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Tilhard{Yes they g}
3 years ago • May 21, 2019


Tilhard{Yes they g} • May 21, 2019
I had posted before my petite girlfriend who is not gay wanted devoured by a butch dyke
Well set her up evidently went well the butch has taken her over and expects me to be used
She said I need to learn to be used and service men said she owns my girlfriend and will do what she wants with her but said she will never have sex with a man again including me.Asked my girlfriend
Says wants to please her owner. So we will all be together but says I need to learn what she has
Find a master and service him. Crazy stuff
3 years ago • May 21, 2019
Miki • May 21, 2019
Sounds screwy

Time for a new girlfriend if you ask me.

Whereas I don't do relationships, and I sleep with men and women, somewhat preferring the feel of a stronger woman of course, so while both the above mean I'm hardly qualified to authoritatively comment on this mess, I can spare you two cents.

Any relationship where a partner/spouse is so easily drawn away permanently is't worth it's weight in smelly cat shit.

"Don't let the door bruise your ass on the way out."

Or a nicer little cliche, "If (s)he is swiped out from under you that easily, someone else will swipe him/her again from the new fool so don't sweat the water, it went down the drain already.

* * *

Easier said than done.. I know. It's gonna hurt for a while, but time heals not all, but most.

But Miss Shorty is one you should chuck in the dust bin with yesterday's news.
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1crazygirl​(sub female){Unowned}
3 years ago • May 22, 2019
Just as the 2 before have stated @Miki & @MasterBear you really need to let it/her go. If she happens to come back would you be able to trust her??!? She left you and is having another person dictate how you are supposed to fit into the new relationship...all based on 1 night of sex.
Trust our advice the pain you're going through now and the further pain of walking/running away from this disaster will be much easier to deal with then the ongoing pain and humiliation your ex/gf and the other person will put you through. In the end you will end up breaking up with her... hopefully.
Lots of women out there.
3 years ago • May 22, 2019
Low{BLK OWND} • May 22, 2019
Find a new girlfriend or some other situation that works for you
Doesn't seem like you intended to be a package deal from the start
Soulweaver​(dom male)
3 years ago • May 23, 2019
Soulweaver​(dom male) • May 23, 2019
Well, I agree with what has already been said. Someone who is where they want to be, would not be drawn away so easily.

But, as I see it you have even deeper issues here, as this person that has woo'ed your former GF away, also wants to turn you out. I know that some people do not practice SSC (Safe, Sane & Consensual) and there are also people who practice CNC (Consensual Non-Consent). However, even with CNC you must first agree to that dynamic, it should never be forced upon someone. Imo you should avoid this situation, It smacks of "pimping" to me.
3 years ago • May 23, 2019
Miki • May 23, 2019

Damn it, I've hung out with too many machinists. When I see "CNC" I can only think of lathe operators.

Kit Kat​(sub female)
3 years ago • May 23, 2019
Kit Kat​(sub female) • May 23, 2019
Run like hell. Don't look back. If you are here today then imagine what it would be lke when a true crisis arises.

A relationship is multi faceted and multi level if it be vanilla or bdsm. This relationship seems to lack the most important component and that is trust.

There are plenty of fish in the sea. There is someone out there for you who is the "right" one.

Get out, Get healed, when you are ready dip your toes back in the water and NEVER look back.

Best wishes and good luck.