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Glitter should be destroyed...
Being a submissive does NOT mean being a doormat...
Intelligence and being a Brat is a fascinating combination.
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1 day ago. Jul 13, 2020, 9:12 PM

Today started out in the most horrible way. After working a double shift yesterday, with very little sleep, I woke up crying. The flurry of emotions that I had controlled all weekend boiled over and I felt like I was drowning in the cacophony. Rage, fury, self-loathing, loneliness, a deep...deeeeeeep depression and feelings of being second choice. I felt unwanted. Rejected. Ignored and worst even...merely tolerated.


As everyone knows, I am an over-sharer. I suppose one reason is the need to be seen. To be heard. To have a voice. To feel like I matter in this world and to the people I think of as friends. 


Currently, I have no place that I can be alone. I HAVE no "personal space". Even at night, when I want to cry myself to sleep, I can't. I live out of a suitcase and most of my life is in storage. For the past year,.... I've had my own room. My own door. My own controled area. I no longer have that. All of this I realised after a good, long, cathartic mid-morning shower. 


Needing to do errands, I set out on a familiar route. I hadn't intended to do anything but walk and try to tame the riot that was going on in my internal zoo. The monkeys....were at the helm. This Walk-about started out with the title of "The Missing" but as my mood elevated and the sweat beaded my brow, my perceptions shifted and the beauty around me started to sing in it's perfect imperfections. 


Remember, I started out in a state of abject sorrow for what is missing in my life. 










Yes, this Bitch tree exemplifies how shredded my emotions were this morning....but, as I mentioned earlier, the beauty around me became more powerful than the ugly that I was seeing inside me.













Yes, I love bridges of all kinds. It's my "thing". Some people like stadiums, some people like, I like bridges. 


I love my phone's camera! This Heron was at LEAST 100 feet from me! 


This bee... not so far away..! "Dude, I hope you liked your lunch as much as I liked mine."



This plant is a good 10 feet tall. If I recall, it's deadly. I don't have my herbal books with me so I can't double check. That's probably why it's fenced off. 



And as I walked, and my zoo came back under my control, the most amazing picture of this whole collection happened. 


The Creator of all, the good, the bad, the ugly and the profound reminded me that while humans are 60% water.........


We each contain His fire!







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3 days ago. Jul 11, 2020, 11:47 PM

Sometimes, when going through life, you just need a little encouragement to keep on. Friends can not always be there. They have their own lives, or maybe, maybe it is someone you know that is going through a rough patch and YOU can't be there. 


These are for those moments....


Do not love half lovers


How did you die?



Those poems are all well and good but we live in a world that is ever changing, ever evolving, and sometimes, life just comes to a standstill. So it's back to the basics. 


Life lessons.....simplified. 

Too honest lullaby




4 days ago. Jul 11, 2020, 12:43 AM


THANK YOU TO ABITBRATTY!! For finding the blog in question! Unfortunately, the original article is gone. If anyone has it, please let me or TSV know, thank you!




I remember reading the blog that The Velvetine Slave *name used by permission* is talking about but I can't remember who write it. 


Can you PLEASE read her blog and wrack your brains????


Pretty please??? 


Thank you!

5 days ago. Jul 9, 2020, 10:52 PM

Most Brats are highly wounded, which is why they have barbs......


But roses have barbs too and they are valued around the world for their connection to romance. 





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*All photos were taken by me with my cell phone (Moto g7). The only filter used was either zoom or to switch it to B/w. No other filter/edits were used.*

1 week ago. Jul 7, 2020, 2:03 AM



Everyone has things to hide.....we try to hide behind the curtain of smiles but some of us, no matter how we plaster a smile on our faces and try and keep a stiff upper lip, are truly hurting. 


Some of us don't know how to be "larger than life". Some of us don't know how to be "kick ass", and some of us don't know how to not be hurt.



"Yes. I can try but I'm not promising to not be afraid."


Yesterday, I finished the Dark Story challenge as posed by my dear friend, Confident. The last chapter was all about the sex and the sexuality. It may not have had whips and chains and anal fucking and a submissive crying from pain...wait, yes it wasn't gang rape. It wasn't public humiliation. It didn't have all those sex dungeon scenes....there was no flogging, there was no degridation...


But it was me. 


It was my raw. It was my scars, made manifest upon her body. 


Anyone who could survive what she had was most certainly a tiger and this woman, had suffered more than her due.


It WAS just need to see it. 

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1 week ago. Jul 6, 2020, 8:42 PM

There is something to be said about olde time music! The crackle of the needle on the Victrola....and realising how astounding the whole process was back then. 


Black Beauty (1928)


Hard Hearted Hannah(1924)


Kismet (1920)