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Idealist, feminist emapth and her feelings, experiences, and point-of-view of life.
1 day ago. Apr 21, 2021, 1:59 AM

Getting to know you...getting to know all about you..


1. My favorite childhood toy:
My glow-in-the-dark lego-type blocks I had


2. Favorite album:
Metallica-Metallica-also known as The Black Album

3. Favorite childhood tv show:

4. First film at the cinema:
Jurassic Park

5. First crush celebrity and personal
Val Kilmer  ❣️


6. Favorite animal:


7. Favorite film

V for Vendetta

8. First kiss who and where:
Nelson, in his car


9. First real contact with kink world:
Not yet

10. Only one person to be left on an Island with for a year, without any technology:
No one

3 days ago. Apr 19, 2021, 9:31 AM

So the story I have been writing is inspired by a game called Bendy and the Ink Machine. I used phrases from the game and most the characters from the game, but I added the sexual elements and other characteristics that were not mentioned in the game.

And since today is April 18, it is known in the Bendy universe as Sammy Lawrence's birthday as Chapter 2 of the game came out on this day 4 years ago and in Chapter 2 is when you first meet his character so with that, Happy Birthday Sammy!!!


His inkiness was dissipating from his body. At least on half of his body. Messy blonde hair started to appear behind the mask as well as an ear. One hand now had five slender fingers instead of four. The mask he wore tilted slightly downwards as if his head shape had changed a bit. His thin face was partly exposed, showing a stubbled, pointed chin, a thin nose, and a blue eye. Although he was looking more like a human, he still looked strange in his half-inky form. Marie, not knowing what to make of her inky captor, smacked that wretched mask away from his face with her one free hand. It flew a few feet away from the cot. “Don’t look at me!” Sammy yelled as he put his head in his hands in shame, but then he looked up suddenly at his hands and then at Marie. “What-how am I-?” “Half-human,” Marie finished in astonishment. While Marie wanted to take in all that she saw, she noticed the ax propped up on a wooden post. She wriggled her other hand free and with the hope that Henry was still alive, it gave her the strength to run to the ax and try to grab at it. Sammy was too fast though. “No, you don’t! Get back on the bed,” he grabbed the ax and pointed it at her. Marie was wide-eyed and frightened while she sat quickly on the cot. “But...but...Henry-” “Henry is no more! The ink demon got him!” Sammy maniacally yelled. “No, no! It’s not true,” Marie cried. “Horrible, insufferable monster you!” Marie wept more. Sammy broke the silence. “It’s not my fault, it’s Joey Drew’s. My old boss. He had this...machine...the’s hard for me to remember...too long ago. I don’t even know who I am anymore. All I know is...I’ve...I’ve made some very bad choices. It’s like the ink had taken control of me then. I know I was a human, a composer, a loyal worker, but over time I turned into something else. Something unrecognizable.” Sammy sat next to Marie. Being next to someone who was half ink, half-human was very strange, even weirder than him being a full-on ink person. Plus, she couldn’t get that undeniably erotic moment out of her head. She was probably overthinking it, but she didn’t understand herself and why her body seemed to want to go with everything Sammy wanted to do to her. He seemed unstable, yet, his humanity was coming through in some way, shape, or form. “What I don’t understand is why am I half ink?” Sammy pondered. “Nevermind, you got your bandages undone. Guess, I’ll have to do them again.” Sammy got more bandages from a first aid kit nearby. “Please, stop treating me like a prisoner. I just want to know if he is okay.” Marie gestured to the area she last saw Henry. “Shhh”, Sammy said. He put more bandages. Besides tying her hands extra tight, he also put the bandages around her waist area and tied her body to the bed. All this bondage caused her dress to inch up quite a bit. “I’ll be back.” Marie heard the sound of boots drift away from the infirmary. Now what? Marie thought. How could I fail Henry? How could I be such a bad partner to him? How could I even be tempted by someone so...psychotic? What the hell was an ink demon and what did it do to Henry? All the questions ran through Marie’s mind. It made her ill. She just laid on the bed too full of emotion to utter a sound. 

Shortly, footsteps were heard as well as a confused muttering. Then Sammy came into the room and yelled, “The coffin is gone! It went through the damn floor!” Marie lifted her head up and meekly said, “What?” “It’s gone! His coffin! I don’t know what happened to it! The ink demon took it! His body should have been destroyed, it should have been-” Sammy stopped his monologue. He was starting to realize he was torturing the poor girl with not only his actions but his words. He looked at his human hand again incredulously and thought if the ink demon took him to the lower level that would mean...Alice! But why? The ink demon needs a sacrifice to make me become human. There should have been blood, a mangled body...something! I remember how I gave up Norman Polk as a penance. The ink demon seemed pleased with my action. This is not right. Something seems different. Could it be...this woman in front of me? Is this lady to key to my salvation? 

“What is your name?” Sammy asked calmly.  “Ma-ma, Marie...please...just tell me what happened to Henry? What happened to him?” Sammy took a deep breath. “I don’t know. None of this makes sense. He’s somewhere else, he’s below us. With a fall like that, I doubt he is alive, although...” Sammy continued, “a woman named Alice Angel is below us. On the off chance that your man-” “Henry!” Marie interjected. “On the off chance that Henry survived that fall, Alice will make sure he feels welcome.” Marie scowled. “She was an...old friend of mine,” Sammy said noticing the expression on Marie’s face. “She got corrupted like me, except that the ink demon got to her face. She’s obsessed with making herself look beautiful. She thought she was the actual Alice Angel character. I always felt bad. Maybe it was my fault for her fate, I don’t know.” “She sounds lovely,” Marie said sardonically. “She was back in the day,” Sammy continued, “in fact, she reminds me of you when I first started to know her.” Sammy kneeled by the cot and pleaded, “Marie, please give me a chance, if we could get to know each other more, it could be something special.” All of a sudden Marie spat in Sammy’s face. “Never!” She shrieked. Sammy wiped the spit away from his face. Marie suddenly realized the gravity of her action. Sammy gave this look like the devil himself had possessed him, but then he mashed her lips against hers like he was trying to destroy her mouth. “That hurt, you fuck!” Marie yelled through gritted teeth and watery eyes. She was trying very hard to be as angry and obstinate as possible. Perhaps her facade was not so great as Sammy then took her opinion and gently kissed her lips instead, sneakily gliding his tongue in her mouth. Surprisingly, his tongue didn’t feel so inky. Shit. She let her guard down and felt that same electricity pulsing through her body. She found herself flicking her tongue against his. Why did it feel so damn good?  She was having sex just a few hours ago with her beloved Henry and he never failed to please. What was so different about this situation? Now Sammy climbed on her, one hand gently resting on her waist, the other against the thin mattress of the shaky cot. Marie had her eyes closed. It was just too unbelievable that she was making out with the half-ink man. Anyway, isn’t making out much more intense when the eyes can’t see and the body feels everything? She started moaning ever so slightly and her giddiness was making her feel dizzy. Just as their bodies were heatedly pressed together…” Your arms, they should be freed,” Sammy said in a breathy manner. He found some old scissors in a drawer nearby and cut the bandages that had restrained Marie’s arms. Finally, her arms and shoulders felt better. She wrapped his arms around his neck to pull him in closer. And that’s when she saw it-the other half of the face appearing. Now, she could see this good-looking man staring back at her. Her fixated gaze caused him to stop their sexual escapade. He put his hand to his face, his neck, and chest. No more ink. “It’s happening,” he whispered to himself. Marie looked a little more relieved. Behind the mask, behind the ink, behind the crazed behavior, there was a person. Someone that had been through too much. He did look weary and his eyes possessed a certain amount of sadness. “Sammy,” she gently caressed his newfound face. He held her hand next to his face. He liked how warm her hand felt. He ran his fingers through Marie’s curly, dark hair that framed her face well. He felt like he could see through human eyes and appreciate the beauty that lay before him. He then kissed her neck area causing Marie to gasp in pleasure. Her breasts were rising and falling with her breath which made her look so alluring. Then Sammy pulled out the scissors that were used earlier. He cut the sleeves from the shoulder down to the end of the sleeve so he could fold the dress down to her waist. He took in the beauty of her lacy bra in once again. He unhooked her bra as Marie drew in her breath. Her gorgeous breasts were exposed and her nipples were dark and hardened with anticipation. Sammy didn’t hesitate to take one milky breast in his hand and suck her nipple and then proceed to suck the other one. Marie was getting extremely wet as her boobs were so sensitive to touch. Her moans were getting louder and intense as she ran her fingers through his hair. She noticed he still had on the tan suspenders that shaped his chest pretty well, so she started slipping them off his shoulders. Samuel noticed that she was bucking her hips against the bandages that held her waist so he cut those restraints too. Once again he could see the lacy thong as the dress rode up to her hips. He didn’t remember seeing that kind of ladies’ underwear back in his time, but they should have been invented then, they looked wonderful! He slowly rolled the thong off her hips, butt, and down her legs and put them off to the side. He drew a sharp breath in. He’d never seen a woman so clean down there. He put the hand gently on her recently shaved mound. It really astounded him. Marie felt the wetness drip down her thighs immediately. Marie still felt a tinge of guilt because of Henry but she was too far gone in her own lust.  She opened her legs up. She wanted her clit to be tongue-lapped so bad at this point. Samuel seemed to get the hint as he went right in and licked her wet clit. Marie grabbed his hair and did his best to guide him when he went in too rough. He started getting a rhythm that eventually sent Marie over the edge. She gripped the side of the cot hard and her toes curled as she let out a wail of gratification. “Did I do good?” Sammy asked trying to gauge Marie’s reaction. “Yes,” Marie said sounding spent, “you did well.” Marie finally got up from the bed. Samuel was standing next to her. She gave a little devious smile as she unbuttoned his pants. His member looked to a good 6 inches. Marie started fondling his sex and he got hard very fast. “I haven’t been with someone in a long time.” Then, Marie wanting to sound very seductive said, “Well, let’s change that now.” She motioned for him to get on the bed which he did. She loved that his dick was standing straight up. Samuel was quiet and watching Marie in wonder and expectation. She straddled him and slowly lowered herself onto his shaft. He let out a low moan and his brows were furrowed. She rocked her hips back and forth in a fast motion causing her to get hot and close to an orgasm. Then he suddenly opened his eyes and flipped Marie over to her back and put her legs over his shoulders.  He was fucking her hard and she looked like she loved every minute of it. The oohs coming from Marie echoed throughout the room as he slammed his hips in her sex at a rapid pace. Her tits were bouncing everywhere. “Fuuuck...I’m…!” She cried. “Ahhhh,” they both came together, Samuel collapsed on top of her. “…” he managed to sputter. “Oh...fuck..what have I done?” Marie questioned.

1 week ago. Apr 15, 2021, 5:07 AM

So, I think my daughter wasn't trying to be mean, but she mentioned how fat I have gotten because I showed her a pic of me when I was 19. I jokingly said, "It's because of you!" But if I'm being honest with myself, it kinda hurt my feelings. I gained about 70 pounds with my daughter during pregnancy. As you may know, my relationship with her dad (we live together) is not the best. There's really no true love there. I have a feeling this situation or dynamic contributes to my weight. Also, I get depressed easily. I saw my mom struggle with weight all my life despite all her attempts to lose it. Sometimes I feel I am doomed to a similar fate. How do ya'll embrace your body and not feel ashamed?

1 week ago. Apr 13, 2021, 7:41 AM

The one I have been putting on here recently. I posted it to It took them about 2 days to reject it lol. I felt kinda bad, but then I ran it through an editing app (I shoulda done that in the first place!) and it did have a lot of redundant words. I guess the one thing that confused me, since I put it under the fanfiction genre, was that they said you can't change the characters age because I put on the top of my submitted work that all characters are 18+ and they said I couldn't do that in this particular category. I know the game well and everyone actually is over 18. Anways, I'll submit it to a volunteer editor and see what they have to say about it because I'm hella confused! Thanks for reading my rather boring blog, happy Monday!

1 week ago. Apr 11, 2021, 6:39 AM

Henry helped Marie up from the couch, put her bra back on and put his pants back on and they cautiously looked around. Once the dust settled and they moved away from the broken wood pieces, they saw something that shook them to their core. Besides the ominous He Will Set Us Free message scrawled in the same manner as the message on the first floor, there were upside down pentagrams everywhere with lit up candles at each point. Upon further inspection, there were a lot of cut outs of that impish cat they saw earlier. The candles made his smile look more creepier than ever. Once they went through a few hallways and passed some strategically placed coffins, they saw they were in what was once a functional music department. The wall even had designs of music notes and records and a speaker on top. While they were (trying) to admire the artwork, they suddenly heard backwards music playing from the speaker. “The hell…!” Marie gasped. “I think someone knows we are here.” “Shh, quiet,” Henry said hurriedly. Footsteps, followed by a voice: “Sheep, sheep, it’s time for sleep. Rest your head, it's time for bed.” Someone was saying this rhyme over and over again like they were in a trance. It definitely wasn’t coming from the speaker either. They looked around, but couldn’t see where the disembodied voice was coming from. “We need to get away from whoever is singing that..rhyme or whatever that is.” Henry said. Marie glanced around. “Look! Stairs!” She pointed. They both hopped up the short flight of stairs only to be met with a projector facing outward over a balcony to a big screen. When they looked below, there was an orchestra set up and some musical instruments off to the side. They saw a piano, bass, banjo, drum, and violin. “Sheep, sheep, it’s time for sleep. Rest your head, it’s time for bed. In the morning, you may wake. Or in the morning, you’ll be dead.” they heard from the bottom of the stairs. “That thing for sure wants to kill us.” They heard the creaking of footsteps coming up the stairs. Henry and Marie huddled close together. They knew they couldn’t jump from the balcony without breaking their ankles. They were just going to have to deal with whatever was coming for them. What they saw got them awestruck; they were greeted by a 6 foot overall, no shirt wearing, masked...creature. The mask was of that same impish cat they saw earlier, but this...creature’s mask had a hole punched out where his mouth was presumably at and the ink was smudged on the mask. Also, this creature’s skin was all...inky and tarry looking. Henry and Marie would have gawked a little longer if it weren’t for the ax that the creature was wielding. The creature looked between the two cowering humans. Then he spoke with a certain rhythmic cadence, “Ah, two sheep ready to be put to sleep.” He raised his ax. “My savior will be pleased. Love requires a sacrifice...can I get an amen?” He wielded the ax even higher. “I said, can I get an amen?” He asked adamantly. The creature was about to put down the ax in Henry’s head-”Wait!” Marie bravely stepped in front of Henry. Surprisingly, the creature stopped midway. “You can’t kill him. I love him.” Marie continued. “It’s not fair. We accidentally fell down here while we were uhh...sitting on a couch. We don’t know where we are. We were trying to leave. And now you are here about to kill us.” The creature stood and listened. “Please just let us go. Tell us how to get out and we will never tell anyone about this place.” Then the creature unexpectedly laughed which made both of them very uncomfortable. “Ah yes, true love is it then? Then that gives me more of a reason to sacrifice the both of you to my inky savior! He WILL set me free! He will-” But then the creature stopped his tirade. He looked at Marie up and down. She reminded him of someone he liked long ago….before his transformation. What was her name...ah yes, Susie Campbell. He had always wanted to go out with her, but the owner, Joey Drew, was sweet on her and he always had her in his office talking about “new projects”. Bullshit! The thought made him enraged...but he had an opportunity here. Since his transformation, he, Sammy Lawrence, hadn’t really thought about women or the last time he actually held a woman in his arms. This lady was the same height as Susie too, short in stature. And she displayed bravery. He remembered that feistiness that Susie had. That’s why he was drawn to her. And now...he felt drawn to this woman in front of him. But what of the ink demon? He must sacrifice the two! No! He had urges to fulfill. He had been in this inky body for so damn long! He was hideous! He used to look decent. He always caught quick side glances from Susie before. Maybe this human woman in front of him can make him feel like the man he once was? “You!” Sammy pointed to Henry. “What?” Henry said, a bit irritated. “Follow Me! Now!” Sammy poked the ax handle in Henry’s back. “You,” Sammy gestured to Marie,”You stay here! If not, he will meet the other part of the ax.” Marie put her hands up in submission, “Fine, fine!” Sammy closely followed Henry to a nearby coffin. “Oh, no, I’m not going in there!” Henry argued. “Yes, you are!” Sammy growled. Without hesitation, Sammy hit Henry over the head with a dustpan from the janitor’s closet and pushed him into a wooden coffin. It had a tiny area to look out (or breathe) from. The coffin was locked up nice and tight. Then the coffin went from an upright position to a flat position, that Sammy dragged across the creaky wooden floor. The dragging felt like forever, but then it stopped in the sacrifice room unbeknownst to a passed out Henry.


Sammy took Marie firmly by the hand, still wielding the ax over his shoulder. Marie focused her gaze above her. She saw a sign that read Office of Sammy Lawrence: Music Department Director. Music Director? Sammy glimpsed at Marie looking at the sign. “I...used to be one here. I haven’t picked up an instrument in a long time. The banjo was my favorite instrument, but I can play all of them. At least I used to anyway.” There was a hint of sadness and regret in his voice. Marie was still scared, but she had always had a good heart and she felt a bit bad for this...inky guy. “So, where are you taking me?” Marie said with a lump in her throat. “You’ll see. Wait. Let me get something.” Sammy disappeared from view for a second and then grabbed a banjo. Marie stiffened for a second. Is this dude going to serenade me to death or what? “Come”, he grabbed Marie’s hand. She noticed he only had 4 inky fingers. Weird. She soon saw they were going into his small office. Inside was the same scrawled inky writing they saw earlier, but this time it read, It’s Time To Believe. This guy was really creepy. He seemed to be obsessed with some..thing! “Please..sit,” Sammy gestured to a wooden chair. Marie did so carefully. Sammy sat across from her with the banjo in hand. He played some snippets of old songs she had never heard of. She just sat with her legs and arms crossed half intrigued and half wanting to run away. He inched his chair closer which caused Marie to recoil back ever so slightly. Sammy seemed taken aback by her action. For some reason, it brought back some guilt from memories past. Poor Susie Campbell, when she was replaced by Allison Pendle, she was pissed and she wasn’t having it. When Susie saw Sammy with Allison talking about Alice Angel’s character and voice, Susie was awfully heartbroken...and angry. Shit. Horrible memory. “I...uh...did you like the songs?” Marie wanted to say yes, but she was worried about Henry too much. As she glanced around-“I’m sure, he’ll be fine, if not the ink demon will take care of him.” Sammy said casually. “What?!” Marie asked angrily. “Who is this ink demon? What do you mean take care of him?” “Answer me!” Now Sammy stood up towering over her. Overshadowing her. “You wouldn’t understand!” He hissed. “The ink demon requires a sacrifice and he’s coming soon! He’ll know what coffin he is in!” Marie screamed,”Coffin?! You put him in a coffin?! What kind of sick bastard are you?” Then, Sammy grabbed Marie and flung her over his shoulder. He went straight to the infirmary. “Put me down, put me down now!” Marie pounded on his cool, tarry skin. When she saw they were going to the room with the old cots, it dawned on her; this creature, this dude, might want to do some sick shit to her. Crap! 

Meanwhile, after Henry woke up from being knocked out for a bit, he recognized his predicament and started pounding on the coffin, making the sides of his fists bleed. It was no use. What the hell was he thinking about taking his soon-to-be wife to this place? How stupid could he be? Who knows if that creature hacked her up. No. He couldn’t think about that….too dark. He had to keep his hopes up or else.... Then he heard it. Some other kind footsteps not from the heavy boots of the masked creature. Low growling. Could it be those old pipes? It felt different. Evil even. Like something that would want to tear you apart in a moment. Henry closed his eyes and waited for whatever it was to rip open the coffin and consume him. 

Meanwhile, in the infirmary, Marie was struggling on the cot against Sammy’s weight. “Please stop moving, I just, I just want to look at you. Hold you. I haven’t held a woman in many  years.” Marie defiantly yelled, “It’s because you’re a monster. No one would want to hold you back ever. You put MY Henry in a coffin to die! You’re a murderer.” Sammy turned his masked head and said, “You don’t understand. There was a reason you guys came here together. I needed a sacrifice to get out of this inky, dark abyss I call a body. I asked the ink demon many times to hear my prayers and He did finally. Your guys love is the perfect catalyst for my transformation to be complete. Once your man is out of the way, I will be a human being once again and then...and then...I will have you.” Sammy said almost breathless. This is madness. No way was this 1930’s railroad worker looking, banjo playing monster, going to “have” her. Marie, in vain, tried to push Sammy off of her, but it didn’t do very much. Sammy felt enraged for a moment, but he got an idea. He grabbed some old bandages from a first aid kit nearby, and started tying the bandages around her hands and to the cot’s metal posts. Oh no, perverted monster got me tied up. Shit. Shit. But, something else was happening. The way the bandages felt, her fingers pressing up against the cool rods of the frame of the bed, the yellowish light illuminating the room, this scenario...turned her on? What?! Why? Sammy started noticing her demure attitude. He lifted up her dress over hips and was breath taken by her lacy underwear. With an inky hand, he traced her stomach and hips. Marie’s breath was getting irregular. She was trying very hard not to get turned on. She had a fiance after a coffin. The thought kind of made her snap out of her erotic state, but Sammy kept drawing figure 8’s around her hips which drew her attention back. She sharply drawed her breath in and closed her eyes. She was feeling her body betray her. For some reason she thought that if she closed her eyes, she could hide her lust. Obviously, this was not working as he lifted up her dress all the way up over her bra. The in and out of her breath caused her beautiful breasts to rise and fall. Sammy put his inky hand on her boob and then carefully put her nipples between his fingers. He was kneading them ever so slightly, but Marie being so sensitive to touch, felt electricity all through her body. She still had her eyes closed, she didn’t want to feel so horny now, it felt wrong. Yet, she found herself gently caressing her fingers over his abs and chest. For some reason he had abs that felt harder than they looked. His masked face seemed to look at her with longing. “I-I can’t do anything...more. I’m made of ink ya know. I wish I could please you more. If only I could-” Then, something happened. 

2 weeks ago. Apr 8, 2021, 6:04 AM

I've been feeling emo these past few weeks. My sleep sucks so bad so below is a song (not mine) that showcases my emo feelings.



And this one I've definitely been feeling!!!


2 weeks ago. Apr 7, 2021, 7:51 AM

Inspired by A Video Game I Play

C’mon said Henry, let’s go to that abandoned building over there. “I don’t know...” Marie said, “it looks so old and dilapidated and...” she trailed off. Aww c’mon, you said it yourself, we need to spice things up in the bedroom don’t we? And what could be more exciting than going into a spooky place like that. It’s so dark and I’ll just kinda slide your hand up your dress just ever so…”Henry!” exclaimed Marie. Stop that! She slapped his hand away. “What?!” We are supposed to spice...things...up...bedroom...remember….this is what we talked about with the therapist.” Henry pleaded. “Well, yeah, we said to make things more exciting, but I was thinking along the lines of maybe, oh like handcuffs, flavored oral sex gels, big dildos, whips, egg vibrators, ball gags, things of that nature. I didn’t think we were gonna go to a fricken building that says OFF LIMITS. DO NOT ENTER. “Yeah, but we need the excitement hun. Something different. You work a lot. I work a lot. This could be fun. Loosen up. I’m here, don't worry. “O...k...I guess…” Marie said hesitantly. “Plus, I got the handcuffs!” Henry pulled out some fuzzy, pink handcuffs from his pocket. “You did not!” Marie slapped his shoulder playfully.  “Ha ha ha, let’s go then!’ Henry said confidently. 

As they approached the building, it looked like an old animator’s studio. Something from the 1930’s. Henry started to cautiously approach the building, like for a minute he wasn’t sure. But he decidedly looked for any holes in the metal fence surrounding the area and sure enough there were some. “Huh, probably some kids snuck in here before?” Henry asked himself. Marie just rolled her eyes. Henry took Marie’s hand and they carefully went through the poorly cut out hole. Luckily, the metal pieces did not scrap their skin. The animator’s studio stood looming and menacing. The windows, what little of them, were boarded up ages ago. The grass around the area grew tall and out of control. Somehow though, the pathway to the entrance looked like it had been swept and cleared of any debris. “Well, that’s odd.” Marie had noticed. Henry, just kinda shrugged it off. “It could have been the rain the other day, it was raining cats and dogs.” So, they both approached the old, wooden doors and pulled on the brass handles. To their surprise, and to Henry’s delight no doubt, they opened right up. Immediately, they were greeted with a musty, smell, cobwebs, and a sense of dread that both did not want to acknowledge. They both looked at each other. “Well honey, are you sure you want to do this?” Henry asked with a twinkle in his eye. “Will you just go in scardy cat?!” Marie gave him a gentle nudge. As they were walking in the hallway, they saw flickering lights towards the end of the hall and then they heard a distinct click that made both of them jump out of their skin. “Old building sounds, ammirite?” Henry said, hiding the shakiness in his voice. They crept down the hallway and discovered an old projector machine. It looked like the film had just stopped as they were staring at a lit-up blank screen on the wall.  “That’s weird.” Marie said, sounding puzzled. “Yeah….” Henry didn’t want to make too much of it. What he really wanted was to fuck Marie badly anyway. He had an erection since they opened the doors. He wanted to surprise her with it. She has always been fond of his cock anyway and openly told him so. That was something that he loved about Marie, her candidness and how she made him feel. And he was ready to show his love NOW.  His eyes started scanning for a couch or something remotely comfortably. The wood floor was creaking a lot as they walked which kind of distracted him, but he was a man on a mission. With his cock being the pilot of course. They walked around and saw some old animator's desk. They even saw a message scrawled in ink that said Dreams Come True. It was an eerie place indeed and Marie started looking like she didn’t want to to go any further, but Henry held her hand tight. Besides, this was the most exciting thing they had done in ages. They worked so much they didn’t even have time to plan their wedding. Henry was amazed that somehow their days off synched up, especially at this time of the year.  

After exploring a few doors and getting used to the moans and groans of the pipes, they found a red, dusty leather couch in what seemed like a break room. The couch stood out because it looked way more modern than anything they had seen in the other parts of the building. “That will work!” Henry excitedly muttered under his breath. “What?” Marie asked. They went down a few wooden steps. “Babe, it’s time we consummated our love, right here, on this couch, in this old dusty place.” Henry said while on one knee. “Will you make love with me, my sweet?” Marie had a hard time resisting those bright, blue eyes. Henry was such a charming man after all. “Oh my gosh babe...of course!” That was all Henry needed to hear. While Henry was unhooking Marie’s bra and biting at her chin, Marie couldn’t help but notice a few things that were so very odd; cans of bacon soup stacked in the corner, a not-so dusty book called The Illusion of Living sitting on a table nearby, and the most strangest one, a large cardboard cut out of an impish looking cat with a grin on its face. “Uh, Henry...,” Marie tried to blurt out, but Henry shushed her. He knew Marie gets distracted at times so he wanted to bring her back to the present. He played with her clit through her panties and could tell she was already getting soaked. So he shoved two fingers inside her moistness and she let out a loud moan. He pumped his fingers back and forth until they were soaked with her juices and he then pushed her on the coach which made a whoosh sound as they both fell on it. He continued to finger fuck her and rub her clit with her thumb. She fucking loved that. He then realized, “The handcuffs. Almost forgot!" He grabbed them out of his back pocket and Marie obediently showed her hands to Henry as he looked into her eyes and placed the handcuffs on her hands. Click. Click. “Do what you want to me.” Marie said in a sultry voice with her arms raised. He saw that she was already sweating a bit on her forehead. Henry pushed up her sparkly dress over her hips. He artfully took off the cream, lace thong that she chose to wear. “Open your legs, I want to see your wet pussy.” He loved when she had a shaved pussy. Last time he had shaved it himself and it seemed to help rekindle their sexual fire. Right now, he could see her cream glistening over her clit and opening. His dick was ready. “I would help you with your belt dear, but poor ol’ defenseless me is all tied up,” Marie temptingly said while gyrating her hips. And just like that, belt, pants and boxer briefs were dropped. Without too much trouble, Henry slid all 7 inches inside of her. “Oh fuck!” She whimpered in his ear. Her pussy felt so warm and soft, and all the while she kept moaning his ear, he felt like he was going to cum quicker than he wanted to admit when...CRASH! 

When the dust and debris cleared they realized that the couch went right through the floor! They were on some lower level. It smelled twice as musty and looked even more eerie. 

“Oh my God, are you ok?!” Henry asked. Marie looked stunned. Henry waved a hand at her face. “Yes...YES...I’m OK, thank goodness! What happened?!” “It looks like the couch just fell through the damn floor!” “We should go, Henry.” Marie worriedly bit her lip while she looked around. “I know hun, but...I don’t see any stairs. We’ll have to explore. Firstly, is your neck ok?”

“Yeah, babe, it’s fine, that was just really scary though.”

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3 weeks ago. Mar 30, 2021, 9:37 AM

I don't know why I am still part of the Cage. Maybe I feel kinship with some of you, I dunno. I know last time I lamented about my relationship issues, I did get a lot of support. I just wish I was more brave or better to leave my predicament. I wish I was more kinky or something so that I could use that as a distraction. But, I'm always thinking, thinking, thinking, and never quite taking the action that I need due to fear. I've been reading a lot (my go to thing) and I realized I might have Asberger's which is part of being on the Autistic spectrum. I used to be called Amelia Bedelia, now I know why. I had a counselor tell me that's probably why I over analyze things, especially difficult things like abuse. It's hard not too when that's all I used to do since I was a child. I feel like I don't know who I am sometimes. I know this rant is better suited for like a emotional support forum or reddit or something, but I'm posting it on here for some reason. Maybe I'm hoping that one person will pop out of the shadows and be I to love you and understand you, but I know life already. It never works that way. Anyways, I have a bad headache, so I'm going to end this here. Thanks for reading.

4 months ago. Dec 18, 2020, 4:39 PM

I seriously! The worst question to ask me is...what do you do for fun? Luckily, people don't ask as much because of Covid 19, but it still creeps in once in a while. Firstly, I hate that question because I'm almost always broke and secondly, my sleep sucks, so most of my life is chasing sleep I'm never gonna get back, and thirdly I am like a cat. I lounge around and get snappy when people get too close. Feed me, pet me a little, but please let me have my space I guess is how I am. If I'm nestled with a book on a cold winter day with some sweets beside me I'm pretty content. I live in my head mostly anyways and have the best fantasies yeah! I'm a fat, boring cat....meow!🐈