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The chaos In collaring

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Dominique​(dom female)
1 month ago • 01/06/2021 10:09 am

The chaos In collaring

Dominique​(dom female) • 01/06/2021 10:09 am
Greetings friends.

My name is Dominique Danger. I am a professional and lifestyle practitioner of the dark arts based in Atlanta. I lurk here and there and happened to stumble upon this community of like minded folk with interesting things to share, so I thought I'd stay a while, maybe make a few new friends while I share the predicament that brought Me here.

I happened to Google platonic D/s and a certain discussion in this forum popped up for Me. I found everyone's contributions immensely insightful and useful to the situation I am in. I live this lifestyle 24/7 without any effort at all to adapt to the very unconventional means with which we Interact with one another in our dynamics and in the ways we self express. Therefore, I am hardwired to feel and think a certain way which has served Me quite well in life.

I take the collaring process very seriously. I am 40 years old and throughout this journey over the years I've only ever collared one man outside of My husband and two females. Today was a sad day for Me because I found Myself torn about a certain situation that breaches the collar commitment I made to My female sub almost 2 years ago now. And found Myself obligated to relieve My female from her duties towards Myself by uncollaring her today.

I am feeling very sad and disheartened because she was truly a time and effort investment for Me. She was in dire need of My very strict disciplinary approach and W/we were engaged in a completely platonic D/s that was fulfilling to U/us both on so many levels...until today.

Through kink, be it lifestyle or pro, My role as Alpha is to provide a safe space to self-express for My people. And in
My personal attachments, I am unwavering in My principles and have very defined and clear expectations from those who serve Me. If you know of Me you would know that the bar is set very high which is why so very few meet My expectations. So when My female, whom I nurture in My caregiver role to be assertive in order to strengthen her top side, expresses certain Submissive desires towards someone other than Myself, I consider that a breach of this agreement between U/us. She absolutely doesn't have to act on it in order for this to be justified. The betrayal starts with a thought and that was a thought I never knew she would have and keep from Me. I had to find out elsewhere about the depth of her submissive fantasies towards this other woman. Even if W/we were platonic, I still could not allow her to sub elsewhere after all the training I've put her through. She struggled emotionally quite a bit when she first found Me and it was a nightmare helping Her ground herself over time. Her issues stem from a detachment from Her mother who left her at a young age and I've truly over her like daughter. I am conflicted because I care deeply about her wellbeing and taking My collar back was a must because I am a woman of principle and can't make exceptions where My boundaries are concerned.

There is no question here. I just felt like sharing that which troubles Me this evening.

**I shall proof read**

LaVieEnRose​(sub female){Not Lookin}
1 month ago • 01/06/2021 1:43 pm
It’s a rough thing to lose someone you care for and have invested in. I would say the fact she kept things from you is something that she hopefully realises was wrong that she should’ve spoken to you. That if she wishes to be submissive to anyone that she can’t hide things from them no matter what.

You have boundaries and limits and equally they need to be respected and honoured. She broke that and unfortunately had to be released.

I am sorry that this happened xx
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Dominique​(dom female)
1 month ago • 01/06/2021 4:23 pm
Dominique​(dom female) • 01/06/2021 4:23 pm
Thank you, miss.

I made this post at the wee hours of the morning and thought I could proof read today but apparently My window to do so has timed out. So I apologize for the few errors in capitalization of pronouns.

See, if My duty here is to help this girl get out of a self-destructive head space and find her footing as more of a switch than sub (which is something W/we've discussed and she has specifically asked for My help with) then having submissive desires towards anyone other than Myself and openly expressing them to someone else, is just treacherous.

I thought I would feel differently about My decision this morning but I don't. I stand firm on this. I know this because I am still extremely upset.