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sub female

Queensland, Australia
About me
In recovery ****** please do not disturb

I have released myself from a wonderful master who I love and respect dearly. I may not be owned but he is still very much a part of me. Please be respectful of both of us at this stage.

I am not interested in anyone else thank you.

Purely here for friendship, growth and community. I enjoy articulate and humorous conversations and welcome anybody who wishes to speak to me in a respectful manner.

****If you simply say HI or have a blank profile you will be ignored. A little effort is not difficult.*****

I am a bit of an introvert. Im artistic, sarcastic, cheeky and sometimes a little bossy. I enjoy hiking, kyaking, music, being down the beach (I'm solar powered), good food, writing and drawing. Im also a caring mum. Big hearted but i wouldn't say im soft. I have an active mind, which needs help silencing sometimes. My mind is constantly analysing and i enjoy people watching. 

You can usually find me in chat. Otherwise have any questions simply ask.
BDSM and me
Constantly learning forever changing. I have not been envolved in the LS that long but I know what I want and what makes me truely happy.

I am submissive by nature. I love the giving of control to a safe, respectable and knowledgeable master. I have found i need a strong confident leader who has a soft nature, which generally only comes with experience. I lean more towards the old school dynamic with respect and tenderness mixed with dicipline and control.

Apart from being submissive I am also a rope bunny. Rope is comforting, sexy, restrictive yet freeing. Slowly teaching myself to self tie.

I like a little pain with my pleasure but this side is still to be explored more. Also Interested in the idea of 24/7 submission (but i do not identify as a slave.) Trying to learn more on this front. From the small experience I have had I enjoy the power exchange very much.

Currently venturing out into my community when I can, to gain some more experience, meet people and gain knowledge.
I have many only to be discussed with a selected few.

No photos

No play - im not here for that
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Focusing myself on my art and writing
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Thursday, March 8, 2018
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Friday, September 15, 2017
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