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A-Z poetry and thoughts

Just a blog I'm creating to post some poems and thoughts.
1 year ago. Nov 21, 2019, 2:35 AM

There's been screaming in my head

Yelling frantically

You aren't enough

And you never will be

So much disorder with my thoughts

So many sleepless nights

I question me "will this ever stop"

Then you came along

Into my life, so casually

In a funny sort of way

I met you and I thought to myself

"He feels so familiar"

And then I stopped myself

Always hesitating at a pleasant thought

There was a storm I had to fight

One I almost lost as well

So much trouble from my past

I couldn't bring myself to break the chains

That weighed so heavily on my heart

The regret that left me so little room

To leave those demons where they lay

Then you came along

And you made me laugh again

My storm is slowly coming to an end

And I look foward to the day

It'll be completely gone

Cause your presence brings me shelter

And you feel so much like home

There's still much left to mend

This residue left on my scars

Haunts me in my dreams

And I wake up in a sudden panic

But I feel it growing weaker

It's shadow stands over my bed

Less frequently at night

Because you came along

I feel my heart melting every day

I feel a fear I love and hate

Is it too soon for me to say

I love that you came into my life

Because I never knew before

A person can also be a peace of mind


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