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hello everyone thanks for visiting my profile.  I just wanted to take a second and apologize for all the dommes and friends that I have pushed and put my kink before friendship and respect.  I’ve learned that this lifestyle isn’t an overnight occurrence and that it takes patients and formality to find the true person. So what kind of person am i? Well I am someone that loves music and playes the bass.  Music is the thing that makes me come to life and I love to inspire other people with it.  I’m 20 and I’m a very shy person and not the best socializer, but I’m getting better at that.  I also love video games tv, Netflix, music and military history.  I also like to make people happy and bring back there smile.
BDSM and me
I am currently exploring myself, when I first started I had no idea of how many kinks there were.  There are a couple that I know that I enjoy which are chastity, boot worship, spanking, pegging and I’m currently getting into crossdressing and sissy maid training.  I’m not ready to fully commit to someone yet I would prefer to find someone that will help experiment and explore the kinks that we enjoy.
Blackmail, findom, permanent marks, branding, online CBT ok with it in person tho, and heavy whipping.  Feel free to pm me if you have any questions about my kinks or limits.  

Cant wait to meet all of you!
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enjoying the long warm summer
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