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Dominant women/ submissive men

The Beauty of Submissive Men

Men who derive happiness from submission and service, who find their bliss at the feet and in the will of their Goddess - these men have learned the joy of letting go.

They have learned that their world is not defined by their jobs; that it is not defined by the sports they watch, the friends they have, or the mantastic manly-man activities in which they engage in their free time.

They have learned that they can be exactly who they are and who they WANT TO BE in the presence of a woman who is strong enough and trustworthy enough to give them Dominance.

Submissive men can be 24/7 lifestyle subs, or they may simply need to have that one hour in the week during which they find release and a much deserved break from the facade of total control.

I love submissive men for many reasons:

I love their ability to express their need.
I love watching that moment of giving in - the eyes roll back, the teeth bite the lower lip, and you can tell they're home.
I love the sighs, the eagerly open mouths, the willingness to trust and obey.

Men who are submissive, who have the courage to ask for a Mistresss, show such strength.

Men who are switches, who understand the fluidity and balance of their minds, show such awareness.

Men who come to me and ask (humbly, with respect) to please be given the peace and understanding only afforded by a Woman in Power, will always receive what they seek.

My life's work is dedicated to fostering a safe and sane space, whether in a chat window, hotel room, dungeon, or bedroom, and ensuring that my clients walk away feeling whole.

Submissive men, I salute you.
1 week ago. Jul 22, 2021, 4:56 AM

I want to be defined by by another. My growth and evolution are dependent on it. In order to fully realize my authentic self I need to surrender to another person's expectations and designs. Over the past several years it has become abundantly clear that I feel most comfortable, alive and enthusiastic when I relinquish my will to another. I feel a strength and purpose under the machinations, the proposals, the manipulation of a Dominant.
That being said, I am not without my own wants and desires. I know precisely what it is that drives me to ecstasy. I am capable of the most selfish, greedy behavior but I beg for guidance and direction.
I'm looking to discover how my own proclivities can benefit another. How can I best realize my own nature by submitting to the lusts and passions of another?

1 week ago. Jul 22, 2021, 4:52 AM

I get very emotional and tend to fall in love when a woman penetrates me. It's a very intimate experience and I fall hopelessly in love when a woman takes me and makes me her bitch. You will be surprised by how totally I surrender if you fuck me like you own me!!!

2 weeks ago. Jul 11, 2021, 5:40 PM

I've always been somewhat submissive. But being pegged really intensifies the feeling. When I'm with guys they always talk about their exploits pounding women into submission. They explain how their partners become simpering sluts by their manly prowess. And I'm thinking in the back of my mind how much I want to be the recipient of that. Not with them or even a man, but I feel empathy for the women they think they are conquering. I firmly believe that females are the superior sexual beasts and I want to relinquish to their power. I want to be your hole for fucking. I want to slurp at your dripping quim. I want to be overcome by the power of a woman who knows the dynamic energy she possesses.!!!!!!!

1 month ago. Jun 27, 2021, 7:25 PM

Stretching myself out is not necessarily a goal. I'm proud of the fact I can take a thick girthy dildo. I like the feeling of being filled. I've practiced a lot to be a loose enough slut that you can slide easily in and out. I enjoy the feeling of being taken. It thrills me to know you like to fuck me!!! I want to always be ready to be penetrated savagely and aggressively. When I first became addicted to anal I loved that I was able to offer my holes to my partner despite having a useless pathetic little penis. Now I am obsessed by only anal!!! I am turned on by being sexually attractive to those who would be delighted to skewer my willing mancunt.
My biggest fetish is the role-reversal inherent in pegging. I love to be used like a slutty whore and fucked into submission. I love being the object of your lust!

1 month ago. Jun 12, 2021, 4:29 PM

What if I'm not kinky enough?
What if I'm not filthy enough?
What if I'm not enough of a masochist?
What if I'm not enough of a slut?

What if I can't do it?
Can't do the things you're used to doing?
The things that make you happy?
Then what will happen to us?

I tell myself doesn't matter,
I'll always be enough for someone,
but if that someone isn't you,
it will make me sad.

1 month ago. Jun 5, 2021, 7:07 AM

It is amazing to meet someone I can share my sexual fantasies with. So often the subject is skirted around, evaded, or even avoided.
While it might not be unusual for a guy to want to be told what to do or coerced to do something he might be uncomfortable with, always it's difficult to find the right vernacular with which to discuss actions and emotional control that might leave him helpless, vulnerable and completely at the disposal of another.
I find myself yearning to surrender to someone I trust implicitly. And for me that means being penetrated, objectified and humiliated. I don't mean to say I like being debased, abused or brutally violated. I want to be put in my place. I want to be fucked. I want to feel owned and worthy of a Dominant's attention. I love the feeling of relinquishing my masculinity to someone who can grasp my need for submission.

1 month ago. May 31, 2021, 3:08 PM

The real value in a person can be measured in many ways. One can be measured from something we can do for you. Value can come from a skill or from their time. In the kink world some are only valued as their last scene or fuck,or willingness to submit. I see value in a different way. The value is not in how good your pussy feels or how much of a beating you can take. I see value in you beyond the kink and sex. The value comes from will you return a phone call or text. Will you bare you soul to me and be raw and honest with me. That’s the real value. Because at the end of the day the value is not what you can offer me or do for me the value is you and your trust and love and respect.

2 months ago. May 2, 2021, 7:33 PM

You've always been in love with a man like me or the idea of a deferential man willing to be your accomadating slut at your command.

Most women never even have the thought that the tables could be turned. That certain men exist for the pleasure and amusement of assertive, powerful women, who thrive on the humiliation of their masculinity and welcome the advances of a lady who can control them and put them in their place.

In short, most women could never imagine there are men like me who yearn to be seduced and fucked by a girl with a silicone cock!
And yield to her just like most women yield to men.

4 months ago. Mar 18, 2021, 3:32 PM

I think there are a couple of pleasure principles at play here for me. First is the enjoyment she gets from ‘taking me’. I distinctly remember a time when she said to me, “I love taking you this way. I never knew how much I’d enjoy it”. It’s that light in her eyes, that sparkle as she gets ready, the sounds she makes and how hard she comes. There’s also the pleasure I receive…but more on that later.


Opening up, Baby

I never feel quite as vulnerable as when she’s just beginning to enter me. It’s as though I’m literally opening myself up to her, emotionally as well as physically. Maybe it’s because it’s ‘taboo’, maybe it’s because it’s not something I’d offer up to just anyone. I don’t really know the why, I just know it’s there and it’s there every single time, even if there are multiple times in the same day.


Men in general aren’t geared to be ‘receivers’… It’s very possible that it’s this reversal; this giving of myself that she and I share that facilitates this dynamic of opening and vulnerability. It is amazing, but I still wouldn’t tell most of my friends about it! Regardless of the reason, it never fails to take me to a place sexually I’ve never been before, and nothing else will take me there.


Happy with Her at the Helm

I love letting her run this show… she controls the pace, how hard, or soft… how fast, or slow… will she bring herself off quickly and leave me wanting? Will this be one of those slow sensual fucks where I ultimately explode in orgasm, sometimes when she’s not even touching my cock? Will it be one of those where she brings me to the edge, repeatedly, slowly pumping me as that tipping point passes, only to ramp me up again until I’m begging for release?


It’s that unknown, that out of control, her controlling my passion, my lust, my very ability to reach orgasm… it’s beyond intoxicating!


Forbidden Fruit

I definitely love the taboo aspect… the whole “a real man wouldn’t enjoy this”, while the entire time I am enjoying the hell out of it. Then again I love anal sex, giving, and receiving, it’s truly the one act we share and appreciate together.


I feel very, very lucky I had an adventurous girlfriend early in life who introduced me to the joys of giving and receiving anal pleasure… no guilt, just plain old nasty fun.


Deliciously Dissident

I’ve never been one to follow the crowd. I’ve heard many guys talking about any man who takes it up the ass must be a gay wannabe… for me though, I’ve always figured that anything a man and a woman do to bring each other pleasure can hardly be considered gay. If I’m gay, I’m happy as hell and I don’t care who knows!!


I’m more than a bit of a rebel in most areas of my life. It’s made life difficult in some ways, incredibly rich in others. I have no desire to change anything… we only get one life to live. I intend to live mine as fully as possible!


For those folks who would be shocked that I like taking a strap-on up the ass, I simply feel sorry for them that they never even gave it a try before dismissing it as ‘off the list’.


The Visuals

While most porn depicts strap-on sex doggy style, that’s actually my least favorite position for it. I much prefer to be on my back so I can watch her… see her face, her facial expressions, that “O” she makes with her mouth as an orgasm overtakes her… that flush in her chest, the way her nipples stiffen up just a little more right before she comes.


I like looking down, between my legs, seeing her ‘cock’ plunging into me… feeling her grind her mons against the harness when she’s all the way in… the way her eyes watch her hand play with my cock, my balls, or watching them bounce from her thrusts….


I love watching her fuck me.


My Pleasure

I can come hands free from just a pegging. It doesn’t happen every time or even most of the time, but it does happen. When it does it’s off the freakin’ hook intense. More often, she’ll keep me hard (or have me stroke myself), near the edge the entire time she’s fucking me. Then when she’s had enough she’ll bring me off as she’s having that ‘last’ orgasm…


I don’t need to orgasm from a pegging to enjoy it; it’s more like dessert… I can enjoy a wonderful meal without having dessert and not feel like I’ve missed anything. But sometimes, having dessert almost makes the meal seem pale in comparison.


I’ve found that if she’s having trouble reaching orgasm, talking to her telling her how much I love what she’s doing to me, wrapping my legs around her pulling her into me… playing with her breasts, nipples… kissing her, nibbling on her neck as I would if I were fucking her… not only increases my pleasure, but often takes her over the top as well.


Have fun with your partner, that's what all of this is about, isn't it?

6 months ago. Jan 27, 2021, 6:51 AM

When I first started out as an enthusiastic cunnilinguist I was thrilled just to experience a woman's orgasm in my face and mouth. Then I discovered the function of the prostate. I had no idea how intensely I would cum if it were stimulated. Now all I can think of is being fucked in the ass until I cum. Even if I don't reach full on whole body orgasm, being on the edge and feeling dominated is absolutely extraordinary!!! I don't ever think of sex any other way. I don't want intercourse or fellatio or even a handjob. I don't even want my penis touched. I am completely overwhelmed by being taken by an assertive woman that I can only imagine myself in a role-reversal scenario. I am truly obsessed by being dominated and penetrated by a woman with a strapon. I wish I could find a woman who gets off fucking me and making me her bitch. I love being submissive to powerful women.