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Breaking a hard limit

3 years ago • Jan 5, 2021
Miki • Jan 5, 2021
BratSubSwitch wrote:
So the hard limit is something put in place because it makes him relive a trauma he does not want to relive. It took me talking to someone on her to really understand where I broke that limit and i am working on trying to regain his trust

To give you a ray of hope here, unless things have improved.. or not... since you last posted... It depends on the hard limit broken.

Of course a hard limit is a hard limit, I have those myself and I get it, but nothing is ever black-and-white, "one size fits all".

I have found that there are some hard limits, (to borrow what has been written earlier on this thread) like shitting in his favorite shoes.. That may cause a bad scene for a while to be sure as it was a hard limit.

Then there are hard limits akin to what was written on the Hunt-Lenox Globe (Year 1504-1510 depending on which article about it one might pull up) that described uncharted waters off southeast Asia with the words "Hic sunt dracones" "Here be Dragons". Something like if you bit his schlong too hard or something he considered similarly harmful--- If the latter is the case then you're likely toast.

But even then, barring a real extreme, nothing is set in stone. Time is your friend. If he's not talking leave him be for a while, after impressing upon him that you are sorry, it was an accident and want to fix this.

The rest is up to him.