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2 days ago. Wed 17 Jul 2019 08:48:53 PM IDT

my new friend and I, who shall be known as kitten hence forth, are really hitting it off. 

She is okay with being friends, as with most relationships that is where it starts. We have really good ideas for the future and we seem to be into a lot of the same stuff. 

Also, she isn’t young and undiced/unsure. This is going very well. She has started playing a game with me, of course she just started she could get sick of it since it has some grind in it. Then we discussed watching movies/anime together, and other such things.


we also talked how She sees submission, and what it means to be a sub. She’s a very smart gal, and she even though mostly book smart she knows her stuff. 

This is exciting! 


See you later, and thanks for all the fish. 

4 days ago. Mon 15 Jul 2019 11:13:36 PM IDT

woo Freedom! 


Probably see a lot more of me folks.


also also , made a new friend.


also also ps: short blog is short. 


Stay classy San Diego. 

5 days ago. Mon 15 Jul 2019 04:28:08 AM IDT

So....I've had my few share of bites, some leading to wonderful conversations...others leading to a bit more and a bit less. 


I'ts important to understand i don't need some grand act, I don't need the whole "I think I'm what you are looking for" which I've gotten like.....five times since I've been here. How do you know exactly what I'm looking for? We havn't even talked. I have words on a profile and your first comment is "Here I am , daddy, what you've been looking for." No, and no thank you. 


Here is the point of this post: 

Don't come at me with expectations that because you are a gorgeous bomb of a gal that you think I'll just be like "Step into my office." Come to me with genuine connection or...conversation. Let's get to know each other, only then will we know if "you" really are what "I'"m looking for. I think this sums it up quite nicely. 



6 days ago. Sun 14 Jul 2019 03:37:26 AM IDT

im missing the whole dynamic, the desire is tugging at me to jump into something , yet I know I need to take it at a good and healthy pace. 


Ya know, my thoughts have been upon doe, and all that I had done. I miss her and wish her well, but the question is did I even get to know her? 

Was she ever truly genuine? I need to stop trusting so easily. As someone once said to me, coincidently it was her, trust is earned and isn’t just handed out. 

I’m never gonna give up,   cause I’m stubborn. I know someone is out there, every time I make a mistake I learn, every time I choose the wrong person I mature. 


I come out better each time, I hope that I won’t choose poorly upon my next. 

2 weeks ago. Thu 04 Jul 2019 05:37:15 PM IDT

Work has mandatory Overtime till who knows when. Working 10 hours over is a real kick to the nuts. 

I worked 7-7, with a lunch, to make it so that i didn't have to care about doing OT on saturday. Ultimately cause of family vacation.

My mother is still annoying, son is still cute, wife is still ditzy, granny is still a sweetheart. Was a hot and wet (and intrinsically humid) weekend in PA. 

My wife 'demanded' something of me, not to say i wasn't being lazy....but demanding anything of me is a sure fire way to make me a big mean grump. You ask nicely, sure i'll do it. 

I'm glad I have off today, i need to wind down. Work has been crazy...crazy bunch of rumors, crazy bunch of drama. Management had to call a meeting to solve peoples discontentment with 5S standardization. Ol' Teken decided to speak up and mentioned "I can't get my work done if my keyboard is in the middle of my desk, i have no room." And, this caused Andy to speak up and say "Okay...not everything needs to be the same...make it your own, but don't personalize it so its a wall of pictures."

I digress, a lot of negativity going around that place...the ones that do their job (slated 11+ hours of work in a day) seem to have good spirits. But ultimately the ones in the top will stagnate cause its just work for the sake of work. No reward in sight. I frequently get 11 hours of work in a 8 hour work day.  I'm just cool like that, i guess. 

I do hope i get to be a manager one day, assistant to the regional manager only makes me yearn for more. 

Keep positive, stay positive and be positive. Thats what i'm going to do even while the shit hits the fan over the course of these months. 


1 month ago. Sun 16 Jun 2019 04:57:49 AM IDT

Seven years I’ve been married. Impressive to say the least...seems like it’s only been one or two. 

Wonderful steak tonight, wagyu beef...bbq chips, hard apple cider. Peanut butter pie! I thought I could die happy after this steak, then I recanted for two reasons: I want to try sea urchin, and I want a submissive and to be a bit deeper in the time perhaps all those will come to pass.


but for now, overtime at work...lots of family stuff during summer. 

Wife wants to go to Cali for her friends wedding. She was supposed to go with three people, buuut all three backed out for financial burden reasons. My wife still wants to go...even if it’s by herself . It’s going to cost her 1200 dollars for just the car rental and the hotel stay...


My mentor wants me to make it work, I can’t. It’s difficult...if not impossible to not worry about her being off by her own. Also, my wife is stubborn..she knows I don’t want her to go. But she still wants to go cause she is thinking of her friend instead of our family. 


Everyone else says she shouldn’t go, but her parents are influencing her to go. I’m a bit upset, but we will make it through this. Just know 2400 dollar trip to Cali by yourself...Let’s compromise....

1 month ago. Thu 06 Jun 2019 03:05:45 AM IDT

What a wonderful birthday. 

Lunch with the family at my favorite joint.

son asking to use the toilet. (He’s two) 

man I am so blessed.

now all I need is a little girl all wrapped up for me! Haha! 

1 month ago. Tue 04 Jun 2019 06:56:55 AM IDT

Okay so this is going to explain what happened and why i have been so quiet. 

My sons bday was last week, and let me tell was a week long extravaganza? B-day at home just son wife and I, bday on Saturday with my wife's side, bday on Sunday with my families side. 

Son is the little guy. He started saying 'pease' which is please so...he asks for everything with 'pease'. One of these days i'll give him some peas and he will look a bit confused. 


It's my bday week as well, I was born June 5th 1987 two o'clock in the morning. My mom won't let me forget that haha. Took the week off work, spending some time with family, having some me time.

Don't worry, i didn't give up the ghost I'm just...taking my time. 


1 month ago. Mon 27 May 2019 02:05:54 AM IDT

This will be short: 

My luck usually comes all at once...then something comes in exchange of it. 

Recently this has been my phone dying when my game is a mobile phone game! 

How ironic. 

I am fine and well just enjoying the long weekend with my family, and a week off the following weeks. 

Might be on chat later, hope all is well with you all! 

Don't be strangers....just be strange. 

That's an order.

(I made a haiku) 

1 month ago. Thu 23 May 2019 06:35:07 AM IDT

I think I am finally out of my funk, and usually when I am in a good mood good things tend to happen!

I know this might be small apples, but I I play mobile phone games and generally ya toss your wallet at RNG are bound to get what you want. But...I have to watch how much I spend cause....that's not my priority...priority is paying bills!

Popped a bundle on my older game, been playing it for about two years, the rates are like...3.75% chance to get a 5* champion. I got not one...but two 5* champions out of a bundle of five summons! Against all odds!

But wait...there is more! I popped another bundle on the game i just started playing, in hopes of getting the over-powered new fetured champion (with 3 hours to spare). Not only did i get Dizzy...I also got her artifact Undine & Necro within roughly 40 summons or less! 

But wait...there is more! New featured champ the following day, get the best healer in the game within 11 summons! 

I'm on a roll today! All i need now is a cutie in my lap to call my own and maybe I'll just die of happiness on the spot.