profile: Circular, 4mm diameter

it fits pretty well and it is extremely light. it has some flex, and I'm sure I could break it if I bent hard enough. I think soon I may have to become a big boy and finally get me a mature metal cage and be done with it. I would have saved so much money by this point if I had done that long ago. lol

anyway. here is what the cage looks like. pics from the site, not my personal one.

3 years ago. November 8, 2019 at 3:15 AM

     The fourth cage I purchased wasnt from amazon, it was from a cage maker called

     Custom chastity deals with surgical nylon. From what they say, its the same stuff they build fake bones with. The one that I got is the Ghost. it is a pretty open design with holes everywhere. The cage is thicker than plastic and metal cages but it is the lightest cage i owm to this day. The brand is custom chastity, but the one I got is not actually custom. The cage I have is one of the standard sizes so its not a perfect fit. It is too long but girthwise it it perfect.

    The texture of the cage and ring is best described as eggshell. its slightly rough, but not uncomfortably so. The cage is rigid with no flex to it, so where it is put, its stays pretty well. I have never had any problems with wearing it overnight or out other than it being slightly too long, that and when it gets cold... but I think that is universal on ball trap cages.

    To anyone looking at cages, I would suggest them. also, spend the money for a custom one. with how well this one fits, a custom one would be perfect.
     Well I'd rather not drag this out longer... so... yea... here is the cage lol.

3 years ago. October 27, 2019 at 3:52 AM

     Third cage would hopefully be a charm, my last two were too small and had zero security as a "ball trap" device. the the third one I got had a set distance between the cage and the base rings to actually lock the balls from pulling out. it was much better than the ones I had in the past, but the cage part had the opposite problem of the others... it was too big.

    The third cage I decided to purchase from amazon is what some refer to as the "birdcage". Its a massive cage that most fully erect penises can fit in. This is one I still have sitting around, it still somewhat works as you dont have much access to your penis. However arousal is still possible as the inside is larger than pretty much any other cage. The cage case small bars all the way around a ring then curves down and bends in to a single spot.

    All in all, I liked this cage. I still have it and still use it every once in a while, better than silicone and plastic. But the cage I get next is by and far my favorite. More on that next blog. Well... this is what it looks like.

3 years ago. October 19, 2019 at 6:08 AM

So with my first post, I talked about my first chastity cage, a useless silicone cage that did nothing. Going thru my amazon account I can still see all the ones I have purchased from them, so I can see even the ones that I only tried once. so. here is the second attempt at this new interest I had.


      the second cage I purchased was a metal cb6000 lookalike. It had a split ring with a little rubber piece to stop it from pinching when it was on, and the cage had a flat bar that went over the top of the ring to secure it. This cage is known as a ball trap device. Ball trap devices work by the ring locking behind the balls, then putting the cage around penis to make a space too small for the balls to pull thru.

       However with the way the metal bar was, it could easily wobble up and down making the trap the balls were in almost nonexistent. After a bit of wearing, or if you got cold at all... your balls would pop thru the base ring and to freedom. Once that happens, the only thing holding the cage on is the cage itself.

I also have the "problem" of being more well endowed than most that are interested in chastity... so the cage didn't fit very well. so this cage was essentially a useless cage. I believe i got rid of it long ago, after wearing it maybe once or twice.


3 years ago. October 16, 2019 at 2:55 AM

I started out with one of them silicone ones, it had a big base ring that a plastic strap went thru the cage and around the base ring to hold it together. it was an... interesting concept, but dint really work well. the non rigid base ring made slipping out just a matter of (not much) time. The cage shape was oddly long on the front so my penis could go all the way up to the end. all in all... I wouldn't recommend that particular style.