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My thoughts about everything and anything. My favorite songs too
1 day ago. Mon 14 Oct 2019 03:05:07 PM IDT

So last night and well into the early morning as I should be sleeping right now but daddy won’t mind. So anyway we had movie night..we watched Fast and Furious 4. Daddy says there’s one part where it reminds him of me. But before movie started I had a funishment. It’s was soo fun. But still unfair as we all know funishments in my daddy’s case is more about his pleasure than mine and punishments well I hate them lol. After the movie we video chatted. We talked about everything and anything. Our songs which I wouldn’t trade for world he said well I guess  this couple has more than one and I was like duh daddy duh he laughed at me. Meanie. We talked about movies. Our future plans well hush hush Tiger cub hush hush haha. He always blows me a kiss before we end the call. Daddy’s shirt is comfy. It kinda slightly smells like him still and that brings me comfort. And we watched another one. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. He makes me just I don’t know. We always say ride or die to one another. 
  Guys/Gals enjoy the little things that your significant others do. Enjoy the time you have with him/her or them. Well I better get some sleep daddy wants me to have at least 6 or more hours I already got lectured once I don’t want it to happen again lol. Goodnight everyone ☺️

5 days ago. Thu 10 Oct 2019 08:24:16 AM IDT

My daddy is my daddy. We’re funny together, goofy, he makes me feel better about me. I love my Tiger. Rawr! He’s there when I need him. He chases the bad guys away. I love purring for him. It’s purrfect lol. 

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3 weeks ago. Mon 23 Sep 2019 03:15:15 PM IDT

How many can do it? How many can honestly say I’ll wait for you. Not many. Tbh ride or die women and men are hard to find. This may be the stupidest decision of my life but I know one thing I won’t regret it. Never. Waiting can be hard. It can be challenging but it’ll be worth it in the end. Just imagine all the fun you’ll have. All the catching up to do. Mmm yes looking forward to it haha. He will be my king to my kingdom. Ill always be his princess. He’s proud to have me he says. Even though I can be bratty and a handful bbuuttt I’m a good girl. I promise. I follow the speed limit and everything...right lol.

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1 month ago. Mon 09 Sep 2019 05:35:01 AM IDT

   Have any of you found someone who’s worth waiting for? Who’s worth all the pain? Who’s worth all the tears? Well I have. I don’t know if this is smart or what but it feels right. Do any of y’all watch Grey’s antimony? Well if you do you know Meredith and Derek and how she waited for him. He’s her person. Just like he’s mine. He’s my person. My King to my kingdom. He’s my tiger. He’s the apple to my pie. And the straw to my berry. The thing is we all have a person that we would wait for. That we would change for. You just gotta find the right one. The person who’s worth everything. The person who makes time stop, who makes your heart skip a beat, who makes you feel safe just by one word. We all have one we just gotta make sure that person is worth it. And my king is. He’s totally worth it. I would wait forever and a day. You see the thing is I could never hate him. It’s not in my body. I’m in love with him. Whole heartily in love. I’m like a silly school girl who’s crush looked at her guys/gals. I blush, smile and stumble over my words. I can’t say I don’t miss him cause then that’ll be a lie. Cause I miss him a lot. 

   What’s I'm saying is find that person. Find he or she or even them and never let go. And if they do and you think they are worth the wait well all I gotta say is you better get ready for a bumpy ride (please tell me you all got me Harry Potter reference lol)and Obstacles. 

1 month ago. Sat 31 Aug 2019 04:49:28 AM IDT

I love my Tiger and my tattoo. Now all we need is a Tiger cub.

1 month ago. Fri 30 Aug 2019 07:22:21 AM IDT