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Hi, I am looking for a woman who is willing to spend some time with a man who's interested in learning about how to be a sex partner, how to be a dominant, and how to be a partner outside of the bedroom. I don't envision this being a long term arrangement, but if we click, maybe something more will come of it. I plan to ask questions, and I know I will be hesitant, so I need someone who will be patient with me. I will state upfront, I do not know if I am suitable to be a dominant as its always been a fantasy. I am hoping to learn for myself if this sort of relationship is even for me. Thanks for reading, ColoRules
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I am ColoRules. I am a 31 year old man of Arab descent living in Southern Arizona. I am 5' 10" and 280 lbs. I live with my parents and siblings. I am straight. I have sexual fantasies of domination. My goal on this site is to explore my sexuality to see if my sexual fantasies are core sexual and life needs, or not.

I am thoroughly a nerd. I spend my free time playing RPGs and listening to lectures about the history and analysis of of the Bible through a scholarly viewpoint. I can confidently say that my nerdiness has dampened my ability to meet women. In my workplace, the gender ratio is close to 10:1. My own lack of interest in socializing with most people in a bar, or on the street is also a factor. Overall, I know in some way, I am my own worst enemy in this arena, but that's OK, because I am enjoy being myself more than my need to meet someone.

With that said, I will end with this: I've had an account on this site for a long time because I took a hiatus. I took a hiatus because I was curtly rebuffed after writing things that were unkind. I had a personal crisis because of it, partly because I felt I was unlovable afterwards because of my own caustic nature. I am trying this again because I think I have changed for the better. We'll see if that is true.
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