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New Jersey, United States
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Cuffing season is here!
And I'm seeking a few fortunate fellows to lock up and cuff! I am intrigued by the physiological and emotional effects of extreme arousal and orgasm denial on the male. I am seeking an unattached male for an in depth, immersive experience of exploring the boundaries of arousal. Exploration will include submitting to prolonged daily sessions of cock teasing while secured in bondage. I am very skilled at discovering and exploiting arousal triggers in men and am also an expert in orgasm control and denial. Sessions may last from 2 to 7 hours. While not in session, you will be locked in a custom fitted chastity device that I will provide. My preferences: - Must be heterosexual male. - Age 23 and up. Younger men preferred. - Able to be available daily for in-person arousal sessions. - Able to wear chastity device at all times while not in session.
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About me
Dominant Goddess who adores tying up dates and extreme cock teasing.
BDSM and me
I enjoy having a boy completely wrapped around my finger and at my mercy. Hearing the quiver in a boy's begging voice. Seeing the twitching of an aching cock. Feeling the straining of a helplessly bound boy as I sweetly and slowly tease him beyond sanity.

I like intelligent, humble, respectful boys who can make me laugh.
What's new
Sensual teasing and denial of course. Bondage. Tickling. Ice, feathers, silk, candle wax and other sensation play. Chastity. Shoe, foot and leg worship.

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100% Rigger
99% Dominant
98% Master/Mistress
91% Owner
90% Daddy/Mommy
69% Primal (Hunter)
66% Sadist
59% Degrader
54% Voyeur
51% Brat tamer
49% Exhibitionist
49% Experimentalist
46% Ageplayer
25% Switch
22% Non-monogamist
18% Vanilla
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Jul 30, 2020
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Jul 30, 2020
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