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Mind's Captivity

To be a captive of ones mind is to be locked in the deepest darkest den, but truth be told the key you so desire to set you free lies within you... free your mind and you'll free yourself.
6 months ago. Mar 20, 2020, 7:52 PM

He stood naked in the room anxiously awaiting Her arrival, entering the room She instantly gripped his hair pulling his head backward, bringing him to his knees, despite the fact that he was a little taller than Her, he was a giant nerd, she had no problem putting him down on his knees, she walked slowly around him with a piercing stare. He was intrigued by Her alluring beauty, she could have graced any magazine cover, Her over bust black steel bone corset hugged her already intuned curves perfectly, it was made with a black shimmering fabric with leather piping, decorated with shiny silver buttons and chains at the sides with a laced up back, Her underwear was laced to Her and sat on Her hips, the thigh high heels which She wore greatly complimented Her whole demeanour. "Apparently you dont know how to follow simple instructions, i told you to wait for me naked.......... and on your knees,"

"Im sorry Mistress"

"Not yet you arent, but you will be" she had a wicked grin on her face

Mistress hated when Her instructions arent followed clearly, now this is his third time since week not following Her instructions correctly. He was allowed to masturbate only three times per week, today was Wednesday and he have already did so seven times, more than double the amonunt

She slowly untied the string holding Her underwear, causing them to fall to Her feet. His cock was as hard as a rock, he needed to release

"You filthy animal, you are hard all just by looking" she teased

He stared mercilessly, her clit peeked out between Her full lips as She bend reaching for her underwear, She was just in time to catch him staring.

"Does my slut want to suck on my pussy? 

"Ye.... yes Miss... yes please" he replied desperately.

He waited eagerly as She lower Her pussy to his mouth, She was soaking wet, She rubbed Her juice all over his face before turning around and slapping him accross his left cheek.

"You only get that when you are a good boy"

He closed his eyes as she grabbed hold of his fully erected cock, he felt the warmth of her favourite scented oil, She genltly massage his dick from tip to base and back up again, precum leaked out if his cock as She slowly carress it, She massage his balls then slowly worked Her way back to the tip. It was an amazing feeling, he wanted to cum but each time he was at the verge of cuming, She release his cock from Her hands and instead run Her index finger up and down his shaft. He begged "please Mistress, let me cum for you" but the more he begged, the more She teased. "Cum for your Mistress my little slut". She continued jerking him off only this time with a bit more soeed, he started to moan, his Mistress could feel his cock growing in Her hands, growing ready to explode. Suddenly She stopped and left the room, he waited eagerly. She returned holding a shiny surprise, not a good surprise atleast for him it wasnt. His fully erected dick deflated

"Mistress please....." 

"Please what?" She snapped at him "are you refusing your punishment?"

"n... n.... no Ma'am, punish your slut" he voice was filled with remorse and sorrow.

"until you learn to control your urges to masturbate this will be your cock new home"

"Thank you Mistress"

he held his head down and took his punishment gracefuly, he knew if he pleased his Mistress she will reward him, he was hoping it will be Her opening Her lips and sitting directly on his mouth. It gave him great please to taste the sucullent juice that flow from his Mistress.

"Give me a minute" and she dashed to the bathroom, few minutes later she returned wearing a see through lingerie again his cock started to grow but that was short lived.

She feed both his testicles through the ring, followed by his penis, she slid his penis into the tube, which she connected to the ring and secured it with a lock. She held his penis and gentle pulled on his balls, it was torture, he wanted to get hard but the stupid cage wouldnt allow it.

Her phone rang, after getting off the call She instructed "Clean up yourself and get dressed". When he returned She was no longer in Her bedroom, She was in the kicthen pouring out a drink of wine, they was a second glass, he wasnt sure he wanted wine, maybe a beer he thought to himself. Upon seeing him She walked over, kissed his cheek, held his hands and walked him to the door. "I'll see you soon, be a good boy"

Concern about his cage he asked "Mistress, how soon?"

"That depends on how much of a good boy you are" there was that evil grin on Her face again.

"I will be a good boy Mistress" he said as he made his way to his car.

The moment he left he couldnt help but notice a woman getting out of her car, it was almost as though she was waiting for him to leave, she made her way to his Mistress door, she was greeted by a hug and a passionate kiss upon her lips, the second wine glass was meant for her he thought to himself, he was could feel a bit of jealousy growing inside, he tried hard not to be bothered about this woman and his Mistress, he had enough on his own plate

He needed to be a good boy.

6 months ago. Mar 10, 2020, 3:56 PM

She has been taking to her online Dom for some time now, today is the day he pick her up from the airport......

"Walk to the black truck infront of you" the call ended instantly, before she could even open her mouth, she was there for a minute bitting on her lips as a million thoughts went through her mind, she has always had a wild spirit but never has she flown to meet someone she met online, let alone to get into a stranger's car, she had sent him many pictures and videos too, but He has never as much as described Himself to her, all she knew was that He was from the same state as her and He relocated to the Florida when he was very young. It was too late to be having second thoughts she thought to herself, as she got closer to the vehicle, he got out, he opened the passenger door and took her suitcase placing it in the backseat, her eyes gazed upon her Master for the first time, His dark eyes made her weak in the knees, He had the kind of face that stopped you in your tracks, His tousled dark brown hair, was thick and lustrous, she couldn’t see his chest but his light blue dress shirt clung tightly to his skin revealing His muscular definition which had slightly been worn off due to His lack of training. He could see the expression on her face, as she looked His way, her nonchalant gaze was accompanied by a weak smile.

"I opened the door for you to get in minutes ago, get in" His voice was deep and filled with command.

She quickly revived herself from the trance in which He had unknowingly placed her, entered the vehicle as He closed the door for her.

They have been driving for over an hour neither of them said a word, she tried taking glances at Him without making it obvious, as they came to a stop at the trafic light, she was about to take yet another glance only this time their eyes made four, he opened the centre console, reached in, he brought out a shot glass and handed it to her. 

"Here is your reward for being a good girl"

As she pulled it closer to her lips, she came to the realization it was her Master's cum, she was so nervous as she opened her soft succulent lips to devour every drop of His warm delicious cum. He smiled as He watched His new slut devour His cum and his cock harden. 

"Did you enjoy your Master's cum?"

"No Sir,, i loved it"

Her words caused His cock to become fully erected unable to hide His excitement, He gently squeezed her throat, choking her slightly before planting a kiss on her lips, the feel of her soft lips against His made him appreciate His new slut, it made Him realize that all His efforts for the past five months, was absolutely worth it. She was finally going to be His. He took the shot glass out of hers and placed it where He took it from. The light changed, she gasp as her neck was released. After a few more minutes of driving he pulled into a parking space, near by His apartment, He undid His belt and stepped out of the car, she sat still with her stares straight ahead, He walked around the back of the car to her door, opening it, she was just as cute in real life as in the pictures and videos he’d coerced from her, He thought. 

"Look at me slut" He demanded in a calm yet commanding tone as she focus her stares on her new Master he asked, "what does my slut desires the most?" In a very soft tone she replied, "i really want to suck your cock but i've already tasted you, what i desire the most is to feel you inside of me" He ordered her out the car, she was a bit hesitant resulting in Him grabbing into her hair and pulling her out, to her surprise she was turned on by her Master man-handling her. He raised her skirt above her bum slide His finger into her wet pussy, then into the side of her laced underwear, she could feel Him gripping tightly into the side as He ripped it clean off her. He pushed her down, to where she was bent over the front of the car, She was in disbelief she had told Him she wanted to be fucked in a parking lot, but not like this.

"Beg for my cock you filthy whore" 

"Please sir, your slut need to feel your cock, I need to know how my Master feel Sir”.

He finger fucked her in the dark parking lot as she moan beg and plead for His cock. He needed to fill her up with His cock, which was now throbbing from all her pleads. He was getting more and more turned on, He turned her around, His palm connected with her left cheek, then immediately after her right cheek. He unbuckled His belt, unbutton His trousers and lowered His zip. His boxers bulged from His fully errected cock. She stopped begging as He rub His cock against her clit, He bent closer to her face and spat in it.. "you only stop begging, if i say so" she was astonished, she felt dirty, like a cheap whore but she liked it, she continued begging. She wanted Him deep inside of her more than anything. He began to use His thumb to rub around her clit, from the look on her face he could tell she was already so close to cuming. Few more circular moves on her pulsating clit and she’ll explode. He slid his index fingers very deep inside of her again, she was now even wetter than the rainy season, her clit was throbbing very hard. She moaned softly in pleasure and began to see approval to cum, "you only cum when you feel my dick inside of you". The pleasure was unbearable, it was almost impossible for her to hold out any longer, He knew she was at the verge of cuming as she became more filled with secretion, she was again set to bend over the car, her Master's cock slipped into very wet cunt "you can cum now.” He gripped His hand firmly into her hair as He thrusted fast and hard behind her. A spark of pleasure started at her clit, she moaned loudly as her entire body is filled with a burst of sweet sensation, like that of a river trying to over flow its banks. She laid motionless over the car, she couldnt feel her limbs, He slide His dick out of His new slut and adjusted His clothes, He helped her to her feet as they walked hand in hand casually on the path to His appartment, they were soon joined by an old lady who greeted them with a friendly smile, they both smiled but only their smile was over their shared secret moment. He was so happy and proud of her, as her reward he gave her a nice warm shower then brought her to her room where she would be staying.

"Thank you sir," she said 

He smiled  and replied "one fantasy down many more to go"

"That wasnt exactly how i expected it"

"Expected?" He asked

"I mean i wanted to have sex in a parking lot, but i thought it would be in the car" she responded

"I need to fix those communication skill of yours" He caressed her cheek with the back of his hand, planted a kiss on her forehead, turned around and walked out of the room, killing the light, locking the door.

6 months ago. Mar 10, 2020, 7:15 AM

Its been a while, this i didnt originally write as a blog nor is it writen to anyone..... its just an excersise that i ended up writing 😂😂🤷‍♀️

I would like you to consider the possibilities of me being your Mistress, why? I will appreciate your submission at all times even when you fail, at a task or command, I’ll use your downfalls and mistake as a learning lesson to help and bring you to your full potential. I will at all times take your health and well being into consideration, never will I ask you to do anything that will impede your important obligations, I will always make time for you to the best of my ability. Your submission will be treasured, I will make serving me a hobby rather than a task, as I will at all time be observant as to when you are broken and in need of my reassurance. Reassurance that you are not being taken for granted, that your efforts will always be acknowledge even if you failed the first time around. I will do what is necessary to help you become a good sub, one who will be able to please me beyond satisfaction. You will belong, you will be mine, mine to use and also to care for. I will push your limits, but never will I break you, you will feel not only my dominance, but you will too feel my care, all I ask from you in return is your precious, valued and most sincere submission. I will be understanding and open to all your concerns and queries, I will never ridicule or ignore no matter the questions, I will take my role as your Mistress as a responsibility that must be handled with great care, as you serve me, so too will I serve you, with my care, guidance and knowledge making you into the sub every Mistress has only dreamed of, will you join me in an adventure only you and I can share?

7 months ago. Feb 14, 2020, 8:44 AM

This promise i make to you, is because you inspire my soul and challenge me to be the best version of myself, and for this i will always appreciate you.

I promise you i'll always be yours, for as long as you desire, yours to use but never abuse.

It will always be my greatest joy to be of service to you, i will always be graceful whether it be that you give me pain or please.

I will always acknowledge that my existence would be purposeless without you. You are of most importance in my life.

I promise to be a good representation of you in and out of your presence, i'll keep my hair fixed and i'll keep wearing those sexy outfits.

i promise to wear my makeup light, to my figure right and ill keep your kitty tight.

My happiest moments will always be the ones spent with you, being to you whatever your heart desire.

You requests will always be my command, whatever you desire, i will always aspire.

I give you my word, until the day the my life is through this and more i promise you.


7 months ago. Feb 13, 2020, 7:05 AM

She knew He was not just the one but He was the right one, the right one for her soul to desire.

She wanted to follow His lead, she wanted to explore with Him, His deepest desires.

She wanted to indulge in all His fantasies, she wanted to light His world of darkness.

She knew He was the right one before she looked upon His face or looked into his eyes, It wasnt just some made up desires.

She wanted to be in His presence, to serve, please and obey His every demands.

She wanted to take Him away from all of life's misery and become His place of solitude.

She didnt need a thousand roses to know He was the right one, He gave her His trust, knowledge, time, patience and effort.

She wanted Him to guide her, she wanted to take the journey with Him until the end of the road.

She wanted Him to be her untold story, her reality, she wanted Him to be the center of her universe

If was the purest of desires, Her desires were to make His desires her own.

She wanted to cherish Him without end, to honour and adore Him from the depths of her souls.

She wanted to stand behind Him, to support Him, to be at his serve, always there when He needed her.

He was all she needed, He gave her strenght when she though she was weak, He saw in her all she could be and somehow made all of her doubts go away.

She knew he was the right one, and for that she wanted to give Him her submission.

7 months ago. Feb 11, 2020, 3:12 PM

It was an extremely wet and cold day, Toya and I laid in the bedroom anxiously awaiting Daddy’s arrival, before leaving for work He had expressed that He would be taking home back with Him a surprise, as I was about to get up to take a bath, she glared at the clock then looked at me “we still have a long wait before Daddy gets home” she said with despair in her voice, “we could maybe find something to do to help pass time” I replied but neither of us had a clue what to do. We laid there each trying to take a guess on what the surprise could be, my hands brushed against her breast, reluctantly I apologize she stretched forward her hand running her fingers gently down my cheeks, I stopped my breathe “why would you be sorry?” She asked giving me a seductive stare. Without waiting for my response she came closer to me, lifted the front of her dress, took my hand, and placed it on her soft warm shaven pussy, I closed my eyes and smiled, "See I need you and you need me." Toya and I have never been intimate before, I knew this day would come but I was quiet and shy nonetheless, as my fingers slowly slipped in Toya's pussy she leaned over and started kissing me passionately, she moaned, and my fingers came out, she sucked her juices from my fingers. I smiled, backed away and walked into the bathroom, almost finding it difficult to believe that just happened. While I was in the shower I thought of Toya, how badly I wanted her and how nice it would be if she were in here with me, too bad this all didn’t happen before she herself had taken her shower. As I got out the shower she was there, she smiled and said, "Missed me didn't you slut?" I shyly nodded yes, as she walked from the bathroom to the bedroom I followed slowly as I got to the bed room she said “slut stand up and bend over I want to see if you are as wet as me” I did exactly as I was told she leaned down and kissed my back. My feet shook with excitement as she said “I know you are a dirty little slut stop acting shy” I felt her tongue move to my butt cheek licking it, I could feel her going down on her knee as she kissed my pussy, I grabbed the sheet covering the bed as her tongue slide into my pussy, my legs spread further and further apart as her tongue made circular motion around my clit, I wanted her so bad it was long after I pulled a pillow that was in arm reach and started biting into it, I was about to climax “im ready to cum, im cumming” I yelled in pleasure, a loud voice entered from nowhere shouting “bitch don’t you dare cum” I froze that was my Masters voice, she jump up from her knees “ having fun my two lovely sluts” Daddy said walking over to us, “did you enjoy my pussy Toya?” Daddy asked with a grin, she shook her head yes. He slapped me across my ass, advised us to get prepared to see what the surprise was then left the room. Few minutes later He called us to your room, upon arrival He asked “are my little whores ready to serve Daddy? "Yes *sir* I’m al…." but before I could finish my reply Toya quickly interrupted shouting “Yes Daddy, your slut is ready” its almost as though she was trying to distract Daddy from listening what I was about to say, He looked at me “kneel!" He commanded, i did just that without hesitation He was so demanding, and that was so turning me on i could again feel the wetness of my pussy i loved it i thought i was going to be sucking Daddys dick but instead Daddy reached down, grabbing my hair in an aggressive manner, twisting it as He pulled me to my feet, the grip on my hair tighten, your eyes were filled anger. I felt shivers down my spine but this time they werent good, because now i was in fear, i realized what i had done. I was a bad slut and i deserve to be punished my Daddy taught me there was no sir, i had called you *sir* ive done that before but only over the phone, ive never been punished by Daddy before... He slapped my face immediately my cheeks turn red, the pain rush through the entire top half of my body my eyes watering, He used your hand to grab my throat, i opened my mouth to breathe His hands tightens and breathing becomes more difficult, my whole face redden as He releases my neck I choked, coughing, trying to catch my breath. He quickly slapped my face again I used my hands to hold the area but He pushed my hands away, I called Daddy sir when I shouldn’t have, your eyes glared at me as He stood there contemplating how best to punish me. He pulled me closer to your face and whispered in my ear “ when am done with you, you dirty little slut you’ll never call me sir again” He then started to passionately kiss me, I was a bit reluctant to kiss Him back after a comment like that I know too well that I was not deserving of Him rewarding me with a kiss and something told me that would not His way of teaching me a lesson, I closed my eyes as a thousand thought flashed though my mind as I stood there all vulnerable waiting for what next was about to come to me, in a flash I opened my eyes as I moaned in pain I felt Daddy’s teeth clinched to my lower lip, I tried pulling away but He was so strong, I could feel Him tearing through the top layer of my skin, He released my lips and there was a slight taste of blood in my mouth almost as though He pierced through my lips. “Now, you filthy little whore ruined the surprise” He yelled at me “ Toya you get to watch as I remind this bitch who I am” He said kissing her on the forehead. Now I know why she tried preventing Daddy from hearing what I said, she was trying to protect me, He picked up the blind fold then walked back over to me I was shaking both in fear and excitement, He covered my eyes, i heard Him pick something up, I didn’t yet know what it was until i felt the sting from it connecting onto my bare ass. I let out an enormous painful scream as the whip met my ass it felt like the hardest spank id ever felt in my life now I know how serious you were about this punishment. I could hear Toya sobbing softly, I was now led to kneel in the middle of the bed, awaiting the remaining of my punishment like a good little whore. He grabbed my left hand and tied what felt like a rope around it He did the same with my right hand I was now forced from a kneeling position and was made to lay flat on my stomach, just as I thought that would be all I felt Him securing both my feet just as He did my arms for a minute the room went quiet , I tried moving my limbs but they was little to no movement, I was strapped to the bed, I wasn’t sure I was regretting this as much as I should, I loved the feeling of being controlled by Daddy to be used and left helpless by Him, if Daddy hadn’t punished me id be so devausted I was a bad girl I needed this. My thought was interrupted by the excruciated pain of another spank only this time in the center of my back, I planted my face into the sheet as I sobbed quietly the whipping on my back continued each blow hitting harder, I screamed through the immense pain. After minutes which felt like hours of back flogging I cried uncontrollably. He lowered the whip onto my neck, running it down my back, slowly as He ran it over my back, i flinched in pain. I felt a kiss on my shoulder my punishment was over and I survived I thought to myself, He now started gently stroking over my bottom with the whip as you quickly lifted and then lowered the whip on my bare round ass. I let out a loud moan followed by deep yelps as the pain hit I clenched my hands, the pain was unbearable multiple blows was released on my bum it was at that moment I knew, there was no sir and if there was, I don’t know who he was but he sure wasn’t my Master. I felt a long break from the whip I heard Him unbuckling His belt and pulling down His trouser, the pain I felt was blocked by the thought of having Him inside of me. I wanted to cum, I wanted to again feel the pleasure that Toya was about to give me before all this happened, my clit harden as I await the fullness of my Master deep inside me. I heard a foot step walking towards the bed, the bed sank as though someone had gotten onto it, the bed starts shaking Toya was sucking Daddy’s cock I can tell by the slurping sound that filled the room, I was so horny i wanted in on the fun, I heard her released Daddy’s cock with a loud pop and the slurping stopped. The bed rose as it would appear Daddy got up, “tell that bitch how good that felt” Daddy said to Toya, the bed sank then shook as she leaned over to my ear and whispered “ it t...t ta..taste so good" she was stammered by her pity for me, i heard a loud slap that landed on her and she resumed cying "do better" Daddy instructed her, again she whispered in my ear only this time more teasingly "Daddy cock taste so good, if you were a good little slut you too could have some of His cum,” 

"Theres my good girl" Daddy praised, not long after she started to moan as her leg touched against mine, she grabbed my thigh, soon after He removed my blind fold, I saw Him eating out Toya that sight hurt more than the numerous blows that was placed upon my skin, because I knew right then and there this was a continuation of my punishment, Daddy knew I was about to cum early when she was eating me out and what better way to punish a slut than to have her see what she want, so close yet so far away, but i dare not beg Daddy I was undeserving of such pleasure as Toya reached climax she seek approval to cum to which was granted. I laid there on my stomach wanting so badly to cry but instead I uttered “ may I speak master?”

“yes you may” He answered without looking at me. I paused for a few second then said “I am sorry Master, I will never dare address you incorrectly again” “im sure you wont love” He replied as He untied the ropes making it easy for Him to kiss me I could taste Toya on His lips I liked it I kissed Him until the taste was no more, “Daddy loves His little slut” He said as He buried me into His arms, I felt safe and loved but most of all I felt owned.

7 months ago. Feb 9, 2020, 1:13 PM

A slave in a M/s relationship is one who had a strong burning desire and will to serve, this is someone who is not self-centered and not focused on his/her own needs and desires but rather those of her Master’s, this is someone who chooses willingly at first instinct to obey, a slave is one who ALWAYS ask permission of his/her Master for anything he/she does, or to satisfy whatever need he/she might have before acting on it, contrary to popular belief slaves are not weak as it takes a strong female/man to commit to the drive inside him/her, to serve, to obey and to please a Master, being a slave means I should never think for myself but in instance where I am not in the presence of my Master and has choices to make I should and must perform them to the best of my abilities and within the boundaries and guidance that my Master has allowed me. Above all else as a slave my primary and foremost focus should be geared at pleasing my Master at ALL times, hoping that my Master finds me pleasing in all that I do, whether I am in my Master's presence or not. As a slave my greatest pleasure is to know that I have pleased my Master, there is no greater felt disappointment that a slave can feel than when her Master is not pleased with her, this is something I personally struggle with but as a slave I know its not my place to punish myself, all punishment or disciplinary actions should be issued to me by my Master. One of the most important characteristics that all slaves must have is obedience as this is required to please my Owner/Master, whilst obedience is critical I should not obey every Master that comes along, slaves must obey the rules and expectations of THEIR owner to the best of their abilities, seeing as every Master has different needs, wants and or desires. In a nutshell me being obedient to all Masters may cause me to go against the wishes of my own Master and as such i would say as a sub i respect all Masters but my obedience belongs soley to my own Master and will only be offered to another Master if ever instructed to do so by my own Master, as in doing so i would still be practising obedience seeing as it my Master's wishes for my to obey another.
Before now to be owned meant I was someone’s property but now I see it means a whole lot more than just that, being owned is like the greatest honor to be bestowed upon a sub, being owned is this ultimate sense of security, it helps in making me feel confident, safe, and purposeful. The thought to be owned floods me with a sense of peace and contentment. Being owned says more than just pledging to give full control to my Master, or me promising to be honest, loyal and respectful at all times it says He accept me, He accept all my flaws. It means I am cared for and respected, It means I am loved. I believe that being Owned is a sense of commitment, one made not only by a Master who promises to nature, protect or guide His sub but one made by a slave to a Master saying I surrender all of me, mind, body and soul. Though not legally bound its my belief that once this commitment is made it should not be taken lightly it is one which should be hold sacred and should not be broken.
I want to be the best that I can be and whilst im working on being at my best I want a Dom who offers his patience, motivation and encouragement when I falter along the way and in return I will be receptive to all critiques, I will too take what ever penalty due to me gracefully and I will try to use each mistake as a learning lesson rather than a failure.

 As a sub i believe i depend on my Dom, to tell me what i can and can not do, to guide and teach me. Now when you are use to someone having that level of control over you it can be overwhelming when you dont have such a person nonetheless ive learnt not to make the need to be owned cloud my judgement resulting in me being with a Dom out of desperation rather than the need to submit because He is deserving of my submission. I know it can eat you up inside and have you feeling all empty inside when you are a sub without a Dom, As a sub your only purpose is to serve so if you are not serving whats the purpose? but guess what i'll choose staying lost without purpose over choosing the wrong Dom. Making a commitment to be owned is not something that can or should be rushed into, there has to be a strong bond that is built over time through strong communication. My submission will not be randomly given its something that has to be earned.

7 months ago. Feb 7, 2020, 9:29 AM



Dear Future Daddy,


I dont need me a palace or a throne to know that im your queen and you are my king everyday spent being yours is more than a dream come through, if i could have this world and all its contents it would be no good without you, id sacrifice it to be in your presence kneeling at your feet showing you my love and devotion for all the times you've been there to guide, teach, nurture and protected me. I adore you for seeing me as a worthy vessel and filling me up with your desires even when i was broken and felt like i was lost and alone with no hope of being mended, you kept me strong even when everyone said i was weak and undeserving of your glory, you sticked by me and kept me holding on when all around me was sinking sand, you mean more to me than words could ever explain and for all your patience, time and effort im always gonna be around to shower you with my admiration, id do anything to spend my life being next to you forever trusting, loving, serving you and being the one who can take you from all the darkness and choas that you feel deep within your soul, without you my life wouldnt be the same. I pledge to be yours throughout eternity if you continue to be who you are a true Dom, no matter the situation i'll always be your girl. You are the missing part that i've sought for years, the part i never again want to go missing, as time roll by i will forever be humbled and honoured to be yours. So remember this now, always and forever we go back too far and been through it all to ever go back to being strangers, if for whatever reason we should be falling apart lets always take a second to reminisce on our first days...

The first day we talked.

The first day you called my phone

The first day we laughed at eachother jokes

The first day we saw eachother,

The first day you we went out,

The first day we held eachother hands,

The first day you smiled at me,

The first day we embraced,

The first day we kissed, 

The first day you said i belong to you

The first day we said the words "i love you"

Lets never make it possible for it to be our last day, i will never allow you to walk away from me without trying to stop you so never allow me to leave your life.... some people want fortune and fame while some just want power, some people want it all but all i want is to be yours now and forever.  

        Your baby girl


7 months ago. Feb 6, 2020, 11:19 PM

He gave her the keys and whispered in her ear "GB69 go there and wait for me" she headed to the room as her Master instructed without questions despite her  having a ton she needed to ask, as she entered the room  the first thing she noticed was that the bed was in the center surrounded by sofas, she thought it was a rather peculiar setting but she didnt allow it to puzzle her more than she was already puzzled, she made my way to the bed, sat there she wondered why did her Master had taken her here to this small, oddly designed room for His surprise, as she waited she contemplated if she should play some music to release her tension but before she could decide her Master opened the door and entered the room leaving the door half cracked. He unzipped my pants and allowed them to fall to the floor, exposing his bulging fullness beneath his boxers, his cock was a good 10" He moved over to her touched her chin and turned her head in his direction. Cupping her face, he asked "do you want to suck Daddy's dick?"    with a desperate look on her face she whisper "yes Daddy i want to suck my Daddy's dick" He moved away from her and began to pull up his pants, she attempted to beg "pleeease please Daddy let your slut suck your dick, i want to taste your warm cum in my mouth so so bad" He leaned over "dont worry baby girl i have a surprise for you " he kissed her forehead then placed a blind fold over her eyes then continued talking "dont be afraid Daddy is gonna be right here, all i want you do do is enjoy yourself and make your Master proud" she smiled and nooded yes. She was so horny by just the sight of her Masters hard fully aroused manhood, he slipped her top over her head and unhooked her bra, she was gently placed to stand as He do the same with her mini skirt and underwear.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and she heard footsteps of what seemed to be two person her Master set her to kneel with her face towards the edge of the bed causing her to stuck her ass out, she was filled with anxiety as her Master placed her hands on another man's cock she was astonished she didnt move her hands she just kept it right where her Master left it "go on whore" her Master said in a gentle yet very stern tone, she felt around with her hand until she was sucessful in retrieving a cock, she caressed it and moaned softly before she could slip his dick into her mouth she felt another dick brushing against her mouth, she knew it was not that of her Master's, she spit on her hand and started jerking the first guy off while she opened her mouth and gave the second guy the sloppiest blowjob ever, deepthroating his thick cock and caressing his balls. Moments later she felt the bed sank behind her as though someone came on to it, she then felt a hand caressing her perfectly shaped breast she was in shock there was a third it was her first time having sex with so much guys all at once. Her pussy jumped as she feel a warm liquid pouring down her ass crack the third guy slowly rubbed it with his finger. He pushed his dick into her well lubed ass but was unable to enter she grunted and moaned with pleasure as he slid his middle finger deep into her ass, she then felt a second finger slidding into her tight bum after what felt like a little over a minute he removed his fingers she tensed up as she knew he was getting ready to replace his fingers with his dick,he started hard fucking her cunt with his fingers. His finger slips into her pussy or atleast she thought it was the fingers of the third guy, he started off finger fucking her slow, in and out, she then felt his finger curl slightly up and start to hit her sweet spot, she gasp as realized it was the hands of her Master it takes her breath away a sweet sensation filled her entire body she fought so hard to hold back the massive stream that wanted to explode from her slippery wet pussy, she felt her Master's care as he tried to reduce her fears of being ass fucked with pleasure she was filled with awe for Him. The anticipation grew as her focus was again directed to the third guy who by now had his fully erected cock at the opening of her ass her Master was giving her so much pleasure she was burning with desire for her asshole to be penetrated, her body shivered as he used his hand to open up her ass cheeks she yelped in pain and pleasure as he shoved his fat cock deep inside her ass, he placed his hands on her hips as he thrust her back and forward. She felt the dick in her mouth twitched as the second guy took a fist full of her hair and started her face faster, deeper and harder the bed was shaking and squeaking rapidly as her ass and face was being fucked vigorously. She soon forgot that she was giving the first guy a hand job, she could feel him nonetheless squeezing her nipples and rubbing her breast. She felt the third dick throbbing in her ass next thing she felt was him pulling out she didnt feel his cum dripping from her ass but she knew he came, she could feel his cock decrease in size as it burst in great pleasure, her pussy tingle with pleasure as her Master hit her G-spot again and again it was so hard not to resist the urges but she dear not cum without His permission which she was unable to seek with her mouth being fucked. With the third guy out of her ass the first guy filled his position behind her slapping her ass as he slid his firm dick into her warm wet pussy nice and easy then slowly pushed in deeper and deeper until she could feel his balls slamming against her, her mouth was dripping with cum as the dick in her mouth fired off deep in her throat, she deared not swallow, only her Master's cum should be consummed otherwise she would be punished, she liked the thought of being punished, she thought she was deserving of it for her dirty pleasures but she would never go as far as insulting her Master by swallowing another man's cum she opened her mouth and allowed it all to flow from her mouth. "Thats my good girl" her Master was watching the whole time, waiting to see if she would disobey His orders her body shivered to the sound of being called a good girl she moaned and groan loudly to the pleasure being giving to her by her Master, He knew her even more than she knew His touch, He whispered in her ear "its ok you can cum for your Daddy" those were the words she wanted to hear  her pussy instantly had a sudden rush of pleasure,  she felt her juice ran down her leg she came so much it was almost as though a pregnant woman water broke. The first guy who was still fucking her pussy further increased his pace not long after he let out a soft moan all movement stopped and his dick slipped out of her slippery pussy she did not feel when his semen oozed out of her then it darned to her, both men were wearing condoms. As she was about to remove her blindfolds her Master fired a slap on her bare ass, she did however managed to see two guys sitting on the sofa, now she knew why the room was strangely designed, the sofa was for the men to rest and watch while they do so.

On their way back home she stayed quiet through the entire journey. Upon arriving home she made her way to the bathroom and stood under the shower sobbing softly and uncontrolably she felt so dirty and was in disbelief that her dear Master had just past her off to three complete stranger. The bathroom door was opened then closed, her Master had entered "you did well tonight baby girl" He praised her as He removed His clothes then entered the shower. Her Master held her from behind then whispered in her ears "i'm very proud of you" He took the shower gel poured it on her soft skin as He gently in a circular motion scrubbed her entire body. Once He was done giving her a bath He dried her with a towel, led her to His room in the bed where she laid snuggly completely naked under the spread burried deep in His arms, she felt so safe and secured it was so peaceful as she fell asleep to Him repeating over and over " you are not a whore, you are my whore."

Who would have thought her surprise would have been......THE GANG BANG.

7 months ago. Feb 1, 2020, 1:18 PM

I did my makeup and got dressed in a tight fitted blouse that showed my cleavage and a mini-skirt which hardly covered my ass cheeks with no underwear, as the clock stroke 10pm i heard Daddy's vehicle pulled up at my gate then my phone ran, it was Daddy telling me i was late, i hurriedly pull on my thigh high stocking, slid on my heels and rushed downstares, as i was about to leave the house i realized i had left my purse i rushed upstairs just in time my phone began to rang again, i was late and he hates it when im late. I grabbed my coat, closed the door behind me and got in the van, immediately he grabbed my throat cutting off my breathing i tried to swallow in attempt to catch a breath.

"did i give you something to swallow!!" he yelled

I just sat there staring trying to gasp for breath and resisting the urge to continue swallowing, his other hand landed on the right side of my cheeks making them turn red.

"Bitch answer me!!"

I closed me eyes tightly and nodded no as i began to sob softly. He released my neck then in a calm voice said

"stuff your mouth with Daddy's dick. And you better not get saliva all over me"

The only way not to make a mess is to swallow, It’s difficult to swallow with his big dick in my mouth. He loves it when i drool all over his dick but tonight we were on our way to a party.

I leaned over got out his cock and takes it in my hands to make it hard. When it is hard enough I first gently brush my fingertips up the shaft of his penis followed by circlular licks from my tongue, i then licked his shaft in a up and down motion making it all slippery and wet with my saliva, as i made my way back to the top i slowly slipped it into my mouth. I sucked and licked his dick for the entire journey, i could tell he loved watching me struggle to breath and swallow but he enjoyed even more the feelings of my throat tightening around his cock tip as I swallowed up my saliva.

Upon arriving he parked into the parking lot and i continued licking and sucking like a good little slut with my fingers curled around his fully errected dick gently moving it up and down 

"Fucking deeper" he ordered

I removed my hands from around his shaft and rested it on his lap as i lowered myself shoving his cock deeper into the back of my throat while using my tongue to swirl around his shaft each time i release a few inch to catch my breath, my other hand i used to find his balls and starts to tease and pull gently on them. He slowly ran his fingers up my inner thigh, rubbed his thumb around my clit then plunged two fingers into my wet pussy as i felt the urge to cum i popped his dick out my mouth,

"Daddy, may i cum please?" i moaned


I obeyed, my pussy tingling with the most intense reaction i’d ever had to being fingered as he continued playing with my hot wet pussy, he used his other hand to shove my mouth back over his dick i could feel his cock throbing in my mouth as I sucked and slurped making sure none of it went untouched, i could tell by now that he was about to burst in pleasure. He started to pick up the pace and thrusted my head back and forth tears roll down my cheeks as i felt him further and further pounding hard in the back of my throat as he fired warm shots of cum deep into my mouth forcing every drop down. I licked him clean with my tongue making sure not to leave anything behind.

He removed his fingers from my pussy shoving his fingers in my mouth for me to suck clean. He planted a kiss on my forehead and my clit twitched as he said.  "There is my good girl" 

"Now you can swallow"