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Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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About me
A Pieces intuitive and romantic. I find myself writing lame poetry about my loves. I am actively working to become a professional writer after working for twenty years in the IT industry. Also I am exploring my intuition by learning the Tarot and Astrology as well as the other mysteries.
BDSM and me
I was introduced to the true relationship lifestyle through something called SecondLife. I have since moved in to the non virtual world and have held several leashes. I view D/s as the rational approach to personal relationships. Being compassionate by nature I discount my own desires while considering the objective benefit of the submissive I am responsible for.

Domination is slavery
Bondage is freedom

100%  Rigger 
98%  Brat Tamer 
92%  Master/Mistress 
91.5%  Dominant 
82.5%  Non-monogamist 
80%  Owner 
80%  Primal (Hunter) 
78%  Degrader 
70%  Experimentalist 
66%  Vanilla 
65%  Daddy/Mommy 
60%  Exhibitionist 
60%  Sadist 
32%  Primal (Prey) 
32%  Pay Pig 
30%  Findomme 
24%  Voyeur 
17%  Switch 
16%  Ageplayer 
8%  Pet 
7%  Masochist 
6%  Degradee 
4%  Brat 
2%  Cuckold / Cuckqean 
1%  Girl/Boy 
0.5%  Submissive 
0%  Rope Bunny 
0%  Slave 
0%  Swinger 
Personal limits are irrelevant for me. Some kinks may require more will on my part.
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Sunday, September 13, 2020
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Saturday, August 29, 2020
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