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A Recovering Pick-me

All my random sexy and non-sexy hyper-fixations and such.
3 weeks ago. May 2, 2024 at 11:51 PM

Yes, this is a rant...


Some of ya'll need to do better with messaging people. Introduce yourself properly, however you would like to be addressed. Ask about the other person, their day, make them feel comfortable to continue talking to you. Some of you guys message like a predator looking for their next prey. In my profile, I never ever said I was interested in that predator/prey dynamic. "Wanna chat", "what u doing up", "do you have Telegram or [insert messaging app here], as a very first sentence is not attractive nor is it a conversation starter. Look up how to have a conversation on Youtube, look at your local library for books on icebreakers and how to continue conversations. If you have social anxiety like me, go to counseling/therapy or again if you can't, look up the numerous resources on the internet and your library, or Amazon. C'mon it's 2024, there's no excuse for being ignorant or coming across like an ogre. Learn to speak properly for Christ's sake. Please. Thank you.

1 month ago. April 29, 2024 at 10:51 AM

Thank you fluffypoppet for this challenge:


We all love a good challenge... let's make this one educational. 


What are red flags and green flags you look for in Doms? 


Green Flags: 

Holding space for the other person to share their feelings

Honest and clear communication


Red Flags: 🚩 


Calling yourself an alpha male/alpha Dom, not letting the other person share their feelings openly



But... YOUR TURN... what are red flags and green flags you see in Doms? 

1 month ago. April 29, 2024 at 9:56 AM


I just don’t want to adult anymore

too much laundry

too many bills

too much to clean 

too much mental mess in my head

not enough ⏰ nor 💴 for everything


I’m tired…

🥱 zzzz


1 month ago. April 8, 2024 at 6:34 AM

Well, I can’t really blame the eclipse as much as I would like, but being hormonal, horny and sad is like the worse f#%king combo! Ever!

That’s it, that my rant for tonight!





8 months ago. September 29, 2023 at 11:07 AM

Kit's Challenge 

Meeting Standards…

Thank you, Kit !!!

List 10 compliments to yourself and expand upon each of them..

1.Being a good mother

I do my best to be a caring mother to my 10 year old and often comfort her and lend her my shoulder when she is struggling with anything school related or otherwise…


2. Being Creative

I love drawing and writing when inspiration strikes! I also like expressing creativity through my sense of style, especially rock in’ the short, punk rock hair styles.

3. Following through with my word

I'm sure there’s a word for this, but damn ADHD I can’t think of it now. Anyways, I do my best to keep my promises with those that are important and matter to me.


4. Curious and love to learn

Reading is my thing so I like to consume content as much as I can. Lately I’ve been listening to audiobooks too so I can focus at work. Also, I’ve been learning Japanese for a year and a half now.


5. Protective

Fiercely protective of those I love…like a mama tiger 🐅 


6. Introspective 

I’m in my inner world a lot but that makes me think before I speak. I take time to know who I am, and look at the things that make me tick and look at my faults and what not.


7. Animal lover

Love, love animals and hope to have a farm in the near furure.


8. Admire Beauty

i appreciate beauty in art form, in my natural environment, or admire someone’s smile.

9. Sensitive

Bring sensitive is tricky because it can feel like a curse at times but the upside is that as someone who is more a sensing type person, I can be aware of someone’s needs or moods or things that bother them.


10. Justice oriented 

I know when someone is not treated fairly and it puts a burning hole in my heart and I have to stand up for them.


9 months ago. August 21, 2023 at 6:01 AM

Sooooo I listened to a whole ass audiobook today~ 10.5 hrs. ~ of Twisted Loyalties by Cora Reilly. Apparently she wrote a bunch of these kind of books called the Camorra series that I’ve just discovered which are basically about dangerous, mafia type guys. I’ve been reading all the raunchy type mob boss stories on my favorite site Literotica and especially under the section Non- reluctance but I needed more so I binged on this new book and uhhh needless to say…I loved it. I had to play with myself a couple of times because I was too damn immersed 😂 My only complaint is that they kept using the same words or phrases for genitalia like “moist slit” and “bundle of nerves” which started getting on my nerves, like ma’am, have you heard of a thesaurus? 🙄 But anyways…just wanted to share that I wasted my Sunday for this treasure of a book and I didn’t regret it! 


1 year ago. May 21, 2023 at 8:41 AM

Please suggest me some movies with kinkiness like The Secretary and such. I’m not a big movie watcher so any suggestions would be helpful from you all so I can pass the time on my night shift…thanks!



They can also be sensual or romantic too!

1 year ago. March 18, 2023 at 10:44 AM

***This is just a rant, not looking for advice***

I always feel torn. I know for the last 36 years of my life, I’ve been more on the docile, shy side; yet I always had a passion to do more or be more. I’ve always had a strong sense of justice, at least inside, and I’ve been realizing more and more that I’ve been short changing myself in relationships which has fueled a strong feminist side that I hope to pass down to my daughter so she is not taken advantage of. 
Sexually, though, or kink-wise, I think I wouldn’t mind being called derogatory names by a male partner or partners. Sometimes my fantasy includes being fucked/used by a couple or a few men. I still feel weak in the knees when a strong, dominant, self-assured man is nearby me and I guess that makes me feel confused because maybe a part of me doesn’t want to admit I am like a baby deer that needs guidance and easily follows strong-willed people. Also, my lack of experience with kink makes it harder for me to be assured in who I am sexually in body and mind. I’m sure if I had more experienced the confidence in knowing exactly who I am could better equate to what I want in the BDSM/kink world. 
Thank you for reading.

1 year ago. February 24, 2023 at 10:32 AM

When I Reincarnated, I was Doted On By The Demon King. That’s the title translated from Japanese.


I absolutely love this manga and coincidentally I heard about it through TikTok.


It is about a lady that is fed up with her life and nothing is going right for her at work and in her personal life. She wishes upon a star for something to change and then…the handsome demon king comes and tells her he has been looking for her for the past 500 years. He said she was the Saintess and that he knew her in a past life. He said he came back to bring her to despair. At first she doesn’t care what he does because she was depressed with her life anyway, but this is when the manga gets hot 🥵 He wants her old personality back as the Saintess as she was a fierce warrior when he knew her then. To do this he throws her on her bed he starts sucking in her titties and playing with her clit. At first the lady was unsure and everything was so overwhelming for her but then she gave into the way he pleasured her. 

Of course as the story progresses, the more emotionally close and connected they feel but the hotness continues throughout. Unfortunately, after 11 chapters the author abandoned this series which is too bad. Anyways I just wanted to share. The pictures in this manga are amazing 🤩 

1 year ago. February 19, 2023 at 3:27 AM

But I am super horny at work. This doesn’t always happen but maybe because I’ve been naughty and have been looking at porn a lot these days…Haha 😂 Just thought I’d share because I’m bored and mostly tired 🥱….I wanna make myself cum so bad but alas…I’ll wait after my shift is over 😈