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My Journey of Self Discover...

God gave woman intuition and femininity, use it properly..Submission is a gift to him who has earned that trust...One of the most important things in a D/s relationship is how that one Dom can make that one submissive feel so safe that she submits to him... she honors and respects him...Respect goes both ways...He is her anchor, she is his strength...These are my thought and feelings along my journey...
11 hours ago. Fri 18 Oct 2019 05:53:07 AM IDT

You Are My Moonlight.. 💗 

Daddy, ever day so it seems,  as I learn more about you,  about us,  my love for you grows deeper, expands even further than I expected or ever imagined possible .. Your voice is music to my ears.. I close my eyes listening to you,  it calms me to the point I sometimes fall asleep.. No one has ever had that effect on me.. I've never allowed myself to be so vulnerable as I do with you.. I love you to Jupiter and back.. (I say Jupiter because it's even further than the moon and my fascination with the planet).. I just want you to know that I fell in love with you not for how you look,  just for who you are.. 

(although your pretty hot looking too!) 😉 

You Are The Moonlight Of My Life 💋 


One Of My Favorite Quotes 

I Am Not Perfect 

I say stupid things sometimes 

I  laugh when I'm not supposed to... 

I  have scars left by people who did me wrong.. I can be a little silly,  sometimes 

And probably won't change.. Love me or not... But I make one promise, that if I love you,  I do it with a full heart..  ~ lessons taught by life.. 


Thank you Daddy for the beautiful flowers.. 

Thank you Daddy for loving me as only you can.. 💗 💋 


1 week ago. Mon 07 Oct 2019 12:24:14 AM IDT

The above picture represents how I felt initially when I logged on and read unwelcomed mail from some ignorant asshole today.. 

I usually write my blogs about my journey that has for the last 5 months included my Daddy,  my Amazing! Most Doms on here are respectful... I just as most submissives on here have received my share of mail from individuals who obviously didn't look beyond my picture on my profile to see that I'm in a relationship.. Those people get blocked,  ignored and all is forgotten of their inability to read profiles.. However,  today I received a few messages from a "new dom",  who I've never heard of or even spoken to before.. He informed me that he's "a dom"  and I would be his and I would be his pet, baring his children,  kneeling and other ridiculous nonsense coming from someone I've never spoken to before.. Let me say to this idiot and trolls like him,  first of all read profiles,  secondly submission is a gift that is earned.. 

Just because I'm submissive doesn't mean I'm your submissive or that I'm submissive to all.. I have a Daddy,  who has earned my submission.. Don't use the lifestyle as an excuse to treat women disrespectfully,  it's called consensual.. If a submissive allows that within her dynamic that's one thing but don't assume,  talk to her,  get to know her.. Don't use the lifestyle as an excuse to be disrespectful of woman.. 

You don't know the first thing about the lifestyle.. Trolls, Sit back,  shut up!  Submission does not mean doormat.. 

"there is beauty in submission for the heart intent on surrender"..  The heart must be soft,  open and humble... Again,  that doesn't mean doormat.. Do not mail me or any submissive for that matter demanding me to submit or kneel to you unless you want to be blocked!! 

50 Shades Of Alert :

Let's not be silent,  allowing trolls,  Predators And Other jerks to think it's ok.. It's not ok.. And finally newbie dom,  don't be that scumbag!  True submission is earned by a dom over time and it requires respect.. 


Thank you for reading my blog,  I feel this needed to be said and as always,  thank you Daddy for loving me as only you can.. 


1 week ago. Sun 06 Oct 2019 01:57:29 AM IDT

I don't think I can ever quite express how much I love my Daddy,  how he touches me,  my life,  in so many ways... They say understanding is soo much deeper than knowledge,  sometimes this is true ... There are many who may know me but very few who truly understand me,  as only Daddy does... My wish is I will always bring a smile to Daddy's face as he has done for mine.. 

I  received two very special gifts from him this week.. Roses to make me smile and a collar,  to make my heart ♥ smile.. (Who knew I would ever wear one?!  :) 


Thank you Daddy for loving me 💗 

I love you Daddy.....Thank you for the roses and for being you!  💋 xoxo 


2 weeks ago. Fri 04 Oct 2019 06:06:11 AM IDT



Sometimes I'm a lady like this....


Love you to the Moon and back, Daddy-hope you always remember that....


This I Promise You


2 weeks ago. Thu 03 Oct 2019 04:05:05 AM IDT


Submission isn't a race it's a journey,  we all go at our own pace.. Embrace your own uniqueness... 



2 weeks ago. Mon 30 Sep 2019 05:24:18 AM IDT

In many of my blogs I brag about my Daddy,  how wonderful he is and how he is my Amazing!  Sorry not sorry...  lol in all seriousness,  this is one of the many reasons why, he purchased my very first journal.. Up until now,  any and all Journaling from me I posted here on the Cage and yes I still will continue to do so but this is a way to gather my thoughts and share with Daddy in a little more personally way.. 

My new journal book has a beautiful purple cover,  my favorite color to boot!! (Although here it looks gray for some odd reason),,, 

Soo here goes,  my very first thoughts onto the pages of my very first journal.. A special,  thank you to Daddy for helping me rediscover my creativity.. My hope is this inspires others to do the same... ☺

Let's make time for simplicity,  it's a lost and forgotten pastime in this day and age when we're all so busy,  never enough hours in a day! 

Daddy thank you once again for helping me learn the art 🎨 of slowing down.. 

Stay tuned,  more to come!!  😜😜


As always,  thank you Daddy for loving me.. 💗


3 weeks ago. Thu 26 Sep 2019 12:31:25 AM IDT

Is there really such a thing as a submissive voice?!  Of course there is..  A Submissive voice is soft and gentle...who when she is ready and feels she has found her "one"  submits to a Dom she trust, trust takes time to establish.. . Knowing he is her protector.. He wants what's best for her as she wants the same for him ..

On the cage there are many dynamics,  we should all be respectful of the fact that mine may be perfect for me but not right for you or vice versa and that's ok.. 

Don't make me use my "submissive voice"... 😌😊

We all bring a little of our own personalities into the lifestyle, we are humans first,  men and women with good and bad days.. We also bring our unique dynamics.. 

A Submissive voice?!  Of course there is... Be blessed in all you do.. 💗 

Thank you Daddy for loving me 💗 



3 weeks ago. Mon 23 Sep 2019 10:19:34 PM IDT


Thank you Daddy for loving me 💗 

3 weeks ago. Sun 22 Sep 2019 08:30:42 PM IDT

It seems the more I learn about Daddy I learn more myself.. My ability to just be,  let go,  trust and feel secure.. In a way I have never been able to before,  with anyone.. Knowing he always has my best interest at heart,  as I do for him.. 

Daddy,  I'm enjoying my journey,  with you and it wouldn't be quite the same without you.. I'm looking forward to all our new adventures.. 

I love you Daddy 💋 

Your baby girl 💗




Thank you Daddy for loving me 💗 

4 weeks ago. Fri 20 Sep 2019 02:13:19 AM IDT

Submission is a gift... Submit to a Dom who you trust with all your heart 💗 

Mmmmhmm yessss Daddy! 💋 

Sometimes a picture says it all, right?! 💋 



Thank you Daddy for loving me 💗 💋