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Tales, adventures, and random thoughts from the creative, opinionated, and curious mind of a submissive.

Just because I write it does not mean it has happened, or that it happened in just that way. I am a creative being with a creative mind prone to exercising creative license here, in this place, with you readers i do or do not know.
I am prone to vivid dreams, which seem to leave me with some of my better creations.
My Own Rules:
Names and places will always be changed. Identifying details will be blurred and withheld.
Unless I am quoting someone, I will not beg, borrow, or steal material, nor will I disclose any other soul to the view of this harsh, judgemental, and as yet cruel world.
1 day ago. Jun 13, 2021, 11:00 PM

I slow dance sway, while traveling 'round from point A to point B

Doing today, I'm turning and dipping while moving my feet

I sing always, but keep moving along with the mellow beat.

The song may change, but I keep just wishing You were here with me.

My hips still sway, side to side to the sound I happily greet

I know today, I wish with each turn your lips and mine would meet.

Your lips I would seek.

You make my knees weak.

[that above fits my mood right now, as does everything about the song below... after you listen to that, come back and read this above... its all about how the music draws you to move your feet, to groove with a bit of a more mellow beat.]

Watchin' you watch me take down my hair
Slow motion falling, feeling your stare
I wish your hands were where your eyes are at
Tracing my shoulders all the way down my back
You're like a different language I want to speak
Like a handsome stranger I want to meet
You make me want to know all the unknown
Paintin' up trouble like gold

You get away
With making me want
To forever stay here in your space everyday
You get away with it
You get away
With making me fawn, making me trip
'Gain and again, everyday
You get away with it


~my dear 06/13/2021

Adding others. I can't stop moving today as I clean, cook, and keep on keep on swinging my hips while thinking of Him

The unexpected always knocks you off of your feet the hardest...

And because, We Have Time...


2 days ago. Jun 12, 2021, 9:59 PM

I nearly forgot...

Something exciting started this week...

Watching that first episode very shortly!


~my dear 06/12/2021

3 days ago. Jun 11, 2021, 5:29 PM

And won't it be fine...

It was this morning and last night as this song played through my dreams and into the soft light of morning on an overcast day.

Come Rain or Come Shine is a long time favorite song that I first heard Bette sing in For the Boys. The movie is wonderful, touching, heartbreaking at moments even; but, the scene with this song was amazing. The looks shared between her and her husband, oh! So much sweet love and longing! That scene was amazing!

The song, though, makes my heart ache to be wrapped in loving arms as we move together, sharing close touches as trusted partners, keeping open eye contact always, as we slow dance with the same sort of intensity and intimacy as the sounds surrounding us.

Sweet indeed.

~my dear 06/11/2021

4 days ago. Jun 10, 2021, 2:21 PM

Just a friendly reminder, today is Thirstyday... I mean Thursday so keep that in mind while reading all of those in cumming emails of wonder and joy!!!

Beware the Weekend Warriors!!

(And no, Richard Johnson, i will not be free on Saturday!)

~my dear 06/10/2021

5 days ago. Jun 9, 2021, 11:29 PM

Here it is rainy here

and that sound is calling

lulling quietly




I won't though.

Not today though.

There is a way, though...

but, today is too great

to miss out on anyway!

Because, this really can be

a Wonderful World.

~my dear 03/09/2021


5 days ago. Jun 9, 2021, 6:44 PM

I woke up a bit blue but determined to shake it off...

Had a pre-coffee chat with Greed and landed in a touch of trouble; so, I have a new to do list to correct my morning misstep.

While discussing it, heck-while making that mental misstep earlier- i started dispelling the blue. I felt happier by the moment, and I could feel the Imp begin to raise her head in the back of my mind. Prior to learning i was in it, i was imagining myself and Greed in a nerfgun war. Why I have this sudden and absurd desire to ambush him with twin guns and foamy flying projectiles, I just do not know, but the desire is REAL people!!

I would win!!

I'm sure of it!!

While sharing my desire to shoot him at high speed with some soft love darts, lol a random alarm went off on my phone to remind me of something I also need to do. This was the tune that came pouring through the speakers...

Perfect! Perfect for THIS moment and This mood, especially because, my sweet Greed, I do need You!

Tsk tsk... though... if he only knew the preposterous thoughts percolating in my noggin! Absolute mischief and mayhem!! The kind of stuff that ends in tackles and laughter! Or, the other stuff that starts with tackles and laughter! hmnnn... Both of those thoughts are Awesome!!

So, the blues are banished for today! Now, I am all sunshine and rainbows, sneaky shoot outs and ambushes waiting to happen!

"Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war."

Hope Your day is awesome!!

~my dear 03/09/2021

6 days ago. Jun 8, 2021, 3:52 PM

Dreams of being stalked, of being watched and tracked from a distance. The feeling of being watched, of knowing someone was watching me but not being able to figure out who or from where. The experience of always listening for footsteps, of being ever vigilant, ever alert, of always scanning faces, playing a life-sized game of Where's Waldo when you don't know what Waldo looks like at all.

Hands come from behind, I barely see them in my peripheral vision. Those hands wrap quickly around my throat and I am frozen, struggling for air as he tightens his grip. Shocked, I stand stiffly, briefly frozen in fear, then I fight. An elbow makes contact and he tightens his grip in response. I try twisting and stomping, all while he squeezes tighter, struggling until my vision goes dark and I hang limply from his grasping hands.

Then the touch of a whiskery dark muzzle against my hair, her breath blowing softly over my cheek wakes me. I jump, startled, breathless and trembling. She jumps up onto the bed gracelessly, landing as much on me with those great paws as on the bed. She lays down in the lower corner, curled up and still covering more than halfway across the bed.

She settles in as my heart slows until my breathing is even again. My eyes close and I am gone again. Drifting in Nyx's arms. This time I enter a dream with a quiet sense of fear drawing at me. I am afraid that the first dream will return, catch me up, and wrap me in terror again. When even the thought of sleep is scary...

This time He is there. That slight smile meeting mine as his hands touch my skin. He draws me close, my hand in his, as his other settles just over the cleft of my cheeks. There is music this time and together we sway. My heels make us nearly the same height, our eyes find one another's easily. His eyes capture mine and I know not to look away.

With a slight nudge he twirls me out away from him, a gentle pull of fingers twirling me back in. My back against his, we sway together for a few moments, my free hand eventually captured by his. This time he twirls me out the other way, drawing me back again so that our eyes meet. My excited heart is racing. I can't hear him over the music, he can't hear me either. So, together we sway and move to the sounds wrapping around us. Our close body and deep eye contact interspersed with thrilling twirls and frightening dips. Apart then together, together then apart, being twirled away or to Him with a natural grace built on the trust shared. Being held close, touching but not pressed tight, until he draws me against him more firmly. Hips pressed together, I feel him through layers of material and he feels me. 

Sleep is easier with him in it, it is a place I fight to stay in. 

Sighing softly in sleep

I twirl into his arms yet again. 

~ 06/07/2021 my dear

1 week ago. Jun 7, 2021, 3:52 PM

Happy Monday Kinksters!

Woke up thinking of miles and distance, and of the many ways we bridge that gap.

Music is one. It conveys our mood and gives us that feel good boost to carry over the humps we have to face. It brings us together as we imagine each other listening to the melody, swaying to the rhythm, and even singing along. It is like the Moon and stars, they are the same for everyone. I know that when the one who owns me looks up into the night sky he will see these same celestial bodies that also look down onto me. It is a thread, like the red strand Jason had been given by Medea to find his way safely back out of the minotaur's maze. We rely on these threads, these external connections to watch over that distant but most precious heart. It is knowing that when we reach for these little things together, they bridge the gap of distance and time between us that gives us comfort, closeness, and joy.

This morning, I am listening, singing, and solo slow dancing in the kitchen, waiting for that empty pot to be full once again. In a moment more I will kneel, and there I will stretch the red threads of my heart and spirit along the song, to the moon and back, through the very ether of the air, knowing that I won't be the only one, and hoping that He feels me too.

Damn these miles! I love and loathe them every one!

REACH for Love today, close the gap any way you can to hold tight; but, always remember, the Journey is every bit as important as the destination!

~my dear 06/07/2021

1 week ago. Jun 7, 2021, 12:01 AM

Just 1 more, I can't help it!!!

Somebody somewhere mentioned missing going dancing.


I miss it so much!!

I admit to loving just about ALL styles of dance. My favorite though, really and truly, is stepping into a crowd, making my way a few layers in, and moving with the rhythm, the beat, the sound, the motion, and the masses. Dancing like one big grinding orgy of movement, lots of bodies close together, with just enough room to move, and every move flowing through the mass of people as if they were one single entity.  Sweat dripping down my skin, unknown hands restrained just enough for good manners, arms raised and moving, as the music moves over and through you...

No other movie represents what I miss as well as this one does; and, what I really want is this...

~my dear 06/06/2021

1 week ago. Jun 6, 2021, 8:11 PM

Original post is HERE...

All of this feel good energy is boosting my whole day!

It is kind of like this is the very Beat Beat of my Heart...

Love Y'all Lots!


And sharing for OP from the comments in the original post:

"I'll Cover You - From RENT the musical - Oh gosh, that song is LOVE to me. They are the cutest couple ever and embody everything about purity."

And... "Also have to follow it up with Angels Funeral. Uugh my heart!!"

Thanks OP, they are both exactly as you said!

~06/06/2021 my dear