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Staying Kinky while raising (young) children

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Kinkylocs​(switch female){Who cares}
4 years ago • 05/19/2017 8:54 pm

Staying Kinky while raising (young) children

Damn, have to re write this post because the app got frazzled. So here it goes.

Hubby and I have a toddler. We all share a room because we live in a full house (11 people, not including us) with my in laws (what privacy?). We're able to occasionally play when Grandma and Grandpa watch him, but we still have to watch our noise level (hehe).

Although I'd say our sex life is good, I do fantasize about the days we can increase the frequency and decrease the censoring of our play...

So I just thought I'd put it out there.

How have you handled the challenge of raising a small child and keeping your kinky flame nourished?

Kinkylocs​(switch female){Who cares}
4 years ago • 05/22/2017 9:55 pm
I suppose it's not limited to, but I would say that kinky sex can (and should? lol) get louder than regular sex because of things like impact play.

We've thought about taking a kinky weekend where we find kind of like a rent by night dungeon/hotel icon_smile.gif Don't yet feel comfortable leaving him overnight though (clingy parent?)

Perhaps this was a silly and personal topic/issue lol
Novice​(masochist male)
4 years ago • 05/22/2017 9:58 pm
Novice​(masochist male) • 05/22/2017 9:58 pm
nothing is silly when passion is involved

getting away for a weekend is always good

long walks

followed by role play

very horny and kinky that can get
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4 years ago • 05/23/2017 4:32 am
Bunnie • 05/23/2017 4:32 am
I don't think it's a silly topic at all. It's a very real question for a very real situation. I'm sorry I can't offer advice because I've not been in your situation, but I hope you find something that works for you.
4 years ago • 05/24/2017 12:36 am
TJM1959 • 05/24/2017 12:36 am
Hey sweetie, just keep it clean while you have to.
Me and g/f have a good baby sitter, on every weekend.
We do the swing clubs and private partys.
I have an older daughter that insisted on becoming part of it.
Honesty is paramount.
Faerietattoo​(switch female){None}
4 years ago • 05/24/2017 3:43 pm
Faerietattoo​(switch female){None} • 05/24/2017 3:43 pm
Hiya Kinkylocs, its not a silly issue at all. We are people, we have children. An overnight stay elsewhere is a goal to work towards - slowly and gently ease into separating yourself from your child - yes you are a mother, your child is still young and its natural to be anxious - but its ok to have your 'prebaby' needs and desires met. In fact its not just ok, its necessary - and believe me - grandparents understand. Its not much, but I hope this helps you figure something out that will work for all you. Best Wishes,