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She had been enjoying his whimpers all day and couldn’t wait any longer. She entered his room, removed her shirt and tossed it at him. Her little one lit up like a star as she climbed into his crib and pulled off her bra. She motioned for him and he was latched on to a nipple before he could whimper. And he was hungry.

His hips wiggled and squished his pampers as her hips bucked and rubbed against him. Her back arched, pushing her nipple into his mouth and he suckled and licked with all his energy. Quickly she found herself getting close to cumming, and thinking about her plan made her pussy clench and pushed her over the edge. His wiggles became frantic and she wondered for a moment if she had made a mistake.

She rolled over and left him on his back, hopping up and grabbing the baby oil. He groaned and moaned at the sight, both a victory and a defeat at once. But he was so wiggly, he didn’t care what Mommy had in mind. He was hers.

She pulled open the front of his pampers and poured a generous amount of oil down into his squishes. She gently kneaded the front of his pampers, making sure the oil got everything slippery. He moaned into her shoulder and tried to get her nipple back in his mouth. But after a moment, she pulled away.

“Your kisses made Mommy feel sooooooo good, babydoll. And I want more. But first, I want to give you something…” Her hands began to pull the front of his pampers down, confusing him a bit. But then she started to pull the back of them down as well, and he really started to squirm. What was she going to do to him?

The answer hit him like the swat of a paddle as she produced the little blue chubby cage. She couldn’t! She wouldn’t! But of course she would. The baby started to shake and whimper. Before doing anything else, she put a pacifier in the stunned boy’s mouth and smiled to herself. She could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter and knew she would have to be strong to ignore her sweet baby’s protests. But she knew it would be worth it.

Ignoring his little chubby standing up, she placed the ring around his little balls and snapped it shut. She could feel his stiffness lessen as he realized she wasn’t teasing, so she reached and pinched both his nipples. Hard. Harder than he ever enjoyed. He cried out and she did it again. After the third squeeze, he was almost sobbing and his little chubby had shrunk to a size that she could work with. She teased him as she slid the cage around his softness, and then locked it shut without any warning at all. He cried out again, this time without a pinch. The situation he was in had obviously excited him, and his new little prison made that painful. His chin trembled as she pulled his wet pampers back up and surrounded his cage with soggy squishes. He moaned and whimpered and kicked his feet. But before he could fly into a full tantrum, she had her nipple in his mouth again, and he slowly lost himself in his nursing.

She slid her yoga pants off as he suckled, and pulled his hand to her cunt to feel its wetness. “This is what babies don’t get to have. But since you’re such a good boy and locked up so tight, I think you get to kiss her.” She guided his head between her legs, delighting in all the mixed emotions she could hear in his moaning. His moaning stopped temporarily as he first tasted her, but then started again as her hips grinded against his face. She was so wet it was dripping onto her thighs and as he desperately wiggled into his pampers, the denial and torture of feeling wetness everywhere but his chubby made him wail. His cries reverberated into her clit and she came in his mouth over and over again.

After her fourth orgasm, she pushed him off of her and pulled him close. He tried desperately to get one of her nipples, but she refused him. Without a place to focus his arousal, he started to shake and whimper loudly. He mumbled he didn’t think he could take this. He whined that he felt like his head was unscrewing. He was sure he couldn’t possibly do anything to get his mind off all his excitement. She smiled and clenched her pussy as she stood him up.

“Actually, you fussy little thing. You are going to take a nap.” His jaw dropped and he stomped his foot. “And I am going to make sure you can fall asleep.” She started pulling his pampers down again. His whimpers stopped as he became confused.

It was silent for a moment. But only a moment.

She bent him over quickly and spanked him hard with her hand. Again and again and again. He cried out in frustration and kicked both his hands and his feet. This fueled her punishment as she rained down spanks as hard as she could. His wailing soon quickly turned to sobbing and she slowed down her assault. But she kept spanking him until her hand could take no more. He was a mess of puddles over her knee. Some from his eyes, some from his pampers, and more than a little from the tip of his cage. She was more than delighted. Her hips started to grind against him. She knew he had had enough. But she couldn’t help herself. She reached for the paddle.

She spanked him slowly and felt his tears and wailing make her pussy vibrate. She sped up as she realized she might cum from paddling him and genuinely felt bad at how hard she hit his bottom as she reached her climax. But she knew he was already marked and his sobbing barely changed. He was a broken mess of a boy. And that made her feel intense pleasure.

She rolled him onto his back and pulled the soggy diaper off his ankles. She handed him his teddy bear as she pulled out new pampers for him, just as thick as the ones she had removed. She wiped him clean and “tsk tsk-ed” him when he whimpered during the powdering. He tried to hold back, but a tear rolled down his cheek as she pulled the thick crinkles up between his legs. She tapped him up and patted the cage through his diapers when she was finished. He was sobbing gently, until she spoke.

“If those kisses came after only eight days without stickies, I can’t even imagine how good you will nurse after a few days in your cage.” His crying intensified and she couldn’t help but wiggle her own hips again. “But don’t worry, I promise I will keep you thickly diapered the whole time. And don’t you like making Mommy happy?”

He nodded though his tears and she felt a surge of warmth course through her body. “Such a good boy for Mommy. In fact, you being good makes me so happy, I think you need to nurse just a little more before I put you down for your nap. And if that doesn’t wear you out, I bet a few more spanks on that sore bottom will….”