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Where you will find the hidden gems along my journey. My feelings. My raw and real emotions. You will get laughter, kink, positivity, with pain and some times heartache all wrapped in silver lining. So if you haven't been here yet, make sure you begin at the beginning.
4 days ago. Feb 12, 2020, 7:40 AM

She lays in bed, enthralled in a book. Her lavender candle, lit on her nightstand. Breathing in its comforting scent as she allows her mind to become fully immersed in the words she reads.


She doesn't realize he's there until he enters the room, although she's sure he was watching her from the doorway. This is his norm. Though,  she was too engrossed in the storyline to notice until he's by her side, pulling the book from her hands. 


A slight huff leaves her lips. She was literally in the middle of a paragraph. How will she find sleep now? It'll drive her nuts all night, but she knows better than to argue with him. He values her sleep and she loves him for it.


Without saying a word, he turns out the bed-side lamp, leaving the candle on. It's light dances against the wall. It's glow, so gentle and calming. She already feels herself giving into the fatigue setting in. But his handsome face is hard to look away from. His eyes, smoldering. The soft glow of light reflected there. 


He sits beside her, pulling the blankets up to her chest, staring intently at her. No words are said by either of them, but so much is exchanged. Their connection deep, unyielding. It makes their hearts pound in their chests. Their breaths come more rapidly. But they do not move. They do not give-in to their desires. 


They merely stare, hold hands. It is how they restablish their bond. Once complete, he leans down to kiss her forehead, then her nose, as her eyes flutter closed. He looks upon her face for another second, still unsure of how he got so lucky. This beautiful creature is his. And he is hers, a fact which they knew long ago. 


He placed his heart in her hands and never looked back. Sure in the knowledge that it would be in no safer place. So he kisses her sweet, full lips and they moan together. The electricity crackling between them. Their passion, tangible. 


But he will not lose control tonight. He desires her sleep. Her peaceful dreams. They will have other nights to get lost in each other, in this, he is sure.


Pulling away, she sleepily looks at him longingly, lovingly. His heart melts further. 


Placing one last kiss to her frontal lobe, she sighs deeply, closing her eyes for a final time. Her mind, to drift, to dream. Her breath to deepen. His heart, to love, as he gazes upon her angelic face once more. He blows out her candle, with thoughts of their tender kiss goodnight. 

6 days ago. Feb 10, 2020, 7:00 AM

Along a beautiful beach I walk. My sundress, with its yellow and blue flowers splashed across it, blowing in the wind. My feet feel the damp sand. My toes, dainty with a soft pink polish. 


A tune in my head. My hair flies around me at random intervals. Wild curls obstruct my vision and I laugh from my belly. I push my hair back to see again. Deep in thought, yet enjoying the view. The moment. The cool, sea breeze makes my cheeks flush. Eyes bright with wonder in their depths.


I see the waves roll in. Steady, one by one. Like my emotions. Like my mood. Like the muscle beating in my chest. Confident and sure. 


I feel at home here. At peace. I smell the salt that only the ocean holds. Like no other smell. It's the scent of beauty and grace. Something so vast and dangerous even. I enjoy strolling down the water's edge, just on the cusp of possible ruin. 


My mind compares it to dancing with the devil, yet not selling my soul. For my soul isn't mine to give or sell. It was given to God long ago, along with my heart and spirit. 


This is all God's doing. This magnificent, perilous thing Im walking on. What I enjoy. What helps me think. To dream. I am one with myself here. Just me and the ocean. God's gift to me, or so it seems. 


It was as if he took a drop of water on his finger and placed it here, telling me to walk along it's shore. He takes deep and steady breaths, which kick up my hair. He takes a salt rock, crushing it and sprinkling the dust around me. I breathe in, enjoying the salt in the air.


Everything is mine. He's given it to me. So im enjoying this gift. Its wonder. It's pricelessness. 


Thank you Lord, for my ocean. For this moment. 

Thank you ❤

1 week ago. Feb 3, 2020, 6:56 PM

Ive been asking myself alot of questions lately. I feel it's important for growth and change if necessary. 


If we don't know what a problem is, we won't know where to begin to know how to fix it.


So ive discovered that introspection is imperative in achieving this. Its so important for me to be self aware because I can't expect others to know me if I don't take time to get to know me.


If im not bothered with it, why should someone else be interested in it?


Many may or may not know this...or even believe this,  but my goal is to be the best version of me that I can. A version that im proud of. A person worth loving. Someone who deserves to be treated well. 


And im not totally ridiculous. I don't expect these great things from every person I meet because come on, its impossible. Especially if I don't have all of those feelings for every person I come across. 


Bottom line, everyone just doesn't mesh together. And that's ok. We're not all meant to. And just like with life circumstances, we go through peaks and valleys, ups and downs with the people we know and coexist with. 


Close friends, relatives, co-workers, whatever...its all the same. Some people are only meant to teach us something and move on, or visa versa. Seasons of relationships. And sometimes this hurts like hell but its for your good. 


Ive come to grips with the fact that people leave. Ok... maybe I haven't fully come to grips because I have abandonment issues... major ones.  But it's a fact im aware of and growing to accept as ok. I was so against this concept before. I wanted people to stay forever. I was clearly naive then and ive grown-up some, over time.


There are times when its more painful to hold onto someone who's no longer meant to be in your life. Or for you to be in there's. Maybe you've become toxic to their change or growth. This hurts like a bitch but its still ok.


We all have to live and do what we feel is best for us. Hopefully doing it with consideration of feelings, possible hurts, but if not, we bounce back. Even if it takes time. 


I just know that I won't be trying to be nice to keep a friend. I won't be anyone but me. Real as fuck and blunt to a fault. The good, bad and the ugly. My good does outweigh the bad. This I know for sure. And if all my other stuff doesn't line up with yours, then please, let me go. I know I won't hesitate to do the same if its for my peace of mind. 


This is me learning to put me first, even if I come across as looking like the asshole. It doesn't mean I never loved or valued you. And I know now, that the ones who walked away, didn't necessarily hurt me on purpose. Or they no longer cared for me or never loved me. They just needed to put themselves first. They needed to love themselves more and that's totally ok.


Im learning that some things just are what they are. And instead of kicking and screaming against the reality, I need to mold myself to the facts. To see the truth so I could absorb the impact. So I could keep learning and growing. 


So... sorry guys, if I look like the biggest bitch ever for taking a step back or totally eliminating you from my life. Its not personal. Im just doing what's in my best interest. And I'll never ghost. Im too real for that nonsense so you'll know exactly where I stand. If you can't handle that,  I hope you'll lean into the pain. Don't gets easier. 

2 weeks ago. Jan 30, 2020, 7:30 AM

The bird flies high above everyone, everything. Looking down at the chaos below. At all of the destruction, the bird wants nothing to do with anymore. It never did, but it got sucked in by emotions and loyalty. 


The magnificent creature glides on the wind, allowing itself to rest and think. Daydreaming on what it's leaving behind. 


Ironically, the bird thinks it will miss what's left there. Not the chaos itself, but everything that's tied to it. Like a cancer, the bad invades the good, leaving only sickness and death in its wake.


Unable to discern what's what anymore. The good and bad literally blended. The black and white have become gray and where do you draw the line? How do you separate the two? 


Like mixing paint colors together, it becomes a brand new color. Nothing left of the two separate ones. Its literally become a whole new thing. And this is where the bird has found itself. In a whole new world with just memories of when the good and bad were seperate.


But what to do? How to leave it all, not just physically but emotionally, when the bird longs to see the old days, before the merge? When white was just white and black was just black? 


How to stop missing what once was and will never be again? At least not with that area, those trees and the ground where the animals roamed. It's now a desolate wasteland where there's no more good soil for new and beautiful things to grow. Everything has died and has to burn for the destruction to cease. 


More irony, the bird thinks on...


Peace comes from destruction. Fire ends things so newness can exist again. Oh how brilliant fire is! Its heat, the color. The way it dances and licks the air. Tastes your flesh if you get too close. 


A shiver runs through the bird. Thoughts of fire bring fear and desire. Heat is passion, love, life. It burns hotter and you can be consumed. If the fire leaves, your heart will be too cold to beat, to keep its body alive. No feeling. Just numbness, vapored breath and chattering teeth.


It's wings flap high and low with ease. The bird's mind whizzing faster than what's known, just by watching it soar. So beautiful and effortless, yet such turmoil and contemplation happening internally. 


The choice was already made....or the non-choice. Too many choices made by others, required desperate measures on this creature's part. There was just nothing left and it had to flee. No turning back now. Nothing really there to return to anyway.


So, strength must make itself present and useful. The strength to find where the bird now belongs.


Now I wonder...What will become of this bird? Will it survive? Will it find it's home? Will it succeed to find a separation of the black and white again? Only time will tell... won't it?

2 weeks ago. Jan 28, 2020, 3:09 AM

The young girl danced and twirled, holding out her dress to watch it spin.


She loved music to her core and couldn't help it when she started twirling around, the music overtaking her.


Her pigtails outstretched like her dress. Gravity keeping them up, off her shoulders. 


The blonde of her hair caught the light with every turn. The blue bows, standing out in perfect contrast to the almost white of her hair color. 


Her cheeks flushed from laughter. Her smile bright with exhilaration. 


Innocent and sweet she was,  as she danced and twirled. 




It felt so long to her then,  but looking back now, she grew quickly and loved music still. 


Except now,  she danced and twirled to a different beat.


Her body moving to a new rythm entirely. 


Now in tight fitting jeans, flats and a royal purple-lace top, she felt grown up like she'd always longed for as a child. 


She was seen as a young woman. Coming into her own, more than ever. 


Her hair, dirty blonde now, parted in the middle and pin straight. 


It always gave her grief. 


She could never figure out how to style it.


But when the music played, she didn't care.


The music made her hips move of their own accord, eyes closed and enjoying the moment,  as she danced and twirled. 





More years have passed.


She's a woman now. Fully aware of the looks she gets in her form-fitting olive green dress and black heels. The dress matches her eyes perfectly and its having the desired affect. 


Her hair flows down her back in stylish, layered, waves. She smirks to herself, thinking on the frustration she always felt while dealing with it years ago. But not anymore. 


She loves her long, golden locks now. Easier to manage and so beautiful with just a natural low-light of auburn.


Eyes take in her body as she walks through the dance club.


She blushes and drops her gaze, still a bit shy at times. 


A feeling creeps over her, as if someone is taking longer than a sideways glance her way. 


A strikingly handsome stranger catches her eye.


She notices how he seems to undress her with his smoldering stare, but she can't look away. 


Something about this man is intriguing, sexy. 


She doesn't want his eyes to leave her, and he does not disappoint. 


She finds herself gyrating her hips to the deep bass of the song that's playing. 


He starts toward her and her nerves take over. 


She turns, but does not flee.


Her hair over one shoulder, her head turned back to admire the sight of this mystery man stalking her like prey.


She knows she must look like she's flirting shamelessly with him, but she's really freaking out inside. Hopefully he doesn't notice. 


She looks away completely, facing forward as he draws near, her hands reaching to the ceiling while she dances. 


She's showing off now, but she doesn't care. 


Her confidence has arrived just in time. Its what drives her as well as the look he was giving her, like he would devour her right in front of this crowd. 


His hands find her hips and they sway together like they were always meant to move as one. 


Her eyes close.


She's savoring the moment. 


He touches from her neck to her shoulder softly, making her quiver. Goosebumps arise on her soft, creamy skin. 


She turns around, absorbing his tall stature and the subtle musk of his cologne. It makes her mouth water. 


Longing to taste his lips, she licks her own and he doesn't miss the movement. 


He grasps her body close.


Their bodies still moving to the beat, mouths only a hair's breath apart. 


Her heart beats so wildly in her chest, she's sure he could hear it over the music. 


She feels his hot breath on her face and her eyes flutter closed, overtaken by this sexy moment with her handsome dance partner. 


But he does not kiss her lips like she expects. 


He moves her hair back, so as not to obstruct his view of the swell of her breasts in the sexy green dress. 


He leans in, kissing just below her collarbone.


Her panties moisten. 


Her breath comes out as a soft shutter as their eyes meet once more. 


He raises her hand to his lips slowly. Kissing it gently while not breaking eye contact.  He walks off, glancing back a time or two as she just now notices a new song has begun.


She's stunned at what just happened, but not deterred from continuing to enjoy herself.


So she parties the night away with thoughts of the young girl she once was and the sexy woman she's grown to be, while she dances and twirls.

3 weeks ago. Jan 26, 2020, 10:57 PM

The kitten purrs softly. 


Playing with the little pink ball of yarn that she loves.


Her small paw lands on it, keeping the yarn still.


Eyes scan the room, her ears perked up.


Back to playing she goes, yet she doesn't leave her laying position. 


Vegged out, on her belly.


Legs stretched behind her.


It is her head that moves. 


Her eyes, ears,  paws, tail. 


She is playful, yet regal in her appearance. 


Her light gray eyes, noticing everything.


Piercing and fierce in their intensity. 


Her coat, luxurious and soft.


Her tail, long and swishing about.


Up high in the air at times, then low and sweeping the carpet she plays on. 


She hears him clear his throat. 


He'd been watching her.


She knew she heard something, but whatever it was didn't make itself known to her and her yarn was fun. 


A soft meow leaving her tongue. 


Her eyes meet his eyes and she sees the kindness there. 


He moves to his spot on the sofa.


Her favorite spot.


They come together there, where she sits at his feet, awaiting permission to hop onto his lap for closer attention. 


More affection. 


Her ball of yarn forgotten beside her.


She moves to all fours, slowly and gracefully. 


He watches her with all knowing eyes, as she takes her time to stretch. 


Her front paws flat, toes spread.


The fur of her back shines, as it catches the light overhead. 


His kitty's body, elongonated and lean.


Her behind raised up high, head low.


She yawns.


The relaxation had set in while she played lazily. 


But it's time with Master and she's waited for this moment all day, it seems.


He looks at her pointedly and she moves faster.


She knows she's taken too long to go to him,  but she wouldn't be herself if she wasn't a little coy at times. 


So she stalks toward him at the pace she knows would keep his attention. 


Her paws grow wide.


The colors of her eyes more yellow, big, curious. 


Her coloring, a light brown, fur is short.


Muscles move under her coat as she walks. 


She hears the groan leave his throat. 


A smirk appears on her lips.


She knows he loves this part.


So she slows, extending the moment. 


Enjoying her change. 


She feels her tail grow longer, the tip swishes in the air. 


He smiles. 


She longs for his touch. 


To purr into his ear, while he runs his hand down the length of her back, over her bottom,  gripping her tail slightly and pulling gently. 


This action will make her tense, whimper, but she craves every tingle that will go through her from the contact. 


She reaches his feet, bowing her head low, muzzle touching his shoes.


He pats her head and the purr she expects to emerge from her throat, becomes a deep rumbling in her chest. 


More of a growl, yet soft and lustful in its sound. 


She raises her head to look in his eyes. 


She sees the lion in him reflected there.


Matching the lioness he sees before him. 


They are love.


They are lust.


They are passion. 


Wild and majestic.


Their longing and intensity flows between them. 


Not physically touching now, but they feel it.


The primal energy. 


So strong. 


So powerful. 

3 weeks ago. Jan 23, 2020, 7:30 AM

"Whatever you need...I am here."


"No matter what, I love you."


"We're a team."



When did those statements change? 


When did the professing of love turn into the wrong thing? 


It was comfortable. 


We were close. 


But we apparently weren't meant to be friends or anything for longer than we were. 


So...thank you Miles....


Thank you, for the laughter. 


For your listening ear.


For your support. 


Thank you for believing in me despite the opposition thrown your way. 


Even if everything is completely different now, thank you for the time we shared. 


It meant so much to me. 

3 weeks ago. Jan 20, 2020, 7:26 PM

There's been so much focus from people on how long someone should be with a partner first before endearments or affirmations are said. Before feelings are expressed and so on. 


First off, it's nobody's business what others do. We're all grown here. We all feel and think differently from each other. And who's the King Boss who says what's right or wrong? It all boils down to opinion. 


My personal opinion? Not that anyone cares, but this is my blog so I'll say what I want... And if you're here, you must want to know...I think its up to both people in the dynamic to go about things how they wish to. This lifestyle is about freedom to create a relationship to the specifications that both parties need or want. 


Why is it so different with emotion? Why can't I have developed a foundation of friendship with someone, grow to have love towards them and then enter into a D/s? Or enter into D/s first and express emotions later? Or just when I happen to feel them??


Some of us wear our hearts on our sleeve.


Some of us keep our hearts tucked closer in our chests.


Some of us believe we should wait to express our feelings out of fear of being hurt or taken advantage of.


But just because you didn't say it, doesn't mean you weren't feeling it.


Others of us believe that life is too short. That we should treat each day like tomorrow isn't promised....because it isn't. So I've told someone recently that I love them, but I'm not in love with them. Not always an easy thing to say, when they claim to have fallen in love with you. But I still said the depth of feeling that I was feeling. 


I happen to be one of those people that believe in saying what you mean in the moment you feel it and are sure. Why? Because anything could happen to me...or them. I would hate to regret not expressing my heart to someone and losing the opportunity forever. That, to me, is worse than saying it "too soon" according to another's opinion. 


I know what you're thinking..."But Treasure, what if the person doesn't feel the same? What if they leave me? What if I regret actually saying it?"


My response would be, that we could constantly think in "What If's?" and live in fear... But we never know anything until we try it. The person could reciprocate your feelings and you could have what you've always wanted with them because your love is requited But you lose out on that chance because you never said it. 


Just like in this lifestyle. We take chances.  Face fears. We put our bodies on the line for an experience with another that we can't achieve on our own. And as long as you consent, nobody tells you not to try something new or do something crazy. Because its crazy to love someone after a some people. To others, its crazy to be poly or to be mono or to be a slave,  a little,  do age play, impact play.....put on a collar,  remove a collar...I mean anything under the sun can be considered crazy,  or hasty.


But the bottom line? Its not for anyone else to decide. Nobody knows my heart...or yours. And others will say their opinion, which is fine. Freedom of speech and all that. But the fact is, I'd rather try and try again, get knocked down, heart broken and learn...grow. Rather than live in fear and stay stagnant.


Do you like that? Maybe not.


Does it seem dumb, crazy, impulsive, disingenuous?  

Maybe... maybe not. 


But I really don't care about your opinion on something you really know nothing about. You're not in relationship with me and you don't know my heart. So think what you will. Form opinions on fiction. If that helps you sleep at night, I congratulate you because sleep is difficult to achieve these days.


If you happen to agree with me, great. If others believe the negative in you based on when you speak your heart, enter into a relationship, try something new, etc. then let them enjoy themselves. Because your life is pretty damn interesting if its being discussed, bets made, songs posted and opinions formed about you. Right? 


I say hey, let people wish for you to fail. Do things that form opinions. Take the chance to have others win bets in your honor. Give a relationship your all, no fence riding...and allow it to bite the dust, if it meant you didn't regret not trying at all. Not learning from the experience. Because those people don't ask you first before making choices for themselves. And I refuse to allow others to dictate mine. 


So I ask this...who will you choose to be? Will you go against the grain...or with it? Will you allow others to control your thoughts and emotions? Will you give someone of no consequence to you, rights to deciding your timeline? Will you regret not speaking your heart or speaking it too soon?


I mean heck, will you be the person who forms opinions without knowing? Will you be the person wishing for other's failure or hoping for their success? 


Take a good look at yourself....

Who are you? 

Who do you choose to be?

4 weeks ago. Jan 19, 2020, 8:33 AM

Life is so interesting to me. It brings situations that can be surprising or expected. They can be positive or negative of course, like anything. And yet, what do you do? How do you get past it, through it, or whatever is necessary to get to the other side of it? 


Lately I've really been turning to God. Something I really should do more of. Or should have done more of. I always feel such peace when I'm closer to my heavenly father. But walking on the "straight and narrow" isn't always easy. And the flesh wants what it wants. 


So ive followed my fleshly desires into parts of this lifestyle. Ive followed my feelings and I have no regrets. Every action has brought me more clarity for the now. All my choices teaching me where I truly want to be.


And Ive realized that I need to find true balance between spirituality and D/s. Things have honestly shifted to a point of my needing less of the kink,  at least for now,  and needing more calm and tranquility. Because we all know, that although beautiful and so rewardingly amazing our lifestyle can be, its also just as equally difficult. 


It can bring sub and Dom drop, depression, anxiety, and so on. With every amazing thing, there's also a really hard thing as a possibility or consequence. And don't get me wrong,  I completely agree with the saying "anything worth having isn't easily achieved". But so are so many other things. We take the good with the bad.


And I've had to really take a necessary step back to accomplish a true introspective look at my current situation. I need more. I always have. 


And the more that I need is balance in my faith and this lifestyle. Just not how ive been doing it, although I thought I'd achieved it already. 


The truth is, that the foundational reasoning behind my choice to enter the lifestyle still stands. Its still everything I need in regards to honesty, transparency, the right to say no, speak my needs, have incredible support and communication. Ive always said that the kink was just a bonus, and it is. But it's never been necessary. 


Its more important for me to have a God given, heaven sent relationship. The man God has for me, is who I want to marry. Is who I desire to lead me. A man who knows the Lord and allows our heavenly father to guide him first. I need a man who will kneel with me in prayer to grow our spiritual relationship as a couple and to grow closer to God as a united front against any obstacle we may face. 


Kink can't get us through family members dying or losing jobs. It can't help me to parent my son better, or to deal with unhealthy relationships in all aspects of life. 


Being dominated in sexual ways, have taken a significant backseat to these spiritual needs I didn't know I had. Not before my Custos walked away. 


That relationship ending was so important to my journey because Ive learned more about me than I ever have. I love him for the hard choice that was made. But I thank God for the answered prayer. I'd been praying all along, that Custos and I would work and if we weren't meant to be, then I didn't want the relationship. It was a hard prayer to pray, but I refuse to budge on what I want spiritually. 


And what I was losing sight of,  was that I can't take matters into my own hands and expect God to bless a relationship that He never wanted for me. It wasn't my heaven-sent relationship or he would have moved here and not abandoned me. And even then, it could've not worked out. Yet,  I couldn't be more thankful for it.


It was a very hard and painful lesson. But now ive walked away from trying to play God in my own life. We all have free will and I'm using mine to allow for God to be in control. I need to let Him lead and guide me. I ultimately put too much in a human man's hands that God was supposed to do. A void that only the Lord could fill.


Im seriously such a work in progress, as we all are. I don't know whether I should leave cage yet or where I belong in regards to my submission. But until I know, I'm going to just stand still. I need to really find myself...and with God.

No D/s.

No kink. 

No lifestyle stuff at all. 


Just a girl who wants to sing to Jesus. 

A girl who is going to dance like David. 


A girl who kneels for God and gives Him all the glory. I put no man before him. And I don't know what that means for the future, but I'm focused on the now. Focused on finding balance within me and enjoying this time of my life. Of my journey. Embracing this time of singleness because its truly a beautiful time. 


Becoming fully happy and content inside myself. I mean, I'm pretty dang awesome and I love me. I just need to love me more. 

1 month ago. Jan 15, 2020, 7:01 AM

The power of that ass.


Oh how it moves when she walks. 


How it entices your mind. 


It takes over your thoughts. 


Starting from the heels of her black stilettos. 


You move your eyes up her ankles, to her calves.


Your eyes stalk her movements, caught on the line of the back of her thigh-highs.


It leads up the backs of her knees, to her thick thighs.


Her skin is smooth and rich. 


A creamy vanilla shade that conflicts with her lifestyle. 


Your mouth waters, knowing she'll part them for you at one command. 


You don't speak, enjoying her sway and movements.


Her walk is like a sexy strut.


All attitude and sass.


Everything you love to witness as well as control. 


It is her strength that you crave. 


Longing to be the silent observer of her strong heart and mind. 


Then the strength of her submission when your need calls for it.


But right now, her behind is your focus. 


Your thoughts come back to the present and how your cock has hardened further in your slacks. 


You smile to yourself, loving the affect she has on you. 


Your eyes find her legs again. 


Where her garters connect to her thigh-highs and go up her legs. 


The lace of her black panties, sheer and so sexy.


They cover your goal. 


Your cock strains further, yet you don't care. 


You're enjoying the show. 


Like the captivating presence of dancers on a stage, their bodies move and hold your attention hostage. 


You would be enthralled, yet, more enthralled are you by her walk.


Her glide. 


One foot in front of the other with a slight cross over.


The flesh of her ass moves in perfect rhythm with every step she takes.


She reaches the bed and mounts the California King, on all fours she goes, looking over her shoulder at you. 


Her eyes full of lust and desire. 


They match yours. 


You stand, ready to stalk towards her.


To devour her.


To kiss. 


To bite.


To consume, that ass.