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Devils damsel​(sub female){HandsomeDe}
6 months ago • Thu 31 Jan 2019 11:50:42 PM IST
Devils damsel​(sub female){HandsomeDe} • Thu 31 Jan 2019 11:50:42 PM IST
I have to LIKE the person. It’s ok to have different likes and dislikes, that makes for fun and interesting conversation. When I actually like who I’m talking to everything else tends to fall into place.
A sense of humor and ability to take and dish out sarcasm well is important.
Intelligence is huge. And I’m not talking a Rhode’s scholar. He doesn’t have to use big SAT words or have perfect spelling or grammar. He just needs to be able to hold my interest and be able to converse (not conversate, it isn’t a word) intelligently.
He should be well rounded. Someone who’s sole passion and interest is one thing gets boring quickly. Many interests, many likes, dislikes, are important.
Must love music and lots of different genres.
Someone I can sit and veg out with, talking or not, listening to music, drinking a beer, enjoying each other’s company.
Someone I can picture doing things with, going out to eat, seeing a movie, taking a walk, camping, fishing, vacationing.

THEN the D/s dynamics come into play. How well do we mesh in what we want from a relationship? Kinks? Eh I’m pretty open minded so I like the idea of exploring those together...even the crazy ones.

For me it’s all about comfort. I look for someone I can just be myself and comfortable with.
BDSM DOM​(dom male)
6 months ago • Fri 01 Feb 2019 08:08:29 AM IST
BDSM DOM​(dom male) • Fri 01 Feb 2019 08:08:29 AM IST
After reading the views of other members, I felt like I should post my own views as well. When it comes to sharing a life with some one, I truly believe there should be chemistry there for starters. In addition to that, I firmly believe in communication. But I also believe in honesty, faithfulness, loyalty, trust are also needed as well. There is many other important things. When it comes to political things, we dont have to share the same views. Personally I dont care about politics. When it comes to religious stuff though, I am open to most types of views and or beliefs. So I would hope they are open as well. If we never talk about religious stuff thats fine. Now when it comes to the color of skin, I am very open to any ethnic background. I do not discriminate. To me, all races are equal.

I however believe that both people should have some things in common. It doesnt have to be on every thing. But to share a few is good. As for age, and looks. Those also come into play. I am not saying they have to look a certain way or be of certain height, weight, etc. But there has to be some sort of physical attraction some where. As for age, That's a tough call. As long as your not into children or other minors. Then age is just a number. I believe both people should be adults.
Loulou​(sub female){( owned)}
6 months ago • Sun 03 Feb 2019 12:16:39 PM IST
Loulou​(sub female){( owned)} • Sun 03 Feb 2019 12:16:39 PM IST
I would look for someone who will look after me after the play has stopped . Someone I can turn to in a crisis and talk about anything on my mind .
Trust is important and good morals .
Different interests are ok and can be good for conversation etc .
The dynamic is important but discussion are important.
I want to be able to date someone and go for meals etc etc .
Above all someone who makes me feel like I am important and in turn I will make them feel important if they let me .
Last of all mutual respect is probably the most important thing.
SoulKiss84​(switch female)
6 months ago • Mon 04 Feb 2019 02:11:26 AM IST
SoulKiss84​(switch female) • Mon 04 Feb 2019 02:11:26 AM IST
I would agree that finding someone you connect with on a normal everyday level is a better foundation to build upon, because things like communication style, expectations about effort, personal and emotional needs, and goals for the future are going to play a role no matter what the dynamic is. Unless the thing you’re looking for is strictly play and boundaries are clearly defined, respect and trust is built on spending time together. That gets a little tough when you can’t find anything to talk about or connect in any way. My personal desire is not to hide anything about me or my everyday life from my Dom. I prefer an all encompassing relationship.
Dellydoodah​(sub female)
6 months ago • Mon 04 Feb 2019 07:31:46 PM IST
Dellydoodah​(sub female) • Mon 04 Feb 2019 07:31:46 PM IST
Looks for :

Generosity of nature
A shared morality
physical attraction
hard working
An understanding of shared kinks
Self esteem
drug free
Have self control

Is this why I am single?
Daddy Dave​(dom male)
6 months ago • Tue 05 Feb 2019 08:58:04 AM IST


Daddy Dave​(dom male) • Tue 05 Feb 2019 08:58:04 AM IST
I totally agree with Kara and must add trust in any relationship. As well as truthfulness. With those two everything else falls into place.
sugartitsu​(dom female){unavailabl}
6 months ago • Wed 06 Feb 2019 11:30:49 PM IST
sugartitsu​(dom female){unavailabl} • Wed 06 Feb 2019 11:30:49 PM IST
I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic when I say I would want to have a relationship, dom-sub establishment aside. With that in mind, my ideal compatibility is someone who shares my interests and respects my dislikes, mutually supportive & openly confrontational, understanding & trustworthy, and down to be fucking weird and wild. Also it's a huge bonus to be down with making tacos and watching bad movies if one of us is too exhausted to get down.