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Vanilla to Kinky

Miki​(masochist female)
1 month ago • 10/16/2021 2:43 pm
Miki​(masochist female) • 10/16/2021 2:43 pm
I second the notion of No "True" BDSM.

There is no set definition, no authoritative statements that define one as "real" or "pretend".

It's about whatever works for the individual.. each individual in the relationship, no more no less. Also what's paramount is, your husband is the way he is just as you like what you like and neither should prompt or "force" the other to go outside of the boundaries they have set for themselves, else it becomes a chore or something less than exciting and that can ruin the whole damned arrangement.

But, by way of disclaimer, I am not a sub. Only a sexual masochist, and outside of those interludes, I'm as vanilla as they come in my everyday dealings in life. I don't talk about it in conversation unless it's with a past or potential playmate, and most of all, rough sex is what I enjoy doing when time comes to yield to the hormones, but it doesn't define me as a woman. It's merely a facet of who I am as a whole.....

So (what I meant by "disclaimer") What I wrote above may or may not be all that useful to you. But one thing worth keeping in mind:

"It's No Good if You Have to Force It."