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Sadie's Sweets

Wicked and sweet thoughts of a sadist.
1 month ago. Wed 13 Feb 2019 10:59:42 PM IST

I'm doing some recording in the home studio on Friday so I thought I'd have some fun and tack on an "Ask Me Anything!" 

Here are the rules:

1. Direct message your question to me.

2. I retain the right to refuse to answer any questions(it is after all "ask me anything" not "answer everything" lol).

3. By Direct messaging your question you consent to have it read, recorded, and broadcast.

4. Only questions will be read, no names.

5. One question per Direct Message.


Questions can be anything from "what can I put on my profile to attract a certain type" to "what is the best way to market my kinky business".


I'll answers as many questions as I can/choose in a 30-minute recording and then post it for all to listen to.


Don't be shy! If you've got a question, someone else probably has the same question too but is too shy to ask!


Happy Asking!



1 month ago. Tue 12 Feb 2019 04:54:10 AM IST

Check out the latest episode of Talkin' Taboo Podcast by clicking the link or search for it wherever you love to listen to podcasts, like iTunes, etc.

Sade Von Masoch joins us to talk about professional domination, performance art, modeling, and exploring kink at public events. Discover a whole new world of celebrating your BDSM and Fetish!

Sade Von Masoch has been in the BDSM scene for over 20 years, trained as a slave and progressed through to being a professional and capable dominatrix. For the past 5 years, she has collaborated and hosted Buffalo’s only public fetish night at Mohawk Place and performs at The Underground Nightclub. You can message her directly for details on upcoming shows or to book a session on Facebook or by checking out her website Remember, play nice and say please!


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2 months ago. Fri 18 Jan 2019 11:13:55 PM IST

Day 5 – Genitals (anus, cock, clit, balls, vagina, etc.)

See Day 1 for Challenge details:

I love my vagina because it is tight. I don’t know why, but if I’m forced to go two weeks without sex it tightens up again – like a virgin for sure!

2 months ago. Thu 17 Jan 2019 11:11:29 PM IST

Day 4 – Torso (belly, back, chest, breasts, nipples, etc.)


See Day 1 for Challenge details:


I love the underside of my breasts because they are so deliciously sensitive and give me great pleasure when my lover kisses and licks me there!

2 months ago. Wed 16 Jan 2019 02:10:41 AM IST

Day 2 – Legs (thighs, calves, feet, knees, etc.)


See Day 1 for Challenge details:


I love my feet because they are very flexible. What I can do with my hands I can also do with my toes, - wink, wink.


By all means, if you don’t feel comfortable posting on a public post and still want to share, PM me! Share in the way that makes you feel most comfortable! Feel free to copy and paste this on your own page, write in the comments, PM me or someone else.


2 months ago. Mon 14 Jan 2019 05:17:46 PM IST

5 Day Body Positivity Challenge – Fetish Style!

Let’s get positive about our bodies and all the fetish fun they can bring us! Each day we’ll focus on a region of our body. Pick a part of that region and share why you love it – fetish style!

Day 1 – Arms (hands, fingers, forearms, shoulders, etc.)

Day 2 – Legs (thighs, calves, feet, knees, etc.)

Day 3 – Head (tongue, lips, hair, eyes, nose, etc.)

Day 4 – Torso (belly, back, chest, breasts, nipples, etc.)

Day 5 – Genitals (anus, cock, clit, balls, vagina, etc.)

Feel free to copy and paste to your own page or answer in the comments.


What I love about my body today:

Day 1 – Arms (hands, fingers, forearms, shoulders, etc.)

I love my elbows because I can press them deeply into my bottom’s bottom or back in delicious sadistic massage!

2 months ago. Fri 04 Jan 2019 01:27:50 AM IST

If I'm going to be honest, my interest in Tantra developed back when I was in junior high school. Unfortunately, I lived in a super conservative region and my interest in Tantra was by far suppressed by my terror of it. As a matter of fact, everything sexual terrified me. I began to become desensitized to that terror as I grew in my Pagan practices. I read and learned about sex magic although still to this day I've never actually tried any per se. Throughout the years I've revisited my interest in Tantra with bursts of intense study. Especially at the Rochester Erotic Arts Festival where nearly every year there is at least one class on Tantra.

Empty Gas Tank

In the last quarter of 2017, I found my energy levels being at their lowest in a long time. As I searched online for inspiration, meditation was a recommendation as always. However, meditation to relax was not what I needed. What I really needed was meditation for energy. And once again I stumbled across teachings I had already studied in Qi Gong only this time I tripped across an article talking about raising your Kundalini to give you energy. While familiar with yoga, chakras, and Tantra I didn't really discover Kundalini until the past couple of years. Delving more deeply into it I began to practice some meditation and yoga at the end of last year.

Reaping The Rewards

I'm certainly feeling the benefits of doing Kundalini yoga and meditation. Definitely more energy. I'm very excited about it and as I continue to learn more about it I'm going to incorporate it into my BDSM practice. Additionally, the Buddhist mindset that sometimes comes along with yoga and meditation has really enabled me to get to through some difficult times in the past few weeks by remaining "present and in the moment". It's definitely been an all-encompassing beneficial success.

Energy Work and BDSM

I'm no stranger to energy work. From working with meditation and energy in my youth through Qi Gong with martial arts in my adulthood I've enjoyed the benefits of energy work even though I haven't applied them to sex or BDSM. I have, however, worked with several clients when I was doing Pro work and partners when I wasn't that participated in BDSM for more of a spiritual experience than a sexual one. They relished enjoying the endorphins brought on from the pain and feeling stronger post scene. I'm really looking forward to bringing energy work as well as some Tantra inspired practices to my BDSM. I can't wait to see what happens in the future!

What about you? Have you ever Incorporated spirituality, Tantra, meditation, or energy work into your BDSM? What works for you?

4 months ago. Wed 21 Nov 2018 01:20:17 AM IST

In a recent podcast titled Long Distance Relationships, we had a discussion about how it's better to not “cheat” on your long-distance Top by trying to skip out on the tasks that they have assigned you. This brings to mind the old saying: “garbage in, garbage out”. I think this can be applied to everything across your life. You reap what you sow, but it’s also true that the more time and devotion you use to tend your garden the higher the yield.


Each Exquisite Detail


When you spend time planning for your scene and adding special elements, I find that it's far more satisfying than pick up play. Don't get me wrong there's a time and a place for a quick, rough fuck and a spontaneous scene. However, there's an equally delicious yet different satisfaction in experiencing a scene for which we have planned for and nurtured in great detail.


Building Excitement 


Just thinking about the scene I may have in the near future starts to get me excited as the anticipation smolders. Carefully planning and crafting expectations is an intense pleasure its own right. I think I even get the benefit of the hormones of excitement if what they say is true, that the mind can’t tell the difference between what is imagined and what is real.


When The Moment Arrives


When the moment arrives for the scene to begin in the flesh, setting it up becomes a ritual. Experts say that things are better after a ritual. Birthday Cake is said to taste better after singing “Happy Birthday” according to researchers. Who am I to argue with experts? Setting each implement in its place in preparation for play is the ritual that makes my play so much the sweeter.


Like Foreplay To Orgasm


A week of teasing and innuendo makes me higher than anyone might believe. Then when it’s time to dive into the scene…it is like the ultimate orgasm. Gods I love to take my time!


What about you? Do you like it hard and fast or excruciatingly planned out? Let me know in the comments!

4 months ago. Wed 31 Oct 2018 11:59:14 PM IST

“Oh, Sadie…you smell so good!”

These are words I love to hear. Especially after I’ve just hugged someone. Scenting your hair is one of the 64 Arts of the Kama Sutra and one that I adore These Arts are not exclusive to women only. I, for one, truly appreciate a man who smells divine. There was a client at a place I worked once who could make all the women swoon just by walking in. I can still smell it now when I think about it.

There’s An Art To It

Anyone can hose themselves down with the latest fragrance. But to truly build a scent takes experience and practice. I coordinate my fragrance like a fashion model coordinates her makeup with her outfit. For me, it all starts with the fragrance of my shower soap. I select fruit flavored soaps. Sometimes citrus and sometimes berry. These gentle smells give me a scent of fresh clean girl.

Choosing By Mood

What comes next depends in part on the season and my mood. I have three main scent profiles:

Naughty? Me?

Another Day In The Dungeon


I Crave.

Depending on my mood I select a base perfume and anoint my hair, breasts, bottom, and nether regions with it. This base perfume mixes with my body chemistry creating a wanton musk that can only be a fragrance of me. Last I may add some floral lotions that are very light in fragrance.

Layering scents like this is an exquisite pleasure for me and the person who hugs me as well. Sometimes, people hug me longer just to breath in my fragrance…and feel my body against them.

What sensual pleasures do you enjoy? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for visiting my blog and my website.