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taxi and his ladies

A poly family.We are 5 mothers 2 grandmothers an aunt and me sir James.
1 month ago. Jan 7, 2020, 1:59 PM

                                   I know at times you feel just a little lost but remember I am always there and guiding the way forward for us. 


        This is an analogy think of your brains as an individual orchestra like all they have a unique sound because of the way they are balanced, some have more wind some have more strings others have more percussion and some have more brass. It is my job to make you practice each piece until you have it perfect.


        Now think of your bodies as a instrument, it is my job to help you tune yourself so that it harmonies with all the other instruments in your orchestra this causes mind and body to work together in sink. 


       Finally, I bring all of you together in one grand coral to perform in one grand symphony and the music transforms you into a sound that can not be duplicated by any other single orchestra on the planet you become unique that perfect sound that resonates to all that hear. it  captures them and transforms them or more likely makes them stare in awe of what we have done together. 


                                                                thank you ladies for allowing me to teach and mold you in to something inspiring 

                                                                                                                      with love and gratitude


                                                                                                                                  Sir. James          



1 month ago. Dec 24, 2019, 10:29 AM

thanks to my current sub's they suggest that this year I open up to others who never knew her. we lost Jane and Ann on new years night 2 years ago to a driver who fell asleep behind the wheel. and since we light a bonfire to celebrate there lives they think they would like to open it to others. leave a wish, gripe you want to let go of, resolution for the new year, or just the gift of love for the world. 


each comment will be printed and cut to feed the fire I is my hope to have many to add to this years fire. 

1 month ago. Dec 23, 2019, 12:48 PM

she came on a cold winters night.

she brought life.

she brought love.

she brought purpose. 


she wandered looking 

not knowing the purpose

till she saw him

and it was clear


she was to take his pain

he was to show her why

she was born with wings

he taught her to fly


thus her love was shared

her purpose was spread

and on another winters night

she left him to carry on.


1 month ago. Dec 20, 2019, 6:34 AM

       Now for the important lessons how to live with two post liberation ladies. lucky for me their truth was work liberation not home. even-though I did the cooking in the home (because I love to cook) but they like good girls cleaned up after me, thus i learned the proper use of a sub in the home. we had a maid/nanny because we worked and chose to spend our off time with each other and Jane's daughter. what I learned about these modern women was in order for them to be truly happy at home they must feel fulfilled at work. that is a must and set me on the course for a life of success. you see Dena had  a degree in business management Jane had a degree in marketing and real experience in women's clothing and a good reputation in the field what she did not have was the dick and balls to break the glass wall solution start her own business, so with my money and her work that is what she did.Dena wrote the business plan's and managed my office and off we went. I wish Dena could have been there to see her ideas grow. to this day I use her business model. 


      the modern Dom's job is and always will be responsibility for the care of his sub's. this means to me and mine boss at home and chef adviser at work. They gave me so many lessons in life and responsibility that in truth I can't list them all. But without a doubt the biggest lesson they to gave me was how to accept love. and that love except for the lucky few who go together there will always be pain at  the end but that the time together is what is important to love each day with it because it does end but the memory of it will keep you going after.                

1 month ago. Dec 18, 2019, 9:02 PM

      There is a difference between kink and the lifestyle, kink is what you do, lifestyle is who or what you are. these two taught me the difference they  showed me that I was a Dom and to accept my pleasure as was my due and even more important my responsibility to those I care for. under my mentor I learned all the mechanics of the life and even learned the practice of whip and rope or restraint all the safety all the toys. but they taught me the meaning for them and that each tool held a meaning for them and when each was needed or witch to withhold. you see even when playing they were not my playthings they were my partners in the act of love. they showed me the true meaning to something my mentor tried to teach me. you see he gave me a gold coin he had made when he felt he had shown me every thing he could on one side was the word pleasure and the other side was the word pain he said there will be times when you flip the coin it will land  on one side or the other but on rare times it will land in the up-right stand on edge at that time when that happens pleasure and pain are the same. 


      They proved to me that any sub has three levels of sub space, the first level can be and is the same as vanilla people achieve when they have sex. this what I call the oh god that's it fuck me stage.or the pleasure side of the coin. the second level can be reached when the nerves accept pain as a pleasure signal where with every slap or crack of the whip elicits a moan or shake until they reach orgasm this is the pain side of the coin. the third is the hardest to achieve and frankly the most dangerous for the sub because you can kill with a kiss at this point the sub's body can no longer tell pleasure from pain it feel the sting of the whip the same as a kiss to the cheek the hart is beating so fast and hard that that it skips beats and your sub is in one continual orgasm there are some warning signs before the danger point is reached incoherent speech, blindness you must stop at this point and let them calm down you can not touch them until they have. they thought me to bring them to this point regularly when there was  time for them to relax the next day and be catered to because believe me it will take a long time to get back there wits and then care for you and your needs.


it was only after this that i researched and found that the pain and pleasure nerves are so closely bundled together that they will actually connect and transmit at the same time and this is what causes the brain to confuse its  signal to the rest of the body.

so you know  i had them hooked to a E.K.G. to make sure there was no damage done on a permanent level.                

1 month ago. Dec 17, 2019, 1:23 PM

      I was young 36 comfortable and in the lifestyle since the age of 18 as a Dom. at 13 I became a sub to a neighbor lady who had a thing for kids. at eighteen I left her tied to the bed for her husband to find.joined the army and when I returned sought  and found a master and became his apprentice.I learned a great deal from him on how to treat a lady and how this lifestyle fit in with everyday life.

       One day in July I stopped at a bar that was having a social it was filled with men and women looking to meet-up. I was standing at a rail separating the dance floor from the bar area and felt myself assaulted by a a pair of eyes from behind at the time I was very muscular from the work I was doing you see when I left the army I had two skills how to kill at long range and building things now you can make money at both but I took the  safe one even thought it paid less. I bought and fixed houses to resell by this time I was doing quit well for myself and had several people working for me and employing several other companies and their people.when i turned around I could see her right away 5' 2" red hair black dress work attire instead of being embarrassed she lingered on my package the slowly looked up to my eyes. and smiled but behind  that smile was a look of fear and uncertainty and I had her or she had me depending on how you look at it. I walked up to her and said lets go somewhere quieter and talk about your life and future.

      Over the next several hours I learned much about her life and found this women intriguing and so a life time of love and lust was started that night it lasted 23 years until her sudden death 2 years ago come January first when she was taken from me in a car accident but even in this she had planed for my happiness. this was a lesson in itself a great sub always makes sure her Dom is first the same as a Dom makes sure their sub is provided for, in this time I learned that to be a good Dom you put your needs behind that of your sub. now on the face of that statement It sounds as though the rolls are reversed but I came to realize that the opposite is true. you see if your sub is happy you will be happy because she will work twice as hard to show you what you mean to her. from the beginning she saw that i was not a one women kind of guy and lucky for us and I say us because she was very happy with the other woman as well as me. you see Dena was my assistant for the past 3 years and unknown to me in love with me. we were very happy for three years until my bought of insanity you see Dena was killed by drunk driver along with our unborn child right in front of me. I do not handle loss well I have been told as to this day I do not remember exactly what happened I was told it took 5 men to pull me off him now i was as strong as I could be but lets be honest I'm 5'5" how strong can you be. I came back to myself two months later in the nuthouse it was proven that at the time I was  mentally the time of the attack and was released. 

next I will list the things I learned from each of them                  

2 months ago. Dec 15, 2019, 10:57 PM

     This is the time of year when I send all the ladies away for there mental health. you see I am very demanding of them both behind and outside and they sometimes get overburdened but they, being women will not recognize this so I send them on vacation sometime together sometimes alone. you see when you are constantly together it can get on your nerves. this year they chose to go together so the are in Creat with sir john my apprentice. I am home on the ranch with the kids and my two oldest surviving subs this is a slow time for work so I can handle it alone. but damn I miss their smiles in the morning.

     Over the next few days, I will do a series of blogs telling what I have learned from my sub's, yes you learn as well as teach as a dom sometimes depending on how you look at it the dom learns more.        

4 months ago. Oct 7, 2019, 3:50 PM

why are contact so important to the old school I will attempt to explain any question after this ask I will try to go further in-depth. when you take a sub under consideration you use a training contract for both parties protection you for legal protection. and them for mental, emotional and physical protection. it will have the compensation clearly defined as well as the term of training and whether this is for you or for someone else. example: some have come to me to get a taste to see if it is something they wish to really learn about. others are normally couples who wish to see if it is a way for them to grow closer. (that is a good one for me because by training them both I do not have to touch the sub I can leave that to there partner and make sure they both understand the risks and advantages at the same time). most couples are surprised that a great deal of time is spent in talking between each other with me only inputting when they come up with something the is too advanced for them at the time and suggesting a road to reach that point when both are ready. 


now let me explain bullet points in my current contract. Remember this is only my contract non-negotiable points that I am listing.

1) both parties must agree the punishment is valid and needed.

2) any children are to stay in the custody of the father.

3) if you decide that you wish to leave you will receive a one-time settlement based the number of years of service

4) if after leaving if you wish to come back you will be welcomed. 

these are the 4 basic non-negotiable rules there are other rules that are negotiated between each of my subs and I but you get the idea the contract once signed is the lifeblood of domestic harmony.  any questions feel free to ask (those that are taken by someone get his or her permission before asking. if you see a capital D= they are answered by me all others are answered by one of my subs.                  

4 months ago. Oct 5, 2019, 3:30 AM

I am being serious it takes a few years before you are ready there are no shortcuts in learning. First and foremost do you want the responsibility of taking a submissive under you? Second, can you handle the responsibility? because make no mistake the real name of the game when all is said a done is RESPONSIBILITY. You and no one else is responsible. She may earn money and be good at it but it is you who is responsible for paying the bills. You see here is where too many messes up they are not really ready to pay for there subs as well as themselves. They think it is all whips and chains and no responsibility. Well, I am here to tell you D/s is even more work then a vanilla relationship. now I will give you a list of things that you will need. 1) you will need a mentor to tell you all the things you miss I suggest strongly someone who has 20 years' experience. 2) you will spend a good deal of money learning classes are not cheap 3) practice practice practice for the rest of your life. 3) take advanced first aid and keep it up to date and relevant. I will suggest classes in rope under a master of rope, I will also learn for a normal restraint master ( remember even leather cuffs can cause damage.) now let us discuss instruments of punishment there are so many I will not attempt to list them all so let us go with impact play pretty standard right, wrong each instrument is different and you should know each one before you use it on a sub remember she is trusting you to know how to inflict pain without damage. and don't take it that a crop will handle the same as a flail or a whip they are all different and handle differently so here it comes PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. you will also have a need for a lawyer they will draw up the contract you use for both one in training to be your sub and if you are lucky to find the one or ones the bonding contract. Maby I will do a blog on contract importance for our lifestyle. we will see. you should have a good doctor who understands the lifestyle and will not be calling the police all the time. Don't laugh it been known to happen more than once If you have done all this and you think you are ready I would recommend going and spending time at a commercial dungeon and talking to the owner she will have someone who will let you practice and will help you with fine-tuning your technic now you may go looking for the right one. remember this is the best advice I can give you if you are a couple thinking of getting into this together seek advice and training with another experienced couple there are several right here. who have offered their advice take them up sub to sub and dom to dom!       


NOTE; if you have reached this point let me tell you one of your primary jobs is to listen to her never, never ignore her.                           

4 months ago. Oct 4, 2019, 4:08 PM

 It is the hardest thing to do and therefore takes the most time to adjust too. At least I have found this to be true with the ladies in my life. Try to understand I am not talking about the sexual end of my lifestyle I am talking about the day too, day. 


It starts when she first realizes that her life would be much easier if she had someone else making the decisions especially the big ones. Now every woman I ever met who was not a domme has this little girl dream of the knight coming to her aid just in the nick of time. And this makes them vulnerable to the sharks but it also makes them open to the true Dom. As the true dom, you must recognize this and make sure that your potential sub understands your true intentions from the beginning, many doms just have a need to help they can't help themselves it comes with the RESPONSIBILITY gean as I call it. But she may not be a suitable sub for you no matter how hard they try, as such there are certain rules that a dom must follow 1) Never let her beauty and brains interfere with your mind 2) Never promise unless you can deliver and that includes those words that promise as I love you. 3) Never take her unless you intend on keeping her.


If you follow these rules for the first 6-8 months when you do decide to take her as your own there should be enough trust between you that you can tell her what you require from her this is what I call the long talk because remember this is not vanilla love. You are asking her to surrender control of her life to you. DOM's: you had better of thought long and hard about this before you have gotten to this point. I will cover the old school dom. in a future blog. once she consents to submit to you then your life will change forever from that point forward she has laid down her burden and expects you to pick it up and carry it, choose your words carefully because she will expect you to keep your word this is easy to say or write as the case may be but it can be much more difficult to do so be ready for the bumps in the road. I have found that women can be the most unforgiving of you. So I have found there must be a safe place or time to talk openly as time and trust increase this will be used less and less IF you listen and come to workable solutions to the problems that any relationship encounters and believe me being the dom will not cover all problems remember you have hopefully freely chosen to submit to this person but there are some things that he just can't solve they are your problems for you to deal with and solve.