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Sublime submission, devoted Dominance.…

I considered several titles for this blog and may well change it …..
But, for now, the current title captures , for me, key aspects of any D/s relationship.
I truly believe that one person giving their submission to another is a beautiful, sublime gift; something to be respected, cherished and nourished in every way possible.
I intend that this blog will include some erotica; some thought pieces, which may hopefully create some interesting discussion; and, maybe, some other ramblings……
5 days ago. September 22, 2022 at 6:32 PM

There was something about the girl. He knew it, felt it, as soon as he saw her in the art gallery.

There was a stillness, peace and containment about her. And yet, he was sure, a restlessness and wildness too.

He could feel that she had so much to release, so much to give. Such restless passion and yearning; it was palpable.

As she walked slowly, quietly, around the wooden-floored gallery, her movement captivated and stirred him.

The afternoon sun flooded through the many large, high windows. She was wearing a crisp, light blue and white striped cotton dress. It was mid calf length, buttoned up the front. Her white, canvas shoes hardly made a sound. She had clear, smooth, olive skin. Late 20s he thought. Her dark, almost jet-black hair was neatly plaited in two pony tails, which rested on her shoulders, around which was draped a very pale pink cardigan.

He knew that she was aware he was watching her as she moved around the gallery, pausing to look at many of the paintings. The brighter, more modern ones drew her attention most.

He was encouraged to see her smile briefly at him on two occasions when their eyes briefly met as they walked separately, in opposite directions, around the large room. The gallery was occupied by only two other visitors and a guide, come security officer, sat on a chair by the door and obviously struggling to keep awake.

After several minutes of glances at each other as they surveyed the gallery, the girl and man found themselves stood together in front of a large painting in bright acrylics. The painting was very loose and rather abstract, but still it was clearly of a nude female.

She was against a wall, with her arms above her head, her wrists together, perhaps tied there. Her head was to one side, tilted backwards; her eyes closed, her mouth slightly open.

“What do you think?” asked the man.

“Intense. And fascinating. I wonder what the story is. I wonder what’s happening to her; why her arms are like that.”

The girl answered very readily, as though she had been expecting the man to ask her opinion of the painting.

The girl knew the sort of thing she hoped was happening to the woman in the painting. The girl was putting herself right there, her own naked back against the cold wall, her wrists firmly bound and fastened to a rope tethered to the ceiling. Her breasts naturally pulled upwards, standing proud, expectant, her whole being yearning for her Dominant to feast on her tits, to use her body and satisfy his lust and hers.

The girl could feel her nipples harden, pressing against the fabric of her bra. As she imagined her Dominant sucking and biting her nipples, before attaching clover clamps to them, she felt her clit tingle and wetness start to slowly run into her panties.

It was all she could do not to yank her dress up and finger fuck herself furiously to orgasm. She knew she’d cum in a minute if she could only touch herself….

The man had moved closer.


“What? Sorry? Oh excuse me, what did you say?”

The man’s voice had shaken the girl out of her deepening erotic daydream. The increased closeness of the man had added to the girl’s sense of shock.

“I was wondering if you’d like a coffee in the café here. They sell great cakes too!” the man smiled.

“Oh, umm, I’m not sure…..”

The girl’s previously calm, almost serene, presence had left her. In a big way.

She felt embarrassed and very caught off guard. She had been completely lost in her own world staring at the painting, inhabiting it, being that woman, craving every sensation she saw that woman savouring.

Her arousal at looking at the painting and all the thoughts it stirred had completely taken her out of the gallery. She was with her Dom, being used, abandoning herself to him. It was just her and Him. When the man’s voice jolted her back to reality, it was almost as if he’d walked in on them, with her naked, open and dripping.

She felt instantly and deeply awkward, her face flushing with embarrassment.

The man’s pale blue eyes had a way of looking at her, very knowingly. It felt as if he knew exactly what she’d just been thinking and why her panties were now soaked.

“My treat?” continued the man. “And I’d love to hear more of your thoughts about this painting”.

The girl’s clit twitched involuntarily at that.

The man had a closely cut beard and was taller and older than her. He was casually but smartly dressed. He smelled good. Boss after shave the girl thought she recognised.

The girl felt instant attraction to the man. Now that she had stopped feeling flustered and had grounded herself back in the gallery, she felt calmed and comfortably contained by the man’s positive and powerful presence.

Her physical attraction to the man meant she wanted to spend more time with him. But, in any case, she somehow felt that she wouldn’t want to say no to the man anyway.


To be continued…..


2 weeks ago. September 13, 2022 at 10:05 PM

Careless assassins

Cruel indIfference, ignorance, silence

They chip away the self respect

And with it, the identity, my very being.

Like death by a thousand cuts.

If not worth a few words, I can’t be worth much

Silent, indifferent, ignorant, cruel assassin.

3 months ago. June 28, 2022 at 12:50 AM

The ghost doesn’t care

It’s indiscriminate

The ghost doesn’t respect

It’s calculating

The ghost doesn’t empathise

It’s dead

The ghost is selfish

Just me. Me first

The ghost is cold

It knows how to hurt

And it hurts. Often

But it doesn’t care

Just moves on

To the next

And the next

And the next

So much damage

So much hurt

It leaves behind it

But it doesn’t care

4 months ago. May 21, 2022 at 1:02 AM

Nula was kneeling naked on the floor in the middle of the dimly-lit room.

Illumination was provided by ten large candles placed around the room and a roaring open fire, warming the space.

Light from the fire danced on Nula’s large, natural breasts. It glinted too on the chain attaching the clover clamps Nula’s Daddy had placed on each of her big, stiff nipples.

Nula’s hands were rested on her thighs, palms open and upwards in the resting Nadu position her Daddy had taught her.

She kept her head tilted slightly down, as instructed, focussing on the mixture of pain and pleasure coursing through her nipples and breasts.

She heard her Daddy behind her and felt first his breath and then his lips as he kissed her lightly along her shoulders and up the sides of her neck.

This sensation electrified Nula’s body. A little gasp escaping her lips, let Daddy know the effect he was having.

His submissive’s nipples were hardening even more, thanks to his teasing. This brought more pain as the clamps squeezed tighter still.

Next, Nula felt her Daddy’s fingertips on the sides of her breasts. His fingertips slid slowly along the sides of her breasts, and then underneath them,cupping and gently squeezing.

The chain on the nipple clamps jangled as the fingers on one of her Daddy’s hands tapped and rippled the chain. This moved the clamps up on down on Nula’s nipples. It’s was if her nipples were being pricked by sharp pins.

“Breathe” her Daddy reminded Nula.

“You are being such a good girl” he said as he kissed the top of her head. He continued to ripple the chain with one hand.

“Open your mouth, my love.”

Obediently, Nula did as she was told. She felt her Daddy’s fingers slide between her lips, up and down her tongue.

“Lick and suck them. Get them wet for me....”

Dripping with Nula’s saliva, the fingers withdrew from her mouth. She felt two wet fingertips on her left areola.

Fuck that feels so good, Nula thought as her Daddy rubbed his fingers around her left areola and then her right. Both areola puckered up under her Daddy’s touch.

Know kneeling himself, behind his darling little girl, her Daddy leant against Nula, his hard cock pressing against her back.

Nula could feel her Daddy’s excitement, from both his hard cock and his increasingly quicker breathing as he continued to stroke and squeeze her breasts. Then with one hand, he lifted the chain pulling the clamps up and further away, Nula’s long, stretched nipples were stretched even more.

Much to her Daddy’s obvious excitement and pleasure.

“Ohhh, Daddyyyyyy!” Nula exclaimed.

“Ahh my beautiful little girl, you’re so brave for Daddy. Thankyou my darling. You will be rewarded tonight in lots of different ways.”

“Count to five for me and I’ll remove the clamps...”

“1, 2...” Nula began. At “3” Daddy squeezed the clamps open and took them away from Nula’s pinched nipples which, for a split second, seemed reluctant to let them go.

“Ohhh FUCKKKK! That hurts so bad!” Nula shrieked, as the blood rushed back into her nipples, now set free.


“I know my Special girl, it hurts doesn’t it? Aww there, there, let Daddy soothe you....”

With firm, yet gentle fingers, her Daddy stroked and rubbed his precious sub’s nipples, helping them to regain their proper shape and normal feeling.

“Mmmmm Daddy...that feels nice, thank you Daddy....”

As Daddy’s fingers continued to squeeze, stroke and fondle her now heaving tits, Nula felt the merest brush of Daddy’s lips across one nipple, then the other. Then, his wet tongue, running circles around her areola.

Nula struggled to remain kneeling in a stationery position as she knew she should. Her cunt, long since moist from anticipation of the whole scenario was dripping wet and desperate for attention.

Little moans and whimpers involuntarily came from her mouth as Daddy sucked a nipple into his mouth, lashing it with his tongue and nibbling it with his teeth. He sucked more so her areola and the end of her left tit filled his mouth.

He continued to suck and to swirl his tongue all over her nipple and areola, while his hands squeezed, stroked and caressed her breasts. Nula had completely forgotten where she was. Her mind was consumed by all the sensations in her nipples and breasts and between her legs. She could feel her cunt juice running out of her, down to her anus.

“Daddy, please....please can I touch myself? I want to cum so bad!”

“No. You must wait.”

Let’s play a little game....” Daddy said ....