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Musings of a submissive heart on a journey to rebuild what has been shattered and broken. The warrior in her refuses to give up. Defeat is not an option. She embraces life heart wide open despite the pain it sometimes brings.
2 days ago. June 3, 2023 at 6:08 PM

Something more im reaching for


A world of love and so much more


Feeling lost and cannot hide


The person that I lost on this ride


The journey got so tangled


The detours blasted my heart.


Desires boiling over with intention


A light a love to overcome all the hate and




If only we could remove what separates


Putting people on pedestals only to rip them off in jealousy


Insecurities with in oneself behind the pitchfork frenzy


Needlessly tearing others souls


When if we looked within and healed ourselves we could change the world.


Light and love treasures of the heart


This is the world I want to see us impart!!!❣️❣️

A place where hopes and dreams align.

1 week ago. May 25, 2023 at 3:08 PM

(Had to incorporate a musical legend lets honor her passing, this was a time when music was epic❣️❣️)

Healing is a beautiful feeling. It is it easy but its worth it. The last few weeks have been spent realising a few new things I need to work on. The beauty is knowing i wont be doing it alone . My Daddy has my back. I know i drive him bonkers some times but he never runs or backs down. That's new to experience .Most days its just so typically me.

Some days one feels like taking a stuffed well and shoving it up.... Wait Daddy might read this so i better behave 😜. Other days I feel like sitting with a spoon a tub of frosting , books , good movies and gummies 🤔or cheetos hmm .. But no matter what happens I know better days are blooming and the days of fight or flight aee slowly being eclipsed by the promise of one day being there by Daddys side . while im waiting im trying to remember yo take time and tip toe thru the daises and make a few daisy crowns with purple clovers.... Anybody want one ?

Have a great day yall❣️ embrace it and make it yours ...💓🍿🧈🍒💌

1 month ago. May 4, 2023 at 3:03 PM

Ok ok ok so I know for those who know me my love of well lets be blunt cock worship, bjs ok ok oral fixation on the 🍆 maybe in the legendary zone. Its a daily okay multi daily obsession. (For addicktions this ones a pretty ok one to have id think.. at least I dont think Daddy would complain :p) 

So ive seen this new trend..... Ok so ive done whipped cream , pop rocks ,ice , peanut butter, frostind and donuts.. And I am totally down for the fruit roll up trend (as long as you a sure me no injury shall come to such a work of art 🍆) but lets get real why the tounge tattoo fruit roll up.. I for one really get in there so that tattoo would just be a huge smeary mess of color and with combining two of my favorite things unless commanded to im totally not coming up for air unless made to 😬😳🤐😛😜😝 so maybe just maybe, hear me out, the tounge tattoos could go on nipples instead . id say clit but well ya know that whole pesky sugar in the wrong place thing. Although I bet the drool makes nice pretty (and sticky) drool trails (wait now I wanna see those too). Okay back to the regularly scheduled program of adulting oye Vey and give a fruit roll up a little loving today 💋

*EDIT so being star wars day made me think what if you wrapped 🍆you'd have your own light saber Oo Oo light saber duels of epic proportions❣️❣️

1 month ago. April 23, 2023 at 1:02 AM

When your daydreams go badly thru


When the past haunts the night stalking you


All your heart all the soul


Rises up in hope


That this dream wont fade away


A dozen times over the heart beats start again a thousand times over he calls to love again


Longing calls an ache for his touch


The thrum of his growl clenching your tights


Over and over you wish again to be in his presence and share all thats within.

2 months ago. April 6, 2023 at 3:15 AM

Protecting your dynamic and relationship.


Most know that you honor your Dom or SO by obeying rules and boundaries that are set forth.

But there are other ways to also honor and show respect to each other in how you interact with others. Remembering that even in every day interactions its important to guard and protect . being honest and truthful with one another helps. I keep my one on one interactions with any and all males including friends totally open to my Love. Keeping our private chats with only those who are allowed and not allowing temptation into private chats. Also, remembering to not let the way others treated you in the last color how you respond in the now. Always making sure that actions reflect ones respect, love and devotion even with family and guarding your loves reputation and heart even in front of them matters.


Its a scary thing putting your heart and soul into hands again after its repeatedly been taken advantage of and used .


Its a daily learning process ..ok more like a second by second learning process. Its made much easier when with someone who is always transparent and honest with you. Its been a huge learning curve giving my heart to someone who actually guards and protects it. When in a conversation keeping an mind how would my SO or Dom/sub feel if they saw this interaction would it give them a sense of pride and security or would it shatter the hard built trust between each other . that is always in the thought s as I interact. Keeping a smile on my Beloved face and heart are a priority being there for Him when things are tough as well. Ok ok ok so yes I am pretty sure most who knownme know i keep Him on his toes as well 🥴🤐😬🤫🤭 But makint sure my actions remind Him that he is one of my biggest treasures and blessings mmmmhmm

*giggles and as always spoiling the daylights out of Him because all your mischief and mayhem He puts up with he more than deserves it 💋

2 months ago. March 31, 2023 at 2:02 AM

Facing those oops and rough bumps together


In every relationship ..yes even dynamics


There are ups and downs


And I seem to sometime have more than my fair share of dilemmas and uh ohs and oopses


Sometimes those oopses make me very nervous, and insecure.


In most of my examples all I saw was people run not walk the other way that or they caspered the ghost on me


So its been interesting walking this time with a real man and Dominate


Who while he gets frustrated He is always fair and somehow always comes thru with exactly what I need.

To be honest it was always my thing to hide when i saw an oops it can still some times be hard when i have to share whats going on. But somewhere deep down I open up and remember so far this one is proving to be different and way above the rest 

This man never seems to stop amazing me and teaching me new things or manage to win my heart even more 🤷‍♀️ my suggestion when you find that one that is real ?Trust with all you can that He has you from every angle.

2 months ago. March 9, 2023 at 4:09 AM

Healing is a good thing im sure we can call agree on that. When you have someone amazing helping the healing happen well it makes the pains on occasion more fun 🥴🤫😬🤐😮😉. But also mind and emotion blowing at times.

The past scars arent magically erased the self esteem hitting the floor doesnt suddenly bound right back. You moment by moment have to remind yourself who you are and what youre worth( again this helps exponentially when you have someone amazing that has you in His hands)

I still have my talks with the moon, tears still sometimes grace my pillow..ok ok ok my woofie stuffie but I digress. 

So where am I going with this?

Give yourself the same grace you extend to others let His voice be the reminder in your head . His hand is there to lead and guide you. Deep breath big girl panties on and no face planting Daddys boobs in the snowbanks... Ok ok 🤔so the thoughts still there hooters snowladies ? Oooo look squirrels .... 

One day at a time, one step at a time one task at s time it didnt take me one step to get this way it wont take one step to get me out of this place . but finally I seem daylight I see the rainbows I see that little pot of gold at the end of the rainbow .. Still think that damn little lepraucuan needs a flipping spanking or three or 20 but hey who am I to judge 

With that said flash your lucky charms and lets go bragging and get magically delish in this journey together ever learning ever growing 

3 months ago. February 17, 2023 at 1:32 AM

When you find someone...


That one who helps you see ..


I spent a large part of a life time trying to fit in to a cage and box who I was


When I came to the realization I could no longer do that I had to be me truly authentically soul deep me. It shattered all I knew and I stood alone expect for my children and many times as i sought love id be told I was too abnormal too weird to wild or way too much of a handful .


How do you know you found the one youve dreamed of all your life?


Easy He throws his head back and spits In the wind right along with you . He embraces all your scars and abnormalities and rides the crazy train leading the way and keeping you safe and tethered lol..


Yeah and in that still small quiet time he starts making you believe once again that maybe not all Daddys leave some stay and slay dragons and eat little debbies and snuggle stuffies right along with you keeping all the monsters at bay .




3 months ago. February 7, 2023 at 2:07 AM

Submission is earned


It comes at a cost.


It can not be rushed or bullied


When handled with the touch of a true Dom it blossoms and blooms it deepens to ones core


For a Dom to take on a sub who has broken from mishandling is no easy task


And for the Doms brave enough..and wise enough to venture there what they find will be a treasure untold.


I come with a smile in my heart and soul


My Valentines Day gift came early


Its so beautiful and sparkly shiny..( I still keep looking and smiling when its sparkle catches me eye)


But more than that it shows He took the time to get to know me He nurtures me puts up with the stupid doubts that sometimes plague . He has calmed the storm within and allowed the environment for which healing hastens .

Trust me on this one..find the one who puts in the effort along with you. The one who pays attention and gets to know all of you and accept it not just bits and pieces


5 months ago. January 2, 2023 at 2:03 AM

Thinking back on the beginning of last year... I can go through those emotions so broken, insecure and on the verge of just walking alone.... 

I cant even being to sing the praises of a great dynamics without mentioning yes it takes two to make the dynamic.But, without the strength of someone who actually gives back and does so with heart and care it isnt worth much and only serves to break you down mode. The self doubt becomes maddeningly loud with ita bellows and suffocating mean. 

Healing happens with his patience, guidance and understanding. My strength is once again found as is my wholehearted acceptance of my quirky weirdness as a good thing meant to be treasured. As He treasures it I grow in my self confidence and perky playfulness. There are still days of self doubt but He is always there lifting me up . Now I look forward to the year with a little curiosity and little wonder as to what Daddy has in store ..granted im sure Hes going oh hell shes thinking here comes trouble again ☺️🥴🤭👀

*giggles batten the hatches the ginger has started finding her fiery nature once more and its all because of Him ☺️😍❣️❣️❣️