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Late Comer to the scene

Thoughts of a late-blooming submissive.
7 months ago. Oct 11, 2019, 2:10 PM

During my married life, we toyed with chastity, a cheap plastic cage, that in all honesty was far too big for my average size, and was about as secure as my kids piggy bank. It was some light-hearted fun, her threatening to leave me locked and deny me for weeks or months - but she never really got into it, and after a while, we stopped playing that game altogether.


Fast forward 5 years or so, when I am single, and the availability, security and even price of chastity devices for men have changed so much.

I have purchased a few cheap knock-offs, and self-locked over the past 3 years or so, leaving keys at work or just making it difficult to get to them, even leaving them at my Mum's house on a bunch of other keys when I knew she was away for a fortnight. Whilst I found this somewhat enjoyable, it was never forced as I could always access the keys and release myself - even if I'd have to wait a week or two.

As I've gotten older, and my figure has become fuller (Ok I'm fat and struggling to keep my weight down) I found that the base rings of most devices were too tight around my balls. Even the 50mm hinged base rings were too tight for longer-term wear.

Then last month, two things happened. I started chatting to someone online, a dominant female, who loved chastity and the thought of controlling a guy's ability to orgasm. We chatted frequently, and it was wonderful, and she also found a site that made secure devices with a larger base ring. The chastity cage itself is quite harsh, and not for a first-timer, and with the prospect of an actual keyholder, I decided it was time to invest in a secure cage that could be worn for a long time.


I've ordered the cage, and it's due in the next week or two - I'll let you know how it all works out!!



7 months ago. Oct 10, 2019, 1:16 PM

I am now 54 years old, and just starting to explore my submissive side. I've always been submissive, but never really fully realised it, or did anything about it. I'd open doors for ladies, walk on the outside of the footpath, the usual things I associated with being a gentleman. 


This really was the tip of the iceberg though, and looking back on various experiences, I really was a lot more subservient than I realised. I would defer to my female partner on the majority of issues, not simply for an easier life, but because she made better choices. 

I'd ask her advice on what to wear, how to dress - and it was all leading in one direction, becoming more submissive. We were married over 20 years and did try some D/s play, but it was never satisfying for either of us, it turned out she was more submissive than I was.


We parted ways around 8 years ago, and are still fairly good friends. We don't go out as such, but having raised children together, there are occasions we are together.

I've finally found the courage to explore my submission, which has become a growing need as I've gotten older. Hopefully, it's not too late