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My Daddy, My Desires and the Damn Distance in between

I'm a collared slave who is adored by my Daddy, my Master, my Sir...but I only have his touch 10 days a month. This is my outlet to express my feelings and desires for him.
18 hours ago. Tue 18 Dec 2018 06:27:42 AM IST

Drive day...another wonderful day spend together in the car...just us. Most of the drive was spent reading to him. 


We are reading a story from from a story written by burnt redstone....and if you have not indulged in this type of literature...I would highly recommend it! It’s really wonderful be able to be in a story world together. These stories are filled with exotic romance stories and explore different lifestyles. I absolutely love them....and to be able to read to him and be in that world together is special to me.


The story we are reading is about a man who loves different women and all of their sexual adventures. It explores the way they all love each other in different ways and how they help each other through the difficult aspects of life. It really makes you challenge the way you approach your own relationships with people...platonic or sexual.


We didn’t finish this story after a 10 hour they are lengthy...but so worth the read. Check it out if you have some time and love to read!! I personally can’t wait for more time to read to him...


Until tomorrow!

1 day ago. Mon 17 Dec 2018 06:31:12 AM IST

This is from last night and then today...

Sooooo....we get back to our place after our adventure at the club. I have been already preparing for this night because as I have said in some of my previous blogs I incurred some punishments while he was away. He had already told me that I would be receiving some of my punishments this night. I knew that I would be receiving a spanking with the cat of nine tails and I would be having anal sex. Now....I have never had anal sex other than one time from someone that just put it in without any warning or prep and that was the last I ever let anyone near that area...but he had already given me instructions for how to prepare for this night...and he had purchased all of the there was no turning back.

Once we arrived back I had instructions to go clean up and insert my new butt plug. I was extremely nervous...but with the lub and the instructions I completed my task. Once back in the bedroom....all the toys were laid out...I was instructed to lay on the bed face down. Part one of my punishment would commence...10 lashes. I braced myself and started counting...on 9 I cried out a I incurred one more lash. Then he massaged me and kissed me all over....he then started nibbling on me and turned me over....he nibbled everywhere and then told me to close my eyes.

He spread my legs and then the orgasm frenzy started... He used combinations of a vibrating egg, a vibrator, his tongue and his cock to continue to make me cum...all the while with the butt plug in place. A few times it would come out from the force of my orgasms and he would gently put it back in. One point he was using the egg, the vibrator and his he was using all the items at once I will never know. At another point he was inside of me with his cock, holding the egg on my clit and moving the plug....If I opened my eyes...he would tell me to close them again.....sounds came out of me that I didn't even know I could make!!! Im not sure how long all of this went on....but I think it was hours...

He then asks me if I want to lay on my back or get on my knees....I have no idea and my brain is really working correctly at the he makes the decision for me and we start with me on my back. He lubes himself and me down generously....he removes the plug and tells me to relax and let him do it....after a while of trying to get myself to relax enough for him to move further inside of me...I ask if we can change to the me on my knees.....he grants my wish and moves me into place. He adds more lub and then moves to penetrate me. He does and gives me a minute to relax and get used to the feeling. After a while of slow moving he hands me the egg and tells me to put it on my clit....I do as instructed....OMG....once I get used to everything and we start to move together....Im sure everyone within a mile could hear me orgasm....holy hell...

Afterwards Im not sure what came over me....put I actually shed some tears. I think that it was just all the emotions, all the orgasms and the adrenaline and my body not know how to handle them. While he was holding me I tell him that at one point it felt like I was going to pee....He tells me that that means I was about to squirt and that I need to tell him that when that happens again....I didn't know....I was embarrased that I thought I was going to pee!!! Oh my...this will be our next adventure.... you can see...we didn't need a club....we had our own kink party....and it was better than anything I could have imagined!!! The only exclusive members of our very own club. I also slept like a baby...


Until tomorrow...

2 days ago. Sun 16 Dec 2018 09:18:17 PM IST

Today was a wonderful day....We had lots of together time!!! Lots of good conversation and discussions for our future! This was all before the one of the best and most interesting evenings I have ever had.

Dinner - 

He planned a surprise dinner for my birthday! We headed downtown to arrive at our mysterious destination. He had made reservations at an exclusive French restaurant. They greeted me with Happy Birthdays as he had already told them what the occasion was for. Our table was set just for us with a card greeting me again with another Happy Birthday. We dined on Lobster Mac and cheese and Salmon with burnt almond butter and butternut squash rossoto and then a cheese plate and cappacinos for dessert. I cant even tell you how wonderful it was...I savored every single bite! I dont ever finish my plate...even at home...and I finished every single bite of what was served to me!! I was even impressed with the restroom...they had real wash cloths to dry your hands...and an array of products for you to use to freshen up. Magnificent!

Then we head to the Kinksters Sex club to attend a private party that we had received an invitation to. Neither one of us had ever been to a BDSM club and were super excited to see what it was. I was even ready to perform whatever act he wanted if he so asked!!! Weeks before coming to this club I went online and reviewed all the rules for the parties to make sure that we would not be out of line. I had prepared in my mind what was going to happen and what I was going to witness....and I think I set myself up for disappointment. Once we arrived and validated to get in...we pass through the first set of doors to a "meeting" room...this is where everyone is just standing around socializing with everyone...nothing really happening in here...we pass to the 2 set of doors to the "play" area....and this is one large room with different massage type tables around and around the walls is different areas of play stations (a cage, large X's to be tied to and more massage tables). Everything is open and you can see everything. There is one couple having sex on a table, another woman strapped to a table with just panites on and she is getting rubbed down with sharp objects, pinched, whipped, etc...there is another lady that is getting stimulated with a vibrator, a couple in a cage and he is doing rope work on her, another lady getting poked, another lady getting flogged (lightly). We walked around and watched...there was some things that were interesting...the one woman in the cage gave a blowjob through the cage as she was tied up...we watched another older couple perform a scene where she was the Dom and he was the submissive (and I was super impressed that they were like 70 years old and the little old man who was a little man....had a huge hard cock....dont know why that impressed me but it did).....but overall I'm not sure what I was expecting or had built up in my mind...but it was not be honest is was way more vanilla than I expected it to be. I guess I was expecting a BDSM club to have all of the extremes I had imagined and that everything would be hardcore....ummm this was not so much.....and it made my germ-a-phobia kind of kick in.

We decided that our scenes were far more we needed to go back to our place and write our own for the night... I had some punishments to why not combine them all into a night of ectasy for both him and me. So we left and headed home to play...

To be continued....a little later tonight.....stay tuned....


3 days ago. Sat 15 Dec 2018 08:43:42 AM IST

Another wonderful day!!! But I have to tell you about last night...


We share some special moments where he talks sweetly to me...and makes me fall more completely in love with him....confirming more everyday why he is my one!


We crawled into bed for some cuddle time. After a few moments he asks me if I want to give him a birthday blowjob!! And if coarse I I start my sensual move down his body....and start. I start with his balls...licking and sucking gently...moving up his shaft as I’m learning to use my new tongue piercing!! I’m enjoying hearing his pleasure as I’m getting better at using this new device in my mouth...then he tells me to climb in top of him. I’m riding his glorious cock and it’s not long when I ask him if I may cum....he grants my wish and I cum hard...I am riding and grinding into him...he is raking his nails over my body and then wraps his hands around my neck...and this just makes me cum harder...he flips me over and moves me to my knees and moves behind me...he pushes himself inside me and pulling himself into me using my shoulders to bring me force....I am moaning loudly with ecstasy...he turns me on my side and is fucking me harder...I’m almost at a scream...he is so deep inside me...he turns me again to my back and gets even deeper inside...he is so deep and we are going so hard...this is heaven...I have orgasm after orgasm...we have one last orgasm together...and we are spent. Both of his in a heap breathing wildly...


He kisses me passionately...and holds me all night long.


Hands down ones of the best birthday’s....


Until tomorrow!

4 days ago. Fri 14 Dec 2018 06:35:33 AM IST

What a day!!! It was a good birthday! 


The morning started off with sweet words whispered in my ear...and the a wonderful morning sex session to start it off right!!! We then went shopping and I picked up several new outfits and some new make-up! Then some fun at dinner at Dave and Busters ( kid friendly)! Still looking forward to our date tomorrow night and for our big date on Saturday!! This will be one of the best birthday weeks to date!!!


I’m keeping it short tonight...but I didn’t want to worry everyone if I didn’t I promise there will be more tomorrow!!


Until tomorrow!!

5 days ago. Thu 13 Dec 2018 06:46:55 AM IST

We left early this morning to get on the road for our trip!! What a wonderful day!!! Traveling together...dedicated time for just us!! 


Our drive consisted of talking, watching a movie, sightseeing, laughs and so much more!!! Little did I know that he had something planned all along...


About half way through the drive he said to’s time for a punishment. What??? He said you have this coming to you...30 mins of edging. Now? Here in the vehicle?? Yes...he said...he wasn’t joking. He had already told me yesterday that I needed to pack the toys...which I did. So there I am digging through my bag to get the toy...then riding down the highway masterbating in the front seat. He tells me to get myself close and then stop...I am not allowed to cum...if I do it will bring more punishment.


If you have never been edged...let me tell you it was the most horrible be taken to the brink and denied the pleasure. And it’s harder when your having to do it to yourself! After the longest 30 mins of my life...I am literally begging him to pull over and fuck me...or to let me finish myself. I finally convince he pulls the road a bit....I think that he is going to let me finish myself as he watches...but no...he is actually going to let me have him!!!


He walks around the vehicle and opens my door....he tells me to turn around. So I bend over the legs outside the vehicle...he is behind me and slides right in because I am so wet!!!


There we are on the side of the road fucking like 2 rabbits....and I have to say that edging and building up to be denied lead to one of the greatest orgasms I have ever had!!! After it was all said and done...OMG can this man take me to ecstasy!!!


So hot...just being taken on the side of the the middle of the fucking good!!!


Until tomorrow...

6 days ago. Wed 12 Dec 2018 03:18:52 AM IST

He’s home!!! Finally!!!


I waited patiently at the airport for him to arrive! Watching everyone who exited the building...waiting for my Master to emerge. When he finally did I thought I would jump out of me skin...I just wanted to melt into him.


We made it home and could not wait to be all over each other. He looked good enough to eat...and I wanted to!!!


He took off his shoes and sat on the bed and I couldn’t help but to start kissing him. The kind of kissing that makes you want to get swept away in it...we are kissing each other deeply when he starts slapping my ass and then starts to rake is nails down my back. This turns me on so much...and he knows it! The pain and pleasure really start my juices to flowing.


He is reaching under my skirt and sucking on my breasts....I have to get some of these clothes off....why oh why did I wear these’s almost impossible to try and get them off and not stop kissing!!!! I’m pulling at his pants because I want to taste him...I need to have him in my mouth. I take him for a moment...but these Damn tights are becoming frustrating!! I stop to take off the tights....and the moment I have them off he is in between my legs pushing his tongue inside of me! 


He spreads my lips and sucks on my clit...he is holding me in this spot...and I don’t notice that I am sliding off the bed...he pulls me back up and starts again....I’m begging him to let me cum...he immediately grants my wish and just licks me harder...I am cumming hard...he has to pull me back on the bed once again....he is doing things with his tongue that should be feels so good...he is spreading me and pulling me up to him...another extremely hard orgasm!!!


He then pulls me to him again....and puts himself inside of me...I immediately just want to cum...and cum hard!!! It’s like my body is in overload....orgasm after orgasm...he is fucking me hard when he turns me on my side to go deeper inside of me. He is so deep inside of me and all I can do is moan, shake and continue to orgasm. He is going to cum...I can feel his cock throbbing inside of orgasm is off the charts when I’m cumming with him!!!


My body is marked...I’m feeling amazing!! My world is spinning correctly again...


And this is just Day 1!!!


Until tomorrow....

1 week ago. Tue 11 Dec 2018 07:05:02 AM IST

Less than 13 hours and I will be in my Masters arms again!!! I am pacing the excited I can’t stand it!! I feel like I have an IV full of caffeine pumping through my veins!!


I have to get some sleep...but in this very moment I don’t know how that is going to be possible! I want everything to be perfect!! I’m such a sappy romantic with a kinky heart that my mind goes into overtime as the time gets closer!!


Sexual desire is overflowing from me...but having him to just kneel in front of is enough...hearing his voice and seeing his face is the best in the world...feeling his lips on mine so close I can breathe is’s better than anything else.


I can’t wait to share our upcoming many plans!!! I am about to receive the best birthday gift of all for my birthday week...him!!!


Until tomorrow....

1 week ago. Mon 10 Dec 2018 07:35:31 AM IST

1 more day and then he will be in the air on his way back to me!!! 


The time has been dragging by in the anticipation! I have been babysitting the last couple of days and was hoping that would help to consume the time...but not so much. I’m finding that cuddling with a baby for the last couple of days has just made me miss him more.


I’m feeling like I’m floating through the last couple of days...just waiting for the time to pass. Just waiting for him to call...just waiting for a video call to see his face. Then once he does it’s like I’m frozen in that space...wanting to say everything but drawing a blank at the same time. It’s like the anticipation is making me lose my mind...literally!!!


The next 30 or so hours is making my heart race and skip beats at the same time!! It’s crazy that all I need is to be wrapped in his have his lips on mine....I have been waiting so long and now I’m wanting him so badly it hurts!! Not that it hasn’t been that way this entire time...but as it gets closer I’m getting lost in the thought of it.


I keep thinking that each time it will get a little easier...and it’s actually gets harder because my need for him grows stronger over time. My submission to him grows deeper....I have to learn how to control my mind to be stronger through each time. I’m just feels like I should have found something to help this already....but I have not as of yet. I’m celebrating the fact that I’m not in tears like I was at this time last there is progress!!!


I’m gonna need strength to get through the next 30 hours and still concentrate on what’s going on around me!! Lol


Until tomorrow...

1 week ago. Sun 09 Dec 2018 08:21:38 AM IST

2 more days!!! I’m actually aching inside for him. My body is responding to my senses are becoming heightened!


Have you ever been so connected to someone that your body and mind respond to everything about them? Their voice, their face, their body, their smell...the way they move, the things they say, the things they don’t say, the look in their eyes, the way their fingers move, the shape of their lips, the sounds of their breathe, the beats of their heart, the way he looks at me when he is inside of me...all of these are the reasons my Master has absolute control of me.


My desire for him is insatiable. It’s not only a physical’s for is mind, his attention...and my need to serve him. As the days become shorter my need to him becomes stronger. 


It’s like the opposite of when me leaves...when he leaves I go through withdrawals...physically and emotionally I become devastated. As my emotions run through the body does the same thing. Now that he is about to come home it’s that same but backwards...his touch could easily give me an well as the site of him in the flesh will bring me to tears.


I can’t wait...I long to have him...all of him...


Until tomorrow....