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My Daddy, My Desires and the Damn Distance in between

I'm a collared slave who is adored by my Daddy, my Master, my Sir...but I only have his touch 10 days a month. This is my outlet to express my feelings and desires for him.
1 day ago. Thu 25 Apr 2019 05:52:44 AM IDT

Just trying to be happy...


The hardest thing in my life lately is trying to find happiness when I’m not with him. There are so many factors that figure into this...and I have let so many things interfere with that.


I’m genuinely the type of person that is easy going and very easy to get along with. This has often brought me to situations where I get used or taken advantage of. I care about people and honestly wish the best for people...even people that I don’t care for. I don’t like conflict of any sort...and avoid it at all cost.


But I’m tired of being unhappy or sad when he is not around....I’m done with it. I’m done. I wont allow outside influences to change my joy.  It’s important that I care about myself and ensure that I don’t allow things to change my mood when I can’t control it. All I can control is myself and the situation that I am in.


I want to be as happy as I am with him every day...whether he is with me or not. Happiness should not be defined by anyone except for me.


Until tomorrow....

1 day ago. Wed 24 Apr 2019 06:45:43 AM IDT

Lonely bed...


I’ve dreaded tonight all day. It’s just not the same without him in the bed.


The time I get with him during the night is the most precious to me. Even though we are sleeping...just to be able to roll over and nuzzle him...or feel him softly petting my cheek...feel his breathe on my neck...hold me tight when I have bad dreams...hear sweet words of love.


We he has to go...bedtime is most dreaded time of the day. It’s when the truth of is absence is real. No hiding at busying myself with chores, gym or TV. The reality of loneliness sets in and I toss and turn. Can get comfortable...stuff all the pillows around me...cry.


I’m so grateful that I can go to him in 3 days. This will be so nice to not have to do 20 days straight. I can go to him on the weekends. We are in the same time zone so I can talk to him before I go to sleep and when I wake up. This is much more manageable than before when I knew I had 19 more nights just like I only have 3.


Until tomorrow....

3 days ago. Tue 23 Apr 2019 06:26:17 AM IDT

Back to reality...


I was able to keep him 13 days. All with me...even when I had to be in the least he was there. But he will leave in the morning. The only saving grace is that he will only be about 5 hours away this time...and I can hopefully go see him on the weekend!


I love our life...but I sure do love when we are together even more. My world feels complete when we are together. Like I’m breathing the right kind of air. When he leaves I always feel like I move into a zombie state...just going through the motions to get back to having him home. Just wading through the moments...


I’m not complaining though...we have come a long way since we started. We are able to spend quality time together now...and since he gets to stay in the area...I will get to go see him on my days off! No more having to wait 20 days to just see his face!


Now to just play the lottery and keep my fingers crossed so we can be together always!!


Until tomorrow...

3 days ago. Mon 22 Apr 2019 02:51:53 PM IDT

Beautiful day...


Getting to spend time with your love and it was totally unexpected makes it even sweeter. And having it start off with a surprise that leaves you in tears is truly a blessing...and something that was so amazingly wonderful that left me speechless.


We got dressed up...went to a beautiful brunch...saw an some amazing sights...enjoyed some couch time...had an amazing mid afternoon pleasing of Daddy...and an evening of movies watching together and a wonderful dinner.


I really needed it. Just to do things together that really connected us...without even trying. For me to be reminded that this man does love me and thinks about me...and I have no reason to worry.


Our lives become more beautiful every day...I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Happy Easter!


Until tomorrow...

5 days ago. Sun 21 Apr 2019 06:38:01 AM IDT

Day to day life...


It’s been hard for me to get back into the swing of doing my day to day tasks that my Daddy requires.  Some of it has to do with just getting out of a habit...some of it has to do with being so wrapped up in my head lately about how I look. Questioning myself on whether or not I look I look old...does he still find me attractive after seeing me at my worst??


Ever since I was in the hospital...I have been super needy. Wanting to just be cuddled by him. Wanting lots of attention...and very sensitive. I’m sure I’m PMSing along with a ton of drugs still running through my system.


I have to find a way to get out of my head and get back to the girl he fell in love with. The girl that he wants to dominate and own. The girl that amazes him daily.


I just need to find my groove and get back to believing I look good. It was just a huge blow to my ego and it affected a lot!


I will be better...I am better!!!


Until tomorrow...


5 days ago. Sat 20 Apr 2019 06:50:39 AM IDT

Im back...


Sorry for the extremely long delay in my blogging. It’s been a whirlwind of the last 10 days!


So Daddy arrived and we had an amazing night reconnecting and worshiping each other’s bodies. And within a couple of hours of us falling asleep in each other’s arms....I was up in pain with my tooth.


I had been to the dentist the day before...but the meds weren’t working. So the next day I go back to the dentist...swollen face and all...and the give me new meds...stronger meds. We then set out on our trip. We drove about 6 hours and then stopped. I was in pain and tired...Daddy did everything her could for me.


The next morning...which for me seemed like no change since I had not slept. Pain was constant...and my face was now double the size.


We headed out to our destination...6 more hours. I was miserable...and extremely embarrassed of how I looked. Daddy still took care of me...once we arrived we went straight to the emergency room. I was admitted and stayed for the next 2 nights!


So here I am in a city that I know not a soul...supposed to be meeting his family for the 1st time...and the situation was not allowing him to stay with me. Sitting in a hospital room ugly, in pain and alone. Probably one of the lowest moments of my life. Daddy did what he was what it was.


Finally I get out. Get

Myself together as best I could and head to meet his family. Everyone was super nice and tried hard make me feel welcome and not self conscious about my still swollen face (but much better). It was nice...


We decide to stay an extra day since I haven’t seen anything other than the hospital room....he takes me out and shows me some beautiful sights...and spend a little more time with his was nice!


So being out of sorts for that many days...i missed my assignments. Daddy was forgiving for a while...but after I started feeling better...the patience with my not completing my day assignments was gone....and the other night I paid for my lack of completing tasks.


I now have no more breaks and feel so so much can plan to get my blogs regularly!! Oh...and Daddy is getting to work in our hopefully we will have only a few nights a week away from each other!!!


Until tomorrow...


2 weeks ago. Tue 09 Apr 2019 05:49:36 AM IDT

Without Him Day 19


In just about 24 hours I will be picking up my love from the airport. Now if my body will just cooperate with the excitement that’s inside!!!


I have a terrible tooth ache ...and a little bit of swelling...but I got to the doctor today and started hopefully all will be well by tomorrow night!!


I can’t disappoint my Master on his first night home!! I have to able to perform and remind him what he has waiting for him after 20 long days. I want to be able to show him just how much I have missed him.


I’m so ready for have no idea!!! No release since he last had me!! Ugh...I need him badly!!!


And we have such a great week of things planned! I’m meeting his family for the first time and vice versa...I have to be at my best!


Come on your thing!!


Until tomorrow...

2 weeks ago. Mon 08 Apr 2019 06:46:46 AM IDT

Without Him Day 18


Long day of driving but I made it back just in time to pick up our new little buddy!! I’m so excited to have a baby in the house!! Now there will be another little guy waiting for me to get home!!


We named him Lynx. He is so cute and gorgeous! I went and got the initial round of supplies and have him all set up! Now just have to let him get used to his new home!


My Daddy will be home in 48 hours and I am jumping for joy! Lots of work over the next couple of days to get ready for him and to go on our trip...which I can’t wait to meet his family!


So excited! I wanted to upload a picture but I can’t figure out how to put it in the blog!! I will put him up on my profile...check him out!!


Until tommorrow!!!


2 weeks ago. Sun 07 Apr 2019 07:12:05 AM IDT

Without Him Day 17


It’s been a day of travel and a quick visit with family! I came to get Daddy’s car and drive it back home!


I will be headed out early in the morning! Enjoying a 10 hour drive of smelling my Love!! Listening to music and thinking of our time together that is coming soon!


Once home I will get to go and pick up our new baby (kitten). I’m super excited!!


This is short and sweet because I’ve got to get to sleep!!


Until tomorrow!!

2 weeks ago. Sat 06 Apr 2019 08:00:46 AM IDT

Without Him Day 16


I did a photo shoot tonight for Daddy!!! I’m hoping he loves it!!


It’s funny how women can be so confident and self-conscious at the same time. Why do we take pictures of Ourselves and overthink them and examine them 45 times before will finally send it to somebody. Do all women do this or is it just me?


My daddy makes me feel ultra beautiful and extremely confident but when it comes to taking pictures of myself I always over analyze it and doubt my beauty. I know I am beautiful and I truly believe that but when you see pictures of yourself it’s almost like you have to examine every single part of it to make sure everybody else will think you’re beautiful. I always have to remind myself that the way I see myself is not the way my daddy sees me.


I wish I could see myself the way that he says he sees me. It might be a scary thing and then I would post pictures of myself everywhere all the!


Only four more days and he’s finally home. I’m hoping that these pictures will light his fire even more!


Until tomorrow...