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Any Male Subs?

2 years ago • Mar 25, 2022
awesomesubsJon • Mar 25, 2022
22 year old male sub here
Steven7393​(sub male)
2 years ago • Mar 26, 2022
Steven7393​(sub male) • Mar 26, 2022
Yes there are so very many of us.

Careful of the ones who are topping from the bottom though. A little experience will teach you who's who and what's what.

I've been male sub since I was a small child. Must be a genetic thing.

Its been a crazy life and wonderful adventures and sometimes I feel I've only just begun!

A word to those replying. Don't list your kinks. Don't make demands. Don't try to control. It's not very submissive.

Just be you, be willing to be moulded and take an almost Buddhist angle to submission and you will do just fine.

And don't just settle for anyone! Your submission is a deep and beautiful gift. It shouldnt be handed out to just anybody. It's a precious gift. Treat it as such
Subbie Bear​(sub male){iso FLR}
2 years ago • Mar 27, 2022
I am here also. I am submissive. My only goal is to serve whomever becomes my Miss, Mistress, Goddess or whatever She so desires me to call Her in the capacity she so wishes. I am not here to quote or confront. I did that in my vanilla life. I lived my life always struggling for this and that. My mother passed away New Years Eve 2019. This will be my final struggle. Haven't yet had peace with it but hope to put it to rest soon. I am Cuban and Italian and was brought up under Catholic Rule. I know that the Lord, our God and Jesus Christ loves me no matter what I decide to do. If the Bible were written today, it would include everyone and no man or woman will tell me different. No, I am not a "Jesus Freak" nor do I go to church anymore due to the abuse done to children. (Starting to ramble...) I just want to live peacefully and serve my Female Dom faithfully.

Please forgive me for rambling.
2 years ago • Apr 3, 2022
ladiesslave • Apr 3, 2022
2 years ago • Apr 4, 2022
chrisBiM • Apr 4, 2022
Hello. I’m a make sub. I love a bbw dom to train me in this and more. Little experiences to none. Open to a lot. Contact me. Thank goddesses
2 years ago • Apr 25, 2022
gljcleeve • Apr 25, 2022
As I've grown older, I've got more and more submissive, not that I've had many opportunities.
2 years ago • Apr 25, 2022
xoxohooded • Apr 25, 2022
Retired nice looking male sub, looking for that cage. Yup I don't have to answer to a job or a place, only to a beautiful Mistress.