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4 months ago. January 28, 2023 at 5:48 PM




Not Worth Loving

No Confidence 

Not Believed In

Being Unseen


Searching For Love

Seeking A Opportunity


Being Accepted

Finding Purpose







1 year ago. April 30, 2022 at 3:00 AM

Mae Jemison once said, "Don't let anyone rob you of your imagination, your creativity, or your curiosity. It's your place in the world; it's your life. Go on and do all you can with it, and make it the life you want to live."


I tried to leave this world behind a few months ago. I could not stay away. When I returned I guess I was hoping for more excitement from those that knew me. This made me very sad, discouraged, and unloved. Then I thought, what is this all about. Why am I always being pulled back into this world over and over? Is it about wanting to be missed and cared about? The answer is "yes". But it is more than that. That is not why I keep coming back. What was it really? The answer came like a voice on the wind. It was the simple truth of awe and understanding. The answer is this: It was I that missed everyone. Not just those that I have known in this community. I missed all of you that come here and bring your imagination, creativity, and curiosity. This is why I keep returning. I love you all. You all inspire me to be myself and to dream and reach out with my imagination, creativity, and curiosity. 

1 year ago. December 4, 2021 at 10:08 PM

Lost in the void my mind wanders. I feel the pressure of the world pushing in on all sides. My mind moving in every direction. Axitixy pumping my heart, pushing until every inch of my body shakes with terror. Knowing each day my guard must be up, must be strong. Too many things depend on me: My abilities, my strength, my leadership, my job, my family. All must be taken care of. All must be protected. I must be on high alert at all times.

I close my eyes. I try to clear my mind. I try to find my calm. I see the calm darkness gather. I feel my body start to feel light. My body begins to feel free of this world as I feel the weight of gravity slowly remove itself and allow me to feel the aches and pains of my body begin to subside. The weightlessness of zero gravity pulled my tightness free. I feel my body floating, my mind letting go. I feel my troubles melt away as I feel the last pull of earth upon my body. The last stresses released.

I hear a voice. I voice of reason. A voice of calm. A voice that promises to free my troubles. All I need to do is trust. Let go. Allow my body and mind to focus and obey. As I feel my body begin to settle, I find I am naked. Naked to you in body and mind. Naked in every way. I feel the cold slab of steel push against my back as I settle. I hear the clicking and feel the steel pull down my arms and legs to the cold table one at a time. Then I hear you.

"Now you are mine, my pet."

I sigh in relief.

1 year ago. August 3, 2021 at 2:52 AM

My dreams have been so vivid. So real. The night my wife left she had begun to come to me in my dreams. She captured my mind, my soul, my whole self. Even in the mornings, I could still smell her sweet arousal on me. My sleep was completely fitful. My neck is sore. My mouth is achy. My dick throbbing. What was going on with me?


In the daytime, my mind is on you. You that haunt my dreams. You control my very body. Making me helpless to your desires. Now the night comes again. You again enter my mind, yet again.


You walk slowly into my room. My eyes shoot open. “Shhhh”, You say, “Shhhh, baby I am here. Relax, I will take care of everything. You are mine. You trust me. Let me have your arms baby.”


You cuddle me up against your breast. You are petting my head. Rocking me gently as I nuzzle into your breast. You slowly release me and tie each hand and secure it to each corner. You whisper to my mind. “Sweet boy. Do not be scared. These ropes are to keep you safe. To make sure that you understand I will take care of you. That you are safe with me. That you are all mine.”


I find myself wholly understanding and thank you for your safety. Your comfort. Your understanding. Your protection. I feel my fear slip away. My body is aching to thank you. I am hard. I moan and thank you over and over.


I can feel your smile. “That's it, baby. Now open your mouth and accept my love.”


I do so without fear and without question. In moments I taste you. Feel your body’s pressure push into my mouth. Your need as your rock, your body against my wet mouth and nose. I feel your wetness, your desire as I hear as I please you. I taste the freedom you promise with each kiss. Each lick. You are my protector. I know, the very least I could do is make sure you feel my love and appreciation for you. I work my tongue deep in you and lick and dart in and out of you. I am yours. I want you to stay with me forever. I must make sure all your needs are met.


You moan one final time filling my mouth with your love. I am in a state of bliss. I barely feel you tighten something around my aching balls. I feel your soft mouth engulf my dick. In moments I see your perfect body slide onto my cock in one quick thrust. My eyes open wide to find you bouncing upon my cock. No, it is more than seeing you. I know you. I understand you. Your body is one with mine. You are my Goddess. You are my safety. I am yours. You moan and moan. I know it is because of my surrender. My gift. My body that has given you all you wish. I know how lucky I am. That you have chosen me. I will give you my all. You tell me not to cum. How could I say no to you my Goddess? Me cumming would make my body soft. Would make it so you could not feel the full joy a Goddess needs.


The sun bounces upon my eyes. I am woken. I am sore. I am achy. My jaw hurts. My head is dazed. A rattling of metal on metal brings me to my senses. I left my covers. My cock cage I
bought long ago is secured to my cock. I do not remember when I put it on. I do not remember where the key is. All I know is that everything is fine. The cage must stay in place. ‘It is there to keep me safe.’

1 year ago. June 28, 2021 at 9:58 PM

...He enters me. He resides in me. I sweat and I writhe in his presence. My walls shudder. My mind reels.


He comes and goes from our stateroom, having not invited me to join him topside. Returning just now smelling of liquor and cigar, he pulls the underclothes from my trembling body, lifts my skirts and drives me against the far wall, the sound of the ocean and the rumble of the ship. He lifts me from the floor, pulling my legs around his waist, and I am carried away to the point of frenzy, the point that any shard of ladylike behavior is lost to his lust, his penetration. My lipstick smeared, my breast exposed and the object of his attention, I can no longer maintain my composure I cry out into the stateroom, "Oh, John. Dear John!" my fingers raking toe back of his dress shirt, "Dear God in Heaven! I have never... I have never..." And all my shameful release so unexpectedly serves to engorge him, to send him into a fevered pitch, a furious, frantic pace where the thumping of my bare bottom on the wall up my spine and fills my ears like drumming. He pins my arms to the same wall, his face a crimson cry, and I wail behind his release like some wounded animal, humiliated and reduced to a trembling, panting state of spent excitement.


And he loves it. 

1 year ago. June 17, 2021 at 1:29 AM

Rose was on cloud nine. Nothing could possible go better in her life. She had found her perfect knight, Sir. William. She had met him at the grand ball. It was only three months back. He had just sent word that he is coming down to her estate to stay for the weekend. He would not arrive until evening dinner.

Rose could not believe her luck. He was the best looking man at the ball. At least she thought so. He was rich and had the most beautiful blue eyes. Just thinking about him made her wet and excited. Of course they had not had sex. She was a lady after all. Her dreams of him fucking her haunted her ever moment. She could not wait until the date for their wedding was announced and she could finely have the sex she had been dreaming of.

It was still morning and so she decided to go out into the woods and foraged for some fresh produce for the big dinner. All the servants and her family were doing everything in their power to make a perfect first impression for the young knight. 

She was had just entered the woods when she heard something like a voice in the wind. She stopped still and stood quietly and listened. 

"Rose, find me Rose." The voice was being carried by the wind. It spoke in a whisper. 

The voice did not frighten her. It made her feel warm and content. I like a day dream, or the sweet smell of rain right before a storm. She begin to walk toward the voice. The voice was like honey calling, "Rose, Rose, Rose." The closer she drew near it, the better she felt. Her hot sex pulsed with every word. Her nipples hardened. Each step she too sent pleasure pulses down her body. "ahhhhhh". Where are you she thought. She needed the voice. She wanted the voice. 

It was not long until she came to a clearing. The voice came from a giant tree that stood in the middle of the clearing. The Voice. Th voice. Was it really coming from the tree? Yes, she could almost see a aura pulsing from it. She walked to the tree and wrapped her arms around it. She was engulfed in love and contentment. "Rose". The word washed over her. It was amazing. She stepped back and to holes about three feet off the ground formed in to trunk. She felt the huge tree need her. Needed her to thrust her hands in holes. She bent down slightly and pushed her hands into the heart of the tree. 

In moments her bliss turned to terror. The tree closed around her arms locking them in place. All love and contentment was replaced by nothingness. She screamed in fright. Pulling at her arms. They would not budge. A branch reached down and wrapped itself around her neck. Each time she screamed it tightened. It did not take Rose long to understand that screaming only cause her more pain. The branch tightened with ever sound she made. Now she could not move her head in any direction. She only could look forward toward the evil tree that had entrapped her in silence. 

Alarm hit her again as her feet began to sink into the ground past her ankle. As quickly as the ground had softened it hardened again. He legs were trapped deep in the ground. The ground began to shake and she felt he legs widening as her feet separated. To make things worst the ground began to raise up pushing her ass into the air. She began to cry. She was helpless. She could not move a muscle.

Without warning her body was hit with wave of a watery substance. It was cold and it took her breath away. She began to shake from the cold. But, it was not just cold. Her skin began to tingle. The air seemed to cut right through her summer dress. Then she felt it. Her clothing was devolving away. Where ever she was wet the clothing washed away. The rest of her dress just fell to the earth leaving her wet and naked. Her tits swayed free as she shook in dismay in the cold breeze. 

What was happening. Before she could even considered her situation, the watery substance had another surprise for her. Her pussy began to tingle and swell. She let at a moan. Her pussy began to glisten and become moist. It was not long before her pussy was dipping in arousal. Her body needed to cum. She needed to be fucked. But, she could do nothing but fuck the cool air around her. She had no control of her own body. It was possessed with the need to cum. The need for release. 

William was in a near by thicket watching the whole scene. All his planning had paid off. He took his pants off and approached his helpless prey. He know that she would not hear him in the state she was in. She would not know anyone was around until he plunged his thick dick into her. She was whispering. He could not quite hear her. He was now almost touching her sweating milk white body. He lowered his head to hear her. "Please, please. I need to be fucked. Please..."

William smiled and grabbed her hips roughly and shoved his cock deep into her.

This is how all sluts first time should be he thought.

She screamed a silent scream. He smiled as he saw the branch tighten around her neck as the thrust into her again and again. Every so often he would stop just to hear her beg and plead for more. She would push back against his cock trying to fuck herself a whore in heat.  

He memorized ever movement she made. Each thrust would swung her tits through the air. Those beautiful tits being pulled down by gravity and swaying drove him on. He wanted it last longer, but he could not. He pulled out and sprayed his cum cascading over her back. With that he left her as she was. Fucked and helpless. Unable to move. On display begging for more that would not come. He know it would be a couple of hours before she would be herself again. He pulled on the cloths and watched her heaving and begging to be fucked.  

Once he saw that she was now falling to sleep from exhaustion he approached her.  A stick cracked and her head snapped up and she called out. "Who is there." He smiled when he saw the tree tighten again around her neck.

He took a deep breath and ran to her.

"My Rose, my Rose." he called out in distress. "What has happened to you? Who has done this."

Sir William grabbed the branch holding her necked and broke. Her neck now released from the branch he then ripped at the trunk and dig around her feet until she was free. She fell into his arms and she whispered. "My William you saved me. My white knight I knew you would come for me."

2 years ago. June 6, 2021 at 2:37 AM

The universe gives us glimpse of greatness and failures.

As we travel through our lives and look back.

We see all the glory and wonders.  

This wonder that surrounds us all.

We witness the good with the bad. 

It causes us to question who we are. 

We see the glory, the perfection and in every ray of light.

We see the darkness, the weakness in every shadow.

We are surrounded by those that love us.

But, we are alone. 

Then with stinging tears.

We see those who have not conformed. 

We see those that the world shuns and ignores.

Are they alone?

The loners find themselves free from the cheering crowds. 

The loners follow their hearts and soar through the unknown, the undiscovered.

They seek new beginning.

They find poetic ending.    

Are they truly alone? 

I ask you.

Look around and see.

It may be those who have conformed to their environment.

It may be those who have the love and praise of others.

It just may be they that are alone. 

They that have denied who they are.

They that have denied what their heart craves.

 They find they are the ones that are truly alone.  

2 years ago. March 7, 2021 at 2:42 AM

My dreams of you are vivid. 

My lust for you is real. 

Every inch of you is etched into my mind.

I can't stop thinking about you.

I want to be yours. 

You are perfect in every way. 

I can not hide my excitement.

I hang on your ever word.

It has seemed like forever.

You have been so silent.

My day dreams are no longer enough.

My heart is on hold.

I wait for your message.

The message that will make me whole again.





3 years ago. April 25, 2020 at 2:26 AM

My tongue would slowly lick small circles around your pussy. Making quick flick in and around your hole. Making you nice and moist and excited.

Once I start to feel the heat raising with in. I would thing flick and suck your clit. Quickly and softly. Knowing this will put you right on edge.

Once I feel you close to cumming I push my tongue in nice in hard. Flexing my tongue so it feels like a small dick. My tongue begging for you cum.

Once you cum I do long soft licks in and around your pussy. I slurp up all your cum like a good slut.

Your slut is helpless to your whims. My arms are tied tight behind my naked pale body. My choke collar on tight with your hand tightly gripping my leash. My leash is my life line.

My head buried between your legs. Busy. Working for you to cum Over and over. You pull my head up to let me get a breath and to see my soaked face. My face wet with my sweat and you cum. I am truly your whore.

I take a deep breath as you let me up from your pussy. Your pussy scent engulfs all my scenes. You pull my leash as I am again engulfed by your pussy and ass.

To my surprise I find you have scouted forward in your seat. My nose is now in your pussy grinding against your clit. My mouth is position directly in line with your ass hole. I know what my Mistress wants. I go to work.

Licking and probing your ass. I am your bitch. Your slut. I know my job. My job is to make my Mistress cum and to take care of her every need.

If feel in surprise and shock the whip lashing across my ass. I scram in pain. My screams muffled as I scream into your ass and pussy. 

Your beatings have your desire effect. Each slash of the whip seems to push my tongue deeper into your ass. Making me work even harder.

I have to breath. But you will not let me up quite yet. I am forced to breath you in. Only getting small gasps of air when I can. I am your pitiful play thing. Pleasing you just as you like it.



3 years ago. February 21, 2020 at 5:49 PM

Been thinking of times lost. People that I can never get back in my live, for one reason or another. 

I been thinking about the natural power women have to influence the world around them. How they can see the good in everyone they meet. Even the true dirtbags of the world. 

My thoughts are on the couple of women that have placed me under a spell that had me holding my breath. Pleading to be theirs. 

These women are not the fakes that know the words that subs like to hear. They project power. Just talking about the day you know she is a natural  Goddess that you must cherish. 

I know it is a waste to think back on those times and try to pull back some of those feelings. But, here I am. On The Cage wondering if there are others out there. So silly. I should just be happy I touched the sun a couple of times and move on to my little life in the real world. 

I do not write my feelings much on here. Thank you for this space to express my thoughts. Love you all.