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Males in chastity

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rich_wyo​(sub male)
8 months ago • Wed 16 May 2018 07:22:34 AM IDT
rich_wyo​(sub male) • Wed 16 May 2018 07:22:34 AM IDT
Byrdie wrote:
While not part of the original conversation, I do admit that I have a strong interest in meeting and talking with an available man while he's in chastity - for a coffee or lunch date. There's only so much conversation about chastity I can have online before I really want to meet someone who's actively participating in it, and is free enough to be flirted with and teased a little if the conversation ends up going that way. I want to see the reactions up close and personal, hear his story and about his motivations and struggles, see what happens after a brief touch of my hand or if I sit closer to him.

I think that it'd alternate between being fascinating, hot, and hilarious.

I agree, it'd alternate between fascinating, hot and hilarious - and very uncomfortable in all likelihood LOL.

My longest was 192 days, but without a device - just at the direction of a wonderful Domme. The mental aspect was interesting, i found that at about 6-8 weeks my libido would drop to about nothing for several weeks; then at times i'd be a raging lunatic of horniness and had difficulty staying chaste. As many have found after a long stint of denial, the first couple of orgasms were not all that great - whether because i was out of practice LOL, or more likely because expectations had built up too high in my mind. i actually had a bit of difficulty with erections, which was scary, but that only lasted a couple of days *phew*

Currently wearing a device, but on my own for fun, no set goal in mind. Perhaps i need to go get lunch in Seattle icon_smile.gif