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Frustrated with the search

2 months ago • Sep 7, 2022

Frustrated with the search

Low{BLK OWND} • Sep 7, 2022
I'm recently looking for a new Dom and I'm having a hard time possibly because I only have an ad placed here on the cage
Don't get me wrong I love this site but im wondering if any other sites exist that are worth checking out
Any suggestions we be very much appreciated
RefinedLace​(other female)
2 months ago • Sep 7, 2022
You can have love but it comes with patience and time just lets things flow in time.

Try to make time for yourself and love yourself, log off, take a break keeping yourself so busy at the end of the day you will see what happens.
Love has to be done slowly.   When you least expect it happens that old saying but worked many ways.

Just let someone be your peace, be your friend's love will come later when you see how the connection grows over time.  

I did read your profile ,  
Not here to tell you what to do, just my words go with what you feel.

Write a bit more about yourself what color you like and what are your hobbies outside of D/s.

Make sure you put singles in preferences so those Dom's see that. Try to say more then D/s part time and place for everything but you want life outside of it as well. 

I know you are in the BBC but maybe just keep the pictures just of you Just saying not to get on you if people see you with other people can give people the wrong signals and save them for later sharing with that person in those moments.

 Updating your personal AD a few times a week make sure it's the (Submissive Women Seeking Dominant Men) double check just in case.  
Say a little more in your Personal Ad( example)

🌸 💕Lowla Blossom China Doll for BBC Loving Dom TPE/LTR 💕🌸 Tri state Area /Philly

Someone I can connection a level of love & D/s but lets build the connection allow it grow.
Domestic Discipline is my bliss of pain knowing of surrender when the time is right.
First lets this build with friendship and courtship taking slow kind of D/s Love.
let me be your Lady so we can build and empire together.
Thank you for reading please check out my profile if you agree send me note.
💋 Lowla
P.S Love to hear from you.

You might want to take the part having a break up part try to keep a post good vibes just as your profile. Your break up was understanding and least no hard feelings as long as you healed but you still feel burned you should take some time to heal over when your really ready but you still make friends here nothing wrong with that.
Write in your blog things you like to do , Change the pictures up , Your beautiful women show your charm keep to the imagination to give them to much allow them get your attention even semi nudity just keep the full nudes for later . Save the full nudes showing for later for the right one send all the naughty you want when they have you.

This just enlightenment.
Personal Note: People message me few times a day but don't focus on the messages and waiting focus on flowing and keep going living life.

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2 months ago • Sep 7, 2022
Low{BLK OWND} • Sep 7, 2022
Thank you very much ! Great suggestions and I appreciate it
MasterBear​(other butch)
2 months ago • Sep 7, 2022
MasterBear​(other butch) • Sep 7, 2022
It might be just me - but you are listed as owned (ownd).

So I would assume you are not available.
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Bookgirlnc​(sub female)
2 months ago • Sep 8, 2022
Bookgirlnc​(sub female) • Sep 8, 2022
And not only do you have yourself described as "OWND", as Master Bear posted above, you have multiple photos with what appear to be the same partner (previous Dom?) on your profile. That probably doesn't help with trying to find a new Dom.

That said...I might try Feeld or KinkD.
Miki​(masochist female)
2 months ago • Sep 13, 2022
Miki​(masochist female) • Sep 13, 2022
It's probably safe to guess that "Low" has not removed the photos taken with her then-partner, but the intro on her profile page does say she had a "recent break-up" and is seeking a new Dom.

Maybe it's just me, but seeing that intro and then the photos I'd have figured out that the dude is her "ex".

Given the entirety of her profile, any wise dominant looking to meet her would ask about the photos and she would either say he's the "ex" or not and whether his presence in some form poses a future "Going back to him" threat to any potential new dynamic or not.