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A topic designed to help new subs know if it will work for them and help other Doms see the importance of it as another tool in their bag.
9 hours ago. Wed 22 May 2019 04:18:33 AM IDT

COMPLETELY OFF TOPIC (or is it hmmm?)

Kitty and I keep searching the area around Portland for a sister sub for her in the local area.  With the strength of our Dom/sub dynamic, some may be questioning the logic.  We'll it's really simple.  She wants a person she can journey into this wonderful Dom/sub world holding hands with.. physical hands.   Her Daddy is 3000 miles away and although I am FANTASTIC at guiding via Skype, a journey partner would add to her enjoyment.

It's not the ordinary triangle perhaps (see funcouple's blog on the subject) but it would still be a triangle.  The rules would not change and our contract (in draft format) already allows for interplay amongst sister subs.  It is not a mutually inclusive of me during all playtime.  Sometimes a little girl just needs to stomp around and wrestle with another sister.  Daddy approves. Having a brother or sister in the vanilla world has its challenges and it will here too.  No brother is allowed but if I was Bi, and thus a different dynamic, it would be.

This being said, we are only looking for a pet or a little/middle, nothing in diapers, neither of us does skat play.  Without a play buddy, she will be fine but it would be interesting, for both of us.  I believe I can rise to the challenge as I have a lot of free time on my hands, to handle two.  Kitty even liked the idea of exploring a "whipping girl" (a sort of combination in this case of a little sub who likes a lot of pain) to take some punishments off of her and allow Kitty to pursue the princess angle.  It is an interesting thing developing and I foresee some really fun times ahead if she picks up the sister sub, or not.

The interview process, for those intrested in exploring this is like the following. 

1. Kitty and I search out the potential subs, making sure they are unowned, in other words no mention next to their name, nor in their profile of a Dom.  We particularly are intrested in those subs stating they are looking for a Dom.  If they state they are in a monogamous relationship we avoid them too.

2. The next step is Kitty messages them. Not me.  I am the second step.  She must be satisfied with the potential subs answer.

3. Kitty will request a photo in the same format as I do.  She must find the potential interesting to her. And her potential sister must also find Kitty apealling.  If she or the potential cannot, there is no point in continuing with that sub. I guess some might think it's shallow but my goal is to bring out the inner sub.  Her goal is to romp and play with this sub and cause mutual havoc.  She must like her physically and be attracted to her.  Thus it is a huge thing for me.  My wants are super easy.  Is she is female (I have never had a male sub and I don't think I will) and is she is a little or pet inside that wants to come out and play. Her physical weight, height, color, etc. has very little bearing on my choice. Age is a factor as I prefer 30 or younger to encourage the dynamic of DD/lg. 

4. That being said, I become involved.  I have a requirement with photoplay and she must submit to it.  It's a trust builder and it shows me the potential is wanting to take that brave step and begin to grow.

5. Our next step will be a little one on one training and some basic honorific stuff, daily routines coverage, etc. 

Depending on sister sub's location, Kitty may be tasked to help as the big sister in this emerging dynamic. 

There is much more to go and we don't even have the first step. 

Kitty spoke with one very promising applicant but that sub was not ready to make the step. It's that first scary scary step.... 

More will follow if and when we find that applicant.  If you, gentle reader are in the local area or in Washington or Oregon and are willing to travel a little to have playtime and commit to this dynamic, give Kitty a shout.  If you want to know more from Daddy, you can message me too, but since she is the premium (Daddy awaits payday) a non-premium cannot message me nor I the potential.  You can drop a comment for more information or just to give me your perspective, goodness knows it seems most aren't shy about it lol. 

As always if your dynamic is not the same as mine, change the pronouns. 

I just left my fox-hole, so I am strapping on the armor and putting back on the helmet and going back in to await mortars.. And where is that damn Direct TV guy.. Do you think he came when I left to go pee? Damn I bet he did! 

And finally the horrible grammar (took me 6 tries to type grammar) is all on this damn phones part! I hate my phone, I really really do! 


17 hours ago. Tue 21 May 2019 08:06:54 PM IDT

OK, I know British readers, that your word for an argument, although is spelled like our row, is not pronounced the same but still kind of cute eh?

Kitty came to me with a perfectly great question and I lost my shit so to speak.  Her question was full of innocence that only a new sub can bring to a Dom.  The actual question is not important nor is the contents of how it was handled, etc.. although Kitty may talk about it in her blog "subspace".  It's up to her.  It's a sub's space and I try to stay out of it.

What is important is to discuss why it happened in the first place.  Once again, as her trainee, her dissiminator of knowledge, her apple in the Garden of Eden, I am responsible to provide her education and cover the short list of rules (a lot of pages) and make sure she fully understands them. It's my failure to make sure she understood them that caused this discussion where I used the horrible "Stop typing" order.  I hate doing it but I felt it was time to turn on full-blown Dom to get my points out and try to defuse her state of panic at my very obvious displeasure in her failure to understand the complete intent behind the rule she was only asking for clarification on.

So thusly I failed in the following ways:

1. To properly educate her on the full intent on the rule in question 

2. To handle the question in a calm relaxed manner free of the vanilla world distractions and issues.

3. Show patience with a little girl sub whom are more fragile beings than a slave sub.

4. Stay in my Daddy Dom role at all times especially when discipline may be in order.

I probably screwed up otherways too.  I basically saw red and charged at it like a bull. 

She did the following wrong:


She actually did everything right:

1. Asked if she could ask a question

2. Once received permission, asked it in a clear and consie way about the rule in question.

3. Stopped typing and waited for Daddy's torade to finish

4. Even tried to offer me a treat to fix the issue.. Completely unnecessary as it was clearly on me.

So that was last night.  As a follow up, I did punish her, (what an asshat some if not all are saying) but for the following reason.  I felt that when we covered that rule, she should have gotten her clarification at that time.  I do not want an "I understand Daddy" when she doesn't.  I went totally animalistic and took full advantage of her and dominated her to my full rough side.  I was nasty and dirty. I was mean and cruel.  Her body was left aching in ways that only a sub who has experienced such bliss can understand. I MADE HER CLEAN HER ROOM. Could I have been any meaner, doubtful.  It's not even like her room was messy.  But I made her straighten bookcases from largest to smallest books, arrange shoes, etc.

Conflicts happen.  They are inevitable even with the most docile sub serving loyal to her Dom.  They just occur.  What do you do to make it work?  Simply leaving is truly the wrong answer. Silent treatment until you think your calm enough could take days.. And get you blasted into pieces by the community at large! 

So what to do?  Dom's, what you say goes.. You tell that sub to behave and do as she's told.. Right? (Yeah, good luck with that.. Especially if she cooks your food.) 

No, I think that you both should breath a few times  Calm the hell down, and both apologize.  I know right?  I didn't do anything wrong... It was all her.. Or him.  Does it matter?  As the Dom we are expected to be calm about it.  We are required to be "Cool Hand Luke" (old western, look it up youngsters) and know that just because we have the power to put her over our knee and spank her until our hand bleeds, that probably isn't the answer and depending on your sub, that punishment may be a reward for her and now she knows how to get what she wants.  Doms, be calm, cool, collected, and civil about her.  Basically be everything I wasn't. 

As always if your dynamic doesn't match mine, change the pronouns. 

I am still taking rounds from my last blog, so I am writing this one from my fox-hole already so no need to go there. It's actually quite nice now.  I put in a Krurig with a small refrigerator.  The Direct TV guy said he was coming out tomorrow and if he doesn't show, which he probably won't, it will just as a bonus feed my masochistic side. 

And if subs are dubs or anything else doesn't makes since.. Don't hate me  Hate Motorola. 


1 day ago. Tue 21 May 2019 12:10:58 AM IDT

I sincerely doubt if anyone on here has a problem with reading.  If the sub has a name next to hers, she's owned and therefore any Dom that messages her without going through her Dom is poaching.  It's sort of like hunting on land you don't own.

Stay off my land.  No real humor here. 

I think it is damn obvious that my Kitty is owned and owned by me specifically.  I defend and protect my cute little kitten which is exactly what she expects.

I invite other subs and Dom alike to post the poachers in the comment section.. Oh and if you see your name and you don't think you were poaching, ask yourself, did you see the name after the subs name?  Did you read the profile?  If you see anything that says "not looking", "taken" , or she just states she has a Dom, YOU WERE POACHING!!

Oh and Dom's, feel free to name those subs poaching too.  Maybe they need a smack on the ass by their Dom if they have one and a smack on the face by your sub if they don't.  Since johhny-law frowns on that sort of thing, even when it's well deserved, this can serve that purpose and I invite EVERYONE to check this particular blog out from time to time for an updated list of the poachers. 

1 day ago. Mon 20 May 2019 10:12:15 PM IDT

It is difficult living 3000 miles from each other and in fact most vanilla relationships could not survive it while even some Dom/sub ones fail too.  So is there an easy way to fix this?  Well lucky you gentle reader, I have a couple ideas.

This morning I sent a video, something I have never done before.  It wasn't sexual (pause here for some to recover as long as you need) but instead I walked through my bathroom and recorded my body wash, my toothpaste, my mouthwash, my shaving cream and even my deodorant in an effort to give Kitty the tools she may need to duplicate my presence or at least my scent.  I plan on doing the same once she supplies me with the same.

As for visual, very easy to, you could place that person on every computer or phone you have as the wallpaper or print life size photos of them or just print a ton of her pictures and place them everywhere on your den. (may creep out the maid if you have one) 

I do not know if she has a life size picture of me over her bed, but knowing Kitty, she has been considering it probably for sone time.  This will help create a visual precence of yourself for your Dom or sub. 

Sound is very important to us too. It is possible to play his voice as a ring tone to reinforce him being a major part of your life. 

And another trick.  I do a lot of 3D printing and scanning.  It would be possible to scan yourself, or body part, and share that printing.  I know UPS does print and it would be very exhibitionist like of me to send that scan.  It is humerus to me to think of that vanilla worker seeing that object in the printer.

As to taste  you could have her purchase your favorite food and eat it to share that part of you. 

I have covered smell, sight, sound, taste, and touch.  I can't conceptionalize any sixth or seventh sense you may believe in so I can't help you there. 

As always if your dynamic doesn't match mine, change the pronouns. 

It's your space do what you want with it.  I am not preparing for any mortars today. 

And if my typed word is just too damned confusing to follow  Blame my stupid asshat of a phone. 


1 day ago. Mon 20 May 2019 09:48:49 PM IDT

Kitty sent me her customary greeting last night pleading to skip training as she was exhausted.  She immediately followed it up with a "but I can do it anyways Daddy" (or words to that effect)   Little did she know I had been out cold for several hours and could barely keep one eye open to read what she was saying.  It actually took me 10 minutes to read the following two messages:

"Daddy I am very tired. May we please do our bed time routine?"

"Sorry Daddy, I should've said Daddy in the second sentence." 

My reply (it's hard to understand it since my phones auto correct screwed it up or I was jamming the wrong keys)

"Daddy is too tired *safeword* #5. I feel I should bur cannit"

(I replaced the word safeword for the actual safeword in the above quote and meant to say but I cannot) 

Her very dedicated response that later really bothered me and I will explain in a bit. 

"Am I still to do my stuff and record it Daddy? Or may I go to bed Daddy?" 


"No.. We need to rest" 

"Go to bed kitty" 


"Thank you Daddy, goodnight Daddy."

And finally mine.

"Goodnight Kitty. Sleep well." 


All good right? Nope, she was not OK with it and I was not this morning. We Doms hold a special place in our subs lives.  We provide her care, attention, training and more.  I owed it to her push through it and as Deadpool states, give it my Maximum Effort. 

That was not it last night.  Yes she was tired, but I should have modified the training to adjust it and not skip it completely.  I even skipped the night routines WHICH MEANS THEY AREN'T ROUTINES AND NOT IMPORTANT.  This is far from the case.  Our night routines should never be skipped.  The night training can be entirely skipped or modified.  I have told her that Daddy screwed up and gave up a treat. Which I shudder to find out how much this is going to cost me. Lol.

Doms don't allow your self to shortchange your sub, she needs you to provide that guidance and support.  She thrives on structure and not having to second guess anything.  You can clearly see Kitty second guessing what she was supposed to do and gravitating to doing what was right, ie still doing the night routines, but I failed. It won't happen again. 

Maximum Effort! 

As always if your dynamic doesn't match mine, change the pronouns. 

I am standing in the open field willing and ready to take all mortars directly on my head.. BAD DOM.  BAD! 

And if this message is full of crappy words that make no sense, blame Garble (err Google) .

1 day ago. Mon 20 May 2019 09:24:57 PM IDT

I wrote an earlier blog featuring protocols that I essentially "lifted" (read stole) from another site.

I realized fairly quick that they just stripped my little girl sub of her being a little girl sub which is not good for her inner little girl nor for my Daddy personality.  So, off I went and forced myself to recraft the entire set of protocols.  The private protocols are always according to a Dom and his wishes but the Public ones are supposed to be a shared set of rules of conduct and expectations of the sub. 

I am posting a slightly edited version of my new protocols with the hope that other Daddy Doms will find them useful and help them create a more conducive environment for his little. My public protocols may just leave done if the "old guard" Dom's (which includes me) feeling pissed at me and declaring that my sole aim is to cause chaos with a few of my public protocols, starting with number 1 for instance.  This is not my aim I assure everyone but to encourage my little to be her inner little and thus grow more in touch with why she is such a wonderful little to deal with.

So without further ado or explanation there of, here are my new protocols for Daddy Doms and little girl type subs. 

1. You must always address Daddy as Daddy, Sir or some other designated title, and do so in every sentence.
2. Upon returning from work, little sub must kneel and greet Daddy in ritual designated by Daddy. If Daddy is out and returns home, little sub still performs the greeting ritual.
3. A Little sub must be aware of the position training and will be expected to perform them at any time. (Note: Position training – teaching the little sub to assume a set of kneeling or standing poses, in response to the Daddy’s voice commands.)
4. A little sub is always dressed in age appropriate attire or naked in Daddy’s House.
5. She must ask permission to leave the room, leave Daddy’s sight or use the bathroom.
6. She may not sit on the big people’s furniture without permission.
7. If the little needs to ask questions, she is free to annoy Daddy until Daddy states “Stop it now I am busy!” three times.
8. Whenever the Little needs instruction, and the three annoyances are done, the Little assume the kneeling position at her Daddy’s feet and wait quietly for his attention.
9. Arms are never allowed to be crossed over the body when in the presence of the Daddy unless it is his/her request.
10. She is not to have an orgasm without permission, and may only play with herself with permission or to tease Daddy.
11. The little sub must prepare body for bed by bathing and then preparing the bed for the Daddy.
12. Little sub must present his/her body for a nightly inspection.
13. Little sub must kneel and ask permission to enter the Daddy’s bed
14. When she is in Daddy’s House, she may eat and drink only from Daddy’s approved meal choices. Which will likely consist of age appropriate to her little’s type meals.
15. The little sub must learn how to serve coffee, tea or other drinks in a serving ritual specified by the Daddy.
16. The little sub must learn how to set a formal table, serve coffee, tea or other drinks in a serving ritual specified by the Daddy.
17. Upon a signal from Daddy, the little sub presents himself/herself in a manner specified by the Daddy for the preliminaries of sexual intimacy.
18. Discipline is conducted as follows for little girl subs:
a. She will then tell Daddy all infractions for the day. Daddy will confirm those and dictate to her any additional ones. If she misses any, the punishment will be doubled for those items. Because she is little girl sub, she will beg to be forgiven for any and all infractions but must name each one and give a little girl answer (in role play mode) as to why her Daddy should not punish her. This even includes the ones she forgot to mention, even if there is a zero chance of them being forgiven. She is expected to whine, cry, beg, plead etc as her inner little girl to get out of any and all punishments.
b. Daddy will dictate what that punishment may be as a collective whole. It can consist of more than one type of punishment and could include any or all of the following and more: spanking, corner sitting, book balancing on head, holding hands up next to body, balancing on one foot, extended training or added training, sleeping on the floor, or anything Daddy desires without limits.
c. The little girl sub will then make her final attempt to avoid or soften the punishment as directed. She is again expected to prove that she is serious and may cry, whine, etc to convince Daddy to change the punishment to a less severe (lessen the number of whips, pick a new insert point, impact point change, etc). Daddy will render his decision and no further pouting or resistance will be had as she will accept her fate.

1. A little sub is to act age appropriately to her inner little girl even when in public unless she is in time-out. This will include gum-popping, nagging at Daddy, screeching, playing with and chasing other little subs, arguing over who has the best Daddy, pulling hair, grabbing at other subs, etc.
2. Lips are to be kept slightly parted and relaxed and an age appropriate candy such as gum, lollipop etc will be in her mouth.
3. The back is always kept straight when sitting in a chair.
4. Whenever the little sub is using her hands in the presence of another Dom, she must keep them behind her back; when standing still, legs are parted. This is to be done unobtrusively – don’t alarm the vanilla world.
5. She walks slightly ahead of Daddy and moves with the style of the little’s “age”.
6. The little sub does not make eye contact with any Dominant other than their Daddy.
7. In a restaurant, Daddy orders her meals and only from the children’s menu. If there is a kid placemat, she will finish all activates and coloring.
8. The little sub must discreetly ask permission to begin eating, and she may never start eating until her Daddy does.


A bit of a change from the last one.  A little girl sub, while owned by her Dom, and subject to all his whims and desires, does not and should not be treated like a typical slave sub.  She is a little different sort of sub and again my futile attempt to adjust those protocols is only meant to focus on the little girl type dub like my Kitty.  They will not work for a different type of sub. 

If you see Kitty at a munch acting like a fool, talk to me, it's my trsing program that made her. 

As always if your dynamic is not the same as mine, change the pronouns. 

I am now heading to my fox-hole getting ready for more mortars than usual because I am messing with the protocols.  Please feel free to comment below. I might be in need of a good cry anyways.

And of course all the dubs instead of subs and the myriad of other grammar and wrong use of words is all due to Google... Damn you Google to Hell! 

3 days ago. Sun 19 May 2019 04:42:08 AM IDT

Protocols are all the rage right?  Not so much anymore.  There used to be a time when a sub forgot to include an honorific (Sir/Master/Daddy/Pleasure Monster, ETC) when conversing with her Dom and the next thing the sub knew she was over his knee having her ass spanked.  He would pause to ask if she knew what she did wrong and if she got it wrong, he would continue until she got it right or his hand was too swollen to go on and then explain it to her.  But that's not enforced nor is the other some 25 or so protocols.

So what is a protocol?  It's a method of showing respect and following a strict set of traditions.  (my definition.. When you get over 50 you too can define things the way you want and expect others to believe it!)

There are two sets of rules sometimes called Low and High or Private and Public.

I have"borrowed" a list from a website that I like.

I am first going to post verbatim his Public ones and then explain why most are not possible on a forum and then tell you how to make at least one work.  It is still necessary in my opinion that my sub knows these.  This list is not a universal list as none really exists to my knowledge.  Feel free to pick and choose which ones you like and desire to enforce. I have included the list edited as I don't necessarily follow them all nor expect my sub too. 


1. A slave is not permitted to draw undue attention by excessive body movements such as tossing the head or hair, shifting positions while kneeling, moving hands or feet or, in general, doing anything that is distracting.
2. All movements are expected to be as graceful as possible or as trained by Master.
3. Lips are to be kept slightly parted and relaxed.
4. The back is always kept straight.
5. Whenever the slave is using your hands, he/she must keep them behind his/her back; when standing still, legs are parted. This is to be done unobtrusively – don’t alarm the vanilla world.
6. You walk slightly behind Master.
7. Slave does not make eye contact with any Dominant other than their Master.
8. You wait for his attention to speak.
9. In a restaurant, Master orders your meals.
10. You must discreetly ask permission to begin eating, and you may never start eating until your Master does.
11. You address Him as Sir whenever there are no other vanilla people around.
12. When having dinner with other lifestylers, slave will serve Master and guests as taught, then clear the table and serve coffee, tea or dessert as instructed. Afterward, slave sits on the floor at his feet.

The only one out of all of those which can be used unmodified would be number 11.  My sub is required, as it is my belief it helps form structure and feeds her subs need for tradition, to refer to me as her Sir or Daddy in any of her blogs or posts.  This isn't cruel in my eyes or overbearing as some may be tempted to throw a mortar at me, but instead is a sign of respect for what I do for her.

Additionally number 7 can be fully utilized by simply adding a 😔 or 😌 before her words when addressing another Dom.  This shows a level of respect for other Doms as well. The little emoticon shows downward cast eyes for my purpose. 

As I mentioned earlier she still must know them all because eventually, despite the 3000 miles apart, we will attend an event together and respect is very important to me even with a Little girl sub. 

The next set are the Low protocols or private ones. 


1. You must always address Master as Master, Sir or some other designated title, and do so in every sentence.
2. Upon returning from work, slave must kneel and greet Master in ritual designated by Master. If Master is out and returns home, slave still performs the greeting ritual.
3. Slave must be aware of the position training and will be expected to perform them at any time. (Note: Position training – teaching the submissive to assume a set of kneeling or standing poses, in response to the Master’s voice commands.)
4. A slave is always naked (or some designated dress) in Master’s House.
5. You must ask permission to leave the room, or use the bathroom.
6. You may not sit on the furniture without permission.
7. You must respectfully ask permission to speak.
8. If slave needs to ask questions, he/she must ask permission to speak, as in, “Sir, I have a question,” or, “May I speak freely, Sir?”

9. Whenever you have no duties to perform, or need instruction, you assume the kneeling position at your Master’s feet and wait quietly for his attention.
10. Arms are never allowed to be crossed over the body when in the presence of the Master unless it is his/her request.
11. You may not have an orgasm without permission, and may only play with yourself with permission.
12. When you make a mistake or misbehave, you may not wait until Master notices, but must immediately inform Him and gracefully accept correction.
13. You may not interrupt your Master except in an emergency.
14. The slave must prepare body for bed by bathing and then preparing the bed for the dominant.
15. Slave must present his/her body for a nightly inspection.
16. Slave must kneel and ask permission to enter the Master’s bed. 

17. When you are in Master’s House, you may eat and drink only from Master’s hand.
18. The submissive must learn how to serve coffee, tea or other drinks in a serving ritual specified by the Master.
19. Upon a signal from Master, the slave presents himself/herself in a manner specified by the Master for the preliminaries of sexual intimacy. 

Wow that's a crap load!! 

For a virtual Dom/sub the following do not apply or are modified: 

5, 6, 9, 16 and 17 and you must modify 14 (can't prepare my bed - unless you have her set up a bed for you in her house and prep it every night).

I also know there is at least one gentle reader screaming about #2.  Well she can still come into her house and photoplay me a greeting.  It meets that need.  If you don't know what photoplay means, I have a blog posted about it. 

I also now have started protocol training for her forum posts.  You will see her desire to respond to your blog or post with a message asking for permission to speak freely as in number 8.   This is only required for Dom's postings.  A sub can char all day long with other subs.  It matters not to me.  Please bare with us.

She has full permission and is encouraged to freely speak in her blog.  She does not have to ask for my permission when responding or posting but is expected to place one of the two faces at the beginning of her response to other Doms. 

So how come now?  Well, I do not place this at the beginning of my training except the use of the honorifics.  It's a lot of memorizing!! As we grow and she blooms, I give her more knowledge and this training is just as important if not more than some of the more enjoyable trainings like she spoke about in one of her blogs. 

My source (the academic side of me says I have to tell you) is from a Kinkweekly post by baadmaster titled "High Protocol: Part Two".  Part one gave the background on why it's important.  I gave you my view. 

As always, if your dynamic doesn't match mine, change the pronouns. 

Any dubs instead of subs are entirely the fault of this possessed phone. 

I am now heading to my fox-hole and preparing for the incoming mortars.  I look forward to your comments.



3 days ago. Sat 18 May 2019 03:54:43 PM IDT

Sometimes a relationship grows faster than you thought possible. MAYBE you have been on less than a few weeks and the person you suddenly find yourself on pins and needles (some of you literally) waiting by your Skype, Google Voice, or even perhaps The Cage's chat room (uh, I don't really know myself - not a premium user, but I digress - also not a hint) for that partner to log on for your playtime that your body parts have been pulsating for what seems like from the moment you disconnected after the last playtime.

Wow, what happened? You will eventually ask yourself. As a person versed in the study of the mind (I could have just said Psychologist I suppose) I was intrigued. I STUMBLED across the term "Frenzy" which is an euphoric state where a BDSM person, Dom or sub, becomes like a heroin addict chasing the white horse (RIP Prince). Are you in fact suffering from FRENZY?

I know I could go into all the signs and symptoms and let you self diagnose like everyone who watches Dr. Phil does, but here's the rub, does it matter? Is your inner Dom or sub FINALLY getting what it has been starving for? Are you freaking happy for possibly the first time in your life? Are your climaxes so freaking unbelievable you pass out or white out? THEN WHO GIVES A DAMN! Ride that white horse. DAMN!!!. I have over a half century on this ball of dirt and very few happy moments and a lot of failed relationships where I didn't get even one percent of the thrill watching Kitty cum so hard she squirts for possibly her first time in life!

Doms/subs enjoy yourself. IF your relationship suddenly implodes tomorrow, ask yourself if you experienced the best orgasms to date in your life while you were with that person? Probably, if your relating to any of this blog, and that out shines the break up because you see, the next relationship is going to be even MORE awesome due to the fact you now know so much more about your mind, body, soul and inner Dom/sub thanks to that last Dom or sub.

As always if your dynamic doesn't match mine,  change the pronouns.

I am still heading for my fox-hole because someone out there will likely throw a few mortars at me.

All dubs instead of subs are entirely the fault of the devil. 


4 days ago. Sat 18 May 2019 04:34:41 AM IDT

It is bound to happen in most families especially one where the Daddy and the Little are almost 3000 miles apart, where you as the Daddy want to see if life could be more enjoyable if your sub had a local playmate.

The negative, she now would have competition for your attention, your time is now more difficult, two brats causing problems (if you are dealing with a middle/brat like I am),more cost incurred (if you buy something for one, the other wants something too) and the list goes on....

So why do it?????

The huge advantage would be she can have someone else apply punishments, motivate, lean on, help train and confide in. 

It also allows more expanded playtime opportunities and it is just too damn cute to see a kitty and maybe a bunny play together.

You first have to consider what the current sub needs.  Is it a big sister, little sister, conspirator, pet for her, a sister to take care of her as a pet, etc.

The next is consider the sexual orientation of your sub. Is she bi-sexual, hetro, etc.  I can't keep up with all the different types these days.  I understand gay, bi, and straight.  (Incomming rounds on that I am certain).  What orientation does she want?  What's your orientation?  If the Dom is bi, maybe he is ok with a brother sub for her. (I am not, so I am not)

Next is what is the purpose, maybe this should have gone before the orientation because if it's non-sexual the orientation doesn't matter but as I have expressed I am a sexually orientated Dom so sexual play is involved in my training.  Is the current sub ok with playing sexually with another sub? I think for the most part this is not a question but it does happen especially with the very Little oriented which my kitty is not and instead is more of a Middle.

What age is a good for you sub?  Older, younger, and how much?

Is physical appearance important to her?  If so this adds another dynamic to this equation.

How far should she have to travel?  Is it best to have the new sister in the same town or can she travel a bit.

There are way too many other factors probably, but I think these few are a good way to start looking.

The next hurdle is finding that sister/brother sub. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Craigslist.  I think this too risky for my taste as I don't get to interview them ahead of time and it puts my sub in a little bit too much risk for my overprotective ass.

2. A site like this one.  I am very comfortable so this is what I would (am) choosing.

So now I have made my choice. How do I get this new sub recruited to play with my current kitty?

1. Write a post where you let all potential sister subs know whom you are seeking with the relative important details such as "seeking to attract a new sub in the age of 18 to 24 in the Portland Oregon area that is preferably bi-sexual and will meet the requirements of mine to participate in photoplay and be available for joint sessions with her sister in the local area at agreeable times."  Of course that recruit would have to converse with both me and my kitty and win acceptance by both. Ok so I am just saying if I was in fact (YEP) recruiting this is how I would describe my add.

2. You could troll the profiles and find someone in the local area of your kitty and have her reach out to that potential sub.  This is an awesome way, if it works (It has not for kitty and I).

3. Go to the Submissive women seeking a Dom forum and take a look. 

All of these can work.  If you are actively searching and who knows maybe you will get a nice sister of your own choosing.

Best of luck in your searches.  There are other sites and classifieds out there.  I didn't cover those here but invite you to search.

As always if your dynamic doesn't match mine, change the pronouns.

I am now grabbing my flak jacket and heading to my fox-hole to prepare for mortars for my shocking use of my blog as a re7cruitment tool and some comments made.

If any dubs appear instead of subs, blame the ass-hats at Motorolla.


4 days ago. Fri 17 May 2019 07:07:20 PM IDT

Seriously though, meditation is to me a very important part of the daily routine.  It allows for both the Dom and the sub to center themselves and prepare for the day, if it's morning or prepare for the daily training. 

So how do we do this thing over the internet??? I use Skype with the app I mentioned in the last blog to record it.  She assumes the lotus position in front if the camera with blindfold on and listens to only the sound of my voice while she does breathing exercises and drifts off.  My voice can be the only thing she hears.  I am guiding her on her spiritual journey.

She should, in my opinion be nude as it removes all external stimulation by clothes but that is a call of the Dom.  I add stimulation that I can control and increase accordingly next.  I can't control necessarily how one pair of slacks, bra, panties (if you allow the sub to wear them, I personally do not), etc, feels on the body so by literally stripping that all away, I can control those factors. You could also have her dress in a mediation outfit but I advise you to always use the exact same one.

Next we add some form of physical stimulation to concentrate on associating that pleasure or thrill of pain with the Dom's voice.  I would suggest nipple or clit clamps, dildo in vagina or anal plug or all of the above, eventually.  Leave room to build on Doms.  The point here is provide more and more stimulation while at the same time getting her to relax to it.  This increases her endurance during training.

She assumes the yoga meditative pose next and holds this pose, what ever one you choose for her, the whole time.  No movement of body is allowed nor is a relaxation of posture.  Stiff back, stiff neck, straight up and down unless your sub has a physical issue that prohibits it and then it is always the same modified pose.

I then walk her into her trance by having her concentrate on my voice.  I may describe a meadow, the dungeon room if you have one, a pretend scene, whatever your setting you want for her.  Some might even require a horror based theme.  Doms, you know your sub.

I will have huge periods of silence.  This is not the silent treatment used for a punishment by some (not me.. please don't concentrate on this and flame me AGAIN).  These silences force her to only listen for your voice, it also allows her to drift into her own mind and explore it.  You can gage how long this needs to be and expand it over time.  She may not do very well at first so keep it to short periods at first.

Break these silent periods up with a time count, if you wish. I have seen both views on this and some believe that the reminding of time disrupts the creative mind that you are placing the sub in.  Others believe it creates a safeness where she knows the Dom is still there protecting them.

At the end of the meditative session bring the sub back out.  I announce one minute, then 30 seconds all the while walking her back to a waking state.  I count out the last 10. 

I have her stretch her knees and remove the added stimulation.  You can then either relax to sleep or begin your training or use it prior to both.

My training with my kitty is at the very beginning of this journey.  Right now it is a calming 10 minute session with no added scenes oror physical stimulation.

Do not rush to failure.  This is a walk that could take years to fully place her in a complete trance but the pay off will be an added layer of trust and yes, even more compliance.  She will love releasing all cares to you for these sessions. I know mine does . Of course no two subs are the same and maybe your's won't respond but you won't know until you try.

As always, if your dynamic is not the same as mine, change the pronouns.

I am now heading for my fox-hole waiting for the mortars to fall especially since this involves some quiet time.  I look forward to your comments below.

And my phone is entirely at fault for any dubs instead of subs and other nonsensical words it has decided in its effort to poor every bit of bad karma it possibly can that I have earned over my lifetime into this one blog post.