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Mind's Captivity

To be a captive of ones mind is to be locked in the deepest darkest den, but truth be told the key you so desire to set you free lies within you... free your mind and you'll free yourself.
13 hours ago. Fri 17 Jan 2020 03:10:41 PM IST

What is love?

Is it really a feeling sent from above?

Does love make your life wothwhile?

Or is it efforts upon efforts just to be futile?

Is it the reason we give our all?

Or is it just a trap to make us falll?

Can love be a completely lost?

Does it comes with an undetermined cost?

Is it something only few will ever find?

Or does it slowly consume your mind?

Can love make you go crazy?

Or is it something that make you hazy?

Will it matter if you get a ring?

Does it take time or is it an overnight thing?

Is love a death wish that you signed?

Will it make you and another closely aligned?

Can it bring you great joy?

Will it treat you way less than a toy?

Does it go sour like lime?

Or will it last for a lifetime?

Will love get you hurt?

Does it make your heart dry up like a desert?

My philosophy is that love is an emotion expressed by action, it is an undeniable attraction that we feel for another, its a burning desire to prioritize another's happiness above your own, its that feeling in our chest that strikes like a bolt of lightening when we least expect it. Since love is expressed by action its not love itself that cause us to hurt, cry, be sad or feel alone its really the way in which the person we love treat us as their actions may imply that they dont love us. Love doesnt hurt, people do, love is pure it builds you up and never allow you to fall, love is trusting another to not take you for granted, its something you learn to get better at everyday and one thing for sure is when love is present its very clear, you'll never have to question it.


18 hours ago. Fri 17 Jan 2020 10:33:59 AM IST

My dearest Master

      I write to you with a heart full of sorrow as I know I will once again be thousands of miles away from you, I miss you already maybe even more than I did the days before now but I know I will miss you even more tomorrow when Im gone, gone far away from your arm's embrace where I will never be able to feel your tender kiss. I know I must be strong but I still cant help but to miss you, this is an obstacle our love must survive in order for us to grow stronger, our distance is a constant reminder that I must never take you for granted as I already know who empty, sad and lonely my life is without you. I want to take this time to also let you know that you mean the world to me, don’t ever forget that. You are my everything, my forever and the love of my life. I will always wait for you because there will never be another that I want, I only want you. I want to thank you for loving a cold, lost and detached soul like myself who has never dreamt of having such strong feelings for another being. You came into my life and gave to me a feeling only my heart can understand, a feeling I didn’t even know was missing. You have shown me that love is a wonderful feeling even though it comes with its fair share of heartaches but each one is worth bearing because I believe that we are meant for other and that we were brought together by fate and not by chance. I say without a doubt that there is no true way to tell you how much I love, adore and cherish you, when I say I love you I do so with my whole heart and I don’t ever want to live my life without you by my side, im yours and will always be, as I depart from you once again I promise to be honest, loyal and obedient, I commit to being the sub you want me to be even in your absence. The memories we created these past days I will for ever cherish as each day spent with you is like a dream come through. If you should ask what I’ll miss the most about you id say your presence as the thought of you not being with me is what brings me despair. It breaks my heart knowing I have just matter of hours to be with you before we say our final farewells, I nonetheless have strong fate in our love and in that I find comfort. I’ll miss you dearly and I already cant wait to be with you again but until we meet again you will forever be in my thoughts and heart , I love you without end now always and forever.
                                                          Yours truly

2 days ago. Wed 15 Jan 2020 08:13:00 AM IST

"Im sorry that took so long, did you want something to drink?" Kat wasnt a frequent drinker but she liked having her occasional drinks which may result in a bottle or two over a short period of time especially when she had company, she loved her drinks strong as she enjoyed feeling the burning sensation in her mouth as the liquid glides over her tongue, it reduces the volume of her thoughts to listen to the chinking of the ice cubes as she swirls her glass.

"sure, i'll have a drink of water" Lilly replied as she turned facing Kat

"I didnt ask if you were thirsty" she tried but her response came out as cold as ice nonetheless, she had it in her to comply to whatever Josh wanted her to do she knew she just have to want it and she did. she wanted it so bad to comply to his wishes.

"Oh my bad, i didnt know water wasnt an option" the discomfort was evident in Lilly's voice.

"Ha ha you are something else but if you want water i could get that but im making me a strong drink"

"I'll have whatever you are having" for the first time since her arrival ther soft lips stretched into a smile her teeth are perfectly aligned. She had no doubt about it genuineness and couldnt help but to crack back a smile.

"You sure do have a beautiful smile" before Lilly could respond she made her way back to the kitchen where Josh was still sitting in the same spot she left him. She retrieved  two glass the reached for a bottle vodka of from the kitchen cabinett. "What are you thinking about" she asked as she dropped the ice cubes in the glass.

"I just got a call from the office i gotta go in"

"You sitting there tells me you dont wanna go"

"Its just that Lilly lives out of town i wont be able to take her home at the moment"

"She could stay here with me until you get back"

"Youre an angel" he sprang to his feet and gave her a kiss on her forehead then left the kitchen. it was as though something trickled  down her spine it felt good and it was real, her entire body went numb she just stood there reflecting on the kiss...


3 days ago. Tue 14 Jan 2020 05:03:57 PM IST

She felt safe in his arms "i'm sorry i reacted the way i did" he kiss her on the forehead it was just as she imagine it would be, his whole aura suddenly changed she could hear his heart pounding "your words mean nothing to me." the disaproval in his voice for her actions earlier startled her, she timidly looked up their eyes made four, his eyes reminded her of the ashes and smoke of his favourite cigarillo blowing in the wind, they were intense, she could she them turning into firey red, laced with his fury hearing that she dropped to her knees and sobbed softly she could feel his strong stares piercing though her soft succulent skin, she dared not make another eye contact. Next thing she knew he was standing over her with his belt in his hands and his trousers fell to his feet, she was lost for words she felt her clit twitched as he stroked his cock she couldn’t believe how wet seeing that was making her. He secured his belt arround her throat, tightening it on her neck with each tug she gasp, he forced his cock in gently into her mouth, she gasp for breathe even harder than before as he kept pushing until he was as deep as he could be.  "Kat.... Katherine" a distant voice call out "Kat what's wrong, are you ok? Josh asked  " n... n... no... nothing.. i'm.. im ok," she manged to reply as she came back to her harsh reality, everything was all played out in her mind, she didnt have half the courage to mutter a word of this to him. "Did you even hear a word i said?" He asked with concern "said?... said something?" she was as lost as Alice in wonderland.

"you know what im sorry i should have told you i was taking her over before i did" 

"No this is your home as much as its mind, im sorry i reacted this way, everything was just sudden"

"Do be sorry, we share a home together its my fault for not giving you the heads up"

"Dont be silly" she chuckled playing it all off

"I want you to get to know her maybe that way things wont be as awkward as it was"

"Thats a good idea" she forced out a smile and walked back to the living room leaving him sitting on a stool.

he knew she was upset, he thought it was because he brought a stranger into their home. It bothered him because her feelings meant more to him than even she knew.

3 days ago. Tue 14 Jan 2020 10:14:06 AM IST

"Who is she?" she asked trying hard to keep her composure, they have been room mates for over two years and he has never invited anyone over, to her just moments ago she was having the dream of a lifetime but what now stood before her was the man of her dreams with another woman this was her worst nightmare, she always feared that the longer she kept her feelings for Josh hidden the greater the possibilities of losing him to someone else would be. She stood there in dismay observing the woman who she thought was about to snatch everything she ever wanted right before her eyes, her hair was blond at the tip with the strands turning dull brown at her root it had just the right hint of wave and perfectly matched the colour of her brows, she wore little makeup enough to compliment her sparkling blue eyes, she was rather the exact body type as her, petite and dainty with slender, curving waist, her lips were carefuly painted pink and blended seemlessly with her flawless skin "she is quite a beauty" Kat thought to herself her observation were short lived as Josh introduced both ladies "well.... Kat this is Lilly, Lillly this is Kat my room-mate." Kat was bothered by the fact that he wasnt more clear as to who exactly this Lilly was, so she queried further, "nice to meet you Lilly, Josh i didnt know you had a girlfriend." "dont you think thats something we could discuss later?" He asked in a stern manner as his eyes glared at her, strangely enough she was intrigued by him whenever he got like that, she liked the feeling of him putting her in her place, "whats there to dicuss that cant be said now?" she ask persistently staring at Lilly. The room was filled with silence for a few second, it was broken when Lilly tried muttering "ive heard quite alot about you" "if you are gonna talk atleast speak up so i can hear you" at this point it was almost impossible for her to recover her poise and Josh knew her too well he could tell she was upset. He took Lilly's coat and led her over to the sofa " give me a few minutes i'll be back" he whispered into her ear as she smiled and nodded. Kat thought she seemed rather shy as she said so little and spoke so quietly, she couldnt take her eyes off her as the removal of her coat showed how well the white mini dress she wore hugged her figure and showed off her nice rounded buttocks "you..the kitchen with me" Josh ordered as he led the way without looking behind, at this moment she had a thousand thoughts she was ready to share with him, she was ready to tell him exactly how she feels about him, she just couldnt wait to get that kiss which she always dreamt about without a doubt she knew how the conversation would go, she had it all played out in her head. As she entered the kitchen she was about to speak " im sorr..." "are you?" he asked calmly cutting her off, his eyes were filled with anger and desire all at once he pulled her close by grabbing tightly into her hair he kissed her so passionately she was speechless she burried her head into his strong arms, trying to catch her breathe, she couldnt believe what had just happen, "did that really just happened?" she questioned to herself.

4 days ago. Mon 13 Jan 2020 11:43:02 PM IST

As he lean over to kiss her lips Kat was woken by a loud pounding on her door, she quickly stumbled out of bed but as she moves closer to the door she covered her mouth to trap a sudden yarn which tried to make its way out, "bang, bang" the pounding continued and just like her dream her yarn was interupted "who's there?" she asked hesitantly "i forgot my keys"... it was Josh her room-mate, Kat blushed at the sound of his stern yet soothing voice, just moments ago he was about to plant a kiss upon her soft lips as she stood there she tried to find the courage to express to him the strong burning desire that she has for him. "Josh is my dream guy" she thought to herself as she reflect on the multiple time she caught herself staring on his strong well framed chest or his strong muscular hands which she yearns to be wrapped arround her, not to mention he was tall, dark and handsome she'd be blind not to see him. "Are you gonna let me in?" As she returned to reality she opened the door, to her astonishment Josh was standing there with a blonde chick......