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Daddy Loves Best

Daddy seduced by the love of His submissive
When you first walked into My dungeon, all nervous and unsure,
I was skeptical that you would become the ONE,
Having always been curious about whips and chains, I thought you just another girl who had read that book with the grey tie on the cover,
Not a true submissive to be molded, sculpted, and polished like a diamond in the rough,
Still, I was intrigued, maybe a little challenged by the whole thing,
To take a BDSM virgin and crush her flower under the heel of My shiny black boot, reinvent her as I saw fit,
So, our affair began, slowly at first, with weekly dates in My playroom,
You always showed up early, so eager, anxious to begin, then sad when W/we were finished,
I wanted to start you off gently, focus on bondage and discipline, then introduce the pain a little later,
But you would have none of that, going right for My collection of nipple clamps, giving Me a "give me your worst" look over your bare shoulder,
In the beginning, it was clear that this was all about you, embracing your submissiveness,
I was just the teacher, the kinky professor for your twisted education,
Then it happened, that fateful night when everything changed,
When your look of determination was replaced with love, for Me,
The evening was stressful, by My design, with you dangling by your pretty wrists,
After warming you up with flogging, My plan was to introduce you to the cane,
As you spun around before Me, catching your breath as sweat streamed down your helpless body, O/our eyes made contact,
The look was riveting, made Me stop in My tracks, your eyes were both soft and demanding at the same time,
Grabbing you by your long hair, I pulled you in close to Me,
Kissing your salty, teared soaked lips with an unbridled passion so unlike Me who is always in control,
From then on our relationship became sexual, with you blindfolded, kneeling before Me in handcuffs,
Worshiping My manhood with oral devotion as I trickled warm honey down My shaft,
As your training progressed, O/our love grew and deepened,
With Me continually amazed at how W/we complete, compliment each other, your submissive yin to My dominating yang,
Hard to believe... But I'm waiting for the "ONE."
2 days ago. May 24, 2020, 6:13 AM

"Apples and Oranges"
Poly people want to explore and experience love, sex or their personal wants, needs, desires with various connections/relationships, sometimes called open relationships and swinging, searching for their "apple" in the various relationships, it's an unquenchable appetite I think to fulfill desires they can't get from their primary relationship. For me I left the vanilla world, where I think poly should be left too, embracing BDSM for it's predominate one-on-one relationships, the only way to find fidelity separate from the vanilla world that has a divorce rate of 50%. In BDSM there is the means to expel that divorce rate because of that "unquenchable appetite" can be fulfilled in that special monogamous relationship, for in BDSM communication is the key element, the doors come open, you can voice all your various wants, needs and desires free of judgement and with no inhibitions, then the trust becomes an emotionally and spiritually connected commitment, you are the "apples," the only fruit you want to devour, the only taste you desire, all other fruits become vanilla, the "orange." Thus the comparison between the predominate BDSM dynamic and the vanilla relationships are like comparing "apples and oranges." The idiom indicates that "apple" relationships are incomparable and incommensurable to an "orange" relationship.

Be "apples" my friends, not "oranges."

4 days ago. May 23, 2020, 1:52 AM

Whips Of Love
It was a dark, eerie day, sadistic thoughts pulse in my mind. The crack of my knuckles get my attention. The buzz of the lights electrify me. My heart is thumping fast and hard. A knock on my door, she heard my thoughts, Mmmm, my mirror soul. No words are necessary, a kiss and hug hello, taking her by the hand she follows me. I feel her anticipation, the slight heaviness in her breath. Descending deep into the grotto, it's steamy from the hot spa, fog lightly encloses her favorite spot, the St. Andrews Cross. Slowly she undresses, her pale skin aching for the pink hue that is to come. She takes to her position, a spiritual ritual we are to share, the mantra she has memorized is whispered into the air, and then she looks back at me with those smokey, goddess like eyes and says: "Daddy, let me feel your whips of love. "

5 days ago. May 21, 2020, 3:18 PM

My Dragon Evolution
"Dragon play is an emerging sexual identity within the pet play community.

Dragon play puts a uniquely significant focus on self-improvement. While self-betterment is common in pet play as a part of the d/s dynamic, in dragon play, it is arguably the most important aspect.

A dragon is trained and encouraged by their master to rise like a phoenix and grow into the best version of themselves that they can be. This version of themselves should seem imposing, intimidating, and grand compared to their old self; to train as a dragon is not to learn how to eat better, be more productive, and get better sleep, but to become the most grand, successful version of themselves possible, and to work to reach goals that scare them to even think about.

A dragon seeks to one day grow more fantastic than their master. Their master must either rise to the challenge… or accept their sub as the increasingly powerful dragon that they are becoming.

An owned dragon wants its master to teach it where its limits are and flirt beyond them. Their master may train them in fire play or take it into other RACK territories.

An owned dragon loves being owned, but it dares its master to keep up with its power. It wants to be tamed, but it needs someone strong enough to tame it.

A dragon should seek to make their master in awe of them.

Their master should seek to be able to rip away all the power and skill that they’ve developed and remind them how helpless they still are. Though in theory this may sound harsh or cruel, it’s very therapeutic after working as hard as dragons do.

Final Note
You do not need to be a dragon to live a dragon’s lifestyle–I personally identify as a kitten for the aesthetic, but have been living through the dragon play lifestyle for two years. (Does that make me a Chimera?)

You also don’t need to be owned to live this lifestyle, as a dragon is not naturally a pet at all."
Whether a dragon, slave, submissive, etc., my theory in BDSM is that their Master/Mistress should train them in ways that uplift them, build self-esteem. For me it was taking me down to my primal level and be raised up into a Dominant, the Fiery Phoenix. Were I was released of my Collar now free to use my training to my new dragon, slave, submissive, etc., that comes into my life. This training not only encompasses proper etiquette but also patience, discipline, communication skills, rules and rituals, and of course for me sex magic, toy knowledge, etc. This is the well-rounded Dragon Dominant - not limited to one gender for both male and females can be a Dragon Dominant. Thus BDSM relationship is not all about sex, kinks or fetishes. It's about healing, creating, individuality that has moral and values to be worthy to call themselves a Dragon.
"No, I would not want to live in a world without dragons, as I would not want to live in a world without magic, for that is a world without mystery, and that is a world without faith."
Therefore, BDSM has come to be called by me: " Romantic BDSM."

1 week ago. May 19, 2020, 5:17 AM

BDSM: only way to mend
I keep so many secrets
I wish that I had none
So often I revisit them
Wanting to undo what I've done

The bitter taste of regret
Guilt and anger wet my tongue
There seems no way to forgive
Myself for all of my wrongs

Whatever happened to me?
Can nothing save my soul?
When all that I can see
Is this darkness that's taken hold

Like a stairway to nothing
I wander this path of no end
I guess I'm living proof
Not all broken things will mend...   Until you mutter that so sweet sound,.                                                  And My flogger comes down,

Pain to pleasure,.                                Healing her every hurt. 

1 week ago. May 19, 2020, 2:46 AM

A True Love
Love in a BDSM dynamic,
How terrific,
Can one passion be,
To be set free,
With shackles and chains,
On her knees,
Collar and leash,
I ask, don't tell, if you please,
In love and romance,
I offer her life with balance,
For her Collar has two ends,
Connecting like two threads,
Uniting and bonding,
Will she see,
Both are free,
The kitten and Me.....

1 week ago. May 19, 2020, 12:53 AM

Fucking Your Mind
So you say you want a good intellect,
Who also has a hard cock,
Someone who can slip it into your mind,
Never one to pretend,
So allow me to give you a good mind fuck,
I promise you I'm easy to please,
I'm craving that dictation,
And you seem like you're willing to please,
Don't be afraid to use your mouth,
Get me wet with that wordplay,
Bless me with that sexy mind,
It's the best form of foreplay,
I like how the words just roll off your tongue,
You know how to make it sound so nasty,
So you must be the one,
And I'm not one to stroke an ego,
But you gave my logic a good lick,
Just let me bend you into a new position,
A verb or an adjective,
To perform them mind tricks,
Magical and erotic,
Before you say it again,
I need mental stimulation,
Good conversation,
Lets share intellect,
My rock hard mind,
My growing passion,
I know you got that good education,
I'm due for a good mind fuck,
You know I'm easy to tease,
With one kiss,
I'm hard as a rock,
So stroke me with an attitude,
I'm ready to be teased
Are you?
on Aug 28, 2019