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just a hello and some tips

just wanted to but put some tips for all new to cage and lifestyle. and maybe for a few others.
5 days ago. Sat 15 Jun 2019 01:39:18 AM IDT

LOL i found these today and just love them. im thinking if i was to be part of a game this would be me








1 week ago. Wed 12 Jun 2019 06:13:57 AM IDT

How to or what to say when asked a question or are told 




So hear i sit trying to answer all the questions that are flown at me.

How do i ?? What do you mean what kind?? How long do i ?? How do i know??

only to hear back before you can even answer the first one , "oh i found it on utube? i watched 3 minutes of a 10 minute video. it doesn't look hard" 


lol the simple things in life for some just seem to amaze and lose others.


they make us laugh when they ask all the questions . and we sit here just shaking our heads . and when they tell u they are baking bacon because they don't wanna get burned all up. u calmly tell them



and then they send you a pic of their face saying they forgot


and you learn they 


you clamly send them this




LOL now you know i love yea






1 week ago. Mon 10 Jun 2019 07:10:12 AM IDT

Sometimes our journey down this twist and turny path isnt just to find the perfect Dom or sub for us. Or even the prefect one for us at this moment sometimes its to find the the ones we can be silly with and make each other laught to the point of falling out of our chairs , or when on the phone with them they can cause you to trip and fall over nothing at all, or GAWD forbid they get you going so hard you wet ur panities and not in a good way.

so to those that find them remember there is always that one time that you relieze they might might be crazier than you


Or it could just be 



Gvgeyuso'i  Why-yah

2 weeks ago. Tue 04 Jun 2019 10:02:52 PM IDT


      ok i want to start of Part III just a friendly reminder that everything i write is just that MY THOUGHTS/FEELING on what ever subject and is in NO way a blog for anyone to say i am preaching or teaching one thing or another. that is not and never will be my intention by blogging on anything. my intention has been and always will be to share my thoughts/feelings, and to share any information or knowledge that has been learned by me or shared with me. and yes i know that it may or may not work for anyone else. But i believe that as a community we should be willing to share thoughts, feelings and any knowledge WE have. and in order to do so WE as a community need to be able to talk with each other while we have the understanding we agree to disagree and not fight about things but discuss things.


     So now with that said on to the bulk of Part III:


To all and any subs who may be new or without a Dom/Master/Daddy at any given time . I have found from talking to other subs in many different stages of their travels of life,  and discussing things that have helped in and with growing, along with researching and reading on my own. There are many things that we can do for ourselves when we are without a partner.  I have composed a small sample  list of things that may or may not work for you. also i have includes some links to articles, and links to sites. but please member to do your own research these are just to jump start to help


!. set a routine for yourself

2. exercise

3. maintain healthy eating habits

4. think about a self imposed bedtime 

5. find a friend (kink or vanilla) ( sub or dom) to help you stay accountable to yourself if you are having a hard time

6. keep a journal for yourself

7. look in the mirror every morning and tell yourself 5 postive things 5 times everyday

(example: 1. you are beautiful, 2. you are special,  3. you have a good sense of humor, 4. you are a great friend, 5. you are strong)



please feel free to add any other links for journals  or suggestions for reading. 



suggestions for reading:



links for journals:


Gvgeyuso'i  Why-yah

2 weeks ago. Fri 31 May 2019 06:22:38 PM IDT


Now this may seem like a bit of a back step after Part 1. But i think that everyone needs to know that there are different types/levels (?) of relationships and they should be talked about in a peaceful well meaning way, that all can understand. so i feel that these are important to talk about during your getting to know someone and vetting of a possible Dom or sub (for that matter) as in knowing what type/level each other is actually wanting and how they plan to get there.

It is important to know yourself and i mean really know yourself, not just what you show ppl or think they want to see, but the person you are deep down inside the good and the bad. and to take that and see, know, and understand just what it is that you need and want.

Now there are many types/levels of relationships and sub groups of them that can and will over lap at times, i will write this from a sub s point of view. and i understand that i may cause some to be upset by how I see them, and for that i am sorry but this is how i see them.And with that being said let me get it right out from the start to me the barest most basic online relationship is straight B.S and not a real relationship.


  1. barest most basic online relationship: This is where there is only communication via text, email messaging whether it is here on the cage or via kik which seems to be the next favorite way. there are NO phone calls, No videos (real time face to face ) . Just words typed out on a screen when said Dom chooses to type even though as a sub you will have rules as to when and how your are to, such as check ins through out the day, picture and such. you may or may not know if or when the said Dom has seen them. In my opinion this is the sub doing all the work and a one sided relationship.
  2. online relationship: Now while this is a step up and it is still online it is seems basic to me in a sense. this is where there is an exchange of emails and facebook names for account set up just for kink related relationships. There maybe times set up for regular chats back and forth via messager and the Dom will be more active along with pictures sent back and forth between both of not just of kink or sexual nature but of everyday things. with the possibility of phone calls via messager .
  3. most involved online relationship: this to me wear the over lapping starts to begin. there is the exchange or real email address's, real facebook names,actual exchange of phone numbers, face time (video chat) through any number of ways ( messager, skype, hangouts.ect) , with the talks and planning of a real time meet.
  4. basic LDR ( long distance relastionship): Now i am only saying LDR because of the fact that for most there seems to be some amount of distance between the two. but this can also be a relationship where you are only as little as 30 minutes apart. I believe that these can only truely happen once the said parties have physically meet for coffee or whatever ( always with both parties having safety calls set up ahead of time), and both have agreed that there is a connection and they want to continue . I feel that in this type/level of relationship it is the same as any vanilla LDR just there is kink involved also. So there is the day to day stuff that is shared in more detail.
  5. more involved LDR: in this type/level to me while yes you were already in an LDR this is where there have been multi visits planned and have happened that revolve around not just kink but the vanilla side of life also. to say things such as meeting of vanilla freinds for drink, bbq, or whatever and the meeting of family if possible.
  6. LTR ( long term relationship): now a LTR can be 24/7 or not ( i guess) . only meaning that i feel that if you are in a LTR the goal for both would be to actaully be together in one place, although i do understand that there may be issues that one or both are unable to move. and 24/7 means just that to me living in same house, 24/7 does not mean to me that the kink oversteps the vanilla ( to say), just meaning that there will be dealing with some very vanilla stuff . to me 24/7 is living in the same place together and dealing with the everyday things such as paying bill, household chores, raising kids (if any) , all the while knowing its a give and take and still being respectful and being respected.


 now i am sure there are many other sub groups, many of this may over lap at any giving time. but these are just the basic one how i see them.  so once again i am sorry if i upset anyone but please feel free to add to any group or add a sub group as you see fit. for it is all about helping each other and sharing information.


*******on a side note if either party is married in my thoughts it is cheating without the other half of said person having knowledge of the the relationship and agreeing to it. and without it i dont feel there is a way to becoming more than a basic LDR


Gvgeyuso'i  Why-yah


3 weeks ago. Mon 27 May 2019 06:19:58 AM IDT

Today i thought i would start a multi post blog with some of the craziness that the hamster has come up with while on its wheel lets begin with part one:

First I know that alot of us "old timers" here,to include myself have talked and said VET whom you are maybe talking to someone as a possible Dom/Master. And seeing that I along with others in the past have given ways or suggestions on how to do this.So i thought i needed to start this off with a few things that have changed and possible ways to still be able to do this.

A. I know that i have stated in the past to join us in the chat room and see how they deal with others and how that others react to them. But seeing that the chat room has died of since many of us have joined, that isnt much of an opinion anymore.

So to see how they act and such as getting along with others and how others react to them. one way is to READ blogs and forums. look and see if they reply to any. also READ their profile carefully , at the bottom of their profile there is a part that shows their blog"s name and if they have wrote either their own forum posting or reply to others. look at what they had said and if along with how others have replied to what they have said.

B. Now in my thoughts if their profile is blanked or very limited it is a lazy thing. being that they cant even tell you anything about themselves, what they see as how they are and what they are looking for. to add to this i would also say that if they have been here in the cage for say a year or more, and have not updated their profile or written a blog/forum or even replied to someone else's that would be a good enough reason to skip over them. (just my thoughts)   


Ok so now you found someone that you are interested in possibly moving forward with. i have a few more suggestions to help you with the whole vetting process.


A. Talk and ask others that you know and trust on both side of the slash. what they may know of or think of the person.


B. if at all possible ask said person if they would be willing to give a list of former subs/slaves ( with the subs / slaves permission of course) of theirs in the past,if they have had them here in the cage. then pick a sub/slave at random off the list ( if able )to talk to . the reason i say at random is because then there is no way for said Dom/Master to know which person you have spoken to. 


Now when doing this remember that no matter whom you are talking to in the vetting process, you will need to take what they say with a grain of salt. but always ask question of these people about why they are saying what they are saying.

EXAMPLE : former sub states that the Dom didn't seem to have time for them. What does that mean? had they discussed work schedules along with family lives ( are they a single parent, married), and school ( if they are continuing their education) or any other reason that may interfere with time for each other. or was the sub the one emailing/texting /calling all the time with little in return? were they told "hey i'll call you at such and such time." then time comes and goes , and nothing and then later said Dom/Master acts as though nothing happened and gave no explanation "sorry i know i said i would call at such time but ....." 


Just because a sub/slave was with said Dom/Master and it didn't work out doesn't make either bad or anything just means that they were not a good fit. and what works for one may or may not work for another.


Well that's all for today, part 2 coming soon. until then stay safe and have fun..



Gvgeyuso'i  Why-yah

3 weeks ago. Sat 25 May 2019 06:25:19 AM IDT



Aand came to the understanding that i need to say.



Gvgeyuso'i  Why-yah

4 weeks ago. Thu 23 May 2019 05:34:56 AM IDT

Ok  as the days of late and many talks with multiply people in both kink and non kink worlds. i have sat back and watched some of what they are going through and listened to all the things they have said. And i thought to my self "lets have coffee and really talk..." so sit back as i grap my favorite cup of joe

and lets be honest with ourselves for a change, ok? now i know many will say "but i am honest with my self" but i will ask our you really?

are you watching things and learning, or are you just floating along? right is right and wrong is wrong, being honest is what we all want but if we are just floating along then neither you or them are being honest 


And just because you love them , doesn't mean that they are right for you or that you are right for them.


and it seems when we finally get that we all get "Im gonna fuck your world. for so many reasons" but still though we are hurt and in that crazy mind set. 



We need to set back even farther relieze that


now to those that find your self there 

and trust me this is so true


so my suggestion it to practice SELF AWARENESS and SELF RESPECT


And I must give a shout out to my dear Wolf for so many reasons. From saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Pushing me to be my best always not just for you but for myself, and always being there to catch me if i fall. 



1 month ago. Mon 20 May 2019 07:43:53 AM IDT many questions..


1.what is west of westro?


2. Did he know he was going to the true north?


3 is he now the king of the north again?


4. If Bran the Broken frist of hos name knows what will happen. What is he not hinting or saying? 


5 Where has Dragno floen off to? Will he go north to Jon ever? 

See so many .

Ughhh i wanna know....


1 month ago. Fri 17 May 2019 05:44:06 PM IDT

Sittitng here thinking... And i have come to relieze that we all have our moments when we feel not strong, smart, nice, ect.


My youngest help me see when i was there. That while she and her sister (as i always say) may not have got there smarts from me. They did get there loyalty from me. 


Now let me say i know that i m not the brightest crayon in the box . But i get things that others seem not to get or atleast turn a blind eye on.

So lets take a look : 

After being here over two years i have seen the site change in many ways. 

I have seen friends go and have made more. 

I have seen ppl say that they are friends with others and then bad mouth them .


I have seen ppl who totally dont get along , yet they manage to agree with each other on alot of things. 


I have seen ppl afraid to stand up for what they know is right. And at the same time call ppl out for doing what we are supposed to be as a community.

But know this:

And because of this those that do always will not matter the out come.. They will be a light in the darkness for others. 

Though i will admit that i have seem them do so only to be hurt, trashed on by the very ppl they are tring to help.

So i need to thank all the ass hats , and the good guys also that i have dated because they have all taught me one thing or another. And im glad im just some dumb white trash hilly billy. Because that just means i have learned things that others could never think of. 

One of the greast things i ever heard though funny but true at the time was "Its not murder without a body. It is only a missing person"

So i will leave you with this