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Michigan, United States
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In a monogamous relationship
About me
I am very much owned by my Master. He is the person for whom I would do anything. I strive to make his life easier, brighter, and more fun.

Don't judge my dynamic by yours, or your idea of what one should be. You will never be right. Every dynamic is different and mine is specialized to work for us. Not for you.


"I wait at your knees, not because I am expected to, but because it is where I feel safest." ~Unknown

"When a woman submits to a man, it's the most precious gift she can give. Herself. Unreservedly. The man has to respect and honor that gift above all else. Even if he respects nothing else in the world, he must respect the woman in his care. It's his sworn duty to protect, honor, and cherish his submissive. To take care of her and provide a safe haven. Someone who would put his own needs above his woman's is no man." ~Maya Banks

"It's hard for an educated woman to turn her head off. That's part of the joy of being a submissive. None of the decisions are yours. When you can't refuse anything and can't even move, those voices in your head go silent. All you can do, and all you are permitted to do, is feel." ~ Cherise Sinclair

"I, with a deeper instinct, choose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my toughness, who does not believe me naïve or innocent, who has the courage to treat me like a woman." ~ Anais Nin

"A passionate woman is worth the chaos." ~Unknown

“Tell me a story,” says Witch’s child.
“About a Beast so fierce and wild.
About a Ghost that shrieks and groans,
skeleton that rattles bones,
About a Monster, crawly creepy.
Something nice to make me sleepy”

~~~Stolen from another sub's profile....I would put her name but neglected to find out if she would want me to.~~~
BDSM and me
Don't mistake my time on this site for that being an indicator of my time in the lifestyle. You would be incorrect, but it will absolutely amuse me. And I do enjoy being amused.
My limits are poachers and those that attempt to drive a wedge between parts of a dynamic. That being said, it is not something I need to worry about as I know nothing will ever be able to come between us.

Lord have mercy on anyone that tries to take my Master from me...because I will not.

That being said, I don't know why you would bother trying because it's not possible to do so.
What's new
If you approach me and attempt to Dom me, you will be severely mocked.
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Wednesday, October 14, 2020
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Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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