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Toledo, Ohio, United States
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In a polyamourous relationship
About me
Identity, Orientation/Attraction, Dynamics/Roles, Personality

Gender Identity: Queer
Gender Expression/Presentation: Feminine/Femme
Sex Assigned At Birth: Female
Pronouns: She/Her/Herself

Sexual Orientation/Physical Attraction: Mono-ish Demi- Pan-
Romantic Orientation/Emotional Attraction: Poly- Demi- Pan-
Kinsey Scale: 3X
Purple-Red Scale: D3

Relationship Dynamics (Roles): Authority Based (Master), Power Exchange (Dominant), Kinky Play (Top/Sadist)
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: ISTJ (Introversion Sensing Thinking Judging)
Love Language: Acts of Service (primary), Receiving Gifts and Quality Time (secondary)

Many people are puzzled by the dynamic between my girl (Kiltgrrl) and I, mainly because we don't fit cleanly within typical labels. The closest approximation to our dynamic would be that of a *daimyo* and *bushi/samurai*, or lord/retainer, and therefore consider our dynamic to be M/s or Authority-Based. She is very much my loyal warrior that follows a path of honor. She keeps watch, observes, serves, and attends as I am the lord she has chosen to offer her allegiance to. We are both Dominant, although she is one that is on a leash (figuratively speaking)...**she has chosen to serve me**. Within the Household, she is alpha among those who serve and a command from her should be heard as if I spoke it myself. She provides assistance and performs certain functions that I may not be able to or she is better at, which are required and desired for me to lead a whole, happy, and healthy life. She feeds me (in ways more than simply edibles), makes me laugh (ask about Trae-Puppet), is much like a handler or bodyguard at events, and is my closest companion. **Kiltgrrl is my Service Bear Warrior Consort.** *She has sworn her mind, her heart, and her strength to me.* She is my William Riker, my Joscelin Verreuil, my bushi/samurai, and my Thomas Branson rolled up in one.
I am also fortunate to have several wonderful service-oriented individuals that serve me from time to time. I love the wonderful energy they bring into my life and the peace I feel from their service.
BDSM and me
I have been involved with the leather and kink communities for 20+ years. I consider myself an endorphin enthusiast and a silly sadist who enjoys a good laugh when playing. My sadism is more about my entertainment through your pain; it has very little to do with sexual pleasure, if at all.

All other infromation can be found on the About page of my website.
I reserve my friends list for people that I know or have met in person. I do not automatically approve requests, so if you send me a friend request, please send me a private message and remind me of how we know each other. I don't always remember usernames in connection with the faces and/or names of people I've met.


If you are contacting me for the first time, you may use my name, Traeonna, when addressing me or you use Miss or Ma'am. While I have earned the title of Master, it is not a title I use regularly unless being introduced as such in certain situations/environments or if someone is collared to me. I do not like the honorific Mistress, so please do not use that when addressing me. In my Household other honorifics are used, but those are reserved for those in my service.

I use this website to keep in contact with people I know or have met at events. I do not use this particular website for entertaining offers of can find a post about that on my FetLife profile or talk to me in person regarding such things.
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Friday, June 22, 2018
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