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The nefarious J butters

This is a true story the names have been changed to save the innocent
1 week ago. Jul 22, 2021, 5:12 AM

As I recall the daughter of the fisherman we've had many good times . But one time I asked her about how her daddy showed her how to tie somebody up. Okay she said excitedly I'll show you. Come over here and get up on the table that's right face down . She came back with a handful of string she said this stuff is used for lobster nets it's very strong it'll work well. Enthusiastically she told me to cross my wrist behind saying that this has to be done quick before you change your mind. In a moment's time my wrist s were bound tightly. I knew I was not getting out of this until she let me. She said go ahead try to get out of that I know you won't cuz I put the knot right up here where your fingers can't touch. As I struggled uselessly. Doing the same to my ankles  then hog tied me. Stepping back and saying your not going anywhere until I let you. I told her I could get out of this. Laughing at me she said never if you can escape you can tie me up okay. I will give you some time to struggle because that's all you will do. I turned and struggled pulled right pulled left nothing gave I was just as much tied up as I was when I started. After a while I called out and admitted to not being able to escape. Just then her mother called her to dinner. She said be right there and told me you're going to have to wait till after dinner and ran off . That's what I did


3 weeks ago. Jul 5, 2021, 10:28 AM

Well growing up we had a tomboy she was always trying to keep up with us. When she couldn't do something she would go home and complain to her daddy and he would show her how to do it. And come back the next day saying my daddy is  main lobsterman and he knows how to do it.

 . Sure enough she knew how to do it everything hit home runs throw the balls the farthest and tie up guys ... Saying my daddy is a  lobsterman and he showed me how to do it . One day we were playing cowboys and Indians and she was the Indian we were in a field and I tripped fell on the ground face first . She was on me in seconds . in no time she had my wrist crossed and tied behind me then my feet and then hogtiñg me. Testing my bonds realizing it is very tight and I might not escape . To this she said my dad is a  lobsterman and he showed me how to do it . escape is not possible . Go ahead and try. Laughing at my futile attempts she said I would never get out of this unless I had a knife then she started checking my pocket for my knife and found it in my back pocket. You won't be needing this she put it in her pocket. I'll be back for you .. see you later. With renewed vigor I struggled more to no avail.  waiting for her return I think I have been tied up by the daughter of a lobster man

Happy Fourth of July


1 month ago. Jun 4, 2021, 3:07 PM

No no no no and no let me think no! That is my opinion and I'm sticking to it what's yours?


2 months ago. May 29, 2021, 12:30 AM

Yeah I want to let it cool down before I do it . I will be doing it in my man cave / motorhome . I have a homemade fiddle made out of half inch cold rolled steel and Irish 8s .  handcuffs attached to the homemade fiddle . A chain is locked to the back of the fiddle and the headrest of the chair another chain is locked to the front of the fiddle and the steering wheel . When you lift the lever to put the seat back it clicks into place and you're stuck 

 then she  asked me how long I want to stay like this ?. the lack of movement turns into a strict position very quickly and there is no escaping that setup . And a couple of seat belts in the chair.  When they're pulled tight movement is not available . I have a friend that will come over making sure everything's locked and pulled tight. Is that tight enough enough for you ? she puts the keys in her pocket and asked how long I want to stay like this ? Okay 12 hours it is . as I open my mouth to argue the ball gag gets stuffed in and buckled tightly blindfold  pulled over and I hear her say see you soon and the door closes and she walks away oh s*** what did I do I didn't say 12 hours I can't handle 12 hours it's going to be a long day I know attempts to escape is futile but I do it . Suddenly the door opens and it's my friend she reaches in and grabs the keys to my truck and says my car is out of gas I'm going to use your truck to go to the casino see you later the door closes and I hear her walk away

 Happy Labor Day



3 months ago. Apr 23, 2021, 10:29 AM

She was very cryptic on the phone. about a repair that needed to be done right away . Be sure to have your wristlets anklets and neck collar on . So I can pay you properly . Which brought a big smile to me 😄 . Quickly I attached all the items and out the door I went I was there in no time as i spritz on some gray flannel and rang the doorbell . Well the door opens in there stands Miss Jones I say it's so good to see you what is this emergency that you have. She gives me a  hug and guides me true the house to the back  yard and mentions that she loves gray flannel . well the problems in the shed . Let me make a couple of adjustments before we go out there she produced a couple padlocks and a short length of chain and something else that is kind of small. She locked my wrist behind me and then the chain to my ankles then ask me if I knew what a septum clamp is ? Well she says casually instead of getting your nose pierced I can use this thing and she puts it to my nose and snugs it up and this is what it does . With a sharp tug she started pulling me towards the shed oh slow down I don't think I like this thing .She got inside the shed she attached the chain to a ring and hoisted me up to almost my tiptoes secured the chain saying that will hold me to which I replied ouch . She said I'll come out and take you and take you down when I feel you're ready .

3 months ago. Apr 20, 2021, 1:46 PM

    A couple seconds later I hear the main door open and she goes into the rear of the motorhome and russels around a bit . The main door closes in mine opens up I hear the sound of scissors she says that my paramedic scissors will work fine . Then she proceeds to cut my jeans off the belt too and the seat back goes back and I'm snapped into position again as she proceeds tighten everything except for the knees . She said struggle your life depends on it she says very good I cannot escape can you . We both knew the answer to that rhetorical question . She started massaging my genitals with expert hands and it didn't take very long at all after she was done he said that was quick see you later and close the door . Then the door opened again and she said haha just just kidding she started removing all the straps and unlocking all  locks and before long everything was off and I stretched my legs . Well she says I have a busy day and I'll talk to you later goodbye as she walks off I just look at her backside and say wow . 

This is not the end of the nefarious Miss J Butters we have more adventures many more .


3 months ago. Apr 16, 2021, 10:40 PM

I thought I would lose interest in this .  I never thought I'd be doing this when I was 61 ish. But here I am tied up in a motorhome I call a man cave . I have Irish 8s chained to the steering wheel and old seat belts strapping me in to the Seat the good thing about seat belts it's a 2-in strap and it can be pulled very tight . There's a chain that goes for my iron color to the steering wheel and another chain from the headrest to my color when you hit the seat back lever it pulls everything tight and there's no movement whatsoever . I've been like this for over 8 hours and it's starting to suck . I just hope Miss Butters will be here soon to let me loose but I still I know by now you're wondering where is Miss Butters how come she hasn't come back to save you then all the sudden the door opens fresh air comes in I feel relieved I hear her voice and she says my sister didn't let you go that's odd . As I feel the gag being unbuckled and draped around my neck I feel so grateful and thank her accordingly . Then she flipped the lever to make the seat back go up . Then the straps were loosened up but not removed which I thought was odd . The handcuffs remained in place . I asked for them to be removed she casually said no which made me struggle to get out . She laughed at my futile attempt and said I'm not done with you . Closing the door she walked away My heart sank I did not want to be there much longer . 

3 months ago. Apr 14, 2021, 4:37 PM

      It is my new company Form stands for forced meditation .     

    Just like yoga . You go to a studio and pose in different positions for periods of time . .

   at Form LLC you can have a private  room and  a selection of positions that you would like to try  like chair corner,  or  the more popular hog floor and my personal favorite hog bed with extra rope . Positions are endless . Pick up and delivery is available Sessions by appointment only . 1 up to 24 hours.  Escape is not an option


        Happy Wednesday PS this is not a real company




3 months ago. Apr 8, 2021, 3:44 PM

     Yes that was a picture of me in bondage life number 72 in the men like it too section  remember that well very much tied up my girlfriend at the time used every piece of rope I had and straps and carpet binding it kept me like that for about 4 hours . 

        But now the position I'm in is getting tiring and I'm trying to communicate to get her to let me go  the next thing you know she's looking at her watch and saying she's got to go her sister will be here any minute pulling down the blindfold she left instantly . like she showed up oh my what a predicament ,  

      I find myself strapped to the driver's seat and cuffed to the steering wheel uselesslytrying to move . Struggling with renewed vigure I still can't get out I will be here till Miss J Butters comes back and lets me go hopefully soon . I calm down relax and drift off to sleep thinking what a wonderful night I just had . There's something funny about her sister I just can't put my finger on it.


3 months ago. Apr 1, 2021, 9:39 PM

Greetings from Southern California it's blazing hot . A shout out to all my friends in Missouri, Southeastern Rhode Island, northeastern Connecticut . stay warm go out to the woodpile brush off the ice and snow take a couple loads inside stoke up the fire warm up the house have a great day . It's 87° in my transvestite man cave . Which is disguised as a motorhome . All the doors locked and there's curtains for every window.