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taxi and his ladies

Dom to a poly family
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                                                                      party like you were still free

Sir can dance that night after a fabulous dinner just the six of us. we went to a private club, sir spent most of his time teaching us how to waltz, box step, and then he taught us samba, Flamenco, and others by the end of the night I was exhausted and sir never broke a sweat, and then he danced with Jane doing a tango but it was so sexual in its dance I swear every lady in the club was ready to climb on there dates.   


This is were I learned a lesson and It was profound when he held me in his arms I found that the sent of my sir struck me it was musky with the scent of cinnamon and chocolate I do not know which of them it was but I suddenly wanted to sink to knees right there he held my eyes and I swear he penetrated me in a way I will never forget it was both sexual and safe and protected all at the same time that I felt myself open to this man in a way that no other had ever done I felt as though he entered my soul and take it into himself caress it and made it his own by the end of that last dance between us I knew I belonged to him. it did not love it was ownership! anything he asked was to be done no question, no chose it was simple to be done. if he had asked me to kneel right there on the dancefloor and lick he feet I would have. instead, he stepped back from me and bowed and thanked me I could barely walk when we went back to the table he handed me over to Jane and takes Stacy to the floor and I watched as he did the same thing to her. When he next he takes his ex-wife Ann to the floor Jane looked at the both of us and smiled and said now you know don't you, you belong to him, body and soul is his to use and you are scared that he will make you do things you are powerless to say no to if he walked over here and said suck him you would swallow your pride and embarrassment and do it. Do not worry he will not do it wrong place and time if you earn that type of punishment it will not be here it will be at a different type of club you will be just as embarrassed but you will be congratulated by many other subs for your devotion and by some doms as well. no, what sir will be doing now is building your trust in him. He will be building your trust in not only him but for yourself both in private and in public. It is Sir's way to teach you to go so much further than you think you can always know that he will be right there to catch you put you back on your feet kiss your bruises away and send you back to try again. even at sixty-nine and after running a multi-million company on my own I am still learning the way sir can love each of us equally and completely and make us feel it. tomorrow he will call you to his office and go over the paperwork you did this morning and it is true his office is the one place subject to complete honesty you may say or do without risk of punishment anything, you will see me sitting on his right side that is the place of the senior sub your place when we are alone is kneeling on his left otherwise your  lace will be either to the left or right of the next senior sub. Don't worry you will learn and he will not be harsh until after you learn your place in life.                           

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                                                                  he will not give his seed until you love him

In some ways, I think he is older and wiser than the mountains around us in other ways he is still a little boy. but this is the way of men.


Mari did you notice that sir only came in me the couple of times the three of us made love, that is because he knows you do not love him yet and will not until he feels you do. you also notice it is very difficult for him to come let me explain sir suffers from something called retarded ejaculation. this means that he takes sometimes as much as an hour before he can and even then he can hold it for as long as he deems needed to make sure you are at the end of your endurance. he enjoys this and does not feel he has to come if he does not want to I once saw him last 4 hours and use a lot of lube. as you can guess this makes it difficult for most women but remember its's, not you, it is him. 


now you will find sirs rules for you may sound abit odd but he has his reasons. 

1) All subs will wake at 6 a.m. except for Saturday and Sunday. Saturday because we will be out late Friday night. Sunday because if God can rest so can you If you are religious then it will be your day of devotion.

2) you will be ready to serve or work by 9 a.m. (for us old ladies we have coffee and danish. we then exercise 1 hour every morning we normally do light weights, yoga, and then a run. then harty breakfast. after shower and dress since you will be moving to the main house you will not find it hard to be ready by 9. but remember punishment is ten smacks if late. 

3) outside the house you will be ladies at all times except if we go to Mrs. G's, then you will be indulging in any activity you wish to engage in. but always ask sir before, he may not think you are ready.

4) inside you will dress in what you have been given. 


now let's get ready for shopping as this is Friday that means our night out most likely it will be dinner and dancing. and we will be expected to dress right.                    

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                                                                                     learning at the feet of a sub 

After Jane collected the paperwork she had us go over to the lounge chairs by the pool. to conduct what she called introduction to poly sub life. this was as she calls the life of a lioness.


she askes us if we ever learned anything about African lions. well you can best understand life with sir if you see how they are the male spends his time protecting his pride and the females do the hunting you may think this unfair but when you look at it, it makes sense because there are a lot of males looking for a good group of ladies those that hunt well and can keep the family provided for that the male is constantly on guard and or fighting off the rivals the females only care about having the best strongest and most cunning male to have them. but of course, they are animals and only care about genetics and will give it up to the best. Humans are different we expect so much more from our mates. love, home, food, fatherhood, this and many other things go into being a good man. Stacy how does he treat your daughter have you paid any attention to that she put her head down and said yes, he treats her like she was his own daughter only better then I have seen some other men he seems to make sure he spends time with her every day playing, tea parties, teaching her to ride and involving her in all kinds of things even when he is working he lets her listen in on conversations after letting the other person know that little ears are listening. and he splits his attention. she seems to be more open with people on the ranch and they treat her like a young adult like him. and I will be honest the first time I saw her out by the paddock with that monster of a horse he rides and the wolf sitting and reading out loud to them with both of them heads down low or in her lap, I was scared but sir said not to worry they are just bonding. when I asked him how he knew he said because neither warhorse or wolf will come to him if she is doing this the care for her like she was there child. And Jane said this is why he needs children he needs to pass on his knowledge and love for future generations my daughter can not be the only one to benefit from this man. 


now I am going to try to explain your new sir he lives by very simple rules. 

1) all women are deserving of respect unless proven otherwise.

2) children are to be protected at all costs. no exceptions. 

3) men must prove thay can be trusted.

4) all women are ladies with training. (and that is what I will teach you.)                       

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                                                                                             protocol cont:

we left sir's office and went to the pool there I was surprised to find Rita, maid, and both stablegirls all nude swimming and they got out and came over to us at a nod from Jane they came and kissed us one at a time and welcomed us. we sat at the table the chairs were padded so very comfy. Jane said you are lucky you have three of sirs loves to help you adjust that more than we had we will be there before and after any punishments or kinky sex you decide on. now let's take care of that paperwork the top set was a list of every kink sir is willing to inflict on us Jane said you will find that sir is proficient at almost any kink listed there and I have had each done to me so I can tell you how it will feel but what you have to understand everyone is different so you have to go through the list and put a pu for punishment or pl for pleasure or T for wanted to try. it was extensive and there were a few that I had to ask what they were I mean rope work was easy to understand but the different styles I had to ask, Jane said some of them can be combined in different ways the same with the leather strapping there were different tools to impact play to try. once we got through with that was the training contract Jane said to read it over it was in both legalize as well as normal English translation. it was very concise and gave us both our rights and sir's was signed and witnessed by the stable girls and Rita the last was blank papers Jane said don't be embarrassed and be as concise as you can and put your favorite fantasy down.  when that was finally done it took a few hours to write them out because hell we were young and there were a few. finally there was the box. 


In the box were two collars each one pink with silver closures the other was a 1/4 inch gold circlet that went around the neck and was locked on Jane said sir has the keys on his chain around his neck. and finally, a letter to each of us thanking us for asking to join the family and explaining that when we pass training there will be a formal bonding. I took note of his saying "when not if" he had faith in us.  and finally, each of us received our first article of clothing a pair of thongs. to put on. they were LA Perla. I looked at Jane and she just said what you were expecting j.c. penny and started to laugh.                  

1 week ago. Thu 12 Sep 2019 01:43:45 PM IDT

A, it takes an absolutely perfect sub 

I thought I would do this blog to get my mind off the memories of this day. yes, I was there. and working on the pile many days after.

so you can see I don't want to remember that time. this is the story of the day my life started. I was already very comfortable when I met her. have you ever felt something that you could not really explain because you never felt it before? I was standing at a drinking rale watching some women dance I had already struck out once and I was looking for someone to ask to dance when the feeling hit someone was looking at me and I could swear I felt the eyes travel from my head to my feet briefly linger on my butt. when I turned around there about 5 feet from me was a tiny short-haired redhead with a perfect body and a pair of blue-green eyes at first we locked eyes and then she dropped her eyes and I swear I saw a shiver pass through her body and I felt it too. her name was Jane she followed me to the bar we dropped our glasses off and went to the dining side to talk. two and a half hours later she was still telling me her life story and why she was there she just needed someone that night just then her girlfriends found us they told her they wanted to go home I could tell she did not want to go so I called my driver and told him to please drive the ladies home I then gave the ladies my card. Jane asked if the one who was sitting if it was alright if she could take her daughter for a couple of days. I said if not get a baby sitter and send me the bill or ask my driver for the cash.


I looked at her and said so you have decided to take a chance she looked at me and said yes, for some reason everything in me says trust this man. I said good because something is telling me this is not a one night stand. she woke around noon the next day and came out in my shirt from the night before I was at the desk of the suit I keep in n.y. all she said was coffee I said over there or wait for fresh. she walked over and said yes both please so while she made coffee for herself she refilled my cup she gave me mine and said sorry but I don't know how you take it yet she sat down and she said why do I have this urge to call you sir. and I said because that is the normal way to address me. just then there was a knock at the door and I said come in Dena, when she came in and the two met I could tell everything was right she came in with a fresh suit for me and clothing for Jane I looked at Jane and said I took the liberty of telling Dena your sizes and asked her to pick something for you to wear while you shop today. Dena said I called your work and called you out sick for a couple of days. I then said you better call your girlfriend and tell her where you are and that your o.k. the two of them went to the bedroom an hour later in confusion as to what was taking so long I went to the bedroom door and was treated to Sappho dream. that turned into a threeway somewhere between heaven and hell.              

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                                                                                               the ordeal  


when Stacy and I got to sir office door he was on the phone he held up a finger for us to wait. it felt like hours but was only minutes but it was enough time for the fears to creep in. what if he says no, suppose he laughs, what do we do if he just tells us to get out what if, what if, what if. and then he said come we walk in and kneel and ask he clears his thought and says why are you asking my floor to be its sub lift your heads look me in the eye if you are addressing me and ask. I can't speak for Stacy but I know I turned red Stacy asked first then I repeated the request for myself he did not answer us at first. and I suppose you Jane are putting them forward for consideration, she said actually all three of us are. and are all three of you ready to pay the price if they fail or run? we are, then in that case sit and listen to there answers and mine Stacy why do you wish to be my sub you already have your child back there is no need to give the rest of your life to my care and certainly not my life to your care. she answered in the time I have known you you have shown me the definition of what a man should be and now I find I need that guidance and self-control that I can only learn from someone I love and loves me with the discipline I need. and Mari what is your reason, I looked at him and said because I love you already so you might as well teach me what I need to do it right. I see stand up turn around keep your feet together bend over as far as you can, Jane spoke up remember sir they have only started working out with me for a month. yes I see but they have made good progress stand. Jane show them she stood and bent when she had gone as far as she could she wrapped her arms around her legs  and touched her forehead to her knees and stayed that way for at least 10 minutes at 67 she was still that flexible she stood back up and said will you stop this now sir and ask the real question. sir smiled and said in a slightly sarcastic and playful voice yes Jane. he looked at us and said you know I have a policy of not taking anyone below the age of 30 as a sub because I feel like I'm robbing the cradle why should I make an exception for you two. Stacy answered for both of us, you want the family to carry on after you have left us and we are young enough to have children in your name and you are still young enough to father those children as you have already started with my or should I say our little one. she got him right where it counts in the heart. he looked at Jane and the others and they just shrugged and said we did not coach her. he said O.K. than gave us both a small box and a whole lot of papers and said the ladies will help you with the paperwork take your time read everything over and answer it as truthfully as you can especially the training contract. go, get your pretty a**es to work.                


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                                                                                                protocol cont:

Stacy and I got to breakfast early sir smiled and said a little eager are we then but our plates down sausage and bacon three eggs just the way we liked them home fries crispy. and he said eat it all you will need it this morning.  by the time Jane came down to breakfast we were nervous sir had not said a word to us after he put our dishes down Jane was in a white silk embroidered robe she stood and turned so we could see that there were many runes embroidered into it sir came out  and said going all out this morning I see he put her plate down and said, open, she turned a little pink and opened her robe and mouth and you could see her shiver when sir spit in her mouth and then pull her close and kiss her she said thank you my heart and he responded with thank you, my soul, now eat before it gets cold the other two Jan and Ann came down in similar robes but in black and red sir brought their plates out but just kissed them there robes were not as heavily embroidered as Janes but were just as heavy. Jane smiled and said each symble stands for some particular kink that we love and is a sign that we have done it. yours when and if you get a robe will start blank but don't worry sir will give you every opportunity to get yours I was dieing to ask but lacked the courage too. when we were done eating Jane asked if we had decided we said yes and she said the proper response is yes we wish to join the family or no not at this time so we both said yes we would like to join the family all three of them smiled and said be at the hall entrance at 9 am and don't be late. 

                                                                                                      the ritual 


When Stacy and I arrived at the appointed time and place we were greeted by Jane all in a white bra, garter belt leather-topped stockings and thong. Ann was to her left all in red and Jen was all in black Jane then said greeting partitioners we are the lady of the house we represent the three faces of women I am the face of love, Ann then said I am the face of women's passion then Jen spoke I am the face of a women's pain I bring new life. then Jane said we hold sirs soul heart and spirit together we keep the man the warrior and the lover safe as women understand hurt him and you stand in judgment to us and like all things in nature we are not the forgiving kind do you still wish to proceed. we looked at each other because, to be honest facing sir was one thing facing these three was scary as shit. we did not know we took so long looking at each other when Jane repeated do you still wish to proceed we jumped and said finally looking at them again and said yes. They smiled and came to us and hugged and kissed us. Jane then told us to undress completely and wash the make-up off. when you enter sirs office you will present yourself to him you will kneel with your legs slightly spread and hands behind you back. he will ask why you are there your answer will be I wish to present myself for consideration as a sub, to the house all the other questions are simple yes or no then if he accepts your plea he will ask you to rise to give you each a set of papers and we will leave, you will not put your clothes back on until you earn them from now on everything you receive will be earned your old clothes will be burned in sacrifice and to symbolize your new life. you understand all that I've said we answered yes she said good but from now until your bonding ceremony you will answer to us as either yes or no mother after the bonding we will be sisters understand we answered yes mother it was odd but calling them mother just seemed right because in a way they were you learn from your mother what it takes to be a woman and now I will learn what it takes to be a sub.                                  

1 week ago. Tue 10 Sep 2019 01:29:12 PM IDT

                                                                                               basic protocol

As anyone in a dynamic will tell you it all starts with negotiation, what form will it take there is no cookie-cutter yes there are basic that we all learn and this will I hope to explain them for us. first and foremost is the request to become more then what we are. 


it started with flowers it always starts with flowers when I came into my room there was a vase of red and white roses in my room the note read if you still wish to join the family present yourself to Jane right after breakfast. my heart was beating like a drum solo, is this what I want, do I want to be subject to his will, his demands, his care, his love, his justice, his rewards, will it help me, hurt me can he take my pain away. I haven't had one of my spells as I've come to call them I have been having dreams again not those nightmares but that might just be because I'm in a new environment. I had to talk to him before the morning. as I thought the light was on in his office it almost always was. when I got there I noticed Stacy was with him and they were talking she was telling him her concerns so I knocked and sir called to come in Mari. said hi to Stacy sir I  have some questions he said sit and we will talk they are personal sir he looked at me and said so are Stacy's but I believe they are about tomorrow morning am I correct the same as Stacy's so we might as well all talk after all if you decide to take this step you will be in this together and will hopefully become like sisters. And I think part of it has to do with that common ailment we all share P.T.S.D am I correct. Sacy and I looked at each other Sacy recovered quicker than me and said O.K. magic man how did you take them away. he laughed and said kido there's no magic involved its just something I learned when I first came back keep busy and keep your mind on the here and now and go to bed so tired you are to exhausted to think Stacy you have been distracted with work getting the company working the way you want it to add in getting little one back in your life and worrying if you are being a good mother witch you are by the way little one and I talk about how happy you are now doing what you should be doing as a woman working in a job you find challenging and rewarding and have your daughter by your side does not let your mind go to that place and poking it . As much as your mind can be short-circuited by the trama of war and what we had to do to survive it can be overloaded with the here and now. and you will both find that I as your I dom will keep you busy enough to let you grow and become bigger than your trama. unfortunately, I can't erase it as much as I'd like to I will make you strong enough to face it without falling apart the same as I can now see the faces and regret it but live with the necessity of it.


when Stacy and I got back to the cottage we talked about everything he said and has done and realized he made no promises he just did what he thought we needed and he will continue to do what we need we decided to try to start giving him what he needed in return.                     

1 week ago. Tue 10 Sep 2019 12:41:15 AM IDT

                                                                                               the return 

or, the dynamic couple 

can't decide what was more appropriate they rode in on a Saturday early afternoon Jane on Bella that pure white mare followed this menacing black horse the white wolf was walking next to Jane sir looked like something out an old western the kind where the bad guy is really the good guy if that makes sense two of the biggest pistols strapped to his legs two rifles on either side leather has worn holsters not fancy just practical he hands the pack horses to the stable girl and she takes warhorse too, the other girl takes Bella as sir reaches up and takes Jane in his arms and kisses her as he lowers her to the ground Jane slides her leg up and down his leg as they kiss it was both the most romantic and at the same time erotic thing I had ever seen. yes we all want that, Jane comes over, looks at us and says close you mouths ladies you will get your chance she tells me to follow her that was when I saw the pain in her eyes, she asks me to help her shower she has marks on her butt and thighs and I ask are they that painfull she looks and smiles oh no dear they are sheer heaven. it is what kept me going. no, the pain is inside she askes me to get a pill for it so she can really enjoy tonight. I ask her are you sure there's nothing you can do she smiles and said the only thing is experimental drugs and like sir, I am no ginny pig to experiment on by the end of the shower she was feeling much better and asked if I wanted to play I smiled and said no I think you better save it for sir just then we here sir say save what for sir Jane turns around and says all this. he says woman will you never be satisfied, no, and from the look of your little friend neither will he shook his head and said Mari keep her busy till I finish my shower just then Jane gets an evil grin on her face and said I have a better idea  and proceeds to strip him she looks at me and says well what are you standing there for you are his personal assistant and before he can say a word she started kissing him when he filled me that first time it was heaven being loved on both sides and melding into one and then turning around with Jane in the middle to become one again and again with our beloved sir in the middle it was 5 o clock before sir started dinner. Jane and I were still in bed when we were joined by sir's ex-wife Ann and Jen dinner was ready by 7 and we were all giggling through dinner. the others just thought that we just had some girl time. so they just smiled sir never said a word or looked any different than normal the moral of the story you other ladies is if the queen wants it she gets it, thank you, Jane, for making my fairytale come true.   you must be at gods right hand or sitting at his feet.              

1 week ago. Mon 09 Sep 2019 06:29:31 PM IDT


for the next 2 months, I did not see sir he sent me on a tour of his businesses to get to know the people who make him rich as he says. he feels that getting to know them makes it easier to make decisions on how to run each one. he also tells me to look for and find the problems that are bothering them if possible at work and at home if possible remember thay can't give you there best if something is getting in there way. sir John came with me he is the complete opposite of sir James he stands 6'6" and is your typical seal he also is prior service and did things he can't talk about. also, he took care of that little itch I had without a problem but he made it clear it was strictly for fun so it scratched the itch but not fulfilling on the emotional side. 


but this is were I learned many things about sir James and how he did business at each place he was a silent partner he would come in and invest in new equipment, not the kind that would eliminate jobs but would enable the owner to hire people and expand on average output would pay for the equipment in two years and he would show profits from that point on later I learned from him that the reason for this was simple economics in his eyes more people working more money the family made with less work. when I asked him why he bought out the security co. he said why to save 4 little girls from emotional harm and show a profit of course at the time I thought he was telling one of his little joke's I have since come to learn that sir does not joke about profits at the end of that year by moving the coordinators to work out of there homes he made them happier and that increased. you guessed it profit by the end of the year and the sale of the building we broke even from the cost of buying it and equipment needed to move all those people home. the field agents received an increase in pay and the ability to have direct contact to there bosses 24/7 this made response time in half and that made the field agents happy and that translated into an increase in agents and coordinators and of course clients to pay the bills. in three years time, we have gone from a small company to an international company. 


when John and I returned to the ranch sir was on what we call his biannual trips he has been here in Colorado for  10 years and he takes these trips into the mountains where he has met a network of vets who prefer to stay away from people he makes sure they have what they need food water purifiers ammo and guns if they need them they in turn help lost hikers and call the rangers who sir says ar terribly understaffed and under-equipped for the rocky mountains. It is alright if they only have to patrol the parks for the most part but there is an incredible amount of land out there and only a handful of rangers to keep an eye on things there are thousands of mile of trails in the mountains that don't get covered if you want to smuggle things that is a pretty safe way to do it and with these guys out there keeping to the faith it seriously cut that back. they report to the rangers who follow and contact local or federal law and catch them. sir says Canada law is happy with that the mounties are even more understaffed then we are.