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Just 4 fun: Sexy word game. Rules: Must be a sexy word.

jacar{Would like}
1 year ago • Oct 4, 2021

Sexy words

jacar{Would like} • Oct 4, 2021
G spot
Orgazmo​(dom male){serenity m}
1 year ago • Oct 8, 2021

A scenario in which the bottom is forcibly restrained. This is often the case in the initiation of forcible play such as rape play or abduction/kidnapping play. Being given “permission” to struggle as if fighting for his/her life can tremendously enhance the experience for the submissive; an element of surprise can make it even more intense. Safety: This can be dangerous, especially if the “surprise” element is involved. It is important to discuss, perhaps even rehearse, the scenario to reduce the chance of injury. A safewordshould be in place in order to let the other party know if one is hurt or “freaking out”.