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I’m just not sure

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5 days ago • 02/23/2021 3:09 am

I’m just not sure

noobie • 02/23/2021 3:09 am
Hi everyone I’m new to this lifestyle and want to be involved I had a lot of mistress message me on tumblr but they all seemed very suspicious except one who truly convinced me and I’m kinda fixated on her we spoke for ages about where we're both from what we like and what we do this was yesterday and we’ve exchanged some pics and vids and she seems amazing and kind and caring but is it a game she always says I must be honest and obedient which is fair game for a submissive and she said she’s not after my money and sent an application form to prove she owns me and when i sent it back she asked for a regestration fee which I can’t pay but even after she done a session with me where I sent her pics and vids and she sent 1 or 2 back and then she asked for my PayPal and me being silly I gave her it without even thinking she says I should look after her money and I’m really confused and don’t know if this is right or not please help sorry for long message
MistressKett​(dom female)
5 days ago • 02/23/2021 3:29 am
MistressKett​(dom female) • 02/23/2021 3:29 am

Did she mention anything about application fee before sending you the form to sign? Also, before your first session, did she mention anything about PayPal? Be very careful with so called Dommes online. Most of them are praying on new subs. If you are feeling uncomfortable with this situation, I recommend you clear it up asap before any more sessions or interaction with her.

Hope this helps.

Mistress Ket
5 days ago • 02/23/2021 3:42 am


noobie • 02/23/2021 3:42 am
Thanks for the help the account is closed now I really didn’t know what to do as I am new to all this thank you so so much
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