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My Adventurous Avenues

This blog serves as a place for me to process things through writing, share my experiences, and a way to connect with the community.
7 months ago. Wed 11 Jul 2018 08:30:19 PM IDT

The Pendulum of Switching


    I feel like a pendulum swinging from Dominance to submission and back. When I am at the peak of Dominance with my husband there is a invisible pull tugging me back towards submission. Mistress to sub. sub to Mistress. Strength and love in submission. Love and strength in Dominance. Two sides of the same coin.

            My capacity to experience is expanding.

            My depth of understanding is growing.

            My lack of insight is exposed.

    I'm finding myself in a whirlwind of wonder as I walk further down this line of being a switch. Every sensation feels new in the light of submission and Dominance.  The challenge of bringing my whole self to each position is something I'm irrevocablydrawn to. 

    So here's to the future: 

            I vow to constantly learn.

            I vow to stay true to myself.   

            I vow to allow myself the freedom to fail.

            I vow to strive for personal growth.      

            I vow to listen for the things left unspoken.      

            I vow to take breaks when I need it.

            I vow to treat each relationship as the gift that it is.