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My Daddy, My Desires and the Damn Distance in between

I'm a collared slave who is adored by my Daddy, my Master, my Sir...but I only have his touch 10 days a month. This is my outlet to express my feelings and desires for him.
7 hours ago. Wed 21 Aug 2019 04:48:13 AM IDT

Middle of the night...


I wake up in the middle of the night pretty regularly. It’s usually just to turn over...sometimes I get up and visit the restroom...but no matter the reason it’s one of my most favorite times of the night.


It’s in those little moments that I’m able to admire the man laying next to me. I’m able to savor the sound of his breathing, snuggle in close to him and take in his scent and then wrap my arms and legs in his and feel safe against his skin.


If I’m lucky enough to have him facing me...I can position myself just right to feel his breath on my forehead and listen to his heartbeat.


Sometimes I back myself into him and instinctively he will wrap his arms around me and pull me in tight to him. Then I will lay there feeling his breath on my neck...and let the rhythm of his breathing rock me back to sleep.


We have a automatic way of holding hands while we sleep as well. If I could melt into him go be closer...I would.


It’s absolutely one of my favorite things...middle of the night reminders of how lucky I am...and how much I love this man.


Until tomorrow...

1 day ago. Tue 20 Aug 2019 04:23:51 AM IDT



Have you ever had those days where you just feel sad? There is no just feel sad. Like you just need to be held...held tight and rocked? I’m having one of those days...


For no reason at all I just feel sad...just like I want to sit and cry. I’ve been this way since this morning...and I can’t wait to go to sleep so I can shed this feeling.


This happens to me randomly. I tell myself it’s the curse of happy. Because I’m genuinely happy all the time...most things don’t get me upset...I don’t stress out...I am really a worry free person for the most part. So this is my body reminding me that I am female and I have female hormones that need to be it just comes like this. I know tomorrow I will be totally fine like today never happened.


But going through it sucks...nobody understands...not even me. And try to explain to your Master that nothing is just need to be held and allowed to cry. It’s tough...


I know tomorrow I will be back to normal...I just need sleep.


Until tomorrow...

2 days ago. Mon 19 Aug 2019 06:53:46 AM IDT

Life in Ultra HD


We went out and got us a new TV today. So many different kinds and all kinds of new technology. Really for me thinking about how time can really make the colors brighter.


Just like the technology in the new TV’s out life and constantly evolved to be brighter and more beautiful.


I know it’s a strange comparison...but so true. My life is more vivid and lively the older I get. My Master has reprogrammed my life to really bring out the colors and expand my world. I have been upgraded to the latest and best model of myself. He has opened up the possibility of a passionate life for all the world to see.


This not only pertains to our sex life but to every aspect of the life we are building together. My mind and body have been freed through his love...and being his submissive gives me personal power to be the strongest person I have ever been.


True submission is his and has open up my mind to the wonderful life I am living. Concentrating on him gives me the freedom to set my mind free of all the other nonsense that used to fill it. He fills me with the wonderful colors of life and wanting to live it.


Live your life in Ultra HD...let you mind be free of all the darkness. Submission is a beautiful thing to the one that deserves it and cherishes it.


Until tomorrow...

4 days ago. Sat 17 Aug 2019 05:43:11 AM IDT

Ready for the weekend...


Our weekends together just get better. Being able to plan to do things on a spur of the moment is a wonderful thing.


We went to dinner tonight and planned a little getaway for tomorrow! We are going to soak up the sun on the river on the mountains. Catch some fish and enjoy the weather!


But tonight I plan on putting Master to sleep with a little surprise all of my own. I’m planning a little treat for him.


He always ensures I’m pleased...usually multiple times in one session. Tonight I’m hoping to wow him with something that I have been reading about and researching. This all has to do with my mouth, some favored eatable lube and some vibration.


I’m hoping to have him lay back, enjoy the show and then rip the sheets off the bed!


I will let you know how it goes...and if everything I have read will do the trick!!


Until tomorrow...

5 days ago. Fri 16 Aug 2019 06:14:47 AM IDT

Night sweats...


With this summer heat and our bedroom being on the 3rd floor and a TemperPedic Mattress...the night is not my temperatures friend. I get so hot in the middle of the night it drives me insane!!


But when Daddy is pleasuring me my body temperature is the last thing on my mind. I also think that after a great session with Daddy my body temperature is twice as high...I mean it’s like the adrenaline is making my blood boil!


Here’s the strange thing...he we just go to bed without anything sexual...then I toss and turn with heat...trying to still snuggle with Daddy who I know I am making him hot too...even though he doesn’t mind. But after a session...even though I’m hotter...I can sleep like a baby. Making him sweat...making me sweat ...and it doesn’t even matter...we can both still just sleep and hold each other no matter how hot it is...


So even though there are night sweats...we still have the best nights...


Until tomorrow...

6 days ago. Thu 15 Aug 2019 04:57:27 AM IDT

Easy Street....


I’m at a point in my life where I am extremely happy for the first time. I actually want to be somewhere other than work. I want to explore the world and experience things that I didn’t even know existed.


I carry myself differently and my stress level is next to nothing. I have a “whatever” happens attitude and I roll with whatever. I don’t let the little things get to me or let big things even come into the picture.


In other words I feel like I’m on easy street. I absolutely love that life for me has become so simple and satisfying. This is all due to the love that has been given to me through my Master. He has taught me not only to truly love myself...but what true love actually is and how it feels. This has made my world become much more simple and lovely.


When your love puts you on easy street...everything is way and simple to handle. Even the worst of days or situations that would have put me in a nervous stressed state easily rolled off my back. Knowing that I’m going home to my true love and the reason everything is wonderful is truly all that you need.


Easy street is only for that special love...the kind of love that only your soul can tell you it’s real....and you will see only in the eyes of the person that was meant for you.


Thank you Daddy....I love you.


Until tomorrow...

1 week ago. Wed 14 Aug 2019 03:58:36 AM IDT

Realize your dreams...


Earlier today...

As I sit here in a conference room alone waiting for a meeting to start...a meeting that I will not be a part of...and what I mean is that even though I am not a presenter, even though I have no knowledge of what this meeting is about or for...all eyes will still be on me.


You see...I am in a third interview phase with a company that I hope will offer me a position. This interview is what they are calling a “shadow” interview. I will be following someone through 2 hours of their day. I’m not sure how they are interviewing me...but I would assume they want to see how I interact with others.


What they don’t know is...I am a master at working a room. I can be everyone’s best friend in a matter of minutes. I’ve always been able to do this...since I was young. I’ve never really put it to action for personal gain...but today I think I will.


This company is exactly what I have been looking for...and will allow me to be more me....and allow us to have more fun! As I sit here I am wishing my dreams we go.



So that whole thing went well!! Hopefully I will know something by the end of the week or the beginning of next week. Keeping my fingers crossed!!


I wondered if they noticed my day collar? I also wonder if they noticed my lips were a little swollen from the massive blow job that Master received last night? Oh the things that go through my mind during an


Tonight I’m looking forward to snuggles...and hopefully kisses upon more kisses. I’m needing them tonight for some reason.


Until tomorrow....


1 week ago. Tue 13 Aug 2019 04:06:26 AM IDT

Missing Sunday...


Sunday’s have become one of my favorite days. It’s the day before work and usually my last day off...and now it’s Daddy’s last day off they have become our cuddle day.


It’s the day to spend together time...and just enjoy the last day off together. We usually make some breakfast and then watch some TV. Enjoy just hanging out. Last night he took me to a new little taco joint he we took a drive and had some awesome tacos.


Then we came home and got to cuddle up in the bed while Daddy watched some of his you notice I didn’t say I watched shows because I fell asleep. But Daddy still holds me tight even though I am fast asleep on his chest...never once letting me go....doesn’t matter if I breath heavy, snore a little or even drool! Lol


Anyway even though this Monday wasn’t horrible...I still miss Sunday.


Until tomorrow...

1 week ago. Sun 11 Aug 2019 04:36:56 AM IDT

Daddy’s power...


I was hoping that Daddy would put me to bed happy last night...and oh did he.


He said to me the other day something to the effect of some of our sessions are more passionate than others...not meaning that they all aren’t great...just that some are better than others. Last night was definitely one of the “better” ones.


It was a semi-aggressive session that got both of our hearts racing. He made me orgasm multiple times in back to back rhythms. He handled me roughly which I have learned that I like immensely...and makes me cum hard.


I don’t know what it is about the rougher side of a session that turns me on so...but it does. Maybe it’s seeing his power over me... maybe it’s how it makes me feel owned by him...I love the feeling of his power over me in bed.


Not that I want every session like that because I do like the sensual sessions as all depends on my mood as to which one I am craving. But man oh man those power sessions have to be a favorite for sure.


Maybe he will give me another tonight! Lol 😜😉


Until tomorrow...

1 week ago. Sat 10 Aug 2019 04:28:15 AM IDT



Another end to a long week! Thank goodness!! I’m crossing my fingers to hopefully sleep late tomorrow!!


Daddy has to work for a little while it will give me a little while all to myself in the morning! Just being able to lounge a little and catch a few extra hours of snooze time.


It’s funny how we all look so forward to having days off...even when we have nothing at all planned. Just the bed and pillows calling my name!


School is starting new getting ready for a while new schedule and routines. You forget how much school work you have to do until you have a little around that needs your help.


Can’t wait for my snuggle time tonight so Daddy can make me sleep really good...


Until tomorrow...