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Don and Trish

My girl
13 hours ago. Apr 7, 2020, 9:58 PM

 I have posted in the past 


I have been  pissed off and  madder than  HELL. Because  Doms have contacted my sub.. without  reading  the profile ......

So my  question is  what  about the  other  way around?????

Why do subs contact doms who are clearly in a relationship???

Why is this acceptable  behavior?

We as Doms  need to set the example  and subs will follow our  lead.

Boundaries who sets them? Who follows  them??

So when does joking turn into flirting .. at what point does  that  cross the line ..

So as most of us Doms protect our  subs ....what  should we  do with subs that cross the line??? 

So if we as a Dom are in a relationship and approach  a unattached  sub  ... rules should be established so there is no misunderstandings... 

Doms don't  put themselves in a position where there  subs feel like they are  being  replaced...

I guess  what i am  saying that boundaries  are for everyone.... but are only good for  those who  adhere to them and those who put them in place


Thanks for  reading 

DDFH & Grey Eyes 

2 days ago. Apr 5, 2020, 5:14 PM

So i am  in  DAY 4 of quarantine.... whoop whoopie. 

My mind is not locked up.....

So i am  usually a  non compliant  person.. i have a submissive who challenges  me and I  told her i like a case you don't know  that would be Grey Eyes..... so yesterday was a say of non communication kind of  day...

So that has me thinking 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Your thinking  OH SHIT looking at all of the smoke on the east coast!!!!!!!!!!!!

That being said.......

How much do you  bring from your vanilla life into your BDSM  life?????

How much as a Dom , do you bring?

How much as a sub, do you bring?

We ( meaning Grey Eyes & myself) have a different  dynamic, i feel than the normal  stereotype bdsm relationship... we came here because of the  kink !! We found more......our two lives has and continues to  transform to a melding of the minds.....

What did you expect when you landed  here?

We all proceed cautiously  and hope we find the one...  i will not get all mushy  here.... just because the  world is in a panic we don't have to  rush into relationships  in panic mode...  if you are meant to be with your one .. you will  know 

So now does the smoke i created  help kill the virus??? 

Obviously  not

Just being nosy 


4 days ago. Apr 3, 2020, 5:07 PM

I came to this site sometime  in January 2020..... i didn't know what I was  expecting to  find.. i have been looking for the  soul that was missing  in me..

I was  living a lie every day.... i have been living a vanilla life that i really  didn't  belong in.. 

In February         5 days after  my birthday i got the greatest  birthday  gift  EVER...

her  name is  Grey Eyes ..she is the soul that i have been search for. 

8 weeks ago  we found each as it was meant to be.

As we grow and learn we have learned that we are protective of those we fill connected to..

We have meet some great friends..thank you.

We have found a community that for the most part is a very special  place to hang out with..everyone is  different and  that is the beauty of it. 

So to say what I  wanted say at the beginning  it seems like a  lifetime  ago.. but only  8 weeks 




5 days ago. Apr 2, 2020, 4:23 PM

Today started off great ....

Get to work and oh shit...

Tomorrow  was to be my last day with this  company....

I was informed that  the  supervisor  for the property  has the virus and i was exposed so now i am done and in self quarantine  for 2 weeks..... 

Just when  i thought  things where turning the  corner  another punch in the face....

6 days ago. Apr 1, 2020, 1:51 PM

Two young boys walk into a pharmacy one day, they picked out a box of tampons and proceeded to  the checkout counter. 

The pharmacist at the counter ask the  oldest boy, "son how old are you?"

"Eight" the boy replied

The pharmacist continued "do you  know what these are used for? "

The boy replied" no not really,but they aren't  for me.they are for him , he is my brother and he is four."

" oh really " the pharmacist  replied with a grin. 

"Oh yes" the boy said " we saw  on TV that if you use these , you  would be able to swim, play tennis  and ride a bike. Right now he can't  do none of those...😁😁😁


Thank you 

No tomato  throwing 


1 week ago. Mar 29, 2020, 3:24 PM

We all go through  changes say no shit dude..

When i first appeared on the  cage .. i blogged about things that had happened to me  in a  previous relationship.. I  knew that I was  hunting.. i wasn't sure  who or what... but i knew I was  changing ,i knew that a different  relationship was  in order...

Y'all that read my blogs already know that i found Grey Eyes my twin flame....change made

However vanilla life  crap  keeps throwing buckets and buckets of smelly unmentionable things at me..... Grey Eyes is  fully  informed (in caae you are wondering).. Things have been crammed into  my mental  filing cabinet know like the junk drawer  in your desk.... so i had a unusual day of work yesterday and  i came home after talking with Grey Eyes... something  happened  ( no you don't  get this just yet)... but i know that it cemented my  connection with  Grey eyes.... a huge weight was lifted. 

Now  moving forward

Sometimes we are forced  to make decisions  when we don't want to  because we think we aren't  ready..after i made the decision..damn that was as bad i as i expected that to be....

Now with more shit about to happen this week coming up (last week of work with this company)

Trying to find a job in this world is like finding  the pot of gold at the  end of the  rainbow..

Luck of the Irish .... i hope


Now changes will lead to the first meet... looking  like sooner (oh surprise).... i suspect that  my timeline is  changing  to be earlier than i had in mind........

So i guess what I  am saying change is scary and good and  can be bad but a neccessary  thing...

Again  kind of random  thoughts .

Thanks for reading 



1 week ago. Mar 27, 2020, 2:05 PM

I am pretty sure you guys are going .....REALLY....!!!

This guy never shuts up.....

we are all human here with a few exceptions              ( myself  included).... we make  mistakes .. we think things are this way when actually  they are that way

I personally  made a mistake with my sub G E ..last night..... and no i am not saying what that is here so put yours eyes back in your guys are like a bunch of vultures (lmao  jk hell no i am not)....

I was in a very dark place  yesterday... i worked and came home and talked to her and the darkness turned grey for a bit.. and like  flipping a  switch it went  total dark.... i had a moment (yeah that's a good  word for it)... we had decided not to go to sleep mad  at each other... i wasn't  mad but i was unsettled so things weren't  resloved.... this time the BUMP was totally  my fault.... 

I know with what we all are going through it is a very  stressful time.... some my know that with my vanilla life i have has kicked ,punched,and shit on ( not into that)

I will now be tested yet again.. job search... yea i know good luck with that..... BFB    BIG FUCKING  BUMP.

Maybe a blessing .....

I let these things bleed over to Grey Eyes not trusting myself that she was strong enough to deal with my problems.... she has years of experience  of dealing with  things on her own...i know i was trying to keep her from  my hurt.... big mistake...

So here it it right  in writing.. i will never  not include  you in all facets of my life  again the Fonz tried to say i was wro... n.     Wronnn.   Ok i won't  do it again... 

Grey Eyes  you mean the world to me.....

We will talk soon 

1 week ago. Mar 26, 2020, 1:18 PM

Yesterday i said in a  blog post to a sub that my obey button was  broken ...

Well dammit it must be contagious cause all my damn buttons seem to be not working.. where in the hell is the GE button repair woman when you just have to have her..... oh my bad you are right  there... just had to push the right button on the phone

1 week ago. Mar 25, 2020, 8:39 PM

I started the day off with a downer  of a blog.... it was serious but  a neccessary  evil.. since that time we commented on several other blogs  and  had some really good  laughs.. hoping that  we have  not offended anyone.. i think in the process making a few more good friends.... 

Thanks again for  allowing me and GE.. to take over..

We really  don't  intend to do this it just happens 



1 week ago. Mar 25, 2020, 12:09 PM

This is a change of pace for me.... i try to be witty and sometimes I  get pissed off...

But vanilla  life  slapped me  hard lately 

I found out today that my EX has been  diagnosed with  dementia and is now on meds for such.... now keep in mind i really  don't want  anything else to do with  her... she did birth my kids... so with all of our wants and thinking of  ourselves.. i can't  imagine how  that must feel... not knowing what is happening.... so i had a conversation with her... it was nothing like i remembered.. it got me thinking about how  much we take for granted.....

I am not asking for  sympathy  ... 

I want you to  talk  and communicate with your partner and  friends  .. enjoy  what you have ..

With what is happening in the  world right now... 

Embrace your never know when your memories will be lost.. 

I am blessed to have  my Grey Eyes. As much as we talk and banter on here.. we are  ole souls... we have been together  before ... i am  thankful to  have found her again .. we laugh and  cry together.. we have bumps ... but that is what makes us so  good  together.... we talk about it.. we communicate and  work together to  resolve  any issues .....

Thanks for reading