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The adventures of A bug, A Bunnie, Alice and their Dragon.
“I’ve done every damn thing in the book wrong”... this is the story of that journey.
2 days ago. Wed 16 Oct 2019 03:08:52 PM IDT

One of the risks of being quiet is that other people fill your silence with their own interpretations. When others can’t read us, they write their own story.

I long ago let go of the need to defend my honour. I have nothing to prove to anyone. Find your own truth.

4 days ago. Mon 14 Oct 2019 01:55:53 AM IDT

6 days ago. Sat 12 Oct 2019 12:49:02 AM IDT

He laughs a wicked laugh.

And adds “silly little fillies... playing with fire... I am the Beast... now over my knee!”

One by one he lays them across his knee, bare hand to ass... making his claim on all three. He will use them all... but not in ways that will bring them such glee.

The quiet one shall have his fill, the one who follows shall be put behind, and the one with sass shall watch it all...

He grabs the sassy fillie by her hair and drags her to a tree where he binds her... fingers just out of reach of her clit. If she can reach she can cum as much as she likes... and she will want to.

The other two he orders to kneel before him and open their mouths. He looks at each pretty little gasping fillie mouth as he fucks them, alternating between the two.

With his crop he flicks the thighs of the bound fillie... knowing her masochistic little fillie cunt is already dripping with want. Their eyes meet... he grins and shrugs, which causes her to let out a groan.

He laughs, switching focus back to his lovely little fuck toys. Such lovely mouths... he’s impressed. He steps between them... time for more. Quiet fillie gets his cock... follower fillie gets his ass. “Lick” is all he commands her.

Her eyes grow wide... she hesitates. Will she do this thing?

He doesn’t seem to notice... he’s taking what he can from the mouth of the quiet fillie... saliva, tears, gasps for air... the cock of the Beast does not play nice.

The follower fillie recognises her place and begins with a tentative lick... “oh,” she thinks... “it’s not so bad”... just as a hand reaches around and grabs her hair and drives her face into his ass. She licks. “Good girl,” the Beast moans as he rolls his head to the side to see the sassy fillie furiously trying to masturbate.

Slowly, deliberately, he steps away from the two fillies and commands them to stand, legs apart. Now for some fun...

Testing the waters with his fingers, he traces the lips of each pussy. Well, well. Wet. In fact... glistening. He laughs. It seems he has found their secrets. So obvious. Licking the evidence from his fingers, he takes the crop and gives them both a flick on the thighs. He then gives them both a flick on the pussy. They moan and knees buckle slightly.

“Stand straight,” he says. “And you will not cum without my permission.”

At that, he inserts the handle in the pussy of the quiet fillie. She gasps. That little slut... she’s close already. He looks at her with a sadistic grin... “don’t make a sound little one... you have been named ‘quiet one’ and that you shall be.” He moves the crop handle in and out of her, haphazardly flicking her clit with his fingers. Delicious torture.

She tries to stay still and quiet... it requires every bit of focus she has. This sweet torture is making her so wet she’s surprised it’s not dripping down her legs. Oh... it is. This unexpected discovery makes her giggle a little. The crop comes out and smacks her thigh. This brings her back.

The Beast moves to his next target and the quiet one is left burning with a want in her belly that she never knew possible. She doesn’t just want the Beast... she needs him. She needs him to fill all of her. She remains quiet as she watches him shift to her sister fillie.

He looks at the sassy fillie and she’s simply trying to grind anything... the air, the rope, her ever-so-perfectly-out-of-reach fingers. She’s going to cum without even touching herself. The wildness that has grown inside her whilst watching this scene is just too much. Her desire is dripping from her and making its way down her thigh. She can smell it... but still can’t touch. Moan after moan escapes her lips in the hopes that it might do something... anything... to ease her need.


The Beast looks at her and strokes his cock...


And then turns his focus to the follower. He hears a groan that makes him smile. So easy, he thinks to himself. These playful fillies.

“You like to be behind... behind you shall be.” He stands and places his fingers inside the follower, feeling her wetness coat them. He draws them out and licks them, studying her face. He sees a mixture of pleasure and fear. She knows what’s coming. He rubs his cock between her thighs, coating himself in her... pushing the head inside her swollen lips... teasing playfully... a glean in his eye.

“Hands and knees,” he growls in her ear. She almost falls to her knees more than moving with deliberation, as he moves around behind her. He rubs her juices around her ass as he kneels in behind her... guiding his throbbing cock towards its intended target.

Not brutally but with purpose he moves in. This hunt has made him wild. Controlling his desire has created an almost trancelike state for him. The Beast wants to tear through her ass and claim what’s his. He strokes her back and grabs her hair. Leaning forward, he bites her back. She can’t help but let out a moan, driving herself back into him. He feels her letting go. Connecting with that part deep inside... unlocking herself... handing it over to him. Want, need, desire. “Good girl,” he whispers... “give yourself to me.”

He feels it building before she says anything. Gasping, “Please Beast... may I cum?” “Yes my little follower ass whore... you may cum.” She lets go, body yielding, she groans out loud and cums so hard he feels it pulsating against his cock. “Good little ass whore,” he says. “Now go help your sister.”

She crawls over and begins licking feverishly. Her orgasm still flowing through her veins, she returns the crop handle to its original duty, wanting her sister fillie to share in the pleasure.

Sassy fillie can’t contain herself... but what can she do? As the Beast approaches she rolls her head from side to side. She simply can’t take any more of this torture. Without a word, he walks up and slips his cock inside her. She cums immediately. He laughs. “Greedy little slut aren’t you?”

“Yes, Beast,” she groans. It’s not enough... she needs more. She needs him in all of her at once. She looks past his shoulder and sees her sister fillie fall to the ground with pleasure as her orgasm courses it’s way through her body.

She feels another one coming. It tears through her body. Not enough. Will it ever be enough? She feels his breathing shift... the wild look in his eyes suggests he’s so close. She wants his cum... in her... on her... she wants to bathe in it.

He calls to the two fillies... beckoning them to come and kneel. They do so.

He lets out what almost sounds like a roar... wild... primal... as he withdraws and cums on each of the fillie faces looking up at him. Almost tenderly, he reaches down and gathers some of himself on his fingers and brings it to the lips of the bound sassy fillie. Gratefully, she licks his fingers clean.


He has claimed his fillies three. And satisfied they be.

1 week ago. Fri 11 Oct 2019 03:56:20 AM IDT

1 week ago. Wed 09 Oct 2019 10:53:03 PM IDT

The fillies frolic in the mud puddles, anxiously awaiting the riding crops. 


Laughter floats through the air,

much like mud pies thrown at unsuspecting spectators.


Crops are drawn like swords from a sheath,

energy rises as they seek a place to land.


Slipping, sliding, ducking, weaving, grasping...

hair, limbs, torsos... flesh writhing upon flesh.


Giggles and taunts turn to gasps and shrieks,

as crops find intended targets and zones.


Frolicking fillies and Disciplinarian Doms, Salacious spectators and Playful participants...


Mud puddles and riding crops... so much fun to be had.


1 week ago. Sun 06 Oct 2019 08:02:31 PM IDT

1 week ago. Sun 06 Oct 2019 12:15:22 PM IDT

1 week ago. Sun 06 Oct 2019 12:37:01 AM IDT

Dammit... I got sucked in as well lol...


Allowing myself to be taken feels like the only thing to do. It feels so right. The look in His eyes is mesmerising. It takes me to the place I know I want to be. Just as I’m about to give in, I turn my head and bite His shoulder... not hard, but harder than I expect. Expect?

Suddenly my eyes widen in fear as I realise what I’ve done. Umm... where did that come from? I close my eyes and freeze... feeling myself blush profusely as I wait for His reaction... expecting to feel the blow across my cheek. Nothing...


No movement.


I slowly open my eyes to see Him looking at me curiously... a smile playing in the corners of His lips... like He’s studying me... trying to figure out this strange creature who continues to surprise Him. I grin a little, and kind of shrug. A way of letting Him know He’s not the only one... I continue to surprise myself as well.

With that, still holding my arms, He leans back and takes all of me in... the lines of my body, the scars I carry, the stories told without words.

We both know I am His. We’ve been in each other all along... we simply didn’t know it until our souls met. 

Our eyes meet again and He can’t contain the laugh that escapes as He realises that in the moment He took to study me, my mind had drifted to the tree line... my face giving away the thoughts of escape... my body preparing for whatever was to come... battle or surrender...

2 weeks ago. Fri 04 Oct 2019 09:26:19 AM IDT

3 weeks ago. Mon 23 Sep 2019 07:37:21 AM IDT