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Ukrainka, Zaporizhia Oblast, Ukraine
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Online obedient whore for my fun and entertainment
I'm looking for an online sub to have fun with. About me I've been a mistress for 4years and looking for new subs to use abuse and entertain myself with. Message me if you're ready to commit.
About me
I'm a harsh and brutal mistress, who loves giving torture and pain to little sluts.
BDSM and me
I love bdsm because I am incharge of a little slut who need guidance to being the best little slave/worker bee for me.
Men have lost their way they think to be a man is to be a bully, a cry baby, a deadbeat, a degenerate. Men of today follow this pseudo tradition of masculinity so sad they underestimate and undermine the feminine they truly, fought so hard to believe that the feminine is weak even went as far for centuries to make women believe that because we possess the feminine therefore we are weak.( I laugh in French). There is no patriarchy without the feminine, matriarchy is literally what is keeping the patriarchy. The feminine is what breathes life into masculine. It's funny how the new rules has fucked up that energy flow men in power without a feminine guide succeed in burning everything to the ground.
All men with the masculine running through their body must always bow to the feminine without the feminine the masculine would be wipeout of existence.
Poop and blood
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Mar 5, 2023
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Aug 4, 2020
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