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A poly family.We are 5 mothers 2 grandmothers an aunt.
1 day ago. Aug 8, 2020, 12:19 PM

   Sorry but I always wanted to use that line. O.k. lets get the stats out of the way first I am 5'8" in bare feet 36c-21-36  and a natural red head I keep my hair long and in a tight braid. And yes I was the girl mama warned you about as far as males went yes I enjoyed them and always gave them cab fare,no shower at your place thanks for the ride have a good life.But to be fare I was the same with girls too until Deb's and I got together she didn't try to tame me.

   He impressed me from the start when he tested Debs and I and I realized that I just got beat by my grandpa well, I wanted him when I look back on that day I understand now that we were out matched from before the first blow was struck. When I was on the ground with his arm around my neck and my only chance of rescue was in the same position on the other side of him and that during the fight he had taken every weapon off me without me realizing it at the time I felt completely deflated and defeated. On our way to clean up John helped fill in some gaps for us he first met sir James 15 years ago he was a guest trainer for the first class if seals in  hand to hand as well as marksman with the then new mp4. he then held up A finger and said  into the air yes sir I will inform them. You must have given him a  work out he say's to meet him at the Jacuzzi if you are shy there are clean suits in the bottom left draw of the vanity it's clothing optional Jane will be there so you know it will be her asking the questions so you know you pasted his test. 

Damn this is hard for a couple of reasons I'm not like the other ladies I'm introverted not shy and I don't do a good deal of writing never mind talk emotions in general about myself so you see the problems. Add the fact that it was  very slow in coming because it was not one single thing that made me fall for sir it was an accumulation of many small things and a love very different then i was used to seeing in others or myself the love I share with debs and the  other ladies is not the same as  what I had with him. I guess you could  say they showed me a deeper kind of love then I had ever felt before. One that did not have a bases in the sexual but in the emotional. After learning the lifestyle that sir and Jane shared I thought I understood but again I was wrong because I like most went to the sexual side the kink factor of the life it was not until I really talked to Jane that I started to see things the way they did. Now I can feel the eye roll from here all I can say is you would have had to know her the way we came to know her to understand. For the one's out there who might look at things this way think of Jane as a emotional broadcasting em-path stuck on love and that would be the closest I can come to describe it. 

After talking to the others they tell me  to just take my time and write what I feel at the time and don't over analyze so that is what I will do  


2 days ago. Aug 6, 2020, 8:56 PM

   We are starting to see the wisdom of our sir and Jane. We knew there had to be a reason that he choose us and I think we are starting to understand. We are good friends from the beginning and now we are bound by motherhood as well as the bond we have with sir that makes us more then friends in some way it makes us sisters and wives. Because of this we will never be alone from the beginning they called us a family and we are They both knew that someday we would  have to stand together and for that we would need a range of different abilities at our core.   


                                                                                       THE DYNAMIC 

                                                                                            BY JANE

     The dynamic the world see's is  a round ball of mirror steel. And inside is the world that we live in it is worm and safe, hot and wild, it is lust and pain, it has one hart filled withe your blood loaded with all the good you have made together to feed the shell the world see's and therefore protects you from the outside this then is the perfect dynamic. Once you understand this you will then create your own dynamic of perfection that the world can not break and find the peace you need.  

3 days ago. Aug 5, 2020, 11:11 PM

Jane= no mater how cold never wear flannel to bed that's what he's there for.

Jane= ladies never  worry about saying I'm sorry. Instead remember to always say thank you after your punishment. (to the one owed this thank you sir.)

Jane = If you feel a bi*** coming on, go to work that's what it's there for not him.


   To all those who expressed their concern I'm feeling much better now doc was  right i just needed rest. We ladies went camping to a place sir showed us. It is a very healing place and I  think we have come to terms with our loss it has that effect It just drains the soul of negative feelings and make you remember the good times. Like the ranch give you the feeling of being protected. I brought three of Jane's journal's and these lines where highlighted so we talked over the reason she highlighted them except for the one in the middle that gave me a personal meaning we got stuck on the other lines and are hoping some of you more experienced women mite give your opinions on what she meant or is this another one of  those the meaning will become apparent when the time comes?               thanks Mari with a restrained touch of love  to all.       

5 days ago. Aug 4, 2020, 1:32 PM

                                                                                       happily owned ever after 



   When I arrived here my new home. Jane put me in a room and told me to let it out scream throw things call her and she would be there. And you know what I did exactly that except for the throwing thing not that I didn't want to I just couldn't even through me tears I could tell the objects were just to beautiful to break but I did rip some sheets up and not in a good way this lasted about a month when there was a gentile rapping on my door sir James stood outside my door he looked down at me (can someone explain how a man shorter then you can do that) he said your time of morning is not over but your time of healing is to start clean up dress and see me in my office you have one hour. Did i feel indignant yes did I disobey like I thought to no for some reason I  could not.

   When I came down to his office Jane was with him and seated on the floor to his right as  was her obligation he sat me in a chair in front of his desk put some papers in front of me and asked if I recognized them yes It is a copy of the training contract you had me sign. At the time you were so eager to sign it you never read it completely did you I said no I did not. Please read it now.

          I Jenny------------- do turn my control of position station to James------------- for the duration of contract termination of witch is determined by James----------------- for the agreed upon sum paid yearly to a holding account in my name administered by Jane--------- . Looked at him and said it looks like an open end employment contract. He smiled in essence it is exactly that it merely omits what your job is or entails.

    He smiled  and said good he then handed my my husbands contract and said before you read what I ask you to do you remember the little private gifts Jane and I sent you on your anniversary every year I sat and smiled remembering all the fun sir and I had using them. He then pointed out the last few lines of my sir contract he then said  unlike in your case these were discussed in detail before you even saw them. It plainly stated that for the agreed amount of yearly rental of 1 million dollar's I John----------- will receive all rights of use for equipment and also any further materials sent to me yearly.

You do notice that the amount to be paid is  in Johns hand. Yes, but I still don't understand. Well years ago when I first started mentoring and training subs I felt a moral obligation to the people I trained to make sure they were protected at least financially should a Dom tire of there sub and wish to flake out or leave them aside for the fact they could always come to me for basic support I could be sure that they had something to start over with so this is on every contract I have with a Dom or sub and believe me I have had no problem taking it to court and embarrassing the hell out of the Dom as well as making sure the sub was compensated. Now I have about  20 of these contracts but what I wanted you to know was that yours was the highest amount ever listed and adhered to at that he looked at Jane she stood and handed me a cashiers check in the accrued sum my sir had paid. having been through some ruff times financially over the years he paid this every year and I know we went without some luxury or other but he made sure this was paid. So I knew he made sure I would always have what was needed.      And that ladies is understanding what you  are worth to your Dom in a monetary way. but what you are worth in a emotional way? Well no one can put a dollar sign on that.    


5 days ago. Aug 4, 2020, 12:19 AM

   After all the guests departed sir James took my sir with him to the study for drinks and cigars after we ladies served them and lit the cigars we departed has anyone ever enjoyed the  smell of a library with the smell of cigar that room more then any other yelled man cave do not enter without fear of the monster that lives there. it makes me horny every time I smell it. Jane Dena and I went to the living room to wait and do sub talk I say sub talk because it was very different then women talk. This is where I experienced another first Jane asked me point first if I had ever had a women and I realized that I was turned on by the idea, Jane said to just wait and watch for now if I felt like joining that was fine but i did not have to Jane took Dena in her arms and kissed her and I noticed that we girls kissed each other differently then we did men the only way to describe it was  gentler slower but also more feeling was behind it the caresses were different to more on the neck back and arms to start more erotic then lustful even as the tension built it was  more feminine then with a man I found myself drawn into the dance yes that the word dance of life it was all about creation and life and equality not invade and conquer and dominate and own. When we ad finished it also felt different but also just as  satisfying but in a more playful way.

   The next morning I woke in bed with Jane Dena was tapping me and saying something about breakfast was ready. I do not know who else I slept with that night and I found I really did not care yes I had become a complete slut all in one night when we got downstairs I found sir James teaching my sir his idea of the perfect omelet. I looked at Dena ans asked did you  make all this she laughed and said rule 1 sir James kitchen you clean and put things away in there proper place and nothing else. While Dena was explaining this to me our sirs pulled chairs out to seat us my sir kissed me on top of my head and asked if I slept well I responded yes sir I did but I missed you this morning when I got up well I'm here now so don't worry about a thing. After eating sir James asked Jane if I could be excused from clean-up so he could take us to his office to start I asked if I could clean-up first and was told me no. He brought us to his office and put paperwork in front of us and said before I start teaching you, you and Jenny will have to sign a release form I can not accept your sirs word. And the same goes for your sir.

   And I remember his words like told to us yesterday for you to truly understand what your sub feels you must feel it also. You see I know from experience you can read all kinds of books you can even ask your sub to explain what they feel but you must understand from your own experience exactly what you are doing to them that means you must feel every instrument that you use on her it will also teach you control because every time you use it you will remember what it felt like yourself. And then he looked at me and said you will love and appreciate him more for knowing he endured this treatment for you. 


Over the next two years with sir James teaching and my sir practice my internal pain at seeing my sir experience what I did just made me grow deeper in love for him and more connected as time went on and it created a bond between us that weathered the bad times every one goes through in a relationship. We lasted 22 years until his death. It was a hart attack and the last words he said to me I love you go to sir James he will help you to survive this and he was gone. And I came here Jane picked me up after the service like sir James his ashes are just  waiting for me to join him and together we will face heaven or hell together as it was meant to be.                          

6 days ago. Aug 3, 2020, 5:23 PM

   During the course of the night we subs would be allowed to talk to each other until called to service. This I found very exciting until my sir called me over he looked at me and said you need your pain don't you I looked down and realized I had a stain on my panties I looked down and said please sir I know I am being needy but I do need my pain. He sighed and said very well you have been on your best behavior tonight so remove your panties I look shocked and he said you were doing so well do I have to repeat I pull my panties down and exposed his favorite toy to the guests he then told me to put my panties in my mouth and remove my bra. he then asked me if I was ready I nodded my head and he sighed again and said are you ready I screamed through the gag yes sir as best I could and he said good girl reached over and pinched my nipples as  hard as he could and some were between the embarrassment and the pain I came when I had calmed down I realized the guests are clapping and calling bravo well dun sir. and I was kneeling and that was how he left me for the rest of the party.  On occasion some one would pat me on the head and say good girl. At one point Jane knelled in front of me and said you my not understand but you have made your sir very happy and me for finding you and recommending you both for training by sir.

   That was the start of my and my sirs journey together, later that night he came over to me  helped  me up and  whispered to me that he had good news. Sir James has offed to instruct us both and we will be staying for a couple of days go and wash your face and join him at position 2. now I knew he was happy with me position 2 as for me to stand just behind his right shoulder hand behind my back standing straight with my head up if he was not as happy I would have been told to keep my head  lowed or even knelling.          


                                                next: training us together

1 week ago. Aug 2, 2020, 8:06 PM

   This friendship lasted over 20 years. The first time we where invited to their home and was introduced to Dena my sir was in a state and so was I we had no idea that you could have more then one sub and keep them both happy. But when he saw sirs playroom we both almost came. He told us the only reason he could do it was  because of the way he designed the home he bought two houses and combined them into one so instead of connecting the basements he left them separate so had one side for the kids and one side for adult play. Before this all important first gathering I got a call from Jane and was filled in to proper attire expected of the subs attending and if i needed help to swing by her office and we would go shopping together so that I  made the best impression as my sirs sub so we went shopping this is  were I learned just how important and comfortable well fitted undies were. About 3 hrs before we were ready to leave my sir came into our bedroom took a knee and held up a box to me and said wife will you give me the honor of wearing my collar (men they have no idea of timing and the effect they have on us). So I arrived with my eyes slightly swollen with tears my eye make-up slightly mussed and proudly wearing my first collar when Jane opened the door one look and she knew as well as every other sub at the party it was my first collar. I then disrobed took my sirs arm and walked into the party Jane introduced us at the entry. And we then attended our first formal introduction to our lifestyle.        


I will now share with you the single most important lesson I learned that night.

love shared is not love divided it is love multiplied.


   That night I learned another aspect of my particular needs public humiliation was something I enjoyed being in a room almost naked in front of complete strangers was the start of it and it was unbelievable I felt myself enter into that zone almost from the beginning being leered at by men was for me an orgasmic ride in candy-land and reinstalled in  me a sense of the power of woman hood that I really enjoyed and needed after becoming a mother finding out that I still had it was so enjoyable and the look of pride on my sir's face just told me how he felt about it. next my next first.         

1 week ago. Aug 2, 2020, 2:27 PM

    I make no excuses for ether my parents or myself because we knew no other way. But knowing a different way now I and those around me are better off sir James way was the better way. I was born into wealth a great deal of wealth and raised with only the best as was expected of a woman I was constantly reminded of just what i owed my family. The same for my older brother we were trained from birth to be what we are until the day my brother broke and it became apparent he would not be able to fulfill his duties to the family at that point it fell on my back to do my roll and his my education became more intense and my duties became more then making a baby to  carry on the line and traditions of the family. No I did not rebel not even when I was told who to marry did I love him no but love was for those without anything to lose the poor the have not's the one's who still had there fortunes to make. I gave him an heir to both fortunes along the way we learned to first care and then love and lust for each other. As far as the lust aspect I was a  masochist he was an exceptional sadist. Oh the exquisite pain he gave me was just so perfect. But and this is  how we met Jane and sir James. I noticed another young couple come in and were seated in  the front that meant that he held 4 coins to my sirs one when  Jane proudly disrobed and I saw the jagged scar where her right breast should have been I of course jumped to the wrong conclusion and my body started to shake thinking of the  pain she had having he sir cut it off as some form of punishment (yes readers I was that naive in some things) it was then I realized I new this woman as a mater of fact I  was wearing one of her designs that night.

   I asked my sir if it would be possible to meet them he looked at me and asked why and I told him the truth that I wanted to meet his sub. He looked at her and came to the wrong conclusion as well he took out his card and called a server over told her to give his card to sir James and request a meeting he looked at the card and held it down to Jane who looked over to us put her head down while she talked to him as was proper he then took his card out and talked to the server. She responded and came back to my sir and said he will see you if you follow the protocol for these types of meetings the protocol called  for my sir to bow to him as well as I to be naked he looked at me with fire in his  eye as tho to say you will pay dearly for this I just looked down when my sir asked why and she looked at him with a trace of disgust and explained you sir are a one coin holder he is a  4 coin holder would a peasant approach his king and not bow you sir are not his equal. Well long story short after the formalities were met we became fast friends. Because even tho my husband married into money he earned his own they were both self made  men so had much in common as for Jane and I we two came from status but she went on to become a great success along with her sir in a way we were almost a mirror of each other my money helped my sir achieve his dream and his money helped her achieve her dreams.             

1 week ago. Aug 1, 2020, 10:39 AM

in case you are wondering most of the youngsters went camping at a little spot sir showed them and left me with the little's so jenny and I are home.


   I was born and raised on Porto Rico and for the first ten years lived in a shack with a dirt floor myself and two older brothers mom and dad. at ten we moved to the city or what was called the slums by those of us that lived there because dad got a promotion we could afford it this was back in the sixties and I could go to a real school and had real books and I learned both the world and the knowledge of the books at 17 I managed to get a scholarship to a good school in ny and I was on my way having two big brothers who gave a damn about me I was lucky compared to others. I not only did not get knocked up I some what reluctantly kept my virginity. At 10 I also received a book from my mother if I remember right it was Emily Post's book of etiquette and my mother and brothers helped me practice at 14 I got a job on weekends at a resort because of that book and helped with household expenses both of my older brothers got jobs with my father and moved out. That book also helped me the rest of my life because during collage I got work as an event planner between that and grants and scholarship by the time I earned my masters I met sir James and that gave me the money to get my doctorate.

Yes I did bypass the loss of my virginity I will say this it was to an older man and the seduction and loss was just amazing.         

1 week ago. Jul 31, 2020, 5:25 PM

A have received a request that as some one who has some experience in this form of Dom/sub relations as I in formed them this is a very difficult thing to try to explain so forgive me if some thing does not sound right. In order to understand high protocol you must first understand both etiquette and manners. If you really want to know you must first read and understand books on these two subjects and high-lite the sub part but I will tell you a lot of it will at first seem useless in today's way of looking at things. Many people now disregard most of the books on manners because most believe respect is something you earn not so respect is a given it is up to the one given that respect to prove that they do not deserve your respect. Now let me explain a little in reference to our lifestyle, the sub give respect to the Dom but what is not always taken into account is the respect the Dom gives his sub now I'm not talking when at play I am talking in everyday life there is a certain form of address between couples in public this may or may not change behind closed doors. Now we run into the problem of outsiders in our way there are tiers of respect first there is your sir second is his designated substitute or stand in in the case of this family that is sir John then comes friends and here is where it get tricky a dom may come across as a friend and may well be but he is never to be considered a peer he/she can not be and must be given  higher form of respect then you would give a peer I will give an example that most have heard if one black man addresses a close friend as his nigger i can be acceptable however no matter how close even brothers the term would never be acceptable if used in public it comes with a belittling affect that crosses the border into disrespect even when not meant to. ( I apologize for the use of that word but it is the best example I could think of while writing).  i will be happy to answer any specific questions if you have any