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Wickedmisery​(dom male)
2 months ago • Fri 15 Mar 2019 02:51:43 PM IST


Wickedmisery​(dom male) • Fri 15 Mar 2019 02:51:43 PM IST
Little back story... my wife and I recently purchased our first home built in 1932. It unfortunately has extremely small closets, lets be honest, people in the 30's didn't have or need no where near the crap we do today to live or survive. Anyways, every now and again my wife and I travel out of town on vacations or weekend trips and my brother in law stays at our house while were gone and house sits and watches the animals, and we allow his son (About 13 so he's starting to get curious and nosey... which is a HUGE pet peeve of mine.) With that being said, I didn't want to leave our toys and play things just laying around in boxes under the bed, or sitting in a night stand. Yes, we take toys and stuff with us... but we don't take EVERYTHING!

So I needed to get a little creative. Keep in mind... EXTREMELY SMALL CLOSETS! I'm talking small to the point you can't even hang a hanger in it and be able to shut the door, that's how narrow the closet it. Sitting one evening brainstorming, what can I put in the closet to utilize that space? Hey! I know... We could use it for storage for our toys and play things, plus I can change the knob so we can lock the door and keep our stuff away from snooping eyes!! But... there is 1 shelf, no racks, or anything else in there. Building something isn't out of the question, but I don't have any power tools yet and funds are a little limited, then genius struck. Well... I call it genius... some may call it Redneck or stupid. I don't care. It works and looks pretty decent...

Ever saw those 'Over the toilet space saver' things at your local big box store, like Walmart? Well... I took some measurements and found one that fit pretty well. This is what I found: *No... There isn't a toilet in our closet ^.^*

So we picked one up, I put it together, it was pretty flimsy so I added some extra boards and 1/4" plywood to the backing and wood glue in all the joints, now it's pretty solid.

As far as storing the actual toys, I didn't want them just sitting out in the open just collecting dust. So I brainstormed again, searched the web for storage ideas and seeing boxes and bags that were overpriced or looked terrible, I was unhappy with what I found. So I came up with another idea and we made a trip to our local hobby stores and I put a few of these together (Don't mind the pictures, I know they are terrible and it was an awkward angle.)

All in all... The box itself was like $5, the black suede was $10 for a huge piece, and the red suede was $10 for a huge piece also. The red is a pillow in the center is hand sewn by me (I almost left that comment out. Wife taught me, see... Subs can teach Doms) and stuffed with Poly-Fil. I have made 4 boxes already and only invested maybe $25 total so far, but they are not 100% complete just yet. I still need to pick up some red ribbon to go along to top ridge where the lid closes against the bottom of the box. Each box I found online were $30+ EACH.

I will post additional photos as the area 'evolves.' Our paddles, whips, floggers, etc. is going to hang from the under side of the space saver where the toilet sits, and the tethers that I use to clip my wife to the D-Rings under the bed will hang on the back side of the closet door along with the wrist and ankle cuffs. Any Butt plugs, be they metal, glass, silicone, jeweled, etc. will be displayed openly on the upper shelf (I don't know why, I think they look awesome when out on display. It's a fetish... sue me.)
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