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My Daddy, My Desires and the Damn Distance in between

I'm a collared slave who is adored by my Daddy, my Master, my Sir...but I only have his touch 10 days a month. This is my outlet to express my feelings and desires for him.
10 hours ago. Fri 18 Oct 2019 05:30:38 AM IDT

Missing him already...


So I’m taking a trip back home without’s only for 2 nights but I’m already dreading not being with Daddy.


There is no reason for me to be this apprehensive about leaving him!! I mean we used to spend 20 days apart! But still I am already missing him.


I’m excited to get to see family. I’m sure the time will fly by...but I’m just not right without Daddy. I just feel empty without him.


The journey starts I will hold him extra tight tonight.


Until tomorrow...

1 day ago. Thu 17 Oct 2019 04:46:16 AM IDT



Daddy and I played 20 questions of sorts during our drive today...well kind of...I asked questions to keep him alert and he asked some time n return.


One of the questions to me was basically “why did I open up to him and become much more adventurous sexually over everyone else?” This question is easy for me...but hard for me to explain.


I’ve always been very open with my mind and curious about expanding my sexual experiences...the problem was the teacher. I always had in my head that the person that I open up to sexually needs to be completely trusted and have a bond with. Most of my relationships up until now have broken than trust very quickly and I don’t think my mind would ever let me completely open up to them any longer. They also didn’t invest in me as a person or try to get to know my body.


Even though I might have stayed in a relationship for whatever dumb reasons...I did...even shutting my self off intimately...I eventually ended it for my own sanity.


I spent the next little section of my life finding my happiness and myself. I dated...but never felt a connection to anyone until I found Master. I was immediately drawn to a moth to a flame...blinded by him. I never had a doubt of being devoted and giving him all of me.


Some of this was driven from the fact I learned to listen to myself and do what my heart said...part of it was I truly felt magical when he was around. When we were together for the first time that was all it took to push me over the edge and never want to loose that feeling


I told him that I have never doubted his guidance and have always wanted to do more and expand with him because of that magic. Jealousy is not in my nature...but fear is...and the thing I fear most is losing that magic. I never would do anything on my part to cause that magic to go...and would never want him to either. Our magic is amazing and grows daily.. I have never felt anything like I do with him...I never even knew it existed...I never want to let it go...


That’s my reason....


Until tomorrow...

2 days ago. Wed 16 Oct 2019 04:48:18 AM IDT

Going with Daddy...


Tomorrow I’m getting to go with Daddy!! I’m as gitty as a school girl!

Now this isn’t anything too exciting...I mean I get to be in a vehicle all day...but I will be with Daddy!


He has to go a little farther away I’m gonna ride with him and keep him company! I’ve already packed a lunch and made me a car bag with my books and stuff!


It’s so funny that I’m so excited to go with’s just I love to be with him anyway I matter what we are long as I’m with him my heart is happy.


Until tomorrow...

4 days ago. Mon 14 Oct 2019 06:08:20 AM IDT



Im sure each and every single person has there own little quirks. Things that each of us do that make no sense to others. Those things that either drive you crazy or think of as super cute.


For Master pointed out to me on several occasions...even taking a picture of me doing this...I tend to walk with my pinky out like I’m drinking tea while I’m walking! WTH?? I don’t even realize that I’m doing this...and have no idea why??


Master has a few things that I absolutely adore...he is an extreme multi tasker when it comes to the TV. He can literally watch 3 to 4 things at one time. Switching back and forth and somehow keeping up with them all. He also has a passion for matching...and has mastered the art of matching everything he has on perfectly!


No matter what the quirk is...embrace this in yourself and in others. It’s the essence of what makes us different and unique...even when we don’t love it all the time.


Until tomorrow....

5 days ago. Sun 13 Oct 2019 06:03:25 AM IDT



What time is limit for your love? What I mean is...what would you absolutely NOT do for the one that you love? Are there limits?


I’m not talking about the things you have deemed as hard limits in a relationship. Those things are the already agreed upon deal breakers. What I’m talking about is those things that just randomly pop up...sickness, poverty, etc? Is there something that you could absolutely NOT do? Like something happened and they were not able to have sex any longer or they could not hold you at night? Or something strange happened and you found out something from their past that was “horrible” to you....what would you do?


If you have anything that makes you think...I’m not sure what I would do or you think man I can’t do such and such...maybe you should just move on now before you get any deeper in the relationship. True love means you would do and be whatever your partner needed when they needed it. And that goes both think about if how they would react to the same question?


When Im old and not able to care for myself...and he still can...will be take care of me? Yes he will...

Will I do the same for him? Yes I will...


There should be no hesitation...


You just know...


Until tomorrow...

6 days ago. Sat 12 Oct 2019 06:38:42 AM IDT

No heater needed...


The temperature here dropped 70 degrees overnight. We went from a beautiful sunny Colorado day to snowing blowing and freezing temps from one morning to the next.


I don’t mind for a couple of reasons. The first would be getting to pull out the winter cute and so many more shoes to decide to wear! The second is getting to snuggle in closer to Daddy.


We already snuggle all the time...but our bodies run even we have to slip a sheet in between our skin sometimes...but not the last 2 nights. We have gotten to snuggle really sheet needed and we just bask in our body heat. No heater needed to keep us warm...we have each other.


I still feel extremely blessed to have this man holding me as tight as he does each still is my favorite part of day...and it still gives me amazing comfort to feel him still holding me tight in the middle of the night like when we first fell asleep.


Winter is coming...and I can’t wait!


Until tomorrow...

1 week ago. Fri 11 Oct 2019 05:58:50 AM IDT

Open windows...


I’m sure you have heard the saying “when one door closes another door opens” or “when the door shuts open the window”. It’s so true when you think about it. Even when you feel like every door is closing all around you and the walls are closing in...eventually either a window or a door will appear to be available to open or already open. You just have to be patient.


Patience is what’s hard...and to see clearly through a storm. Don’t let the dark clouds distort your senses...the power of the mind can be a tricky thing so try to stay positive and patient. Everything always seems to work out for the better.


I had some of the worst years...very dark as gloomy. So much so that it made me question life itself...but looking at it’s hard to imagine I was i that place after the absolute best year of my life so far. Knowing that there are extremely brighter circumstances to be in if I just hold on, be positive and keeping being me...makes it so much easier to weather a storm.


So open a window...kick out some glass...cut a hole in the damn wall with your fingernails if you have to...just get to the other side of the storm however you have to...even if it takes a little bit of time. It’s worth it..


Until tomorrow...

1 week ago. Thu 10 Oct 2019 06:28:06 AM IDT



So there are some new opportunities on the horizon. So looking for some good luck!


My friend and I are looking to making some side money with an online boutique! Then I have an interview tomorrow!


Hopefully everything will pan out...want to make sure I’m earning my keep! Lol


Sorry for the shortness of tonight’s blog...but my mind is wrapped up in the nerves of this upcoming interview...I’ve got writers block for everything else!


Until tomorrow...

1 week ago. Wed 09 Oct 2019 04:32:40 AM IDT



I was ready a profile the other day that was from a sub that had 2 Doms. Now I’m not judging anyone so don’t misinterpret what I’m about to say...I just don’t know how it can work? I mean I am busy enough focusing on my one Dom. I also wouldn’t want my one and only master to feel like I missed an opportunity to please him.


It’s kind of like the whole 3 some scenario. All though this could be fun and very do you deal with the after feelings? Like if you have deep feelings for each other and have put absolute trust in each other...even if you both enjoy yourselves...can you get past the seed of doubt that has now been planted?


If you share your attention with anyone else in any it fair to the partner your promises your faithfulness to? Or is it fair to the master you promised absolute submission to? How does a sub separate the two dominant personalities and needs?


I admire those that can separate it all. I am one that when I am emotionally involved I can’t separate the need to be a soul focus and simple pleasures. Even though I could enjoy myself in the moment...even allow myself to enjoy his would forever change the way I felt...either a constant doubt or a deep seeded quilt.


Until tomorrow....

1 week ago. Tue 08 Oct 2019 05:09:20 AM IDT

Great sleep...


One thing I have been spoiled with is great sleep. Daddy’s love sessions and him holding me all night is the main ingredients...but it’s so much more than that.


I have always been a person that can fall asleep very easily and sleep hard. I can still fall asleep on command if needed...but before Daddy a lot of my night were filled with night terrors. So much so that there were even times that I woke up with marks on my where I scratched or hit myself.


I noticed the other day that it has been a while since I had a nightmare...a long while. I’ve also noticed that my sleep has been much more restful and my dreams much more sweet. Less and less bad dreams is wonderful...I can’t even remember when I had one!


It’s a wonderful feeling...thank you Daddy.


Until tomorrow...