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Fantasies of an unfulfilled dream....

i am lucky to have found a wonderful MISTRESS who gives me tasks in order to help me explore my fetish’s and desires of sissification, food humiliation and degradation. Sometimes I get so horny and frustrated I do things to myself and imagine a lady in front of me telling me what to do.........
i no longer need to think about what to do as i have a MISTRESS who owns me :)

These are my musings
4 months ago. Fri 08 Feb 2019 03:03:32 PM IST

wearing a white bra, my tea/bun soiled panties and my white shirt, i sat in the bath with my 9 cupcakes and a tin of evaporated milk.

i awaited my MISTRESS’s orders.

HER message came through and i was to put a cupcake in each cup of my bra, one down the front and one down the back of my shirt. The shirt must be tucked into my panties by the way. Then three cupcakes down the front of my panties and two on my arse.

then i was to rub them into my Sissy body, sit on them and generally squash them into a mulch. 

Once competed, i was told to pour the milk down the front of my self and then the back. 

Once the whole tin was used, mix in the mess to create a paste- and after each stage i had to send MISTRESS a video.

the milk was colder than I expected, but the task was an amazing experience! 

my knees were shaking with excitement, and my clit was erect and desperate to cum! 

Doing these Wet and Messy (WAM) tasks for MISTRESS in the bath is both exciting, functional and effective. 

The one downside was that after bagging the clothes, and putting them in the shed overnight, i found the next morning that they were strewn over the lawn. A fox must have smelt the cake milk mix and tried to dine out on them!

i won’t be using those clothes again unfortunately !

4 months ago. Wed 06 Feb 2019 06:02:47 PM IST

i was ordered to buy some tights, black, and model them for MISTRESS.

naked with the exception of the ‘leg wear’ i knelt for further instructions.

i was told to make a warm, not hot cup of tea and then sit in the toilet and pour it down the from of my tights onto my clit. 

Remember this was warm and not hot and it was a perfectly safe thing to do.

i took a video and showed MISTRESS my excited clit . It was good to have something warm for a change but as MISTRESS correctly said, i enjoy anything on my clit, warm or cold !!!

4 months ago. Wed 06 Feb 2019 05:58:27 PM IST

MISTRESS messaged me and wanted to know what i was up to and what i was wearing.

i was in work clothes, usual casual ones but being home alone MISTRESS insisted i wore a white bra and new clean white panties.

changed and kneeling i told HER i had just finished lunch. i had made a little too much and left half a current bun with butter but i had drink all my tea.

so MISTRESS told me to collect the tea bag, and any others that were in the recycling bin along with the half bun, which was to be soaked in water, and then place them all in my panties.

then i was told to massage the bum along the shaft of my clit, sending her a video of the event.

as I sent MISTRESS a couple of videos, I forgot to take a pic but by time i had edged a couple of times the panties were stained with tea, butter and the streaks of currents from the massage of the material against my shaft.

i was told to clean up, but bag the soiled panties for any play time session!

4 months ago. Fri 01 Feb 2019 01:34:17 PM IST

i didn’t mean to duplicate the pic on my previous post, doh, but i do like how see through the black bra is !!!

and how aroused i am 

4 months ago. Fri 01 Feb 2019 01:31:28 PM IST

so after two weeks stored in the shed, MISTRESS wanted me to wear the egg, beans soaked ‘white’ dress and panties, black bra and stockings.

dry, mostly, crusty and smelly i wore them as instructed. To think the dress and panties were virgin white when i started!

so today’s food was tomato soup and i was told to empty into a bowl, half fill the can with water, to make it go a little further then pour it down the front and back of my dress.

the first tin-full was cold and I shivered as it trickled down the inside of my bra, down onto my panties and into the bath.

MISTRESS thought that tucking my dress into my panties would be interesting and once i had done that, then second tin went down. Cascading gently down my front, saturating the dress and then falling , dripping onto my erect aroused clit. i was so hard and turned on!

the third tin went down my back, making me shudder again and then the remaining soup finished down both sides of my disturbingly soiled body and clothes.

MISTRESS asked if the soup had gone down the drain, but most had pooled in the bottom of the bath, so before being allowed to clear up i was told to sit in the soup and edge, at the same time thanking HER for being allowed to act out the scene.

it was an incredible experience!

4 months ago. Tue 29 Jan 2019 03:09:17 PM IST

i received this message from MISTRESS yesterday 


“Since u insist on being a sissy, u will experience what REAL WOMEN go thru. u will sit in it for a bit and tell me how it feels.”


i was told to wear my banana blue panties from Saturday and attach a pad into them, and apply tomato purée front and back and sit and video my experience for MISTRESS 

  1. so i did as i was told and got a surprise when MISTRESS said i could masturbate. It has been 26 days since my last orgasm and that broke my record so i was delighted to have the chance. Unfortunately, after clarification, i was only allowed to edge three times, after squirting purée down my clits shaft. My time will cum, just don’t know when 
4 months ago. Sun 27 Jan 2019 11:09:16 PM IST

MISTRESS has taken me on a fantastic journey so far and i am learning more about my fetish’s, my limits and what it means to be in an online M/s relationship.

i still have a lot to learn but i am enjoying every session that we have had together and i hope that that will continue to be the case for the both of us. 

in the busy world that we all live in, i think it’s important to find the time for reflection, to explore and discover more about yourself and others that you share your life with. 

i would think that would apply to many other people here on the Cage and this self discovery is enriching and adds excitement and motivation to every day and every passing week :)

4 months ago. Sun 27 Jan 2019 08:55:03 PM IST

4 months ago. Sun 27 Jan 2019 10:12:22 AM IST

MISTRESS ordered me to use a ripe mushy banana today. i laid out five pairs of panties that i had not used as yet in our playtime and MISTRESS selected a large blue pair.

naked except panties i awaited instructions. i was told to peel the banana and put the skins and fruit down my panties and mush it up on and over my clit.

i was told to do a video lasting a couple of minutes and by the end it was sticky and wet.

MISTRESS asked if i used tea bags which I felt was an odd question, and innocently i said yes. Then SHE said where did i keep the bags when i had taken them out of the cup. In the recycling box was my reply. It began to dawn on me - i was told to remove at least 3 tea bags from the recycling food waste box and place them in my panties too. Cold and damp, i salvaged three and did what i was told.


4 months ago. Thu 24 Jan 2019 08:27:02 PM IST

i do love the fact you can see my bra and panties underneath 


makes me feel excited , and a slut, and engorges my clit !!